Dr Smood
470 Broome St, New York, NY 10013, United States
Review №1

I love the milk alternatives! This place is amazing for vegan latte coffee drinkers. Will try out the food here next time as there are lots of healthy options

Review №2

It’s not my absolute favorite, but it *feels* healthy. I always get the cacao protein shake (the sweetness tends to vary quite a bit) and a random cookie or pastry. Simply ok/gets the job done. I wish they would be better about streamlining their online order pick up process by maybe adding some signage or placing pick up orders on a separate shelf.

Review №3

Terrible customer Service. You can tell every single worker in there is just there for a paycheck. Good luck to who ever owns this business

Review №4

Their super food oatmeal was great, not so healthy it didnt taste good. For a quick healthy breakfast this is the spot.

Review №5

Amazing sandwiches and drinks. Great rewards program. Lovely employees.

Review №6

I loved this place. I was in NY on holidays and came here, or other places they have around the city, several times. Great place to grab something quick to go, or to eat there, while taking care of your health. They offer healthy delicious food. Loved this place!!!

Review №7

Omnivore here. Certainly not a vegan. Grabbed a smoody aka refreshing cold summer tasty drink with a friend. Did not know you could combine mango and ginger into a blast of deliciousness. 5/5 will be back for smoodies, friends avocado salmon dish looked pretty good too. Seating outside looks like good option in summer afternoon.

Review №8

Shocked that this place isn’t up in the 4-5 star range. The food is FANTASTIC and more importantly CLEAN and HEALTHY. You just feel good after eating there. Had the vegan sandwich and the raw oatmeal. Both delicious. Their staff was lovely as well - especially Ribbie - clearly they know how to hire people that are going places. Excellent.

Review №9

Great, strong matchas!

Review №10

Great cafe in an amazing location. The food is really good, I particularly like the avocado toast and coffee. There’re are comfortable areas to sit an have food or use your laptop.

Review №11

Very clean, helpful n courteous. Thank u Channa for being extra courteous n making us feel welcome on our visit.

Review №12

I love this place, theyre very friendly, and the food is great

Review №13

Friendly staff, gave good recommendations to first-timer. Nice decor, and drinks are not too sweet. Great spot to chill or do a little study.

Review №14

This place has awesome decor and on Broome Street. I had a vegan smoothie No. 3 and it tasted great. While it was a little pricey ($9) thats pretty normal for Soho in NYC. Its supposed to he an immune booster so well see if it works since I have a cold. Id recommend giving them a try if youre nearby!

Review №15

Great coffee! A bit pricey but doable!

Review №16

Juices are really tasty. I used to like the salads but not as tasty anymore for some reason. The wrap was a bit underwhelming. Service and design is amazing however!

Review №17

People behind the counter are not productive … no one in line and took a while to make a sandwich?

Review №18

Never going back here again. Very rude and condescending. I think the lady helping me was a manager or something it’s just not worth my time and money. The product is not cheap to have mediocre service. Doors were open in the morning and yet they told me they are closed ?? Will take my business somewhere else !

Review №19

Worst coffee I have ever had!

Review №20

For the price, you want a consistent product at the VERY least. And beyond that, you want consistent service. They are frequently understaffed and often times the staff are rude! They seem quite bothered to be working there. When the product is as intended it’s great, but that’s about 50% of the time.My first review: (4 stars)This smoothie changed my life. I thought smood was great, delicious, cool space, nice service.

Review №21

Good vibes, healthy eating, great service!

Review №22

There is a sign outside saying “YES WE’RE OPEN” and outdoor folding signs and chairs in the sidewalk. And the door was open at 8.55am so I went inside to get a juice. They open at 9am and the door was unlocked for entry. As soon as I walked in, I got yelled at by the one woman working at the Broome street location saying “the lights are off we are closed” repeatedly... and in an escalating manner. What a way to treat someone getting a morning coffee and juice! I asked what time they open and she just repeated the same thing “the lights are off, we’re closed” (the refrigerators with all the juices were lit up brightly, as well as the menu signage). Completely unhelpful and rude - next time lock the door and remove the OPEN sign if you are closed. I won’t be going there a next time due to the slow and rude service.

Review №23

I’ve never seen something worse and overpriced. This is the worst spot I’ve ever been in the avocado toast is tiny and is completely over salted. Honestly save your money and spend it somewhere else!

Review №24

Very rude staff, and overpriced bitter coffee. With a bad crema and flavor. The design of the space is open, and has a good vibe.

Review №25

Tasty food and good coffee

Review №26

I think I walked into a wrong day. I’m just big in services when the place isn’t cheap. Today, except a girl who handed my drink, she was nice and pleasant. Smile with a friendly vibe. But three people, two other girls and a guy were facing to each other, the place wasn’t busy, but they were talking to each other and one of them were standing facing back to me trying to order. I had to say something to catch their attention. I get it when if they were busy because they were working. But I think these people were just chatting to each other in a way they weren’t ready to take an order. I believe in happiness comes from a small place. Today at this cafe was not that place.

