506 LaGuardia Pl, New York, NY 10012, United States
Review №1

Delicious cute little resturant and awesome for high tea. Great assortment of sandwiches, cookies, and scones. The tea selection was tremendous and you can even order coffee. Loved this place and for such a good price. Was truly a fan of the tea with an elderflower changing color tea and their whipped beet-feta sandwiches.

Review №2

Went there for Afternoon Tea with my friend. We got the Tea Service for Two for $66 which included 1 two-cup pot of tea each (about 100 flavors to choose from), 3 flavors of sandwiches each (6 triangles), 2 macaroons each (flavors of our choice), 2 mini cookies + 2 mini tea cakes each, 2 scones each plus raspberry jam and clotted cream. They have 3 vegetarian options for the sandwiches (1 of them was an egg salad sandwich). Everything was very good and we were pretty full by the time we finished up. The tea flavors that are included are the ones that are priced $8 or below in the tea menu. The specialty ones can be ordered for an additional price.They only take reservations for parties of 6 or more and there was a long wait for the afternoon tea. Once seated, we were there for almost 2 hours and we didnt feel rushed. Overall, great tea parlor. Thumbs up!

Review №3

Went here on a date and the place is nice and cozy! The presentation of the dishes is really nice and the selection of teas off the Chain! It gets busy so see if you can make a reservation to get a seat. Definitely check it out if youre in the area!

Review №4

Its a nice tea shop and provide some kind of dessert. If they have more dessert that would be great.

Review №5

Such a cute little place, perfect for a first date or catching up with a friend. My boyfriend and I loved the comfy chairs and the chill atmosphere. He ordered a capuchino and a blueberry scone with clotted cream and house made jam. I ordered a small pot of english breakfast tea and a Paris-Brest. Everything was delicious and for $20 total we left feeling like winners. I would absolutely recommend this place and will be coming back again. The staff is very sweet, kind, and attentive.

Review №6

So happy that I chose to try my first tea room experience here. So four of us shared the tea package for two as it had so many desserts. We clearly wouldn’t have been able to eat all of that. Great that atleast they were flexible on letting us order the two package for four people. U get to choose sandwiches out from their menu and we mostly loved all of them- the egg salad was nice. The cucumber one too. The cheese sandwich with pickle was mehhh... I personally liked their cookies and Cannot go wrong with Madeline’s.Their macrons are soft and they have diff flavors. Their tea collection is just superb as they keep a wide variety. We got this exclusive white tea and then the other one that changes it’s color from blue to purple when u add some lime to it.Overall I recommend this place!!!

Review №7

So they say heaven is awesome, I say this place is heaven that serves awesome tea and delicious treats. This was the best, everything was remarkable; I will make sure to visit at least once a month! The egg salad and beet sandwich were two of my favorites. And the scones were little clouds of happiness, perfection! You guys are freaking amazing!

Review №8

This is just what I wanted during a late night. Its relaxing and comfortable. The chocolate chai tea latte was excellent. The only improvement I can suggest is couches.

Review №9

So delicate, delicious and friendly. Pastries so delicate, so unforgettable. Paris-Brest is so dreamy, just heaven and tea blends are great! One of my new favorites.

Review №10

If you have not been to Bosie yet and you are considering going, do yourself a favor and run there right now. This is my absolute favorite nook in the city. Located in the heart of the west village it’s the perfect spot for a cup of afternoon tea (or any time tea). Their menu is spot on with a mixture of comfort yet elegant. The tea service for two (or more) is absolutely delicious at every point. There’s no comparison in NY for scones with clotted cream and jam. It is the absolute best. I’ve been a regular for some time now and the service is always superb and the food excellent. My go to tea is the earl grey creme which is somehow just better here.It’s first come first serve walk in but mid morning is the perfect time to stop by.I highly recommend a tea experience here and be sure to take some macaroons to go!

Review №11

The tea service is pretty good but I feel like I overpaid for what I got. The experience is nice but the food tasted pretty mediocre for the price. The tea service was pretty standard. Im not the biggest fan of the green tea I was served. The French fries were pretty good and well seasoned. I loved that they werent skimpy on the cheese or spinach when it came to my omelet. Tjeu customer service was absolutely outstanding.Im not sure if Id return for the tea service alone but perhaps for the experience.

