Le Chocolat du Bouchard
127-129 S Washington St, Naperville, IL 60540, United States
Review №1

Beautiful venue with a classic vintage feel. The specialty here is as their name implies, CHOCOLATE!Bought a 5 Death by Chocolate Cake today and it was wonderfully rich. The cocoa taste was present but not bitter, which I would prefer, nonetheless still really good. The ganache is perfect, not hard dry or too soft but melts in your mouth.

Review №2

I worked with the owner, Kathy Bouchard, to host a wine and chocolate pairing/dessert event for my bridesmaids, mom, and I a couple of weeks ago. I was really excited to do this there as now I live out of state, but Le Chocolat was one of my favorite places to go growing up. Kathy was very kind, responsive, and enthusiastic throughout the entire process, and was even there on the day of the event to make sure everything ran smoothly.Beforehand, she put together adorable gift boxes of chocolate for each one of my guests that had custom gift tags. The day of, she placed one box at each table setting and went above and beyond in decorating for the event and making everything so cute!During times like this, I am especially appreciative of businesses who go above and beyond to help people host a very special event when they are able to get people together. The quality of all of the food and drinks at Le Chocolat is still amazing and I cannot wait to continue visiting Le Chocolat whenever I return to Naperville.

Review №3

So confused because typically this restaurant is a favorite. When we entered, it was as if we were invisible. Nobody approached us or offered to help us. We eventually ordered at the bar. When we received our drinks, we did not get what we ordered. We then actually had to wait to pay, as nobody offered to help us.We had to ask someone if we could pay them. She reluctantly took our money with a terrible attitude. To top it all off, the bathroom was filthy.

Review №4

Birthday celebration was sweet and joyful with a variety of chocolate drinks and sweet treats in a family favorite shop in downtown Naperville

Review №5

Terrible service, 5 employees and the owner but no one was available for table service 6 pm on a Friday. I asked for green tea and they didn’t know if they have, asked for lemonade and they didn’t have even is in the menu. A employee asked me if we need napkins when she brought a dessert. We eat the dessert in the paper napkins. We won’t come back

Review №6

Chocolate beverages are awesome! Crepes are decent!Make sure you dont land up there within an hour of their closing time. Things would seem pretty rushed. Repeated reminder from the server feels like you have a timer ticking!!!

Review №7

We sat outside while 5 workers were inside and never came outside even though they saw us. We went in and asked for service and someone came out 5min later no customers in the store. We ordered 4 drinks and 2 of them came back completely wrong. Waitress took it back and apologized. 1 drink was a hot drink and they added to much cold creamer that it was a cold coffee. My drink was ordered cold and came back as hot version which was corrected but still was not correct. My friend whos coffee was tasting awful drank half and had to stop was so bad the store apologized and said will only charge for a half drink since half was drank.second time coming back and still bad service. Before covid used to come 4-6times a month we will never recommend this place again.we gave it too many chances and not coming back.

Review №8

Everything weve had is amazing here! Weve tried the macarons, truffles, and merlot chocolate sauce. The macarons are the best weve come across in the Chicagoland area. We visit Le Chocolat every couple weeks for a special treat. Yum!

Review №9

Great spot for a casual dinner or drinks. Cute ambiance, vintage decor and cozy feel. My husband and I came for dinner and our server was very attentive and made great recommendations. Food was really good (gorgeous plating) and drinks were delicious (highly recommend the chocolate martini). It was crowded (there was a wait without reservations), but we were well tended to and didn’t feel rushed. Will be coming back to check out the connected pastry & chocolate shop!

Review №10

Get the raspberry filled chocolate! You will not regret it! Amazing amazing amazing!

