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I placed an order for a chocolate dipped strawberry arrangementwith a few additions. This was for my partners daughter for her16th birthday on July 16th. They were out in New York tocelebrate her birthday. I wanted to surprise her with a littlesomething. The total of the arrangement came out to $112.11.Upon receiving it, my partner contacted me to thank me forsending it but the strawberries were inedible. They ended uphaving to dispose of the entire thing, only keeping the balloonsand card. She stated that the strawberries were mushy andoverripe. I contacted the store via the company website the sameday (July 16th) and sent them a detailed description of theproduct and that I was extremely disappointed in the quality. Idemanded for a full refund. Unfortunately, her Mother did nottake any photos of the arrangement. By Tuesday July 19th, I didnot hear anything from Edible Arrangements. I called the customer service number to follow up on my complaint and they connected me directly to the store. The lady I spoke to was not able to authorize a refund and claimed that only the manager could do that. I stated that if she could not issue me a full refund, Id rather speak with the manager. She also claimed that the manager was not at the store. I asked for her to have them contact me once he/she was available. Its been over a week and I still have not heard anything from them at all! This is absolutely ridiculous! I order from Edible Arrangements quite often and I have NEVER had an experience like this one where the store is perfectly content charging their customers premium prices for disgraceful quality. I am demanding a full refund! I have filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau along with this review. Buyer beware! Do not order from this location.

Review №2

Stay away!!! Scammers!! Choose another shop to order through or just avoid completely! They claimed my order was delivered to my hotel and it never was. I requested the driver hand it to me or concierge. I was never contacted by the driver. I tried to call all day to see why my order was taking so long and I imagine they took the phone off the hook as it was busy the whole day. Then I got alert my order was delivered but it actually wasn’t. The next day I called over and over and even though the shop is supposed to open at 8 am, there was a message saying it was closed and open by 8 am...well I called at 9 am, 10 am and got the same message. Mailbox is full can’t leave a message. Called at 1 pm and can’t get through to an actual person!! Called corporate and got a refund for my order. Corporate offered a store credit. Didn’t even offer to send a free arrangement!!! Disgusting service! I had the money credited back to my credit card. Terrible as this was a Valentine’s Day gift! Read other reviews where the drivers get $8 per delivery. I’m guessing they lied and said it was delivered to get the credit? Or shop owners are fraud! Wish I read the reviews before I purchased!!! Next time will get chocolate covered strawberries from Ferrara bakery!! Half the price and more reputable.

Review №3

Very very horrible experience!!! Do not, I repeat DO NOT order from this store. Yesterday, February 14, 2018, my husband tried to surprise me with edible arrangements and when I got the delivery, I was presented with MOLDY STRAWBERRIES AND PINEAPPLES INSTEAD! These pictures do not do justice for the disgusting, rotten fruit that I received. When I called into the store and spoke to the receptionist about my rotten delivery, she simply gave me two options, to get store credit and or get it redelivered the next day. She could not even offer the option of refunding my husband. I considered to get it redelivered and as of today, February 15, 2018 I have not STILL received my fruits. Sad part is that, I’m only 10 mins away from this location. Worse experience ever! You’re better off just buying fresh fruit at the grocery store and arranging them yourself.

Review №4

Walked in and the representative, she was very helpful n delightful! I asked to have it arranged a certain way and she delivered! As long as u r nit a KAREN u will recieve great service w a smile. I also work in customer service

Review №5

Very disappointed with this company. My order arrived after Friday at 4pm when the person who was supposed to receive the arrangement had already left for the day. My order was put in two days prior. I wasted $50 dollars for nothing because no one touched the arrangement since it was for someone else. So come Monday the arrangement was not so fresh anymore. This is the second edible I tried to use and it failed. I will never try edible again.

Review №6

The store is kinda small but other than that everything else was fine my order was made fresh and everything was delicious

Review №7

Customers service was excellent. Spoke to a young lady about 4 times before my order was delivered to my recipient. I was nervous about the delivery window but she was always pleasant on the phone and assured me with specific timing on how far the driver was from the location. The order came bigger than I expected and all of the fruit looks fresh and big. My recipient loved it.

Review №8

Best ever edible arrangementsCustomer service so friendly and my arrangements was made within 7 min

Review №9

My order that was supposed to be delivered on Christmas has still not been delivered. I have not received any response to my inquiries, nor the promised update after the package was supposedly not delivered, which is a lie, since someone was home all day and no delivery person stopped by. Terrible company and service. Avoid at all cost.

Review №10

I had the best customer service I have ever received by edible arrangements by Jay an employee! The store manager Amer and her went above and beyond for a last minute order after I had the worst experience by another store the same day she stayed back and really did an amazing job and saved me as a customer!!!she is so professional and compassionate.

Review №11

This is the advertised platter...and the other is what I got...rotten strawberries some overly small. Mushy and over ripped pineapples!! And thrown all over the place! Why would you even send me this?!

Review №12

I worked Valentines day last year with this place. They offered $8.00 for each delivery. Man, I work what was 7 hours and only earned a grand total of 64 bucks. LOL. But it was beneficial because it helped me get back to work albeit for a day and I learned about what being a messenger was about. Man, it was tough, I was sore and it was crazy as they were taking everyone and giving anyone off the street work which made it difficult for me and others as we were waiting to pick up deliveries to make some money.This year, they are looking to hire again for a 1 day gig on Valentines day. Not tempted at all to do this. Last year was different because I was curious and I jumped in at the last minute. This year, no thank you. Not worth all that heavy travel all over the city carrying 10 pound fruit baskets in a crowded Manhattan sidewalk and looking for buildings on my phone. Not worth it. Not tempted. Not worth it. I got my taste last year and while there was some positives, there were negatives as well and coming home only earning a measly 64 bucks and getting screwed by delivering all over the place. My last delivery was about 100 blocks from where the Edible Arrangement store was located. Crazy. That killed me because it took an hour to do that using the subway to get back and forth. No thanks. Not this year. Cant mentally push myself to do it this year.