Review №12

The paris-brest is so good. The pastries are perfect, light, fluffy, and not cloyingly sweet. The mille-crepe is quite good as well. The atmosphere is lovely, jazz plays softly in the background and the chairs are comfortable and plushy. The cappuccino is excellent and the waitress and quick and attentive. I was able to eat my pastries, drink my coffee and linger for a good hour afterwards. Theres no rush to kick you out. Perfect place in the West village to have brunch or high tea.

Review №13

Cute tea shop. Staff is super friendly and informative. Desserts are yummy. Wide selection of of teas. All made correctly.

Review №14

All you can chose is the macaron and tea, but not all the flavor are available on the menu. Tea is limited. Nice environment. A bit overpriced.

Review №15

Sweet ginger tea was a bit too light on the ginger, but OMG. Dessert was everything!

Review №16

Had lunch with friends at this quaint tea shop. Employees are professional and friendly. The location was busy: entire party has to be available, or patrons name must go on waiting list. There is a large variety of teas available for purchase. There are also outlets to charge your phones or computers. Food is prepared fresh. Green salad and salmon quiche was delicious.

Review №17

Decor/facilities are a little run down, but the tea is off the charts fantastic. DOZENS of options. A very sweet and hard-working staff to boot.

Review №18

Best tea leaves I’ve ever brewed! Seriously!

Review №19

Cute tea place! Limited tea but enjoyed the sandwiches. One point off because scones could have been better.

Review №20

Incredible selection of teas, delicious tea sandwiches (including vegetarian options), great scones and pastries. Love this spot.

Review №21

During our trip to NYC, I came here because I searched on Google Maps for good tea shops, and was impressed with this places great reviews and their location to other sites I wanted to see. We came here to just buy loose herb tea. The gentleman that helped us was awesome, and we have been EXTREMELY satisfied with the two teas we choose (After Eight and Tropical Forest). Their tins are very smartly designed, as well as very good-looking. This place would easily be my go-to for tea, if only I lived here.

Review №22

A lovely atmosphere with great assortment of teas! Quite a collection and delicious! Their desserts are tasteful and satisfying that you are tempted to order more! Good place for an afternoon tea time.

Review №23

Despite some confusion about whether we could get a seat it was wonderful such a great afternoon tea and being a Brit I really appreciated it!

Review №24

Fantastic cute little tea place, cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches are very tastey

Review №25

Perfectly poached eggs! Enough tea selections for even the pickiest tea connoisseurs! Cutest high tea! It is a solidly enjoyable spot for dates, friends, etc. I adore the place!

Review №26

Very cute tea house!

Review №27

Nice decor and good music, but everything is incredibly overpriced. I had the tea service and it was passable but for the price it was not worth it.The tea sandwiches were about average and the macarons and other cookies were not as good as ones Ive had at other bakeries and cafes in the city. The scones and jam were pretty good but not entirely worth the price of admission.

Review №28

I am a British person so Im probably a little picky about afternoon tea. Scones were more like biscuits (mine actually exploded into bits when I tried to pull it apart). Tiny amount of cream that only managed to cover one of the mini scones each (you get two). I cant give them more than 3 stars because this is the main part of an afternoon tea and it really was not a proper scone. The service was great as the staff were really friendly, and both the tea and the afternoon tea plate came out promptly. The mini sandwiches were lovely, defo the best part. It was packed but they dont accept reservations for groups smaller than 6 so you have to turn up and wait. We arrived just before 3 and got a table straight away, but others afterwards had a short wait. Clearly very popular, likely with Americans and not fussy Brits!

Review №29

Great high tea - Very reasonable priced. Freash delicious cakes and a cozy atmosphere

Review №30

Desserts are good. Waiting staff is really nice and helpful. But, no heaters outside - heads up for those who only prefer to dine outside rn.Hmm rest of the stuff not that great. I was hoping for a cleaner setup but the reality was far from it. While the guy who was serving us was very nice about it, the owner seemed to be honestly a little rude. Way better tea parlors in the city to go here again.

Review №31

Best service ever on a gorgeous day in September during a pandemic. We sat outside and had perfect service and the croc Madame an omelette with light greens as good as anything we’ve ever had in France. Don’t miss this place

Review №32

Fantastic tea selection and a great tea service

Review №33

Everything here is amazing. We got the standard tea service. The white peach tea was perfect and all the pastries were delicious

Review №34

The place had a terrific ambiance to it. Earl grey tea was delicious and so were the macaroons. Unfortunately I forgot the names of the ones I ate.

