Jacques Torres Chocolate - Upper Westside
285 Amsterdam Ave #1, New York, NY 10023, United States
Review №1

I always have a great experience here. On my most recent visit, Olga was fantastic and delivered great customer service. She was very patient with customers and and answered all of my questions. Amazing chocolate and amazing customer service by Olga!

Review №2

One of my favorite thing to do around Manhattan is to check cafes and chocolatiers for a delicious hot chocolate. This place truly and honestly make the best. I tried their classic hot chocolate and it was perfect! They use 60% chocolate which makes their hot chocolate very tasty. Not too sweet and not too thick either. I was amazed! Service was very quick.They only had 2 small tables so don’t count on being able to sit down to enjoy your drinks. Other than that, this place has a lot to offer to its customer. It is accessible to subway and other public transportation. Definitely a place to patronize. ❤️

Review №3

It was my first time going in to this specific store. I came in to the store a couple days ago to pick up some chocolate for a friend. There was one employee (Vanessa) & another man in the store. Vanessa was so sweet, extremely professional & helpful. She helped me pick out the exact chocolate I was looking for and went out of her way to make it look nice as it was a gift. As I was at the register ready to pay, the man that was in the store took that as his cue to walk out with two huge bags of chocolate. Vanessa while remaining very calm & professional excused herself & bravely went after the man to get the chocolate bags back. She came back with the bags & finished helping me at the register while remaining very professional, calm & positive. It was so impressive! She was so quick to respond, while remaining calm & collected. Did I mention she was the only one working in the store at the time? That woman deserves a raise ASAP! Oh & the chocolate was delicious, I got the pistachio dark chocolate for my friend & the chocolate covered almonds for myself. I will definitely be back! The customer service is outstanding.#GiveVanessaARaise

Review №4

Delicious chocolate chip cookies!! Crispy yet soft and not too sweet!

Review №5

Great selection of fine chocolates. Highly recommend getting a gourmet hot chocolate when you stop by. Excellent service.

Review №6

Samantha, the manager at the Amsterdam store was very nice and very accommodating. The salesperson at any store make a big difference on ones experience.

Review №7

A few months ago, a colleague of mine brought to work the biggest chocolate turkey, I’d ever seen. This turkey was awe inspiring made up of both milk and dark chocolate that was so delicious that I asked where this bird was created. Jacques Torres was the creator and I immediately began a fan and a customer. While he has a few stores in New York City, they have a phenomenal website and I was astonished that the Valentine Heart arrived the day after I ordered it! I love great tasting chocolate and now that I’ve discovered Jacques Torres, I’m now a devoted fan and follower!

Review №8

The hot chocolate is very delicious.

Review №9

Amazing chocolate bars!! We love their milk chocolate bars, and caramel chocolate. So delicious!!

Review №10

I’ve tasted hot chocolate from coast to coast . This place has the best hot chocolate in the US, maybe the world. If there was a competition on hot chocolate no one would come close.

Review №11

The chocolate chip cookie may be a simple treat but it’s one of my favorites. And this place gets it right. This is my go to spot for chocolate chip cookies when I’m in New York. It’s crispy on the outside. Gooey, chewy on the inside. Great layering of chocolate. Every bite is perfect.

Review №12

I am not normally a chocolate lover, but I am very appreciative to Jacques Torres for supporting Sweet Vegan, my favorite line of vegan chocolates. It is not everyday that an accomplished NYC chocolatier takes the time to promote smaller chocolate businesses (especially vegan ones), but Jacques Torres recognizes how delicious Sweet Vegan chocolate is. Thank you!

Review №13

One of the top hot chocolates in the city. The salted caramel and the wicked really stand out. Friendly staff.

Review №14

Best coffee, amazing hot chocolate phenominal chocolate

Review №15

Its back.... And we are loving it. I picked up some chocolate for a sick friend. The sales clerk rewarded my kindness with a sample of frozen hot chocolate. It was delicious.

Review №16

Fantastic chocolate shop Try the chocolate covered cheerios and large cookies !!! Frozen hot chocolate in summer is a treat!!

Review №17

Good hot chocolate. Too rich for my taste. Iffy service. Daughter wanted a cake they sell. Was obviously checking it out for a while right in front of salesperson. When she asked for it she was finally told that they were sold out. Salesperson just seemed uninterested and unfriendly. Guy working hot chocolate station was nice though.

Review №18

A small Charles chocolate factory in NYC.