Review №11

Poor service! We use to love this place. I don’t know what’s going on. It was freezing inside. I asked for double espresso with steamed milk, the waitress started that the late is the same thing I had to end up with the bad quality late. My friends had cappuccino and hot chocolate they were not happy at all with their choices. We asked for some sugar on a table of four the waitress brought us only 2 spoons for mixing. The worst thing was only cake that they had available for order from their menu was the chocolate And the carrot cake. And we went there specially for the the Bailey’s cake. Reason why they had only this two cakes available she said they are short of cakes because they sold out for Valentine’s Day. Hmm today is the 17th.

Review №12

I Enjoy the premier chocolate drinks . This is a really art feeling space. A place for sweet escape.

Review №13

Had a great experience at Le Chocolat. I brought my two Daughters and Grandsons. The kids really enjoyed the themed Shakes! My Daughters and I had the dessert crepes. Delicious! Highly recommend the Nutella crepe! Will definitely be back!

Review №14

My family and I came here this weekend to celebrate two birthdays and we had a great time! The food was good and the dessert was even better. I got a chocolate chai latte, artisan grilled cheese and the carrot cake, which is the best I have ever had! We will be sure to return!

Review №15

My wife and I came in and brought a few of our friends with us and had some chocolate martinis and dessert, and we had a wonderful experience! The waitress was polite and attentive and the food and drinks were delicious. Will definitely be coming back and recommending to our friends.

Review №16

We came today for a drink and a dessert. The first dessert was not available, one of the other was frozen and we can’t have that one instead they gave us a floor less cake that we don’t want to have ! We asked for a to go drink that wasn’t to go at the end. Nothing was tasting specially good for what we thought will be a really good place. The name sounds French that’s it there’s nothing close to what we expected to be good as in France.

Review №17

I have been coming here for years and have truly enjoyed every trip, except for today. Even with the chocolate being more expensive than most, you got what you paid for. However, today I didn’t get what I asked for…at all. The employee helping me didn’t know what she was putting in my box. Over 50% of the truffles I got were not what she said they were. I asked her a few times what certain truffles were and she said “they don’t tell us what they are, they just give us the name”. I know labor shortages are real, but for the price you pay for these gourmet chocolates, there needs to be someone working that knows what they sell and can give the customer what they are asking for. Sadly, It’s going to be a long time before I can justify coming back with the amount of money I just dropped on truffles I didn’t ask for. I really hope no one else experiences this because it has always been such a wonderful place to shop and eat.

Review №18

Everything is wonderful. Sooo chocolaty. Great coffee.

Review №19

My husband and I really wanted to try a French bakery. And we found this lovely place while searching around. We were not disappointed. Very quaint and lovely atmosphere and so friendly as well.The macarons are amazing! They literally melt in your mouth. I highly recommend this place.

Review №20

We were excited to finally get here when it was open. Could not get waited on where the chocolates were. Waited over 5 minutes to get seated for drinks. They were happy to take our order and money. Then we waited over 20 minutes for our order after we asked about it twice or three times. When they were making my drink I questioned them. I ordered an iced caramel latte. It was supposed to be made with real caramel. They made it with a powder and gave it to me as a hit drink. Disappointing. Will never go back

Review №21

We got waited on and water brought to us quickly but it took at least a half hour to get our order of three martinis and two milk shakes. Only two cocktail napkins were brought for 6 people. Then they ran out of receipt paper for our copy of the billWe had nothing to show what we paid. Two tables of people walked out because of the slow service while we were there also. Very poorly managed restaurant and will not be returning .

Review №22

We tried to go for dinner on June 13.  Were told the kitchen was closed due to electrical issues.  Nothing on their website or social media accounts to give people a heads-up.   Called the following Wednesday and were told they were still having the same electrical issues.  Still nothing on their website. Talked to a very rude employee on the phone on Saturday who confirmed the kitchen was back open.  Finally went in on June 20 - when we got there the wait staff said they were unsure if the chef was even still there.  What?  We were some of the only patrons in the restaurant, but somehow service was still very slow.  Its clear they put most of their effort into their truffles and other chocolates and the French entrees are at best an afterthought.  Pretty underwhelming place.  Have walked by during their open hours on Sundays and consistently seen nobody in the dining room.  They are open until 8 PM on Sundays but dont try to go there within an hour of closing. Could use a shot in the arm in terms of overall quality.

