Tire Choice Auto Service Centers
900 E Main St, New Iberia, LA 70560, United States

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I have had the best experiences at the place. The guys are so nice and they don’t treat me like I am just a woman with no knowledge about cars. They keep my stress low, which says a lot about a mechanic shop! I will always use them and suggest that you do as well. Best prices on tires as well.

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Went there with no shaking on my front end! Left there now my car shakes at 60mph. Tires balanced and still shaking

Review №3

Had a great experience at Tire Choice. Billy was extremely helpful and the rest of his staff was very professional. I would recommend Tire Choice for sure and will be going back for all of my auto repair / service needs.

Review №4

Great service! Had to go back to fix a screw in a tire and the service was exceptional each time!

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Very friendly, great service, very fast, great price !!!

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Jason and the staff were awesome. 5 out of 5 stars. Had a low tire and they fixed it right up. No question this is one of the best places I’ve been to for flat tires

Review №7

Pushy, dishonest, read the Facebook reviews before using. They have obviously paid for good Google reviews. 👍

Review №8

Scam artists. I left my car there for an alignment. 3 hours later I call back and they tell me I need two tire rods, a wheel bearing and breaks and struts. However when I question the method at which they check these things its was called shake down which is them looking it over, I questioned the Manger on how he inspected the tire rods without removing the tire as I forgot the key to my rims. He dismissed and called my husband over. Misogynistic, dishonest. Go to triple A I took my car over and got it fixed for 600$ cheaper. Also the mechanic there just laughed when I explainedshake down method for checking tire rods.

Review №9

Over price shope around . I found 4 new tires double for what they wanted for one

Review №10

Absolutely top notch service! Very courteous. They have earned a new customer.

Review №11

Ive been here twice and can honestly say I havent had any issues. Although I havent had any extensive work done, only fixing leaks in my tires, theyve been professional and timely in their service.

Review №12

Fast, professional, and honest. I would recommend this store to anyone.

Review №13

I am here to write that this place has really turned itself around for the better. About 8 months ago I had a terrible experience but today I have nothing but good things to say about this place. The staff was helpful and time efficient and very knowledgeable. If you have tire out automotive issues, go to this place.

Review №14

Brake pads resurfaced. Great job and friendly service.

Review №15

I normally do not write reviews but I had such a good experience here that I want to share.Everyone was very professional and kind. I was in and out within 30Minutes. Definitely will be back when need service.

Review №16

This store has always been my go-to favorite. Techs have always repaired whatever needed attention...I already recommend friends and family members take their vehicels minor mechanical issues here...

Review №17

Service was extremely slow even though I called ahead and was told they could get me in quick... I spent 3 hrs waiting on them to align my vehicle, they actually did 4 tire jobs that arrived after I did before they even put mine in the shop.

Review №18

Billy is da man! Great service!

Review №19

Excellent Service, always does a good job.

Review №20

Good service

Review №21

I bought 4 tires and had a tire rod end changed , full car alignment. I am happy with the work done and with the time it took to complete. Everyone was very helpful and the price for the work was totally reasonable. I will definitely go back for any future needs.

Review №22

Nice & clean place. Prices are high though.

Review №23

Great customer service, fast, and efficient. Will definitely be back should the need arise.

Review №24

They are so helpful here. I’ve gone to them many times for tire check-ups and they have always helped me quickly. They have taken a nail out of my tire, no charge. They have filled my air in my tires, no wait. They are so friendly and I highly recommend them!

Review №25

Had a flat so my mother took it in. They said it couldnt be repaired and I needed 4 new tires. Two of the tires are new. Andy they gave it back without replacing the valve cover. Took it to another place myself and they patched it with no problem. What a bunch of crooks!

Review №26

Love this place. Theyre an honest business. I went there 1st for a brake job then again for new tires. Theyre very reasonably priced

Review №27

Jason the man great service

Review №28

Fantastic service! And open on Saturday when almost nobody else is. We were driving back from Avery Island and realized our rear tire was flat. Used a can of Fix-a-Flat and I called Allied. They were very helpful with advice and directions. When we arrived we described what happened and they went right to work on the tire repair. Finished in twenty minutes! And they didnt charge us anything for the service. I cant recommend them highly enough.

Review №29

We were visiting from Montana, picked up a screw in our tire and they fixed it for no charge. Thank you so much for getting us back on the road home. Amazing service!

Review №30

Outstanding Service & Prices. Pay a Visit tell them U Referred you. Tell Others.

Review №31

Great place and great people I got an alignment done here and two tires, couldnt be happier with the work yall did great job guys!