Review №19

The New York chocolate shop? Is it too much of a stretch to call it that? Its amazing. I usually get my chocolate gifts here and its a hit. Most of their chocolates are rich, tasty, with nice, interesting flavor combinations. Their champagne truffles have a nice little taste of alcohol and are smooth and soft. And, of course, you cannot neglect their cookies. Their chocolate chip cookie is to die for. Its literally one of the best cookies in NYC. The chocolate is rich beyond rich, high quality, melt in your mouth. Their cookie base has an amazing browned butter richness and a nice crunch... if you didnt choose to get it heated to have it resemble freshly baked cookies.They do offer to reheat for you. Just grab a plate, a fork or spoon, and dig in. Its amazing.

Review №20

Coupla problems... first, I got there 15 minutes to 8, (on Jan 29) ordered some hot chocolate and a couple pastries and sat down with my son to enjoy the warmth on a cold winter day. After a few minutes I was told that the restaurant was closed. Shocked, I turned around and asked does that mean I have to leave? To my surprise the man at the counter gave me an abrupt Yes!So I countered, its not even 8 yet, 7:58 which I showed him on my phone. He told me its 8 you have to leave. We had just got in the hot chocolate set up, split pastry and were enjoying food. I suggested, In the future, you might want to mention that youre closing shortly when someone is purchasing, we would have gotten the hot chocolate and left instead of getting the pastry.My son had his scooter and I had things I was carrying, taking everything home was awkward at best and it got smashed in the bag.The moral of the story is: if youre selling $0.30 worth of hot chocolate for $3, dont be rude to your customers and throw them out in the cold.The other issue is that for small pastries, they dont have a small box. My opinion it makes no sense to sell pastries and put them in a bag where they would get squished. Especially if youre bringing a treat home for a loved one, presentation is everything.

Review №21

Whats not to love about a gourmet chocolate shop? Especially when said shop offers daily happy hours on frozen hot chocolate, and ice cream specials. In fact, if youre a real chocolate fanatic, you must absolutely try the chocolate ice cream. It is TO DIE FOR ! When I first sampled it, I almost fell right on my behind in amazement. It tastes like a beautiful chocolate truffle, in ice cream form. Its decadent, rich, silky, and everything else in between. Skip all of the other ice cream shops in the area and just come here. You will not regret it.

Review №22

Best chocolate you could ever try. The hot chocolate is out of this world. The scent of chocolate warms your senses the moment you open the door. It is an amazing feeling.The staff are always so friendly and helpful, knowledgeable on all available products. If you are visiting NYC and want a hot chocolate and something to go along with it put this on your to go list. You will not be disappointed.The chocolate items are always made with such a careful eye to detail and creativity it will take your breath away and leave you feeling guilty you ate such beautiful art.

Review №23

A nice, relaxing stop on a late summer afternoon. I was assisted by Shakeira who as welcoming, informative, considerate, and very pleasant. Excellent customer service, she went above and and beyond. Not sure if shes the manager, but she should be as she knew the products and options very well, gave information that motivated sales without being pushy, and modeled excellent customer service.

Review №24

Their staff is friendly, their hot chocolates are yummy, and they have a lovely assortment of ganaches. There is scattered seating inside. Their vanilla ice cream sandwich is phenomenal: no ice cream stuffed inside to chocolate chip cookies that are incredibly soft and have a lovely molasses flavor. Their double chocolate chip trademark cookie has a little too much chocolate for my taste, but I can see how people like it. Prices are typical for a fine chocolate shop. If you like chocolate, this place is certainly worth a visit.

Review №25

My first hot chocolate which was more on the dark side and less on the milk side. Absolutely loved it, but I think it could still be made creamier. Well priced too.

Review №26

While the cookies and hot chocolate were good, there was fruit flies COVERING an entire wall. It was gross. Bad enough that I felt uneasy drinking or eating anything from the store much less spend any time there. It was almost surreal to see the amount of small flies slowly crawling around the wall near the hot chocolate bar. An exterminator is needed ASAP.

Review №27

Don’t get me wrong, the chocolates are amazing here. I’m giving it a 3 because it’s expensive. The chocolate bars are $7+ and the bark is like $17. If you don’t care about price, this place is a 4. Space is limited, but our family fit perfectly here.

Review №28

I love their chocolate but every one who ever served me there always had an attitude and made me feel like they are doing me a favor by serving/selling/packaging something for me.

Review №29

Mr. Chocolate never disappoints. This specific location was a welcome surprise during a recent visit to the area. The space is small, but they offer outdoor seating and a courteous staff that helps to expedite customer orders.If a little spice doesnt disturb your palate I highly recommend the Wicked Hot Chocolate. During the warmer months you can also order wicked hot chocolate ice cream.

Review №30

I always love places with gluten free options. They had a gluten free and dairy free brownie. Delicious!!

Review №31

Great chocolate, not cheap but well worth it. They even offer a gluten and dairy free option. Hot chocolate...out of this world.

