Ben & Jerry’s
30 Rockefeller Center Concourse Level, New York, NY 10020, United States
Review №1

Employees are shy and mess up order very often mot going here again.Highly exaggerated customer service and quality. Its more like a safe space for softies...Employees are rude towards elderly and discrimination was apparent, says all you need to know about ben and jerrys. Clown show.Theres nothing worst than an ice cream you know us made out of garbage ingredients and sold for $5+. Ice cream tasted like made in china/ Joes toilet

Review №2

Nice place, small no seating. Good staff

Review №3

This shop is in a great location, but without doubt, it gets way too busy for comfort. During the summer months the line winds through the store and out into the Rockefeller Center corridor. The staff is quite upbeat and try hard to serve everyone with a smile and fast service.

Review №4

The place is good and the ice cream flavors are great.

Review №5

Ben & Jerrys is the best place to get ice cream. This location is cool because it has the special The Tonight Dough flavor which is the best combination of ice cream flavors I have ever seen.

Review №6

Does not disappoint! If you love Ben & Jerrys in a tub, youll absolutely love it fresh in a cone!! It was so soft and creamy and flavorful. Also, the cones were delicious. Definitely worth stopping by when visiting Rockefeller.

Review №7

Its okay, but not as good as Cool Creations.

Review №8

It seems I have an ice cream problem... This store is sure to help out.Great and helpful service. The selection is also great, although they tend to run out of stock quite frequently of different flavors...

Review №9

Awesome ice cream. Best in the world.

Review №10

Amazing ice cream. My all time favourite

Review №11

I enjoy Ben & Jerrys ice cream and have for years but I didnt enjoy my visit to this location. The ice cream was very, very soft and melted quickly. The facility was small which should have made it easy to keep clean but it wasnt. Probably one of the grossest things I noticed about this location was that one of the female employees had extremely long fake finger nails and she was handling food. Fake nails easily are notorious for developing bacteria under the nail. Thats a very gross and easily avoided issue when handing food.

Review №12

Brandon was the BEST when it came to his customer service when I was last min shopping via calling all over for cake for my sons party. He even help customized it for me and held the one I wanted in the store.. I didnt get to pick it up in time due to warmer weather and coming from BKLYN but him and Victoria saved it! LOVE great service coming from an ex customer service employee...

Review №13

I love Ben & Jerrys! You will notice I have reviewed another location before...its because I go there a lot. The staff at this location were nice. Line was not too bad. Took about 7 minutes to get to my turn. Got Vanilla and Pistachio combo on cone. It was really good.

Review №14

We had new york super fudge chunk flavour of the ice cream. It was mouth watering and delectable. Head to this place if you love ice creams. Pocket friendly and popular place.

Review №15

Americone Dream®😍😍😍

Review №16

That ice cream in this shop is crack and the employees are really cool! Plus it’s in Rockefeller Center so you can watch people Ice skate while eating your ice cream. Hard to beat that.

Review №17

Top of the rock? Why not head on downstairs of Rockefeller and grab yourself some ice cream. The Ben and Jerry’s here have all, if not most, of the popular ice cream that you are familiar with. Their all-time favorite is perhaps Cherry Garcia and Chunky Monkey. I came here several times and I’m glad that they have the flavor that I wanted to try, which is their new yogurt ice cream, light, creamy, and flavorful. I really like the atmosphere and the staffs here. Everyone who is serving always has a friendly attitude towards there customers. At Ben and Jerry’s, it’s a constant reminder (from the numerous cows painted on the walls) that they always use happy cows to make their delicious ice creams. If you are ever at Rockefeller, make sure to treat yourself to a cone or a cup of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, because it makes your day a whole lot better.

Review №18

Nana and Epiphanie were such a great help! Very knowledgeable about everything! And had the best recommendations thank you!