Review №27

Great and fresh smoothies!This place just has the most amazing smoothies in SOHO. Everything is organic and tastes super fresh and just delicious.Tried almost all of their smoothies and they all taste great. The atmosphere is nice to have a quick lunch or just grab something on a hot summer day.Always a good experience with their staff which is super friendly and recommends just the right thing for your taste.They have vegan options and their blends just taste amazing.Would definitely recommend stopping by here and giving one of their smoothies a try!

Review №28

On a recent trip to NYC, I visited the much anticipated Dr. Smood for the first time. My boyfriend and I both ordered the spicy cashew salads and were overly impressed with the taste, ingredients, and consistency of the salad dressing.We also ordered black drip coffees that were excellent as well. As someone who truly appreciates a good black coffee, Dr. Smoods did not disappoint.

Review №29

The cover drip is the worst coffee that I have ever had in my ENTIRE life. They are also extremely overpriced. The only thing they have to offer is avacado on toast, which I now wish I made at home.

Review №30

Very good coffee

Review №31

Healthy but not fantastic

Review №32

Who needs Starbucks when you can go to Dr. Smood!! Creative delicious shakes!! Yummy avocado toast!!! Smooth background music that you find yourself tapping your toes to. Enthusiast friendly hip staff what more can you ask for!

Review №33

Love this place! Healthy and tasty and quick vegan and veg options.

Review №34

I absolutely LOVE this place! I get the quinoa bowl every time and it’s always amazing. The staff are so friendly, even when the line is out the door. Highly recommend!

Review №35

The mushroom jackfruit sandwich was tasty and the bread was crisp on the outside but soft in the inside.

Review №36

We usually love Dr Smood but not today. We ordered a Hawaj White Coffee and a Matcha but they tasted really different than usual. The Hawaj was insipid and the matcha tasted weird. In their defense the barista (or whatever the equivalent is here) was a different person than usual. Haven’t had any issues with Dr Smood at Flatiron so I’d go there just to be safe.

Review №37

This eco-friendly, vegan friendly company has the best menu in Lower Manhattan. The staff is wonderful, and for the quality of the food, I’m shocked as to how quickly they prepare it. I got a Hot Quinoa Bowl, and I am hooked on it. The presentation is chic and the dressing is to die for. I also got the Hawaj White Coffee which not only was a beautiful presentation, but also the best coffee I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a LOT of it. The blend of ginger, cinnamon, and clove melts in your mouth. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for food that looks AND tastes amazing.

Review №38

This place is super cute and super disappointing. There are plenty of better juice spots in the neighborhood that dont add flavor. Their avocado toast is the avocado toast that makes people say why the hell would you pay that much for avocado toast?! And my matcha was chunky.

Review №39

It was a surprise of flavor on desserts. Something different. Coffee was just good, expresso was not strong enough.

Review №40

Great hot cacao. Great place to hang out in soho.

Review №41

Staff keeps chatting about his girlfriend when he should take our order. Tables are dirty the whole time when we were sitting there but no one comes to clean up. Very Good cafe hope the service can be improved .

Review №42

Great smoothies! Fresh avocado! So good for people who live healthy!

Review №43

Very high quality and fresh ingredients! Staff is super friendly and accommodating. Amazing selection of vegan items

Review №44

Excellent food and service. Vegan sandwich and strawberry smoothie was delicious

Review №45

The Hawri(sp) tea is Amazing. I lived this place.

Review №46

Super friendly and great person at the register, but I was here for the coffee and a table to study. Tables are large, fun designs on them which look cool. The cappuccino I got had sugar and chocolate added without my asking (did not want, but not a huge problem) and a small piece of what appears to be cushion foam that I had to take off of my tongue. Im sure its something less nefarious, but to have a solid contamination in my drink at these prices is pretty unforgivable.

Review №47

Dont bother with the food here. Overpriced and poor quality. Ive had a better sandwich from a stand at La Guardia airport. Juices and coffee seem legit though.

Review №48

Good meeting / work spot in Soho

Review №49

If you want to eat like you are in an airport, this is the spot for you! Also a good option if you like food courts.

Review №50

Amazing organic health food in the heart of Soho. Cool atmosphere too, perfect for a mid shopping break.

Review №51

Super tasty salad and a nice warm place to kill a minute. Great atmosphere, friendly staff.

Review №52

Recently moved our office to soho and love Dr Smood. The atmosphere is elegant and sophisticated - always a good crowd too. My favorite dishes items are their cashew mylk latte (it’s homemade), their avocado toast with smoked salmon and the açaí bowl smoody. Thank you for being in my neighborhood.