Review №23

Cute & cozy. The staff was friendly & helpful with menu questions if youre visiting for the 1st time. The desserts & drinks were AMAZING!

Review №24

Delicious desserts and coffees. The martinis are exceptional. Service top notch.

Review №25

Such a cute little cafe! They have sweet decadent treats you can order as well as a sit down cafe to order coffee/chocolate drinks, food, as well as dessert!They are well known for their carrot cake but I cant say it was my favorite since Im a chocoholic. Chocolate mousse cake was just amazing! Our server was patient with us and super friendly! I felt like she was one of the girls.Great spot for talking over drinks with girlfriends, dates, family. A must visit if you like chocolate at all!

Review №26

Not on their Google page nor their website do they ever mention that LUNCH AND DINNER ARE NOT AVAILABLE DUE TO THE PANDEMIC. Not even an apology but just oh you didnt know? we dont have a chef since the pandemic began, so only drinks at the bar.. come back next week.

Review №27

We arrived at 8pm, the hostess said they stop seating at 8.30p but our party of 6 will be seated in 10 to 15 minutes. At 8.20p the hostess suggested we may want to take out or we can wait a while longer. We decided to wait. At 8.25p another hostess came and said our table is being cleared and will be ready in 5 minutes. At 8.30p yet another hostess came out to say we can not be accommodated. When reminded that we have our name down since 8pm, she made a sour face and yelled that next time we should get a reservation for a party of six and stormed back inside. At that point we had had enough nonsense from three of at least 5 or 6 women running around in total disarray.I realize that good help is scarce, however, rude behavior cannot be tolerated. It does not take training to teach common courtesy. The drinks and desert may be good, but obnoxious behavior and total lack of organization and management is shocking. If they don’t realize that they need at least minimal customer service, they may not be in business very long.

Review №28

Service was absolutely pathetic. No sincerity in attempting to serve what I wanted and no patience while making my choices. Good chocolate + poor service = money better spent at kilwins.

Review №29

What a nice place to get tiny chocolates and macaroons. You may buy all types chocolates, brownies, truffles and any thing covered in chocolate. There is also a bar attached to get different martinis and other drinks and enjoy your treats.

Review №30

What awesome customer service! We came in to get some dessert and the staff was incredible kind and engaging. We accidentally forgot our dessert and the gentleman came running down the street to give it to us!

Review №31

Came here only for the dessert so thats all I can speak on.The food here is wonderful. Between all the great drinks, desserts and pastries I would be a regular at this place. However, the service is essentially not existent. We waited nearly 10 minutes to be served with no one looking in the direction of the hostess stand, almost if they were all content with ignoring customers. Maybe they were hoping we would just leave? We finally get seated and our waitress simply doesnt come back to take our order. When we asked, apparently she had left and the new server didnt know. We get the food ( the only remedying quality about this place) and are ready to pay. Again, another waiting game for the check to come out, leading to us again having to ask. It was not like they were super busy and couldnt spare a moment, it was more like everyone was actively avoiding making eye contact, hoping that someone else would do it.Lastly, I stop to buy one dessert from the case before heading out and I simply could not get anyones attention to get it for me. The only worker in the place was just hanging out in the back glaring away. We eventually just left empty handed.Overall, the food is great, the service is awful. Its almost as though they dont want customers to come.

Review №32

Took 30 mins to make 4 shakes. Arrived at 430pm on a Thursday. With no other patrons in front of us yet took them 30 mins to make 4 simple shakes. Very disorganized staff and extremely disappointed with no apologize and still screwed up the order. Also they don’t make the chocolate or cookies on-site and tasted mass produced. The malts were underwhelming.