Review №35

Great service - though some of the biscuits were rather sweet. Reservations are definitely recommended, it is in a super quiet neighbourhood. There are a lot of teas to choose from!

Review №36

Solid tea options with comfortable setting and good customer service.

Review №37

One of my favorite tea places in the city. Well priced, great service, great tea.

Review №38

My favorite tea place! Staff is always nice, delicious desserts and the best selection of teas.

Review №39

Came here for brunch and tea with a friend. We did not get the full tea service opting instead to mix and match. The selection of teas were impressive and were very happy with the Kenyan Ajiri tea we got. The scones were absolutely amazing and the apricot jam and clotted cream brought me back to my time in England. I highly recommend this place for tea and pastries!

Review №40

Found out about them when I did a search for tea service after 5pm and am so glad I did! My son and I had the Chefs Tea Service! Absolutely splendid! From the service, to the amazing choice of teas! And all the yummy tea sandwiches and scones, clotted cream and homemade jam! Plus their specialty pastries! To die for! You have to try their Ispahan, pictured has 2 giant macarons and fresh raspberries, plus a lychee in the middle with delicious buttercream and a delicate real rose petal on top! Will be going back!

Review №41

Best brunch I’ve ever had. Especially recommend their French ToastAmazing service and warm welcomes everytimePlease try! Thank you to the Bosie staff

Review №42

I discovered this place when I was looking for tea. They have a comprehensive tea menu, and very tasty options. I also tried their food a few times and really enjoyed freshness and quality. Restaurant is very cozy and service is great. One of my fav places in the region!

Review №43

Lovely tea house, great choices, and good service.

Review №44

Very cozy and welcoming place with nice stuff and a good selection of tea.

Review №45

Favorite tea spot. Ive been there a few times. Their desserts are so tasty and great customer service. Better if you go there on a weekday as its less crowded. They let you share tea service unlike some other tea parlors and have great options. I recommend this place to everyone to at least try once.

Review №46

Sunday brunch time, pretty full. But there was still space to sit and the line/service was really fast!The coffee was really good. Latte regular size with Oat milk was $6! I would come back, but at least for me is more of a Sunday thing bc I cant pay $6 everyday for a tall coffee.

Review №47

I’ve gone twice, once for dinner and a second time for tea, both amazing. The dinner food is DELICIOUS, particularly loved the duck. The tea has many options to pick from on the menu, a nice change from the norm. A lovely choice for your day.

Review №48

2.5 stars really I think for the brunch/afternoon tea experience. Came with friends at 11am Saturday, the place was pretty empty. Having heard good things about their scone, I wanted to try the afternoon tea set. My friend and I ordered a tea for 2, and the other friends ordered the omelette. The scones were good, but the entire tea set portions were extremely small. The omelette as well was not much food and from what my friends said nothing special. I did get full but ended up being hungry way before dinnertime. Service was good. Will not be back for brunch. Best to order just a regular size scone to try it.

Review №49

Sat at the bar because the wait for the table was 45 minutes. Service was very good. The staff is great. LOVED the scone w clotted cream and jam. The jam was delicious! We could not stop eating it. Lovely place for afternoon tea.

Review №50

I have visited twice- once at the old location and once at the new location. Both times were fantastic. I love taking friends and family from out of town for afternoon tea. They have a huge selection of teas, and it’s the best bang for your buck as far as food selection and price in the city.

Review №51

I ordered the breakfast burrito with turkey bacon, no dairy, and a spinach tortilla. It was amazing! I love the green onion aioli and the green salsa which had great flavor. The food was satisfying and the mint watermelon had me before I even tried the food. Thank you!

Review №52

Favorite spot to grab tea with friends. Posh service. Superb menu. My favorite is the almond cookie rooibos tea!Also, they have a tea cocktail menu! I have yet to try it but it looks absolutely wonderful.

