Review №1

While I typically enjoy Cracker Barrel, this restaurant was lacking on its classic charm. The waiter was new, but unaccompanied and left a lot to be desired. The restaurant suffered from shortages (chicken fried chicken and corn bread), which I understand happens.Another member of our party received food that was prepared not according to the menu description (fried catfish that was clearly grilled and unbreaded), the biscuits were lackluster, and we went nearly 20 minutes without sight of our waiter or refills on beverages.Many of my party had never been to Cracker Barrel before and it left a poor taste in their mouth. I will definitely go again, but not to this particular location.The country store was AMAZING, as it usually is.

Review №2

Wonderful evening out at Cracker Barrel. We had a large group and with kids and were a little needy, but the wait staff did great despite long shift and good old COVID work shortages.Took a while to pay because there was some issue with another party in front of us, but having the Country Store there makes those delays less annoying. (Just have to be vigilant saying no so you dont spend a bunch of extra money on all the cool nostalgia.)

Review №3

Chicken and dumplings 5 stars! Very tasty, good country cooking.

Review №4

Great service, great food, and good prices. Awesome wall artifacts to look at while you are waiting for your food. And the gift shop is awesome too. A must place to go.

Review №5

The food was good and the portion sizes were quite large. We came in later at night, so it wasnt very crowded. We had a nice, quiet meal.

Review №6

The food is good and price reasonable but the service is slow. They looks like shortage of staff.

Review №7

I only gave this place four stars because the storefront before the restaurant is so much fun! Lots of cool souvenirs, trinkets fun stuff to look at, unique gift ideas, and at a good price. If it was just for the food ranking I would give it like a three. Nothing special. I expected really awesome pancakes They were just okay, same with hash browns. The biscuits and gravy are bland. My son-in-law didnt even eat half of the biscuits and gravy. But, all in all, a fun place to visit and eat. But dont expect too much out of the food.

Review №8

Food was great and large portions. The waitresses were friendly and very efficient. We always enjoy their gift shop!

Review №9

Their customer service is probably one of the best for a dine in restaurant with a store I would recommend this restaurant and store to anyone who is wanting to experience great customer service and hospitality because I dont know what it is about Cracker Barrel but they always make me feel like Im at home and with family and friends.

Review №10

Major turnoff to discover staff is not masked, contrary to their Google business page. Fortunately, it was very empty mid-morning on a weekday and we stayed masked when server was in close proximity.Breakfast was fine, but odd that we had to finally ask for water when entrees were being served. Is it standard protocol to not automatically deliver water?Also strange to be interrupted with the check before we even got into the meal. Granted Im not really a country diner kind of gal, but why the rush in an empty restaurant?The dirty toilets were a nightmare. If they arent even flushed, it makes you wonder when the last time the bathrooms were even cleaned and sanitized.Its been about 10 years since my last visit and I can probably wait another 10 or more for the next.

Review №11

After reading all the good reviews we are wondering what happened with our order. We placed an online order for carry out. Worst food of our whole trip. Our order was lacking. The burgers we ordered one was for medium and the other was for well done, both were very well done and very dry and no condiments on the burgers at all. The steak fries were not fresh. The chicken fried steak/country gravy looked like it had been sitting for awhile. The corn bread muffins and rolls were not the best either. Overly dried out. The fried okra felt like it was barely cooked and some pieces didnt even get cooked. The childrens cheeseburger sliders didnt even look like sliders, they were very done and very dry. Missing the childs apple juice. We know Cracker Barrel can do a much much better job!

Review №12

The chicken was okay. Ive had better and worse. Sides were tepid except for the carrots. Server was friendly. Hostess? Cant use that language on here. Not very pleasant IMHO!

Review №13

I went to Cracker Barrel once when I was around 12, and all I remember was that it felt weird that it was a restaurant and a store. Going now though, it was a way fun date night, and could be a fun place to bring the kids later too. (Bit only if youre prepared to say no a lot or willing to walk out with a new toy or some candy...or something for the house for that matter.) The food was really good, and reasonably priced. I had the Maple Bacon Chicken Breast, and my wife had the Chicken Fried Steak, and both were way good. I would reccomend them both to anyone. We will be back for sure.