Review №13

This place is the WORST. Please avoid using this branch when you place an order. I have placed an order of a fruit basket with an extra balloon on the side, however, my recipient never received the balloon. I made a call, expecting to receive an explanation of what happened to the missing balloon. All I got was they will investigate and let me know. I waited a day, and I never received a call. I dont recommend this place. And certainly wont use Edible Arrangement ever again. Ps. The recipient told me that the fruits were not fresh...

Review №14

As with some others here, got moldy strawberry last time I placed an order here. Definitely much worse than the downtown location I frequent before. Wont be back.

Review №15

Excellent quality, costomer service, and reliability, always nice alway

Review №16

Not responsive when item is not delivered to the recipient. Store staff should be more professional to their customers by ensuring where and the reason the delivery person was unable to deliver to the recipient. Not to make excuses for the delivery person when it was delivered other than to the recipient. without any feedback as to whom or where.

Review №17

How is this place still in business. A friend sent over a fruit arrangement for my birthday and and it tasted bad. After discussing the situation with my friend. She decided to call up Edible Arrangement to complain. They told her someone will call her back and she is still waiting for a call. It’s been a month! Horrible location. I can’t speak for other locations of Edible Arrangement. But this particular location is just horrible.

Review №18

Had a coupon valid at all edible arrangement stores. They turned me away saying we dont do that here. Probably for the best considering other reviews saying how bad they are. Seems like they dont care about their bad reviews either.

Review №19

Very dirty place and the owner do not do any refound he will take your money and you order will never be process. Be aware!!!

Review №20

A friend sent me an arrangement from this location and it arrived a day late. But the arrangement was beautiful and delicious.

Review №21

Alright. Sooooo this was not the type of “edible” arrangement that I was expecting. We placed a standard “Birthday Wish-tini”bouquet thinking that it would pack a MAJOR punch...we’ll let me tell ya - that ish was waaay stronger than I anticipated and I ended up hanging out with spirit elves in Central Park for 3 days. FYI: the park at night is a mix Mad Max & How to Lose a Guy in 30 Days (apocalyptic romance). Well anyways, 2 thumbs up from this happy customer👍🏻👍🏻

Review №22

This place is the worst, never order from here!! They never delivered my order and never got back to me nor try to give me a solution.Never go to this store, avoided at all cost!!

Review №23

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS LOCATION! I received an arrangement for my birthday today and all the fruits were not fresh some were going bad and covered in chocolate. The grapes were split open and to top it all off it had a hair on top of the pineapple. I called the location and explained the situation and they asked me to take pictures to send to their manager. I suggested they come pick it up to see it for themselves as I was not eating it. I had to take pictures and wait until the manager approved a replacement which took them hours to send and a second call from me.

Review №24

Horrible customer service. They claimed to had delivered a package for my girlfriend but they didnt. I asked them to tell me the name of the person who signed for the delivery they kept me waiting on the phone forever. This is the worst edible arrangement store, I advice no one to buy fruits from there. Utterly terrible!!!!

Review №25

THE ARE TERRIBLE AND DISHONEST!!! I ordered an expensive basket from them and they guaranteed it to arrive at a certain time. it never came and when I called the woman on the phone was very rude to me and hung up on me. when I called back she said she couldnt give me a refund but will redeliver it in a week. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS!!!!

Review №26

I will NEVER order from this Edibles Arrangements again. After the person I order an arrangement told me the fruit tasted weird I called and was told by the manager We dont guarantee the freshness of the fruit we just check it to make sure there is no mold and then offered a 10% coupon by the owner Philip to try and make me happy. I then called corporate who tried to reach the store so that they can reach out to me. To my surprise the store NEVER contacted me. As if customers dont matter. I am worried someone will get bad food poisoning from this is store. Please unless horrible customer service and bad fruit is what you want DONT ORDER FROM THIS STORE. THEY DONT GUARANTEE THE FRESHNESS OF YOUR FRUIT!!!!!!😲😠

Review №27

My order was there on time fresh and yummy and staff was nice

Review №28

ATTENTION ! ATTENTION! Edible Arrangement is now selling spoiled fruit. I reached out to the store location and customer service and was informed that theres nothing that they can do regrading the spoil fruit.The manager was beyond rude and unprofessional and the customer service rep seems to have little interest in resolving this problem. I purchase many items from fruits from different location all over the tri state area and never received spoiled fruit . However, I am more disappointed the way the manager handled herself.

Review №29

It was my first time going to an edible arrangements store and it just happens to be this one in time square since we were visiting nyc from canada. i grabbed a fruit salad friday the 25th and it said it was packed march 25th. i was eating it once i left the store and i had to throw it out because it has gone bad. it was tasting sour. i am dissapointed

Review №30

Great products and fast delivery

Review №31

Good customer service but awful product: soft frozen then thawed fruits, not fresh, their quality clearly struggling, hidden by chocolate shells.

Review №32

This place kept getting my order wrong and the staff is RUDE

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