Review №53

Well, it is a good place, however a little messy, not to ( lets say not 100% ) clean! It come up as a good tea house! However I would say there are better places in the city, with better selection and at atmosphere! But it doesn’t mean that this one can be downgraded. It still has fine service, ok tea selection ( better if they revise their pots/cups and throw away broken ones🤷🏼‍♀️and clean them with table soda to make it white, however its just my advice ) and fine deserts! For the area where its located no one will ask for more😊

Review №54

Relaxing place for a chill tea time

Review №55

Price but worth every penny. I normally ordered their lavender latte and chicken pesto with a fried egg. The latte is smooth and with strong aroma of lavender, while the chicken is tender and a little spice. Home Cafe is definitely my first choice when I dont need to work during the daytime.

Review №56

The best part of tea services is getting to try different teas included into the service. This place offers different tea services, but cheaply limits you to only one tea and does not offer to even resteep your leaves. The sandwiches are nice, the cucumber dill tastes strictly like cream cheese with no imagination behind it. I ordered the cheese platter as well and the portions made me think they were rationing for war. The place was decorated nicely, so 2 stars.

Review №57

A wonderful tea shop with great teas and spectacular iced teas.This is probably my favorite place to drink ice tea in the city. The iced tea packs a strong and aromatic flavor even with the ice. The tea never tastes diluted even when the ice melts thanks to the extra strong brew used in Boises iced teas. Greens and Oolongs brewed this way will revive the weariest of travelers on a hot summer day. Seriously, for a New York summer, this places iced teas are divine.The warm teas are good too, but theyre not as unique as the iced teas. The warm teas do a good job bringing out the scent and taste of the teas. Its not multiple brews like at some other locations, but the one brew they do bring you is very good.

Review №58

Rude service, mediocre food, lackluster atmosphere. All the more reason to stay away.

Review №59

My friend got there before me and told me there was a wait. I arrived and discovered the place was almost empty. There were plenty of seats available to seat TWO people. I went inside and spoke to the server and asked why there was a wait when only 10% of the restaurant was filled. She looked at me puzzled and hesitated to explain that the empty tables were “reserved”. She then began to clear a table big enough for four people and told us if we wait, she’ll give us a table in 10 min. There were already TWO seats available at the bar. My friend and I left. I don’t know what kind of establishment they think they are, but they sure know how to turn people away with their poor customer service. It’s a tea parlor, not a bar or a lounge. We came here to enjoy a good cup of tea. I would never attempt to come back here again.

Review №60

What a find for me and the Mrs. We had one of their CBD teas and it was delicious. Forgot the name of it but it had ginger as one of its ingredients. Whats even more delicious was the lemon tart. After the first bite we immediately hated ourselves for only ordering one to share. It complimented the tea very well. It was so good it made us want to try another one of their dessert which was just as good. Forgot the name of it but it was the only multilayer crepe dessert option there.

Review №61

I absolutely love this place! Best tea and scones I’ve ever had. The service is great and fast. The ambience is nice and cozy. Literally my best friend’s and I favorite place.

Review №62

Chocolate and crepes cake are phenomenal. They are so good... OmgService a bit slow and seems unmotivated.But it’s totally worth it. They have big selection of tea, also sandwiches and pastries. Amazing

Review №63

Really cool spot. My cioppino was so yummy; I could of had a bowl of the sauce alone! And the scallops in it! The staff was so nice. Also in a great location; just across the way from City Lights Bookstore. It was a perfect spot for a rainy Sunday afternoon. Id go again, the next time Im NY.

Review №64

I absolutely love tea, I try a lot of various teas from various shops in Belgium, France and the UK and I was absolutely horrified at the tea here. My boyfriend and I tried the house blend (vanilla earl grey) and didnt like it at all. We didnt even finish it and we can drink liters and liters of tea. The staff was very friendly and offered us tea to go for free, which we both appreciated a lot. We both got a simple earl grey, our to go tea... And it was horrible... We ended up tossing it. I feel very sorry for the staff and also about leaving a one star review, but this tea was the worst Ive ever had in my life.

Review №65

Theres so much care from coffee mugs, coffee display, how the coffee is brewed, the interior decor, the sound system to how the bathroom is decorated. Every customer is treated like friends.Great vibe, great coffee. I sat there for hours reading a book and enjoying the music.

Review №66

The regular tea service for two is perfect. Staff is always very fun and this place is the reason we stopped trying out other tea parlors. When family visits, we take them there.

Review №67

Great place for a large group or just a cozy lunch/brunch. It’s not fancy food, but a very fun and fancy set up. If you don’t love carbs, it’s not for you, because it’s mostly carbs.