Review №32

I have experienced nothing but trouble with Allied. I spent $800 on tires, new brakes and rotors three months ago. One tire already began having problems and I had to bring it in. When I did, I was told one of my brakes was worn down. After 3 months! The story they gave me was the calipers needed to be changed because at the time they changed everything, they didn’t bother (or maybe they did) to check the calipers. They now want to charge me an additional $250 for calipers. So over a $1000? I don’t think so. I rather have someone else put new calipers IF EVEN NECESSARY, then give one more dime to this place. I will never use them again.

Review №33

Very good service

Review №34

Great placeVery quick.Excellent serviceThanks Mr. Chad

Review №35

Did a great job with my alignment. Had new tires put on. Tires were a good price only negative thing the tire was $54/piece they failed to tell me about the $30/piece added price for the balancing and tire package. So each tire ended up being $84/piece before taxes.

Review №36

Great, and fast service!!!

Review №37

Nice and polite ppl. Out of 12 places this is one of two that was able to acquire the size of tires I needed. Great prices Aswell, will return in the future. Only two places I recommend for tires are here and Rim pros.

Review №38

Purchased 4 tires, and was very happy with there services, and products.

Review №39

I see a lot of negative reviews here, but my experience was great for the New Iberia location. I give them 5 stars and a positive review.

Review №40

Went in to check the front end and alignment cause my hotshot truck was pulling a bit to the right. I was told it was out of alignment, so I had them do an alignment on it. Well, I left and had a load to go on, needless to say, it was still pulling. After I got back from the load, my right tire was eaten slick and these tires are only approximately 4 months old. Now, I have to get new tires again. Went to have it aligned again at another place, had a bad tire rod end, why did they not say something? Well, I will NEVER bring back any vehicle or recommend them to anyone. And let me just add, I gave them the benefit of a doubt, I gave them a second chance, this is twice this has happened, Im done!

Review №41

Awesome place to buy brand new tires w/ warranty. They put air in your tires as needed and fix all problems, if not repairable they replace the tires

Review №42

Went here to get an alignment, then went to change my control arm at allied bc pep boys in Lafayette put my ballpoint in wrong and my car was squeaking (didn’t know it was in wrong until allied told me), they say I need my brakes changed too so I did that and came back for a third time to change my control arm on driver side (bf changed the passenger side and didn’t have time to change the other side and he thought the ball joints were put in wrong but he is not a certified mechanic) so they changed it and I left and during the week I noticed my car was making a squeaking sound that was fairly low sound but I brought it back and asked if they could just check it again or even take it for a ride and see what was wrong, this is my 4th visit there and he does NOT take it for a ride but the guy walks me in the garage to show me my strut on the passenger side is busted (not the squeaking side), I go home ask my bf about the strut and it was like that since he changed the control arm, so it took bringing it 4 times for them to notice but that best is that ARROGANT mechanic who wouldn’t check his work didn’t tighten the bolts on my control arm and i drove to Lafayette from New Iberia with a baby in my car and the bolt was at the end of the thread!!! I found that out by going to Bonins by Catholic high, Thank God for BONINS bc they really helped me out and I would suggest anyone who needs work on your vehicle go there. They were super nice about it and did not charge me!!! But I will NEVER GO BACK TO ALLIED bc THEY SUCK!!!

Review №43

Very good service

Review №44

Had a nail in my tire AND a previous plug was leaking. Took care of both! Made me feel at home while I waited! Only place Ill go. Thanks Chris!

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Great service and good prices. Only tire place Ill do business at

Review №46

Got an Alignment here and not the best job in my opinion

Review №47

My dealing with them was satisfactory i just hope Im getting my moneys worth cause Im trusting them with my car Im a woman and Ive had bad experience in the past i hope i can continue to bring my car there when needed

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Brought tires almost year ago and the are still good.

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Good service and decent prices.

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Always a good experience best prices too.

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I had a leaking tire I explained the issue to the person in the officeHe Came back a few minutes laterSaying it was a valve leak and didn’t pay a pennyI appreciate the honesty

Review №52

They broke the shifter on my car and didnt tell me. I discovered it when I got in my car to leave. They even said it looked like it had been glued back together once before. It had not been. I asked if they were going to pay to replace it and all he said was he would file the paperwork and let me know and I never heard from them again.

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Service was good and staff was friendly and knowledgeable.

Review №54

Very PROMPT service and very friendly staff

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Showed up right before closing, fixed my flat tire. Cant thank these guys enough.

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Very helpful and quick honest service.

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They have good deal

Review №58

Repaired lighting

Review №59

Take for ever to change tires on your car worst service ever

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Service good

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Found what I needed

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Thank you. 😄

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  • Address:900 E Main St, New Iberia, LA 70560, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 337-427-8092
  • Tire shop
  • Auto repair shop
  • Brake shop
  • Oil change service
Working hours
  • Monday:8AM–6PM
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  • Friday:8AM–6PM
  • Saturday:8AM–4PM
  • Sunday:Closed
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Mechanic:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Appointments recommended:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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