Review №19

I went to this Ben and Jerrys for my FREE scoop of ice cream on my birthday when you sign up for their newsletter! They have the classic flavors, but they also have the flavors that they have been experimenting in the lab. I forgot what the name of the flavor was, but it was delicious - chocolate ice cream, with almonds, as well as blueberries i think. The rainbow one with the lemon, blueberry was very good too - smooth with a hint of sugar and fruity flavors. I think the small size is large enough.

Review №20

Ben&Jerry has the best ice cream in the freaking world. I mean they have to be nicest duo to love and devote to ice cream the way that they built their Ice Cream empire. They have really great and fun flavors to choose. I love Jamoca Almond Roses.

Review №21

Extremely cool! Wonderful service for NY! The atmosphere is incredible as it’s in the lower level! Can be hard to find as the lower level is a bit of a labyrinth, but definitely worth the struggle.

Review №22

Amazing really nice place, excellent service plus they have a lot of eco friendly stuff spoons and napkins !!! Good job

Review №23

Ben & Jerrys offers the typical Ben & Jerrys ice cream you can also find in various supermarkets. Of course its not 100 % comparable to fresh Italian ice cream, however its worth to stop by.Only point of criticism is the quite high price, which to be fair should be normal in NYC.

Review №24

Lovely ice cream, but it is over-priced and staff are not friendly. 6 dollars for a small tub? Seriously. Wise up.

Review №25

Ice cream and service nice. But it is a very tight spot, on the -1 floor of the Rock bldg. No sitting space.

Review №26

Nice staff, and a filling sundae. No complaints.

Review №27

Another oasis of sweetness with a wide array of flavorful rewards! The large waffle cones enable the most serious ice cream addicts to indulge in huge calorie intake in one shot 😂🍦 🍨 😋😎

Review №28

Great ice cream and always have new flavors on hand to choose from. Treat yourself and take a break here while you are in the Big Apple youll love it

Review №29

Very nice icecream, cool place to visit at during the day and night as well

Review №30

Best ice cream ever, (its on the ground floor of the rock center).

Review №31

Very tasty ice cream with fresh daily made waffle cones. Samples of all flavours are avaliable too!

Review №32

Berry Bery extraordinary lived up to its name.

Review №33

Every time i go to Rockefeller i go to this place. Their icecreams are heaven! Keep in mind to get the smallest size, they give big scoops!

Review №34

This store was conveniently located and it offered quick and friendly service. I once again had my usual coffee ice cream. It is notable that this location is very small and all orders are to go.

Review №35

Good place, has good options and located underground in Rockefeller concourse

Review №36

Id rate 4 stars if they had the flavors I wanted. It took three tries. But it was open to 11pm.

Review №37

Down in Rockefeller Center you can buy scoops of Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream as well as some merchandise. Great Ice cream

Review №38

The worst experience ever . I ordered a large ice cream(I dough,I dough) And staff said it was 13$,so I paid 13$. Probably the staff thought Im a tourist. Im stupid.I literally got hosed.

Review №39

Quick service. Clean.

Review №40

Ice cream was great but Im afraid customer experience was terrible. The employee who helped me was passive aggressive. Im not coming back to this store.

Review №41

Delicious! Food allergy aware. Long line, expensive, no place to sit. You need to wander through the concourse in order to get seating.

Review №42

Almost two dozen different kind of flavors, but not the ones you normally buy in the grocery store containers. Limited indoor space available but Rockefeller Center offers plenty of indoor seating.

Review №43

Good ice cream. Went with my manager and the lady working there has rude. But nice place

Review №44

Finding this place using google maps was very hard to find.The ice cream was much better than the ones sold in supermarkets but it came at a much higher price.

Review №45

Horrible service, ice cream just ok and OVERTLY EXPENSIVE EVEN FOR NYC

Review №46

Kids loved the place while visiting midtown

Review №47

Fresh waffles and delecious ice cream

Review №48

WazzzzzzzZzzzzzzzzzzzzz up my dudes haven’t been there just want to annoy y’all

Review №49

Delicious vegan ice cream!