Review №14

The food is abundant, you wont leave hungry... youll be able to carry some home!! The environment is awesome!! Allot of old old pictures and knick knacks. The staff is quick and so friendly. The gift shop is fun to walk through... I bought a white long skirt and pink frilly top. Well made and worth what I paid... under $50.00 for both together...We are going on the 15th of October to have a large birthday dinner party, should be awesome with delicious food and I cant wait to have homemade fruit cobbler for dessert!!

Review №15

Good food good atmosphereCheck out the pictures

Review №16

My grandma and I used to go there to get some cards for my moms birthday, mothers day, or just to say hi. They also have an amazing variety of things you can buy here!! And their food is really good as well. The baked potato? Hands down one of the best ones Ive had in forever. If youre looking for good food or just good old nostalgic stuff, the Cracker Barrel is the place to be :)

Review №17

Went to Cracker Barrel last Saturday morning for the first time. Was told it was going to be a 30 minute wait for a table -ended up being a 50 minute wait. We ordered and when we got the food, it was it not complete. There were several items from our meal missing. We told our waitress and she would get one thing but not the other. The food was absolutely flavorless. The gravy was flavorless. The Grits were flavorless. The biscuits were hard and thin. Nothing seemed fresh. Only 1 person from out group had been there before and she had told us that it was great food but after this visit, she was very disappointed which is how the rest of us left feeling. Would not recommend to anyone.

Review №18

Dude, do I have to say anything? Its Cracker Barrel 😁😉Went there again and amazing! I finally got to have their chicken pot pie again.

Review №19

We waited a little over an hour to get in. But it was worth it. The usual cracker barrel fare was good as always but the staff made it an excellent lunch. Lots of angry people over the wait times but every single employee we encountered was friendly and helpful.Our server Katie was prompt, friendly, and courteous. Drinks and food both arrived quickly and was delicious.

Review №20

The best restaurant in Boise Idaho PERIOD. BREAKFAST ALL DAY AND NIGHT! Try Uncle Hershells Favorite! ManicBeastBoise

Review №21

We had 10 people. 6 adults 4 kiddos. It took 20 minutes to get seated, not bad. The server was good. The food was good. The price was designable.

Review №22

Food was great, a good amount but not too much. Staff was extremely friendly. Fall and Christmas shopping available in the shop. Great items to choose from!

Review №23

Kind of a fun place. Good food with a Southern style and very helpful service. Just a little heavy on the calories, but the number of calories for each dish is shown in the menu.

Review №24

This restaurant is always very pleasant. The servers are friendly. The food is good, always many choices. This is our go-to place to eat when were are in a hurry and very hungry 😋.

Review №25

Sausage patties looked worst than vegan patties. Blueberry pancakes amazing. Good place to sleep in my van overnight.

Review №26

Overall was not impressed. Ive heard a lot of good things but the food just wasnt very good.Seemed like the focus was more about large portions than good flavor. I would prefer less food but better tasting.Service was great, no issue there. Had to wait about 20 minutes for brunch.

Review №27

Service was fine but the food wasnt goodHad french toast, might as well as had just plan bread. My wife had biscuits and gravy and they were hard as rocks. Not sure if it was the location or the chain. However I probably will not eat at another one.

Review №28

Love the pork chop and the service. Shout out to Breanna shes super sweet and nice to us.

Review №29

We love Cracker Barrel. They are always consistently good and clean. Having a shopping experience is never a bad thing either.

Review №30

Great comfort food, great service. Love the breakfast here.

Review №31

Great people great prices plenty of Aloha. Hope to see y’all again soon.

Review №32

Being from out of town where we dont have a cracker barrel, I was pleasantly surprised. Food was fresh and not greasy, and all enjoyed their food. Waitress was very nice and the prices were very reasonable.