Review №32

Their hot chocolate is incredible however very satiating, I would split the small hot chocolate with someone. Also, tried the hot chocolate with ice cream and with whipped cream. Hand-down with whipped cream all the way!

Review №33

Super good hot chocolate!!!

Review №34

This is THE chocolate store in NYC! as one of the reviewers mentioned the hot chocolate is VERY rich (they use REAL) chocolate that my cocoa powder palette isnt used too lol. But VERY delicious and Im so glad to be able to go to a place that makes it that way! The staff are very kind and accomoadating as well. Try a lot of chocolate items you wont regret it!

Review №35

I found the wicked hot chocolate to be a great treat. It contains ground chili peppers and at a perfect level to be balanced with the Mexican chocolate. They also have a great selection of fine chocolate treats.

Review №36

Well stocked store of deliscious chocolates. On the right is a chocolate bar where you can have wonderful hot chocolate and even with a marshmallow. On the left of the store is a nice long display of varying chocolates from milk to dark and various fillings. You can choose to make your own assortment by picking out a few or take the prepackaged boxes ready to go. Im a fan of the dark chocolate prepackaged ones which were of great quality.

Review №37

Great chocolate with many varieties of options. It was hard to choose because they all looked delicious! I got the dark chocolate with almonds; it was rich, full of flavor and to die for.

Review №38

Mmmm... hot chocolate. For a warm embrace of chocolate goodness, get the hot chocolate. Their chocolate chip cookies have an amazing ratio of chocolate to cookie. Get it heated and the chocolate will melt in your mouth.

Review №39

Delicious chocolates, confectionery and other bakery items are plentiful in these small-store style chain of chocolatiers in NYC. Great for Valentines, Easter, and other holidays where chocolate is a necessity and makes this place a must stop for your chocolate needs (including hot chocolate)!

Review №40

They make their own candy which we watched them make and their products are very good. Its a tiny place, they do have wi-fi and they have plenty of parking and its located in the Amsterdam Avenue.

Review №41

You can build your own gift basket and the people who work here are very helpful.

Review №42

Hot and delicious! I like the original but they also have spicy hot chocolate. Oh BTW come in the summer for some frozen treats 🍧

Review №43

Probably my favorite cookie place in NYC right now.The ratio chocolate/biscuit is so high, you can not eat it and stay classy : I love it, chocolate all over the fingers !The classic chocolate chip cookie was my favorite (coffee was ok too...)Jacques Torres is all over NYC so make sure to stop and try one of his creations !

Review №44

The chocolate and food quality was amazing. Unfortunately, the sound system was making some awful noises and it wasnt so nice to be inside the shop.

Review №45

Amazing bean to bar as well all ice cream. Michelle was so helpful and really knew her stuff.

Review №46

Michelle the manager is exceptional, high quality customer service and training her staff n the same vein. always a pleasure to come in for coffee and sweets

Review №47

This is my favorite small bite chocolate shop to go to when I am taking a long walk from Columbia University to midtown. Located in the corner of 74th and amsterdam, it serves perfect bites @$2.50.

Review №48

I expected something more. I guess, his is catering to a general American taste, which requires too much sugar. Its not truly European chocolates.

Review №49

Yummy hot chocolate and yummy chocolate. If you love chocolate, this is the place to be!

Review №50

Yummy treats with low key set up, perfect for those cold winter days. Grab a large and take a walk in the park

Review №51

We came here the other day to put together a gift basket and Kim, the woman who assisted us, was so lovely and helpful! Thanks so much!

Review №52

Excellent selection of delicious candies, cookies, treats and coffees. Friendly, helpful staff.

Review №53

The service and suggestions were on point. Plus the hot chocolate was delicious on top of delicious.

Review №54

Great chocolate and coffee!! Even better ice cream in the summer. Very nice staff.

Review №55

Outstanding chocolate. The cookies are exquisite. Sure, its a bit on the expensive side, but its amazing, I can walk there, and if it were cheaper Id be there WAY too often.

Review №56

If you like chocolate this place is great. Try the hot chocolate it is amazing

Review №57

One of my favorite bakery in New York City. Its more than a bakery with a focus on chcolate. Simple things like cookies are elevated to new hight.

Review №58

Overrated and over priced. Have had way better chocolate for not as much money. Was very disappointed. Highlight of my visit was when asked the sales person whats her favorite one and she said Im allergic to chocolate.

Review №59

Heres the deal. I had there chocolate chip cookie it was amazing. Im eating it there however this is woman who works there and her belly because he is just hanging out of the shirt. Totally disgusting

Review №60

This branch of the Jacques Torres chain empire is less impressive than its downtown counterparts. However, they still deliver on excellent chocolates and wonderfully yummy hot drinks. The draw back is that theres no where to sit, they close kind of early, and its basically a get in, get your stuff, get out kind of place. Theres nothing inherently wrong with that, but when youre buying thick, lovely drinking chocolate, you want to sit and savor it, not go back out into the cold. I also miss the variety of the downtown store. Still, if you need you JT choco fix, this is a good place to get it.