Review №33

Disappointed but due to our own expectations. Thought theyd have a chocolate fondue like the other chocolate shop had years ago (Jackson ave?). Chocolate shake or martini wasnt enticing enough. Pretty store. Didnt taste the chocolate. Looked traditional beautiful with macaroons. To be clear, sis not taste chocolate or food, so not commenting on that. Was fun they had breakable chocolates, mallet to a chocolate heart, for instance.

Review №34

Ahhh what a gem. Best place to sit and relax with some delicious cake and hot chocolate

Review №35

There is a reason this place survives. Its so good! Try a small box of exquisite singles or the nutrition box of dark chocolate. Satisfaction guaranteed

Review №36

What an amazingly cute place that transports you to a small Parisienne bakery.

Review №37

Yesterday afternoon we went to this place for the second time, the first time it was wonderful, they attended to us quickly and were very attentive, but this time it was disappointing, the waiter who attended us in a very bad and rude way that was the first , We were three people and we ordered two crepes, one apple and the other nutela and my son asked for a sandwich, the crepes came burned, they seemed to be cold cardboard and could not be eaten, so that they would bring them we waited almost 40 minutes for all this to To accompany my husband asked for a coffee with milk and apart from the fact that they brought it to him when he was almost finished his crepe after 40 minutes they swallowed the milk cold, the whole cup dripped, they brought me a cold coffee and the cup well dripped, at the same time. Which one we called the waiter and told him that the crepes could not be eaten because they were hard and that my husbands coffee was not what he had asked for and they offered to bring me another crepe and another coffee for my husband they would bring him a cappuccino , which its We accepted, 20 more minutes passed and they never brought us the things, I asked to speak to the manager and a lady came, we presented the complaint and told us that we apologize that they would bring our order, to all this the waiter was annoyed by our complaint and in You see to treat us better on the contrary, my son asked him for a spoon (since he hadnt even brought us to the table) to stir the coffee and the waiter did not pay any attention, to all this we were still waiting for our order, to which we We got tired of waiting and we told him not to bring us anything that we had decided to leave, in a bad way in the end they bring the cappuccino to my husband who tells them that he no longer wanted it that we had already spent more than an hour waiting, and that we We left the place, the waiter answered him that he had to take it because they would not charge it and it was done, to which we got up from our place and left more upset, suggestion for the owners of the room, they would have to put more staff to gentle and responsible because if they do not like to serve people that is not their job and the staff who are in the management would have to give them a customer service course, because the money of each client counts wherever you are, I I felt very bad and I really do not recommend this place, if I could put 0 I would. And it is worth clarifying that the only thing they deducted from the account was my crepe that never arrived.

Review №38

Stopped for drinks after our daughters birthday dinner. Very disappointed with the slow and disorganized service. Waited 15 minutes for three martinis, but then another ten minutes for two chocolate malts. Asked for napkins and the server brought two small cocktail napkins for our party of six. ??? Watched two guests get up and leave because of the slow service.

Review №39

Ive never had such amazing food. This was my first time having true French. The atmosphere is intoxicating and the food plays so well on the pallette. I think this would be an amazing place for a wedding shower. Cant wait to go back again!

Review №40

Hot chocolate is actually super dark and not too sweet--definitely recommend. The truffles are also very good, smooth, dark, not overly sweet.

Review №41

We live in Naperville and wanted to go to this place since a long time. Due to COVID 19, they have closed indoor seating but there are some seating arrangements outside so you can enjoy a pleasant evening. They have a great customer service so you always feel welcomed! Highly recommend

Review №42

Always to notch! Love their chocolates and pastries! So much to choose from with exceptional service!

Review №43

Very cool spaceDelicious chocolatesCoffee, desserts, etc.Don’t miss

Review №44

This place is great! Walking in is like stepping into a bygone era. The store smells delicious. Everything is perfectly displayed. I was worried it was going to be overpriced, but it’s not. The selection is amazing. The colors on the decorated cookies and macaroons are so vibrant. I want to try everything they sell!