Review №50

Really good

Review №51

They charge extra for an empty cup

Review №52

Awesome, love it here. So many different ice creams to choose from.

Review №53

Great service smiling employees and amazing ice cream

Review №54

Nice staff, great ice cream!

Review №55

Its Ben and Jerrys. Its always amazing

Review №56

Good ice cream

Review №57

Fulfill my cravings! Thank you!

Review №58

OK place, ben & jerrys products, a lot of tourists

Review №59

Mediocre ice cream, service was as it should be.

Review №60

Cool music

Review №61

Thank you for the free cone!!

Review №62


Review №63

Good icecream

Review №64

Unfriendly servant

Review №65

Small shop, but friendly staff...

Review №66

Dairy free ice cream!!!!

Review №67

Ice cream😍

Review №68

Fast and easy.

Review №69

Its only downfall is that it is in Rockefeller center

Review №70

Good place

Review №71

You sirs are a disgrace to ice cream.

Review №72

Worse service ever.

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Review №75

Great staff!!!

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Review №77

Ben & Jerrys proves to be more than just ice cream! You have to try it to understand how much it is worth. Give us a jump, you can also find dairy-free formulations.

Review №78

The staff was so friendly and I had two of them recommended. Strawberry cheesecake and baked chocolate? But personally baked baked ㄹㅇ crazy taste ... Ive never eaten this taste in Korea ㅠㅠ just like the United States ice cream flavor chunks also crispy but chewy taste I think sometimes ㅠㅠ Please try!

Review №79

Unfortunately, not all varieties. But the shake; TOP!

Review №80

The ice cream is JMT, but I ordered my ice cream, spread it out, and talked with other customers. My ice cream is melting, okay? I wont go back to this point.

Review №81

Super delicious ice cream. Ice cream cones are freshly prepared

Review №82

Especially the waffles I found delicious

Review №83

Ben Engeri in the basement of Rockefeller CenterAfter all ice cream is Ben Engeri

Review №84

Watch the night view from Top of the Rock and have a Ben Jerry ice cream.

Review №85

We had a little Vermonster here for two. Totally exaggerated these Americans and their ice cream

Review №86

Ice cream is rather expensive but delicious!But the staff is total racist and unkind! I am surprised by the terrible treatment!

Review №87

I like it

Review №88

The mythical ice creams, huge and delicious.

Review №89

One of the best ice creams. Generous portions, wonderful cone and bits of ingredients that complete the ice cream and make it so wonderful. I highly recommend it. It would give more than five stars if it had.

Review №90

Excellent ice cream, original flavor. On the other hand, the waitress does not exude the joy of life, is neither smiling nor helpful. We have the feeling that we are bored.

Review №91

Cookie doug for me is the best.And the cone? Best there is.

Review №92

I bought a brownie chocolate cake, although it is cold but very delicious, the chocolate taste is very rich and rich, the entrance will not be too sweet and not too greasy, and it will not make the throat feel stuck after eating! I really like it!

Review №93

Good taste, but the price-performance ratio is right ...

Review №94

More than outrageously expensive ..., over 7 USD for a small ice cream (with chocolate rim on the waffle) ....

Review №95

Personally I did not like it, the ice cream I tried in the United States was the one with the most synthetic flavors I tried.

Review №96

Small but mighty

Review №97

Delicious ice cream

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4.3 Rating
  • Address:30 Rockefeller Center Concourse Level, New York, NY 10020, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 212-218-7843
  • Candy store
  • Bakery
  • Ice cream shop
  • Caterer
  • Snack bar
Working hours
  • Monday:12–7PM
  • Tuesday:12–7PM
  • Wednesday:12–7PM
  • Thursday:12–7PM
  • Friday:12–7PM
  • Saturday:12–7PM
  • Sunday:12–7PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • In-store shopping:No
  • Dine-in:No
Health & safety
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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