Neuhaus Belgian Chocolate
500 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10022, United States
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The service here is amazing. The staff was very friendly and gave excellent suggestions according to our taste. Definitely recommend try the chocolate here. P.S. ice-cream is great too

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In a nutshell I am way over qualified to be a sales associate, especially because I have years of management experience under my belt. You can obviously see that from the years Ive been a manager at (Godiva Chocolates). Have a great day enjoy.

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Their chocolates are great and the staff let you sample them which is really great and you know what you are buying. I would go back just for the chocolates. However, I dont recommend their ice creams, its super sweet or some flavors were lacking something, they added whipped cream to my ice cream, which tasted weird, but before we were out of store they came and apologize and changed everything, still the whipped cream didnt taste that good.

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I generally look for 3 things in the places I frequent:Service - The service here is so precise, you would think you are walking into an operating room and the surgeons are about to open up your heart.Offering - any type of chocolate your heart can imagine is for sale here. Youll be particularly excited by the dark chocolate varieties that are available. You want five pieces of dark chocolate for that special someone, no problem. You want 60 pieces of dark chocolate wrapped to take to the home office, no problem. In this particular outing, I opted for a combo of milk, white, and dark chocolate.Atmosphere - the atmosphere here is so lovely. The store is so clean. The store smells so nice. It just makes you want to go back over and over and over and over and over again. In case you want to throw a couple more over and overs in there feel free and do so.Please dont forget to click helpful if you found this review helpful, or interesting, or funny, or just want to be nice and make me feel good about putting up this review. ;)

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The best pralines and surprisingly great ice cream. Treat yourself.

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This is the real deal, the same as in Brussels. Their chocolates are without equal in the world, they have a huge diversity and the prices are the same as in Belgium. Now that I discovered the place, I will visit it every time I am in Manhattan.

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Finally was able to purchase my favorite Belgian chocolates. This location is a good size. Cashier was very friendly and let us try a piece before purchase. Highly recommend when in NYC.

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The foos was expensive, but entirley worth it. It was quality ingredients and tasted great. The staff was friendly and responded quickly. Id go there again.

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The dude working today had poor customer service. Chocolate was good but experience was poor.

Review №10

Tried chocolate and caramel ice cre.Amazing!

Review №11

Best chocolate in the world!

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The best chocolate in the world!

Review №14

Have purchased chocolates (Astrids) twice from this store for shipment to East Texas. Both times I have experienced great customer service and quick delivery as promised.

Review №15

Awesome chocolates!

Review №16

The store is beautiful, staff is helpful and guide you to decide a chocolate selection, Sara was very attentative. The chocolates are delicious and delicate 😋

Review №17

Open hours are fake!Not open 2:21pm on Sunday!2020.09.13

Review №18

Check out is a little weird and slow but staff is very helpful and friendly..

Review №19

Great selection of chocolates and ice cream. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The prices are on the high end but then again were in Midtown Manhattan and the quality of the chocolate is high.

Review №20

Best chocolates, very hard to find in the USA. New York has three locations, soon a fourth one. My favorite is the Caprice. Amazing! If you are looking for quality and are willing to pay for it, Neuhaus is the place for you! Very friendly staff. Enjoy!

Review №21

The gal that helped me was super lovely and very helpful. The presentation of everything was nice, and I felt like I was buying something special, and the range of styles differed enough - 5 stars for that. I got two 1/4 lb boxes that had 8 chocolates in it that I chose.I was actually extremely disappointed in the chocolate as everything was so terribly sweet. I felt that the sugar in the chocolates completely overpowered the flavours of every single of the different pieces I got (minus the lavender one, but it was still too sweet). Im sad as I got one of the boxes as a gift.

Review №22

My wife and I wandered in here after someone at the Grand Central location recommended we try the ice cream. Absolutely delicious!! I got the chocolate and my wife got cookies and cream. Both were great and were exactly what we were looking for as a snack. Plus such friendly service!! Thank you!!

Review №23

I was craving something sweet and came across this little gem. The gentleman that helped me was super sweet and patient he literally let me sample 3 pieces of chocolate and wasn’t pushy about selling the bigger boxes! this Chocolate is something I can’t explain it’s that good!. Definitely try the chocolate with the blue topping it literally taste like a flower so good one of my favorites!

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Neuhaus Flagship store - quality Belgian chocolate, quality customer service and attentiveness, and prices to match. The selection of products is really good - with an ice cream bar, gift boxes and sealed products, and loose chocolates and assorted truffles behind glass. The staff is friendly and accommodating, making sure you have a good experience, and providing useful information about the products. The prices are expensive, but the quality is high. Overall, really nice experience, would recommend at least trying something, though probably not breaking the bank.

Review №25

Love those chocolates. Hubby will bring me boxes of delightful chocolates every few months.Love the raspberry chocolates and the candied citrus covered in chocolate. Would really appreciate raspberry truffles or traditional truffles.....NO NUT, NO COCONUT and NO NUGET please!!