Review №33

The meal was very good. Portions were normal for cracker barrel. Waitress was extremely nice. Wait time was about 15 minutes. Overall a great dining experience.

Review №34

Whats not to like. Everything was great. Friendly and fast service too.

Review №35

As a over the country transport driver I have to say this was one of the cracker barrels I have eaten at. The service and food was great keep up the good work.

Review №36

Absolutely delicious as always! Love the old school store candy and Nick knacks

Review №37

Tried the new sweet and smokey chicken tenders. Quite a surprise! Batter not too thick, tender chicken and the sauce wasnt too much and had a touch of heat. Very pleased with the visit.

Review №38

Love Cracker Barrel but this location just isnt good. Wasnt good pre-pandemic and hasnt gotten any better (or worse, for that matter). The food just isnt prepared well and often comes out cold or looks reheated. The staff is always very friendly, quick and welcoming. Just cant recommend the food due to quality.

Review №39

Awsome place, really an adventure to go to. The food is great and the gift shop is one of a kind!

Review №40

Great place. Friendly staff. Our server was great and attentive. Food was good and reasonably priced

Review №41

Cracker Barrel continues to struggle and its obvious as to why. Slow service (it took forty-five minutes to get our order), apathetic response to their patrons (they dont even care about the customers experience), and the food is horrible (our baked sweet potato was a charcoal briquette). Im not sure whats happening to Cracker Barrel, but they need to make drastic changes if they are planning to survive their brand. We surely will not be returning.

Review №42

Quality of food was different this time. Ham was super dry, I only got a tablespoon size of the hashbrowns, and the grits were bland. The customer service is always great and I love that they have not changed to computers for ordering and self checkout. I also love that the same server who orders tge food delivers the food.

Review №43

After being asked to leave the local Walmart because they did not allow overnight parking of our RV we called this Cracker Barrel and they said “come on over we would love to have you”. Very nice of them to allow us to stay.Of course we had breakfast with them in the morning. Breakfast was excellent, as usual.

Review №44

The food is mostly pretty good, and the service is friendly. And I will admit that I have some kids who insist we stop. But to me the place just tries a little too hard. Im just nor one of those who longs to live on Walton Mountain.

Review №45

This is an okay cracker barrel not the best Im not the worst. A personalities of a waitresses werent up to par

Review №46

Delicious !!! Great service AND very good prices thank You

Review №47

Love, love, love their pancakes and hearty portions. Everything Ive tried here is yummy and Ive never been disappointed. Not many places in town to get grits and catfish and they do a great job on both. Always a must to stop here when family is in town. Service is always prompt and friendly and the fun, cozy atmosphere and decor is great.

Review №48

The Acoustics are terrible and the food was so,so but not for the price. It was my first time eating there and I wont be going back. They did however have good service.

Review №49

The food is good and the store is fun but I can not remember the last time we received good service. The last 3 times we have gone our food has taken forever to get to us. This last visit was pretty much the last straw. AN HOUR!! I had to finally go ask someone about our food only to be told it was waiting in the window. Although the manager was apologetics he also blamed it on inventory. He was very attentive after that but honestly it was too little too late.

Review №50

Love this place... Great food and awesome down home atmosphere. Will definitely be back! Super friendly and attentive staff.

Review №51

We were told it would be a 20 min wait for 2 people. After waiting for 30 min, we walked in and asked about how much longer it would be. We were told another 15-20 min. Not very impressed with the service or accurate time of seating. I love the food, but it is not worth waiting an entire hour for.

Review №52

My first time, excellent food. Our server was quite a character, we loved her. We liked the atmosphere too.

Review №53

A fun place to browse. Food is good. Service is good.

Review №54

We typically like Cracker Barrel. It is out go to especially when traveling because they have good food and coffee. This time we had stale buns on our burgers and fries were old. This was an online order we picked up.

