Cocoa Store
873 Broadway - Sixth Floor Loft (6th floor between 18th and, E 19th St, New York, NY 10003, United States
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No-one sells the Amedei pralines loose in my area.This shop has them. You can essay their matchless taste and delicacy, without having to shop for them in boxes, while picking the ones you prefer (without having to eat all that are in the box).Thats more than enough for five stars.

Review №2

Wonderful chocolate store, even better since it moved upstairs to a large room. Pepi helped me find new and delicious chocolates I hadnt tried before (I prefer 80%+). Excellent experience all round.

Review №3

Very intimate setting to purchase the best chocolates in the world. Grab a cup of genuine Italian hot chocolate on a cold day too!!

Review №4

🍧 Best gelato I’ve tried in New York so far, Argentinian style 🇦🇷. Very rich in flavour and texture. Vegan 🌱, gluten free and non-diary flavours. I’m so happy I found Argentinian gelato in Union Square. Brought back some good memories 😋. I’m definitely coming back.

Review №5

I felt that I needed to provide a review after my experience purchasing from Cocoa Store. I live on the East Coast of Canada and ordered a small shipment of chocolate bars, by no means an order worthy of any special attention. Through no fault of Cocoa Store, UPS botched the shipping (return to sender - mid route), I cannot speak highly enough of the follow up customer service I received. Not only, did they send a new shipment before waiting for UPS to return the original, they offered a hand written note of apology and constant communication. I would highly recommend this store, both because of the excellent brands they carry and the amazing customer service. Simply amazing!

Review №6

I stopped in this tiny spot to buy some chocolate for my chocolate enthusiast brother, and they had varieties I am pretty sure he has never had. I was able to taste the chocolates before I decided. A great spot for a fancy chocolate bar fan

Review №7

Lapin and I passed this tiny shoppe on our way to the Gander. He said he wanted to stop by and take a look since he was in one of his rare hot chocolate moods. The store was very tiny and can probably hold only two people at a time maybe a third -- small child. The place looked like every chocolate lover’s dream, it was well stocked with delicious chocolate. The proprietor was very nice and sweet (which was the only reason the store didn’t get 1 or 2). We had a two small squares of their chocolate and they were really tasty. We decided to order some hot chocolate since the chocolate was really tasty. We should have been wary when the proprietor said they just started serving it, they haven’t nailed the formula down and she didn’t know how much to charge. For $5.50 a cup, I expect the most delicious tasting cup of chocolate. Lastly, the recipe must have been off since we both couldn’t finish it. It tasted to watery and not sweet was just plain weird tasting. As note, they do accept cards, they have no whipped cream or coffee but the chocolate is amazing and I would recommend stopping in just for that.

Review №8

Great little chocolate shop right by Union Square with exceptional chocolate. They also have an online store. Highly recommended if you are looking for something different than the chocolate you can buy in every supermarket.

Review №9

Wow! Amazing chocolate! Enjoyed going to the Cocoa Store, they had some of the best chocolate Ive tried in New York!

Review №10

I have bought the Trinidad chocalate bar and it was just one of the best bars I have ever had. Amazing taste and beautiful packaging!

Review №11

Amazing chocolate! Enjoyed going to the Cocoa Store, they had some of the best chocolate Ive tried in New York!

Review №12

Offers limited designer selection of specialty bean-to-bar chocolate, probably due to their physical store size (reframing from calling it a closet). Wish they sold Coleman & Davis Del Oro. However, they have an extensive range of Domori, Amedei and Castronovo Chocolate.Staff is friendly and can answer entry level chocolate enthusiasts questions.

Review №13

Have never had hot chocolate this good in my life!

Review №14

This store has some really good chocolate, I will tell my friends about this store. And probably buy a few bars for family as a Christmas present.

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Good To Know

Review №16

Completely overpriced.

Review №17

Best chocolate in the world.

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  • Address:873 Broadway - Sixth Floor Loft (6th floor between 18th and, E 19th St, New York, NY 10003, United States
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  • Phone:+1 212-982-8113
  • Chocolate shop
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  • Fast service:Yes
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