Harbor Freight Tools
5805 W Reno Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73127, United States

Review β„–1

So When you apply for this job you have to do a video interview with a recording and they say there are three games but those are not games that is to see how fast and how smart you are! You should really do in person interviews I think that it makes a person feel more at ease! Then they can show you how smart they are! Instead of feeling like a robot or some random number! πŸ˜•

Review β„–2

Fun atmosphere to go and just browse around in. Good staff

Review β„–3

Good selection, good prices and excellent customer service. Bad store location.

Review β„–4

I just love Harbor Freight especially this location.. great place to pick up Reliable Tools at reasonable prices

Review β„–5

Helpful staff with helping me find what I needed. It was in a different place and the 2 ladies went and got it for me. I am handicapped and they were helpful for going to get it and bring it upfront.

Review β„–6

Any and everything you need to fix or work on something great price very friendly

Review β„–7

Good resource for someone getting started in tools that wont break the bank.

Review β„–8

The people here are nice.. harbor freight knows gow to hire them.. If you know what your looking for, harbor freight is a great place.. or maybe if you have a job that you dont plan on doing ALL the time, repeatedly, you can pick up a tool for a decent price..

Review β„–9

Very good service very good price quality product

Review β„–10

Always good prices for their tools. Friendly staff. And air-conditioned

Review β„–11

Love Harbor freight. Best stop for a tool addict

Review β„–12

Great tools at low prices an helpful an very pleasant staff.

Review β„–13

Clean store, decent parking, cheap prices. No complaints.

Review β„–14

There is always something on sale for a good price. You have to be picky about the things you buy here, but if you get the right items you cant beat the price.

Review β„–15

Had everything I needed and more inside track not for me just cant see the savings with just me they did not send me the coupons for get the discount

Review β„–16

I absolutely LOVE this place!! If youve never been in a Harbor Freight Store and use any hand tool, at least once a week, then I suggest you go there right away lol. Oh, and make sure to join the Insiders Track Club, only $30 a year, and youll not only save even more money on tools, hardware, etc., youll also gain access to club member presales sale days when they have them. And thats just 2 of the perks as a member. I want to work there but I think its in my best interest, well financially anyways, to not work there. I would probably have my paycheck spent as soon as it was deposited. πŸ€ͺ😁And the employees are friendly, but dont bug you, helpful, and straightforward.So what are waiting for?!! GO......GO....NOW PLEASE!! πŸ‘πŸ‘

Review β„–17

Very helpful staff and they are POLITE! they have everything youve looking for!

Review β„–18

Good place to go if you need a odd tool.

Review β„–19

Good service,clean store,clerk was very knowledgeable about where items were.

Review β„–20

Good tools and very good pricing. 3 locations in Oklahoma City.

Review β„–21

Stopped at harbor freight for some needed things. Great place stopin.

Review β„–22

Store stock was a bit lean but the staff were courtious and helpful

Review β„–23

Friendly and staff ,but havent been able to find air tank wanted.

Review β„–24

Great tools, great price and getting better all the time

Review β„–25

Great service found what I wanted.

Review β„–26

Great place and people are very friendly and willing to help out

Review β„–27

Great prices on tools and automotive stuff

Review β„–28

I dig this place. For the price you cant beat it on 90% of there stuff and people that work there are really good people. Great place

Review β„–29

Easy to locate what you are looking for and need

Review β„–30

Great selection of solar lights

Review β„–31

They saw a need, they filled a need, they have grown with your needs and will be there when you dont have a need, so come on down and pick yourself up a new hobby only at Harbor Freight Tools.And tellem thank you for helping me build my Dreams.

Review β„–32

Kalista supplied great customer service and demonstrated respectful salesmanship! Thanks!

Review β„–33

Was great got what I wanted

Review β„–34

Its a good place. The employees are always warm and welcoming.

Review β„–35

Best place for tools on a budget decent tools for a good price. I got several good tools for under $250

Review β„–36

Best place to shop.

Review β„–37

Harbor Freight have almost every kind of tool/equipment and at reasonable prices. The store is very organized so you dont waste time trying to find what you want. There are also friendly customer service people willing to help and offer suggestions for substitutions if they are out of stock on some items. Fantastic prices, a variety of items and good customer service, you need to go to Harbor Freight. I promise you wont be disappointed.

