Teuscher Fifth Avenue
620 5th Ave, New York, NY 10020, United States
Review №1

Stop in here after my lunch walk to grab some amazing chocolate. Great after lunch treat. Dark chocolate is my favorite. Simply delicious chocolate you cant go wrong.Sometimes I get the little bars. I also grab some for my 9 year old, his favorite is the puppy shaped ones. I love the decor! The staff is always friendly!

Review №2

I wish I could have tried more in this shop, but $116/lb was just too much for any of the chocolates in the display case. Instead, I bought a small box (4 pieces) of heavenly salted caramel truffles for about $20. Some chocolates were adorably prepared for Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos. The staff did let me have one free sample, and I savored it as I walked back down Rockefeller Plaza. Will return, but I wish the prices were a little more affordable.

Review №3

Truly an exquisite chocolate shop with the best truffles. Always a NYC Christmas tradition

Review №4

My girlfriends favorite chocolate spot. I would have given 5 stars but $125 for a pound is crazy expensive. I know they are flown in from Switzerland but does the chocolate really need to fly first class??!! Doesn’t matter a picked up some for my girl.

Review №5

I’ve been visiting this shop annually for years. The best truffles I’ve ever had!!

Review №6

Excellent Chocolate in a small shop right off 5th Ave. I would have absolutely awarded 5 stars but the price of the Chocolates is out of control. That being said I still return and select a pound of my favorite pieces. My wife loves the animals but since they are solid chocolate it adds up to a pound quick. Yes there are several Chocolate shops around the area and some of the other prices are more reasonable but this place is a treat. I recently bought small bars for a sweet 16 party favor. They were a big hit.

Review №7

Good environment, extremely palatable 99% dark chocolate, but not very attentive service.

Review №8

When it comes to quality Swiss chocolates, Teuscher is by far the BEST establishments in all of New York City!! The store is so easy to find with it being right there in Rockefeller Center and the store is absolutely charming. If you love QUALITY Swiss chocolates then you will love this little haven of deliciousness. Their champagne truffles are out of this world!!!

Review №9

I am a Swiss in NYC and one of my friends from Switzerland just sent me as a birthday gift a package from Teuscher NYC to my current NYC address - a handwritten card included:) The chocolate is so good. Real swiss chocolate. And I love to buy at Teuscher for another reason as well: Their competition, Läderach, openly supports anti-LGBT organizations.

Review №10

Many years ago… At least 30 years… I was going to college in Manhattan. I would go ice-skating at Rockafella center and I found this wonderful chocolate shop. I only could afford to buy two champagne truffles at a time back then. Now I order them for Valentine’s Day and my birthday! By far the best chocolate ever

Review №11

Our favorite chocolate store in Manhattan! Charming, best quality and phenomenal service.

Review №12

So good chocolate other they.

Review №13

These chocolates are absolutely amazing! You must have them. Get the decorative boxes. They’re very special. The service here is splendid and incomparable

Review №14

Teuscher is my childhood favorite. Always a great experience when I come here now that Im a mom myself. They usually pack your chocolate box with a ribbon. I told them its ok since Im gonna have it myself and lets not waste resources. Their champagne truffles are melt in your mouth. However my favorite is their solid dark chocolates. They come in extremely cute animals shapes like teddy, Snoopy, owl etc. Worth getting as a treat for any occasions or days!

Review №15

Simply some of the best chocolate you will ever have. But it will cost you a small fortune. Staff can be rude at times but worth it still.

Review №16

I would love to have your chocolates in kosher!!! They look amazing!

Review №17

I love Teuscher, and only give them to family or friends I love. The Mid 80s, I was lured in by the decadent display of chocolate. Its a secret I dont share with anyone. Corvo-19 be damned, I need a Truffle fix! 😔

Review №18

Definitely not just a candy store. There is so much more here than you would imagine. The staff was very friendly and helpful.Definitely worth the trip.

Review №19

High end Swiss chocolates with a hefty high end price tag.Some of these chocolates are a little gritty (mouth feel) and dry and chalky at times (too much cocoa powder). I prefer the raspberry filled chocolates. The truffles here are pretty good.On the upside, you can buy one or a two chocolates opposed to just boxes of fancy chocolates. If you purchase a good quantity, they will place the chocolates in a fancy box.

Review №20

Cozy nook of high end chocolate from the Swiss. They have so many nice looking truffles and different chocolates in the shapes of musical instruments & animals. The staff were also very friendly and helpful. I didnt know exactly what to get so one staff member told me that the champagne truffles were the biggest sellers and so I bought a few of them. I was very pleased.

Review №21

The truffles and other chocolate treats at Teaucher are the best I have ever tasted. They were excellent.The store has a gazillion treats that I would consider ‘sample sizes’ to taste. Picked a dozen pieces. Out of this world!The staff were very friendly and informative as wife asked some questions.At more than $100 a pound it is quite pricey. But then one can also purchase fractions of a lb. Highly recommended for chocolate lovers.