Review №68

Strong collection of teas, and an extremely relaxing vibe. Lots of seating, so its a good place to chat with friends, and they have food but we didnt try any.It does get a little hot in the space because of all the hot teas.

Review №69

The best Tea Parlour in town. Good Service, Amazing Decor and fantastic Tea.If you like Tea, this is the place to go. Unlike other tea parlours, the light setting is perfect and gives a sense of calm and tranquility to the stressed nerves after a long hard day. A must try.And oh yes, there deserts are very very good.

Review №70

Great place for a good tea, and there is a nice variety. The ambiance is perfect and relaxed.

Review №71

What a hidden gem! I stopped in for brunch with a friend and I will definitely be back. The prix fixe menu is filling and reasonably priced. The food and pastry were really delicious. And, the blended teas? Outstanding! Id stop in just for a cup. (And, the service was great, too.) Cant wait to make my way through menu.

Review №72

Cheese plate could use a little more cheese per plate, wonderful tea and attentive service.

Review №73

Love their lemon tarts and milk oolong tea on a cold day! Loved the old location but the new location is great too.

Review №74

Well priced, lots of variety, plenty of room, friendly staff. Thats how I sum up Philz. Best coffee in Mission. Theyve got a couple of tables outside to lounge at. Big couches inside. Theyve got a variety of dark medium and mild blends. Cool staff. Cant beat it in Mission.

Review №75

Bosie Tea Parlor is a great little tea parlor in the city. The food is pretty good and sweets are great. I think it is one of the best tea values you can get. The staff is really nice and accommodating. They have a great selection of teas. Make sure you ask for all the macaroon flavors, they often have more than the ones they print. I will def be going back!

Review №76

A little expensive, but everything is so delicious. From their teas to their sandwiches to every single macaroon, you will not be disappointed. Bosie is a sweet, warm, cozy tea shop with the _best_ staff. Everyone there is absolutely adorable and is so invested in you having an awesome time at their favorite tea parlor.

Review №77

Im not even a big tea fan but this place fantastic. The teapot servings are very generous and the food quality is outstanding. Good table space to conduct some light business. Staff is knowledgeable about their products and ready to give recommendations. A keeper for sure.

Review №78

We went here for high tea with two young kids and were happy with the experience. Its a low-key place so it was a good introduction to the concept, while still having a tasty selection of sandwiches, cookies, scones and teas. Its on the smaller side and they moved a party of two seated at a 4 seater so our party of 4 could have that table.

Review №79

Good tea and decent selection of desserts - the Mont Blanc is amazing and not too sweet.

Review №80

Unpretentious parlor that brews great tea and prepares great food. Also open late, which is a rarity for quiet places you can get tea/wine at.The crowd sometimes skews a bit too NYU, so I tend to come here late at night or during the week to avoid those crowds.

Review №81

Closed for private event when we went but this wasn’t listed on the website. They also never answer the phone that day or the day before when we tried multiple times to call. When I told them this at the store after being turned away they were very defensive and not at all apologetic.Go to Luv Tea nearby instead!

Review №82

Took a long time to get seated (around an hour and a half) but once we did we LOVED it! We got the afternoon tea for two and it was more than enough food! So cute and I ended up buying a 4 oz of the tea that I had there!

Review №83

Great atmosphere and food, tons of complimentary little dishes and just a great experience overall. Fairly priced to boot

Review №84

Fantastic service and a broad selection of loose leaf teas. I asked for Russian Caravan: they did not stock it but offered to reproduce the blend from the constituent leaves. The result was the best rendition of my favourite tea Ive had. Will return and highly recommend.

Review №85

The tea blends are delicate and delicious. They also can make a personal concoction. A great cozy place[beautiful decor] to catch up with a friend/s. Love their white tea blends! The customer service is superb!

Review №86

Love this Café so much. The beverages are fantastic, the hot chocolate is amazing 😍. Their pastries are fabulous. The atmosphere is exactly what you want out of a cute tea and coffee parlor. Perfect for a date

Review №87

Called at 2pm to make sure we could come in for tea after 6pm, which they said was fine. When I showed up at 6:30pm they were closed for a private party. Wish they told me when I called.

Review №88

Just had a fantastic pour over, great service! The barista offered me quick up for free when I was about to leave, that is sweet! Beautiful place to have a coffee any time of the day.