Review №53

The staff is so friendly!Plus the lattes with their homemade nut milk varieties is the Best👌🏻

Review №54

Great sanduíches. Oxygen infused juices a great. Expensive but overall great spot!

Review №55

Its all just ok. Smoothies were runny, forgot the toppings. Staff lounging on prime seats. Messy countertops..would give it a miss next time.

Review №56

They kicked us humans out of the restaurant in the pouring rain because they were supposed to “clean” and close the restaurant. Alas, while we stood outside in the rain no cleaning was done. Cruel people can’t serve good food. Food wasn’t all that either.

Review №57

Should be doctor snotty.. its the way register people present themself

Review №58

Good concept, strange execution. Avocado toast was some avocado pieces on something like pita bread. Not what you envision when you think of yummy loads of avo. The coffee was average too.

Review №59

Dr Smood was recently at the Sunday Funday event for the Michael J. Fox Foundation and everything was absolutely delicious. Highly recommend!

Review №60

Service was terrible. I asked for a cold Matcha Latte and they gave me a hot one. When I told them that I ordered a cold one, they said that I didnt ask. The cashiers were fighting and it felt that they placed their anger to the customers. Smart food for a good mood where workers are rude and ready to ruin others mood. Not coming again!!

Review №61

Nice ambiance but would be great if they offered ceramic cups as well as disposable ones.

Review №62

Really love the organic food, the smoothies and the style and decoration of the place.

Review №63

Had been wanting to try this place for a while as I work in SoHo and like to eat healthily. At about 11:45am today (a Saturday) I walked into what looked (and felt) like a closed café. The A-Board was tucked inside the door, the staff numbered 2 and were slow to engage me, even though the place was empty.I get it, you often drop your guard when its quiet, but this was really a below-par welcome for this neighbourhood.Ordered the Power Tuna sandwich to go and the cashier proceeded to assemble it, all the while looking up at the menu board to see what it contained.I should have checked it out before I left, because what greeted me when I opened it back at work was a huge, huge disappointment. It seems that there are people working in food here that dont recognise a (massively) underripe avocado. It was the texture of hard cheese, and the flesh was brown instead of green. I dont know if the server had sliced it there and then, or was serving me yesterdays food.I dont think this place is, as it claims, The Healthiest Café In New York. It cant possibly live up to its own hype, especially when staffed by under-trained people who dont know food.

Review №64

Great Food and Beverage. Terrible staff. Always so rude.

Review №65

NO CASH ADMITTED- Of course you know that when your order is done.... Also a disguting latte with almond milk. If you want sugar to make is taste better, you will juste have a weird mellass. I wont recommend this place at all.

Review №66

Really bad experience in this cafe because the cup has a hole in the bottom and the latte dropped out when I drinking

Review №67

Great place, with a great deal of healthy options

Review №68

Their quinoa salad is so so good

Review №69

Ran out of avocado. Almost every menu item has avocado as an ingredient. Still charging full price and not offering a replacement ingredient. Completely ridiculous.

Review №70

Good tea but very rude staff... if you dont like your job dont take it out on the customers

Review №71

Friendly staff, good drinks / food.

Review №72

Quick, healthy food and drinks. The music is a bit too loud but the service is great!

Review №73

Bad service. Bad cold brew. And they no longer serve drip coffee despite it being on the menu

Review №74

This place offers namesake and overpriced clean food products that my not be as healthy as they purport. The staff had a very hard time answering questions about the products. I wont be returning.

Review №75

Best cacao shake of my life. Need this in Toronto

Review №76

Unless you like ginger and water never order the mango maca

Review №77

V average coffee, slow service and rude staff

Review №78

Nice cozy, modern restaurant but it is expensive

Review №79

Such small dishes, so unbelievably expensive.

Review №80

Cashier (man) obnoxious know-it-all. Belitted me and made me feel uncomfortable

Review №81

Exotic ingredients made a delicious shake.

Review №82

They rarely get a sandwich right and they always burn the bread.But the staff is friendly, not attentive tho

Review №83

Unfriendly staff. Food was ok.

Review №84

Don’t order the hot chocolate. It’s so thick we couldn’t drink it.

Review №85

Yep. They should have more of Dr Smood. Im not a vegan but i like their food a lot.

Review №86

The CEO is extremely rude and dishonest person.

Review №87

Is it truly organic if it’s served in plastic? 🤔

Review №88

Its aight

Review №89

Organic and sustainable, great interior design!

Review №90

Amazing hot chocolate

Review №91

Great food and coffee

Review №92

Amazing menu, definitely recommended

Review №93

God damn it train you employee.

Review №94

Fits our eating style!!

Review №95

Great ingredients, healthy

Review №96

Always yum

Review №97

Not to normal people

Review №98

Not recommended

Review №99

Not much selection

Review №100


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  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
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  • Dine-in:No
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Transgender safespace:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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