Review β„–38

My adult toy store ( tools and such). I can wonder in there for hours.

Review β„–39

Store is ok.closing at 7pm is pretty early.customer service has gone down a little. Used to help you with coupons and had better offers. Would not honor my coupon the other day. Will probably return just not as often.decent prices and definitely faster than larger hardware stores if you only need a few things.

Review β„–40

Its like being a kid in a toy store Everytime I go..

Review β„–41

Love Harbor Freight stores. Great place for the day to day person who is a do it yourself type of person.I am a big fan of their air tools and hydraulic tool but not a fan of anything that has an electric cord on it.Tool boxes are nice for the cost and the selection is good.

Review β„–42

I was actually getting an application but I found the huge sign for hiring with a website on the front doors. I then asked a guy thru checkout what the pay rate is and guess what!? Starting out @ 16 or 17 bucks like ummmm wooot wooot here I come! :)

Review β„–43

Great selection and prices.

Review β„–44


Review β„–45

Great place great product and great prices

Review β„–46

Havent had a bad experience here yet. Nice friendly staff.

Review β„–47

What can you say, its the poor mans Paradise.

Review β„–48

My husband loves this store! He is a mechanic at heart and this is his heaven. He is able to get most any of the tools that he needs at a great price. The staff are always helpful even when he sends me in for something that I am not completely sure of. Would recommend for your tool needs.

Review β„–49

Awesome inventory and great location staff is a bit judgmental acting towards people that dress down

Review β„–50

Found the brake tool I needed in the prices right

Review β„–51

Great prices on my carving tools

Review β„–52

Hand tools can be purchased at favorable prices. Buy with caution the lowest price of power tools.

Review β„–53

Shelves were almost bare

Review β„–54

Great price of tools for the home tinkerer. If I was a professional and depended on my tooks hour after hour, day after day, i might be concerned. But for us hobbiets, love it.

Review β„–55

Excellente service and good prices

Review β„–56

Good tools if your in a pinch or your trying to make a good starter set for your kids know matter what trade

Review β„–57

Large majority of items were out of stock and left empty handed

Review β„–58

I just walked around. Seems nice. The bathroom was clean & single person use, no stalls. Always nice.

Review β„–59

Darcie makes this place seem so great she always the first to greet us when we walk thru door. She helps us all while being on the phone helping another customer. I swear they need like 5 more of her. By far my favorite one to go to because of her.

Review β„–60

Great place to shop for a needed tool or just kill some time. Im a tool guy so I spend plenty of time at Harbor Freight. Not the highest quality of tool but they work for most DIYers. If youre just looking for a tool to do a quick job and dont need professional quality, Harbor Freight is the place to go.

Review β„–61

.nice place

Review β„–62

Great place for a man to shop and low prices to keep the wife happy

Review β„–63

One of my favorite places to shop for all my hardware needs

Review β„–64

Truly a mans place but I like this store 2

Review β„–65

Its a great place to buy low priced tools that have no hassle warranties. Unfortunately this comes at a cost in quality that is usually obvious. The prices are generally unbeatable and dont forget to Google your 20% off coupon that is always available!

Review β„–66

Great deals

Review β„–67

Awesome service. Especially after the horrid service at another location mins from my home. I will drive outta my way to come here!

Review β„–68

I bought a drain cleaner tool that wasn’t what I expected I was freaking out because I just spent over $200 and it didn’t work for me. I called the number that the local store gave me and the refunded my money. β€œNo problem sir would you like a check or a store gift card” What great customer service! Great job Harbor Freight!

Review β„–69

Always have what I need and the staff is helpful

Review β„–70

Ok ! So yes this is and has been almost ever since I was introduced to the place a few years back one of my favorite places to come and bargain shop on some cool items and compare prices and and see if I can make something work for what I am needing for a use case scenario and with my current rate regular job I am in the mindset of you know not only completing what I have in my mind that I need to complete as an objective but also cater to the other peoples objectives around me and try to help them as well its just a 6th sense in a 6 trade that I cant seem to you now dont think its a badd thing and I just cant seem to pull away from and and I dont know if I want to what does kind of bother me though is there I dont believe that the employees here are taking it the right way of how they are perceiving my being here For this is a great place with great customers and the has a great way to help people it just needs to be implemented and I hope that comes

Review β„–71

I love this store. ....all my favorite things! Staff was very helpful.