Review №22

High end chocolate shop in Rockefeller Center...high cost also and well worth it. Kind of gives new meaning to the term like a kid in a candy store. These chocolates are absolutely delicious. Nice shop too!!! This is a stop every time we visit Manhattan.

Review №23

For anyone who loves chocolate...this is the place for you! To put it simply, the products are some of the best you will ever taste...especially the champagne truffles. The price is steep, but well worth treating yourself. The only knock I have is the staff should be more careful when packing up those little nuggeds of gold as sometimes they are simply pouring the tray into the box. 🤔

Review №24

Best chocolate truffles in New York. My mother is a chocolate connoisseur having lived in Paris much of her life, and she loved my gift of champagne truffles from the store, as well as the dark chocolate covered orange rind, and the chocolate covered framboise, etc. So many great choices!

Review №25

Super creative! Amazing chocolates!

Review №26

How come these are not kosher? I know of so many people that would love to try this place but can’t because it isn’t kosher:(

Review №27

This is my favorite chocolate shop to visit when I am in New York. Always delicious and the store is beautiful!

Review №28

Amazing chocolate and staff. Flown in weekly from Switzerland. Not cheap but for the quality u pay for what u get.

Review №29

Still the same after many years away...perfect selection of flavors!p

Review №30

I hate to have to write this review as this is a brand I used to LOVE but the quality of the chocolate has become unacceptable. When I bought a box of chocolates over the holidays, I bit into one of them and found a huge amount of MOLD inside. This is extremely disappointing as I have been buying chocolate from Teuscher every Christmas season and have never had any taste issues, let alone health-related issues, but unfortunately I will have to retire that tradition - not worth the risk!

Review №31

Very expensive chocolate, but love, love, love the champagne truffles in this place.

Review №32

Chocolates are flown in from Zurich weekly. Need I say more? Best damn truffles Ive ever had, and expensive to boot. You can buy them, per truffle to taste. Well worth a stop, and they make great gifts.

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Review №34

My go to place for birthday gift that is unique. Nice little shop at Rockefeller.

Review №35

I got the fruit sugar mini bar and its not the best Id eaten in different brand. Its now $112 per pound and yes its not worth it. It cant be flown directly from Switzerland fresh to cost this much. I purchase praline bars for gifts and solid chocolates for my sweet toothed son. They seem to like it. This place is located in the Rockefeller Plaza area near 5th Ave. Go for the taste of Swiss chocolate other than Toblerone.

Review №36

I would give it zero if I could. The only reason why I gave one , is the quality and absolutely amazing Teuscher Product. I’m not sure how bad service like the one at this location can be associated with Teuscher. I’m also not sure how this place with so many bad service reviews is still there and how Teuscher corporate didn’t do anything about it.The staff is rude and in attentive. It doesn’t matter if you spend 100 or a 1000 they are just awful.Because of the bad service I had to order my present boxes either directly from Switzerland or buy them from Boston location when I’m there.

Review №37

Fabulous Swiss chocolates. Far superior to the other Swiss chocolates youll see up and down Fifth Avenue, Teuscher has very fresh truffles and other goodies flown in from Zurich on a frequent basis.Ive only found two brands of chocolate that I like more than Teuscher, but neither is available in the U.S. Youll have to go to London or Zurich. :)

Review №38

The chocolates which are $4 each were not very good, tastes very gritty, and didnt look as fresh or appetizing as they do in some 0f the other places around here. Furtermor e, when I asked to taste a chocolate, I was told that they couldnt let me try them.I was very unsatisfied with the service here. The owners of this place should really go around to some of the other chocolate places around here, such as La Masino Du Chocolat and learn how to provide real service, and what real high end chocolate tastes like.

Review №39

The dark chocolate champagne truffles are worth every cent.

Review №40

My wifes favorite chocolate and she knows her chocolate. I always get some when Im in NYC

Review №41

Finest and most delicious chocolate ever! Love this place!

Review №42

Delicious champagne truffles make great gifts that come at an exorbitant price

Review №43

Champagne truffles are sooo good, creamy ganache and really flavorful, its delicious!

Review №44

Great chocolates! Expensive but great. The champagne truffles are a must.

Review №45

The best chcolate truffel you can get. made with champange!

Review №46

I have been coming here for many years now and it is the best chocolate I have ever eaten .

Review №47

If you think anything in here is worth the price, you deserve to be robbed.

Review №48

The best chocolates flown in from switzerland, not some so called store named godiva with sugar and cheap chocolate but owner turkish baklava specialist

Review №49

Real chocolate made in Switzerland!

Review №50

Delicious chocolate!!! Pricy but well worth it!!!!

Review №51

Great quality for a high price

Review №52

Just not worth it or necessary to pay $110 a pound!

Review №53

My go to place for marzipan in New York

Review №54

The best Éver...

Review №55

LOTS of great chocolate, pricey though...

Review №56

Unmatched quality and taste

Review №57

Treat yourself!

Review №58

Expensive but delicious

Review №59

Exquisite place!

Review №60

Its good to be sweet.

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