Review №26

I purchased 2 different boxes of this Chocolate as gifts and my friends loved it. They also have a kosher kinds

Review №27

Solid creamery, great flavors. Go for the Maple Walnut...yum

Review №28

Salted Caramel & Strawberry ice cream is a MUST! Smells like what you imagined a chocolate store would be like But even better. It’s a whole experience coming here. If t turns an adult into a kid in a candy store!

Review №29

What can I say about a place that takes pride in the beautiful product that they put out. Amazing and beautiful truffles and chocolates very inviting place and everything is perfect and done with love.

Review №30

Friendly, helpful service. Delicious chocolate! Our favorite place to buy gourmet chocolate!

Review №31

Excellent chocolate shop with outstanding service. You get what you pay for here, from the shopping experience to the deliciousness of the unique, modern chocolates invented here.On a recent visit the salesman gave me a tour of Nruhaus history and invited me to sample some of the chocolates before I bought. Very much worth the trip to the store in the bitter cold of January!

Review №32

The hot chocolate was not the best I have ever had. However the chocolate candies are good

Review №33

My favorite store to get my chocolates

Review №34

This is one of the best Belgium chocolate out there, at least in the USA. Its quality superb and price is like buying a Rolls Royce ;) So, be ready to pamper yourself with velvety texture and rich flavor or Belgium imported chocolate here! Yes, you heard that right. The chocolate is not made in the USA!I highly recommend trying their truffles/pralines because that is where it is at. I believe it is over $70 a lb here so it is quite expensive. Be aware!

Review №35

Me and my gfs fave chocolatier. Everything from their truffles to their candied fruit, year round and seasonal products are fantastic. Theyre a bit pricier than lindt or godiva, but its absolutely worth it. If you dunno what to try or get, i recommend starting with the violeta chocolate truffles. Theyre one of Neuhaus most popular confections for a damn good reason.

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The praline chocolate sample that I received, only once I bought an $11 box of chocolate dipped heart-shaped cookies, was delicious. My sisters and son were also able to get a sample, only after the purchase. The employees were friendly and helpful though. I hope my nieces enjoyed the cookies that traveled with us that day! No after-Easter candy sales there!

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Their chocolate is exquisite! And I loved the employees! So helpful and down to earth!

Review №38

The icecream scoops are below average. They get lost in the big sugar girls were dissapointed...i was delighted with the fruitygummies! Wish i got a pound of! beautiful people woking here!

Review №39

The staff was very patient with me in selecting chocolates. She allowed me to taste certain chocolates as well. One of the best chocolates places I have been to in a while.

Review №40

OMG!!! we had the waffle cones dipped in chocolate and coated with hazelnuts...salted caramel and strawberry ice cream were incredible! Best cone ever!! then we grabbed some chocolates on the way out!!

Review №41

Good Chocolate

Review №42

My wife(a smurf enthusiast) needed to check this place out. The service is phenomenal! The ice cream is very tastey. Will definitly be going back to try some of the chocolates. And purchase a huge smurf.

Review №43

It is a review of the shop itself not the chocolates. I have been eating Neuhaus for over 15 years being from Europe, and they are excellent. However I have never gotten a worse service than at this store, get workers that know how to make ballotins!!! And do not false advertise price of a box that they say is 35 and becomes 91USD after filling it up and weighting in. They are also incredibly slow and unfriendly! Get so manners! The price is OUTRAGEOUS, for the same exact chocolate and box and weight in Belgium it costs 35 euros including taxes and here it cost me 90 usd excluding taxes! Insane. You wont succeed and will end up closing just like the Paramus store in Jersey!

Review №44

I know the chocolates are amazing - this rating is for the ice cream. Charging $6 for a scoop is just criminal, and the taster I got was icy and not creamy. How can you charge that much for ice cream thats not even that impressive? Totally baffled.

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Excellent service. I got a fully customized large box of chocolates here, and it was so quick.

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Pricey but I enjoyed the cheaper chocolates near the counter, they were about $3 each

Review №47

Their ice cream is oh so yummy

Review №48

Best alcohol-free chocolates you can find just about anywhere. Seriously, get in on this.

Review №49

I have seen mosquitoes on chocolates very often. I stopped buying chocolate from here now.1 star for chocolate shots.

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The staff was friendly and helpful. The chocolate is fantastic.

Review №51

The ice cream looks better than it tastes. If you are not a fan of overpriced-not-so-good ice cream you can skip this one.

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A bit disappointed that there was no post Valentines day sale. Chocolate was superb and excellent customer service.

Review №53

Delicious icecream!!! like wow!!! So fresh and yummy

Review №54

My wife loves your store !!

Review №55

Very good ice cream, but it is expensive and the quantity is small

Review №56

My favorite chocolate store

Review №57

A nice upgrade from Godiva

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Ghourri Smart Art

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Very helpful owner

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Best chocolates in the world

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Ice cream is excellent

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Best chocolate in NYC!

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Best chocolate in the world!

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Very polite staff! Very fresh candy! We bought a box of different sweets and the seller also offered it - chocolate is just 👌! We’ve tried ice cream a couple of times - I really liked the pistachio! Right here I am a chocolate sommelier and I must say that Neuhaus is better than Venchi and Lindt.

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Very good, I recommend!!!

Review №68

Too good

Review №69

The ice creams are a delight

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