Review №45

One of my favorite shops for dessert in downtown Naperville...they have a huge selection of choices in chocolate...try their specialty chocolate drinks.....you can either sit and enjoy the delicacy or takeout...if you love chocolate this is your shop

Review №46

Came on Friday to have lunch. Restaurant was closed for lunch due to “short stuff” even though it says in google that they are open and serve lunch.

Review №47

I just ordered French Onion Soup to go. The cheese was, don’t even know. Not melted? The strangest thing. I spent $7 on this. I have gotten French Onion Soup to go, I expected it to be a little chilly. But I expected actual soup. There was none. Just bread. Some kind of half melted cheese. And onion.

Review №48

Love the nutella crepe! Had it 2nd time and it was just AMAZING!!

Review №49

If you have a sweet tooth, this is the place for you. By far the best carrot cake Ive ever had. Definitely worth the price. Everything is fresh, so you dont have to worry about it being stale or tasting old.

Review №50

Simply the BEST. Aim(ed) for perfection -& most supportive management and service staff Ive ever encountered.

Review №51

Visited tonight with some friends. some items were not available on the menu, the server spilled hot chocolate on my coat without noticing and when I pointed it out she said I’m sorry and brought me some paper towels to clean it which made it worse. I had to ask for a regular cloth towel to clean it. The staff is un attentive to customers upon arrival and once bring you your order they don’t come back and check if you need anything else.Poorly managed with bad service.

Review №52

I was late to order a cake for my wifes birthday but thanks to them , they replicated exact design of the cake ( which was really difficult to get done in such less time). Hats off to them. Also the taste was out of the world. Hands down one of the best places I have ever been.

Review №53

Love chocolate Martini!

Review №54

If you love chocolate this is the place to go!As you walk in you see some tasty treats like macaroons and marshmallow pops. Blonde brownie bars and cookies. The giant chocolate Carmel pretzel cookie was phenomenal, Id share it next time (completely felt glutinous having it all to myself). There were cake pops at the register as well. To your left opposite the baked goods side is another wall of goodies but to be honest Ive saved that wall for a second visit. The place is decorated with so many goodies, a newbie would be overwhelmed.To the left of the register is a chocolate display of what I felt the Willy Wonka chocolate shop in Italy would look like. Although you can also take a jewelry shop and replace the gems with chocolate. Walking amazed from right to left at the ridiculous amount of delicious flavors. And the artistry of these chocolate pieces are spectacular, I contemplated maybe just buying it to start a chocolate art collection. But who can sit there and stare at chocolate without wanting to bite into it?I left with two pieces of the English toffee and the dark chocolate salted Carmel. Oh. My. gah! Soooo good.Next door is a cafe. Ive been there a couple times. Its definitely a date night spot or a place to have an intimate small gathering. I had a chai latte and a decadent chocolate desert. I would definitely go again.They do offer gift certificates, but call in advance they may run out. It would make a great gift!

Review №55

Le Chocolat (the bistro) is a nice destination for dessert or to satisfy that chocolate craving. Service at the bistro can be a bit slow and disorganized at times, and the menu is outdated as some options have been removed but are still listed. But overall, the desserts and variety of warm and cold drinks are absolutely delicious and more than make up for the occasional short comings of the service.

Review №56

The chocolate regimen is outstanding!

Review №57

Pictures Speak 1000 words [Click2View]Ordered fast Sunday Brunch through Uber Eats.1. Eggs Benedict =NO HOLLANDAISE SAUCE, Dried English Muffin, broken eggs, thin 1/2 piece of fatty ham. NO Fruit or Fries2.  No Carrot Cake available =substituted mini mini flight, tiny but delicious!3.  Croque Monster Sandwich =cold & burnt.4. Cocoaccina TM =  Looked unpleasant & tasted like thick syrup =not as menu described Was undrinkable & went down drain.

Review №58

Cute place!