Review №55

My family and I visited this location on 06.28.20 at 6pm. We were promptly seated. The restaurant had about 3 other tables when we arrived.👍👍👍👍👍Cleanliness & Service: The dining area appeared clean. We were seated in accordance with COVID-19 restrictions. Our server was a ⭐️. She was friendly and engaging. She went out of her way to make sure we had everything we needed.Menu Options 👍👍👍: I expected to find a menu full of deep fried foods, and unfortunately I was correct. Not very many options that weren’t breaded and deep fried. I was able to get grilled chicken strips. Side options are great 👍 Plenty of veggie options instead of the standard starchy side dishes.👍👍👍Food Quality: Not horrible, but not fantastic. The Mac& cheese was a bit dry, the dumplings were lacking much flavor. The biscuits were good, the greens were overcooked. Grilled chicken was good and the shrimp was good.👍👍👍👍👍Wait Time & Value: Five stars ⭐️ in each of these areas. We waited approximately 25 minutes for our food. I find this reasonable for a party of four. Prices were less than many similar businesses in the area.⭐️ The gift shop is quaint with a lot of unique items, a must see and shop.

Review №56

Great price, nice store, great food. Delicious Apple and chops.

Review №57

You cant find a much better place to eat if your hungry! Had too much,as usual! We bought other things in the store in the front, you just have to get something!!

Review №58

Weve eaten there a number of times..good food and reasonably priced...service getting the food to the table can be kind of slow

Review №59

Honestly fantastic, I had to wait maybe about 8 minutes for my food, but it was well worth the wait. Decent prices and you get what you pay for. If I could give it 10 stars I would.

Review №60

Not as good as before the pandemic. Service was slow and the food wasnt as good as before. It use to be one of my favorites.

Review №61

Good food, grits where a little runny, awesome server , gift store always has cool stuff

Review №62

Food was amazing. I was surprised how cheap breakfast was for 4! Such an amazing deal. We also got some really cute stuff from their gift shop. Also really appreciate the staff letting people choose about wearing masks. We will be back because of the lovley experience. Thank you

Review №63

Whenever we travel, we always enjoy eating at Cracker Barrel. Good, home style cooking with great, friendly service. Can’t beat that!

Review №64

Cute store front-of-house store. Food is basic comfort food. Easy atmosphere. Good prices.

Review №65

Very friendly, clean and took COVID precautions. Food was wonderful.

Review №66

My girlfriend was visiting and has never been and she enjoyed it very much..we had to go back before she left to go back home..she enjoyed😉 it very much

Review №67

Where can you shop for cool stuff you probably dont need and have good southern home style cooking in one place.? Good old reliable Cracker Barrel. The chicken strips and meat loaf are extremely tasty, throw in one of their fabulous biscuits and choice of sides and there you go, a fine meal.

Review №68

We had a wonderful time shopping in the gift shop. A wonderful, helpful and knowledgeable young man named Michael H. Helped us and was so pleasant to talk to.

Review №69

First time at a Cracker Barrel. Not bad... not real good either. The French toast was prepared using sour dough and that was a nice little tasty surprise.

Review №70

Prices in line very good food quality always good to eat at a cracker barrel

Review №71

The food is always great no matter what I order. This time we went to pay and the cashiers were more into talking about their schedules than taking care of customers.

Review №72

The wait wasnt very long and the service was very good. our waiter, although new, was very responsive to what we needed and helpful when we had inquiries. the food was pretty good. the only thing i personally had a problem was the fact that my family were the only colored people arounf and that made me a bit uncomfortable. (we werenttreated any different i just felt a little wierd is all)

Review №73

It was a fun evening with very good food and excellent wait staff. We really enjoyed our experience with you folks.

Review №74

Typical Cracker Barrel. Good food, friendly staff with reasonable prices.

Review №75

Generally CB is my all time favorite but the last couple of times the food has been mediocre. Biscuits were over worked

Review №76

Great atmosphere. Had about a twenty minute wait for the table, but that was the perfect time to shop the store...

Review №77

Ordered Thanksgiving Dinner for 6 for my three sons and myself.AMAZING! Pick-up was easy, everything I ordered was in the box. Food was semi-warm, so placing it in the oven for 30 min worked well. It was plenty for four with left overs to go home for two boys. I recommend this for a spur-of-the-moment family getting together on short notice (I ordered on the Friday before). Good price, easy to pick-up, good variety and super tasty!