Review №89

Cafe style tea parlor. Sandwich options were lovely. Very quiet. Great for catching up with old friends. Lots of tea options as well.

Review №90

Amazing selection of fancy, loose teas, both for drinking there and for taking home. One of my favorite and most relaxing places in the city! There can be a wait during peak times though so plan accordingly.

Review №91

Quaint location with an extensive selection of teas. Staff is extremely knowledgeable about tea so if youre not sure to try definitely ask for their suggestions. They also sell their tea (loose leaf) at a great price so you can take it home if you really loved what you had.

Review №92

Guys. Guys. GUYS. Three words. Baked Eggs Polenta. They are to die for, the perfect hangover brunch dish ever invented in my humble opinion... warm, creamy, CHEESY goodness that melts in the mouth and delights the stomach. Came here yesterday for the first time to celebrate my mom’s birthday with family, really enjoyed the Kyoto Rose Tea - found the finger sandwiches palatable enough but nothing amazing. I ordered the polenta and was immediately hooked, I knew this was going to be my go-to brunch spot in the city immediately with my first bite. Took my friends here again today and told myself I’d try something new but still craved the polenta, so we all decided to split a couple items - including the polenta - and Lo and behold, my friends all agreed the polenta was just PERFECT. They both bookmarked this place as well! Truly the best brunch dish in the city and under-recognized.

Review №93

Love, love, love, this place. Ask for an Earl Grey Creme and Camomile 😋

Review №94

I love Bosie for their cosy dining experience! They serve a variety of teas and have a decent menu.. Their tuna sandwich as well as the turkey meatballs are delicious! Great place to hang out with your loved one or close friend but mind you...its a small place so seating space is limited.

Review №95

One of my new favourites in the city. Best range of tea Ive seen anywhere, with afternoon tea samplers of cakes, macarons, sandwiches and champagne if you want it. Very friendly and efficient service, lovely music, and nice decor. Perfect to come with friends or even by yourself to sit at the bar with a book. Brunch is also delicious, with a great range of quiches and egg dishes.

Review №96

I went to Bosies for tea service and it was great. The tea is good quality and the food even better. The only downside is that they brewed the tea a bit too long so it got slightly bitter. Itd be nice if they could ask or provide a timer, especially considering how pricey it is. They have a large selection of loose leaf tea sold by weight, but surprisingly the tea list is missing from their website.

Review №97

On a quiet neighborhood street, a great place for tea and intricately made small sandwiches and other treats. Has a few bar seats and and table seating. They also have wine. Creative friendly staff.

Review №98

Great tea and excellent scones. Everything here seemed of high quality, but its a little pricey. Still will be returning

Review №99

Great tea and elegant, not-too-sweet desserts.

Review №100

Really disappointing experience from the ambiance, service and food. We came here as a small group of girls for brunch to celebrate my sisters upcoming marriage. She spent time abroad in London and she loves tea and tea service. We made reservations and were very much looking forward to this meal.From the moment we arrived to the moment we left everyone felt the waitress and staff were incredibly rude. Our waitress treated us as though we were a nuisance, she was not helpful in giving tea or meal recommendations and responded to questions very snidely. Those who ordered the $34 tea tower (there were 3) were extremely disappointed when it did not come out in the tower as expected and were served in a small plate instead. When we asked why we did not receive the tower the response was that they had none despite the fact that we came with reservations to clearly celebrate a special occasion and there was only one other table already seated when we had arrived. When we asked if the bride to be can at least have the actual tower we were sternly told NO. 10 minutes after receiving our meals we see that they have put out towers for other tables to be served at a later time than our meal. I ordered the eggs Florentine and it came out cold but at that point I did not want to complain and make an already unpleasant experience even worse.On top of all that disappointment, the tea was lukewarm and was served without proper steeping.Overall, mediocre food, subpar tea and terrible customer service.

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:506 LaGuardia Pl, New York, NY 10012, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 212-352-9900
  • Coffee shop
  • Cafe
  • French restaurant
  • Patisserie
  • Tea house
Working hours
  • Monday:Closed
  • Tuesday:11AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–10PM
  • Thursday:11AM–10PM
  • Friday:11AM–10PM
  • Saturday:11AM–6PM
  • Sunday:Closed
Service options
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Romantic:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Dinner reservations recommended:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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