Review №59

The food was spectacular, but the service was extremely slow. I dont automatically hold it against the server either because we dont know what was going on behind the scenes. It seemed like they were understaffed for the business they were dealing with. We saw 2 or 3 employees who apparently had to cover the bar, chocolate sales in the cases out front, and all the seated tables.The croque monsieur was one of the best sandwiches weve ever had and the European sipping chocolate tastes like a melted chocolate bar. We will definitely be back, but be prepared to spend some time there.

Review №60

Great selection of treats! Unfortunately, they dont offer full cakes at this location.

Review №61

It was easy to make a reservation with google maps and open table. No waiting time at all. The food was tasty and the staff was friendly. We came because the place is famous for its hot chocolate. I give them extra points because is the first place where they bring it as it should be... Hot and not just warm. The only downside of Le Chocolat du Bouchard are the truffles, Dulce de Leche truffle had caramel and not the real thing. My Argentinian girlfriend was disappointed. Aztec gold wasn’t very good, just good. We bought a couple more to go, I’ll post my experience later when we try them.

Review №62

I like everything here, from the shop atmosphere, the various types of desserts, to the drinks menu especially the Hot chocolate My favorite dessert shop.

Review №63

Delicious food with a nice atmosphere. Wait staff was understaffed and many tables were forgotten about.

Review №64

A great place if you love chocolate and macaroons!

Review №65

Beautiful chocolate and desert shop. I picked up macaroons and chocolates as gifts. They were absolutely delicious. I wish they did gift wrapping though, or had ribbon for their boxes which are a bit plain.

Review №66

I absolutely LOVE this gem in downtown Naperville! I always take out-of-town guests here and all have been impressed with the wide and aestheyically pleasing selections. Excellent customer service and delectable treats. Their carrot cake is a MUST TRY--the best Ive ever tasted. I used to really enjoy their chocolate covered bacon and wish theyd add that back to the menu.

Review №67

The brownie with ice cream here was amazing and prices are great too! My friend ordered a mocha which came in a huge mug and the waitress was very nice about letting us take it to go.

Review №68

My fiance made me give it five stars, because she loves it so much. But honestly I do enjoy the decor and atmosphere. And its wonderful to stop there after youve had dinner elsewhere. They also have a great selection for desserts, and they have an unbelievable selection of chocolate pastries. We have become regulars there. We love ordering the Cocoa and the different blends of coffee including espresso. We really enjoy the environment.

Review №69

Ive never dined in so this is solely based on ordering from the front cafe. With that being said, I dream about that carrot cake! Have gone three separate times just for it.

Review №70

Service: Waited 15 minutes. Waiting staff were super friendly. Drinks were quick. 5/5Drinks: a little too sweet, but still great. Very rich.Pro tip: any hot drink can be iced or turned into a milkshake (see below) for no extra charge. 5/5Overall, I’ve been here three times so far, and will come again soon.

Review №71

Favorite dessert place to meet with friends. Has the best chocolates, cakes and macarons. They serve a wonderfully light lunch and delicious variety of coffees.

Review №72

Enjoying a nice coffee and desert

Review №73

An ideal brunch spot for a nice weekend out with friends, or family. The food was good, and their drink selections for coffee and alcohol is very extensive.

Review №74

Really nice selection of upscale pastri s and chocolates.

Review №75

Loved the ambiance of the Bistro, and all the sweet treats at the Chocolate Apothecary. The Brie en Croutte was delicious!

Review №76

The quality was great and it hit the spot. I purchased a loaf of the pumpkin chocolate chip bread after they gave me a sample. Totally bomb with a nice cup of black coffee. Thanks great harvest for adding some quality to this cookie cutter suburb.

Review №77

Been coming here for 6 yrs but this time I walked into a complete mess. No manager. The place was left to be run by kids under 21 and not able to serve alcohol. Sat down waiting too long. Was not given any silverware or napkins. Had to go to the bar and complain.