Review №78

Service was okay, food was awful. The only reason they get 2 stars is because the biscuits. I didnt think it was possible to mess up biscuits and gravy that bad. My husband got chicken that was covered in maple syrup and bacon grease, the corn was dry (again how is that possible) and his macaroni and cheese was flavorless. Severely disappointed 😞

Review №79

Food was good like always, but they really need to start using the whole restaurant.

Review №80

Good country meat and potato place. Reasonable prices. We eat lunch for 25 dollars. Two of us. Not if you both order a drink. Water is better for you anyway.

Review №81

I loved going to this restaurant as a kid. Hadnt been in years! Love it!!

Review №82

All of the comfort food in one single place. Plus the store. Although the stores are hit or miss depending on which one you go to. Their seasonal country fried turkey was wonderful. Also tried the French toast latte. Delicious. This place rarely disappoints.

Review №83

Had to wear a face covering because we were in Ada county. Our server, Cheri, was amazing and was wonderful (as usual)...If you like fish I would recommend the grilled trout. Yummy!

Review №84

Food very bland. No flavor. The grits tasted like prison food. Same with the gravy. On a good note Katie was very nice.

Review №85

Live me some Cracker Barrel! Always a solid choice with full breakfast that is truly filling.

Review №86

Friendly atmosphere and good prices. They have that good old fashion country feel which is always nice

Review №87

Cracker Barrel used to offer French Vanilla creamer to their coffee drinkers. They no longer do that. Why? They now offer flavored lattes and mochas. When you ask for French Vanilla creamer they offer you these instead; at $3.69 a cup (no refills). Fortunately I know where iHop is, because that is where we’ll be going from now on.

Review №88

Great food at reasonable prices. Good service and family friendly.

Review №89

Love Cracker Barrel, the food is always great, and I love the store I always buy something 😊😊❤❤❤

Review №90

Saturday morning (27 Feb 2021) Had the chicken-fried steak (CFS) for breakfast. The CFS had absolutely no taste. A few days later, I did the curbside pickup thing. (3 March, 1930 hours) Fried chicken. What a disaster. Overcooked, to where the breading presented small, rock-hard nodules. Again, no taste.Chain restaurants eventually fail because the folks who work in them are not invested in what comes out of the kitchens. The managers should sample what comes out of their kitchen.

Review №91

I love the simple laid back atmosphere. They where trying to social distance the seating. The crew seemed in good spirits. The food was oh so good. My gf and I had their pancakes and seeing how she hates pancakes its really nice. Except to not be in a rush. Its not a get in and out quick kind of place. I recommend this chain to anyone.

Review №92

No reason for the 4 star .they had good food cheap and clean restrooms. With friendly staff

Review №93

The food is always good here but do yourself a favor and order the Apple Dumpling and share!

Review №94

The food was great. The lady in the country market was even better. I had to sit down while waiting for our take out, so that I didnt spend all money shopping for jewelry.

Review №95

I have never had a bad meal or bad service in any Cracker Barrel. Our server was extremely nice and very attentive.

Review №96

Got the fried chicken dinner. It tasted old and was so dry inside, like it had been fried and then refried way to long. Worst meal Ive had there.

Review №97

Good service, food is all really bland. Almost nursing home tasting food. Not bad quality or anything but really lacking of any flavor.

Review №98

The food was okay, nothing special except for the blackberry cobbler. Service was very good excellent.

Review №99

We had a giant breakfast which was great as always. Sausage patties and biscuits and gravy. Our server was amazing. I think her name is Loghan. But I told her what I wanted and she suggested a different option I could order off the menu to get what I wanted and save some money. So it was a great morning. It was a nice temperature in the restaurant aka it was not freezing like it is in most restaurants.

Review №100

Food was good, service was having some issues. It seems there was only one waitress, then after 15 minutes more showed up for work

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