Review №61

The chocolate is so rich, so smooth. The hot chocolate tastes like a melted down chocolate bar.

Review №62

Frozen hot chocolate was on point. Also loved their chocolate varieties

Review №63

My Favorite chocolate chip cookie as well as the mud slide and their Hot chocolate mix..

Review №64

No complaints, cute little shop with enough sitting options.. Would say its a hidden little secret, especially if youre not up for standing in the long Levain bakery line.

Review №65

Awesome!! Was my first time here and I will be going back & back!! Everything is FRESH & the service is Great!!

Review №66

Great little chocolate shop! Extremely friendly staff!

Review №67

Excellent hot chocolate and frozen hot chocolate. to die for cookies as well

Review №68

Soooo overpriced! Also, Im surprised their famous frozen hot chocolate is not available year round, kind of a disappointment. The chocolates are creative but not necessarily tasty, alot of them are tea infused, which I find leaves a funky aftertaste...

Review №69

Jacque Torres is great. In 2000 was the first high end chocolatier in NYC to roast and conche chocolate from bean to bar at his brooklyn location, expanding to his hudson st factory a few years later. his retail store locations all over the city sells chocolate, drinks, and ice cream. Depending on location, service can be mixed, as evident at the upper west side location. Today walked in one person behind counter. Two Japanese women walked in, and around to the cash register with a credit card in hand. The person behind counter was busy trying to help another customer picking a box of chocolates. We all waited. Another customer walks in, total 5 customers. behind the counter another staff member shows up, and immediately helps the LAST customer to enter store. the Japanese women who were in store first waited another 5 minutes before leaving, I left too after waiting too long for help.All I wanted is one of the amazing Jacque Torres cookies.

Review №70

Great chocolate of course.The staff member who waited on us was a model of super customer service!!

Review №71

Today was cold, snowing mixed with rain...the Hot Chocolate made the weather disappear. It was perfect.

Review №72

You pay for what you get OMG SMH DEEEELICIOUS IVE NEVER HAD POPCORN THAT GOOD 😍😍😚🤗 Jacques Torres shame on you that Damn POPCORN should not be that Damn Good. 😛😜😛Lol. My daughter feels the same way about the chocolate chip cookies 😄

Review №73

Jacques Torres is for serious chocolate lovers only. These mini confections cone with a rather hefty price tag for their size. There are some interesting flavors like pumpkin, apple pie, ans Sanchirico chile. Looking for something with a kick? Try their famous spicy hot chocolate. Kids are a fan of the cookies that they make into ice cream sandwiches during the summer. They also have a meh gelatin cart. This place is a bit too rich for me personally.

Review №74

Very helpful staff and the chocolates are the best. My favorite in the world 🤩😍😍

Review №75

The chocolates are delicious. But you must put up with a staff that is uninterested in serving you and borders on being rude.

Review №76

Chocolate with ancho chiles, so thick it is more like mousse than liquid. This is one of the most unique cups youll ever taste.

Review №77

The chocolate-covered corn flakes are amazing.

Review №78

Wonderful chocolate creations - Perfect for an after dinner treat

Review №79

Best hot chocolate Ive had.

Review №80


Review №81

Really cute shop with seating

Review №82

Do yourself a favor and get an ice cream sandwich. That is all.

Review №83

Very expensive, but worth every penny! Absolute best chocolate coffee!

Review №84

Best chocolate cookies in New York, best hot or ice chocolate in New York

Review №85

Delicious expensive chocolates, high quality

Review №86

Nice little cafe in the back - friendly staff

Review №87

Illys Coffee! Fun Treats!

Review №88

The best ice cream sandwich ever

Review №89

Very fancy but too pricey

Review №90

White chocolate chai was amazing

Review №91

Yummy chocolates and great staff.

Review №92

Best chocolates in NYC.

Review №93

Best hot chocolate in the wholeCity!!!

Review №94

Ice cream and chocolate are ok, nothing special. Staff is very friendly.

Review №95

Excellent chocolate desserts friendlybatagf

Review №96

Great coffee prices!

Review №97

Last 3 times there,, out of peanut butter hot chocolate,, not so good

Review №98

Best chocolate in NYC!

Review №99

I love it

Review №100

Great chocolate bars!

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  • Address:285 Amsterdam Ave #1, New York, NY 10023, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 212-787-3256
  • Chocolate shop
Working hours
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  • Wednesday:12–6PM
  • Thursday:12–6PM
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  • Saturday:12–5PM
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Service options
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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