Review β„–72

Always got something you need or want! 🀣

Review β„–73

Wish the inventory was kept more stocked.

Review β„–74

Good alternative for high prices elsewhere. ALSO CORRECTION face MASKS are highly recommend during covid

Review β„–75

Michelle Perez is an amazing worker! She helped me out alot. She emptied my wallet hahaha but in a good way! Super nice. Awesome store

Review β„–76

I am a contractor and they have many tools the are hard to find. Good quality

Review β„–77

Standing in check out line again! 10 customers deep. Really felt bad for the cashier. She was working as fast as she could. Her attitude was very good for the situation.Positive: Great tool prices today!

Review β„–78

Great deals

Review β„–79

Very helpful

Review β„–80

Love the prices they have for theyre tools

Review β„–81

My husband lives this place like a kid in a candy store has everything we need

Review β„–82

Helpful staff good selection of tools . Only thing no tool boxes in stock was there to purchase a 47 inche top box had to settle for the next smaller box .

Review β„–83

Wed purchase some small moving aids to help move a desk, and they werent large enough and the return was easy. A willing retail merchant is usually quite successful.

Review β„–84

Knowledgeable people.. Helpful and friendly..

Review β„–85

This Harbor freight tools store is an excellent repertoire of items. They tools for car, houses, furniture and what not. I bought impact wrench from this store with a very reasonable price. I also bought jacks to lift the car. These are good too. The customer service is great. They took my address to send the coupons.

Review β„–86

Plenty of product, supplies, discounts are available, good assistants willing to help.

Review β„–87

Love that place ,have to stay focused on what I came to get or I will get lost , picking up this, that.....

Review β„–88

You will never go wrong with Harbor Freight Tools! For electrical tools its by far the best value. Great tools at ridiculous low prices

Review β„–89

Always have great tools for reasonable cost. But they stopped selling many of the gas powered tools I like. Everything is battery operated. Looks like they are giving in to political correctness

Review β„–90

I really like this place. There’s a huge selection, but I can’t say much on the quality of the tools, since I haven’t purchased any power tools. There’s a lot of cool items though, and the prices are shockingly good!

Review β„–91

Great place to get cheap tools...moving blankets...ammo boxes..tarps..jacks...welding stuff....just about anything...its hit or miss but you cannot beat the price...this particular store is nice clean and to just browse

Review β„–92

The employee was eager to help and gave great advice. Very helpful.

Review β„–93

Not sure why their lines are so slow. And then when they finally open another register they take people from the back of lines who havent been waiting as long as other. After 30 min waiting in line today I just put my stuff back and walked out.

Review β„–94

Great place It has what ever you need

Review β„–95

Love this place has everthing i need

Review β„–96

Other customers are very helpful if you cant find something. I was pointed in the general direction by an employee but once I got there I could not find my item but there was a customer nearby and he was very helpful.

Review β„–97

Had just what I needed and more.

Review β„–98

Im not the type of person you would expect to see at harbor freight but i was like a kid in a candy store already hyped up on sugar. It was the best experience ever. And not to mention the staff was friendly helpful they showed me where everything was I could have spent hours in in there. And the prices are ridiculously fantastic I came out with a lot of tools that I needed for crafting and other supplies. I would give this place 10 Stars if I could. definitely a must go-to place especially if youre trying to do things on a tight budget.

Review β„–99

Cheap stuff. Be careful and purchase wisely. Nice people.

Review β„–100

Dont stock anything you need, other stores have it, mine as well close this one they are a pointless store, shelves always look empty

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  • Address:5805 W Reno Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73127, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 405-815-9919
  • Hardware store
  • Tool store
Working hours
  • Monday:8AM–7PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–7PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–7PM
  • Thursday:8AM–7PM
  • Friday:8AM–7PM
  • Saturday:9AM–6PM
  • Sunday:8AM–7PM
Service options
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Service guarantee:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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