Review №78

An awesome place for anything. Celebrate. Meet. Reunion. Casual. Youll never be disappointed on any occasion. Must be to place when in Naperville

Review №79

Best Chocolate Shake i ever had, must try Belgium Dark Chocolate Shake

Review №80

Some of the best hot chocolate drinks Ive ever had the pleasure of having in US.

Review №81

Trés delicieux! It is just plain wrong NOT to visit while in Naperville. Whether it is the pastry and truffles counter or the sit down restaurant, it is always a pleasure to spend any length of time here. Cakes, drinking chocolate, chocktails, dessert flights, THE CHOCOLATE CHAI, and still more... Do yourself a favor and allons-y!

Review №82

Wow, wow, wow! Simply fantastic.

Review №83

I’ve came here a few times just for the chocolate and rich chocolate cakes, amazing btw. They actually have a cafe attach to it with nice brunch options. Love their Le Chocolate Tarte ay Poulet and Classic Ham & Cheese Crepes.

Review №84

I took my daughter there for her 22nd birthday on 6/21/17 around 11:30am. We were greeted by a tall, full bodied, casually dressed woman screaming at her staff. The crab salad was not available. Chicken croissant sandwich was not available either. They did not have the soup either. We left.By the way.. if your website says that you are serving lunch from 11am to 3pm.. then be ready to serve it at 11am.

Review №85

Very cute little place. Went for dessert after dinner somewhere else. Many flavors of truffles to choose from, three we had were delicious and the hot chocolate was amazing. Raspberry tuffle in picture

Review №86

There’s a British lady who works here and she makes me uncomfortable because she is British and I do not like British people.

Review №87

Great chocolate bars

Review №88

Amazing! Raul was very professional and super friendly!

Review №89

It was already closed at 7 pm today even if Sunday hours say 8 pm

Review №90

Great selection of desserts, hot drinks and wine!

Review №91

Just awesome. I didnt preorder the cake and they help me get a fresh order last minute. Excellent customer care ..

Review №92

Good hot chocolate but bad customer service. The red haired girl helping customers kept roling her eyes and answered every question with only two words YES and NO. Maybe she way having a bad day but I didnt have a good experience.

Review №93

Exceptional service and environment and ofcourse coffee and treats.

Review №94

Wonderfully assorted and absolutely delicious! I felt so welcome, Id love to come again to enjoy a warm treat and some friendly company.

Review №95

We go here multiple times per year. Great variety, delicious treats, abundance of chocolate from martinis and wine to desserts.

Review №96

This is one of my favorite places in town to get desserts from. Whenever I’m downtown, I try to stop by for something because of how much I enjoy it. Every birthday party in my family, we always get a cake from here because of the rich flavors. I recommend this place to anyone with a sweet tooth.

Review №97

Poor service. I came here an hour after opening and the door was locked. There was someone nearby but not coming towards the door even though they saw my partner and me. We figured that there was only pickup available so we called and the person that answered the phone apologized about the door being locked and sent someone to open it. When the door was opened I went to a counter and talked to the person that initially saw us at the door. They snapped at me very rudely and told me to order with the barista. The way I was spoken to was completely unprofessional and very rude. I will not be returning here.

Review №98

Great place for dining and sweet delicatessens

Review №99

Such a cool place. My son loved the shark shake. They had different drinks for kids and adults. 💜

Review №100

This place made my day! Awesome atmosphere. Desiree was super friendly and made great coffee.Thaaaaanks ❤️

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3.9 Rating
  • Address:127-129 S Washington St, Naperville, IL 60540, United States
  • Site:http://www.lechocolatdubouchard.com/
  • Phone:+1 630-355-5720
  • Chocolate shop
  • Bakery
  • Banquet hall
  • Dessert shop
  • Espresso bar
  • Gift shop
  • Restaurant
  • Wine bar
Working hours
  • Monday:Closed
  • Tuesday:Closed
  • Wednesday:11AM–9PM
  • Thursday:11AM–9PM
  • Friday:11AM–9PM
  • Saturday:11AM–9PM
  • Sunday:12–8PM
Service options
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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