Bed Bath & Beyond
336 South, Illinois Rte 59, Naperville, IL 60540, United States

Review №1

I was checking the latest sale flyer/brochure. Started wondering about ownership when saw the pricey stuff yet pricier; sure enough BB&B was bought by a private equity LLC. Lets see how fast its driven into financial ruin if not already in trouble and shut down after the money is gone.

Review №2

Very good customer service.One of the cashiers saw that I was a bit confused as to what to do when I first walked in with empty sodastream canisters:Turn in empty first, then pick up new ones?Or find them to purchase, and head to customer service counter to do purchase and exchange at once?Cashier was pro-active in asking if I needed to purchase more and directed me to where they were. (When I misunderstood straightahead and to your right and just kept going straight, he directed me from his counter, cause he couldnt leave his register.)Then he was quick to call me over and let me come straight to him instead of having me walk through the empty obstacle course/ corral theyve got for a checkout lane.

Review №3

Just a shell of what it was, but still a nice place to pick up hard to find items.

Review №4

This store had a good amount of inventory and was clean and organized. The drapery hardware was well stocked. The employee I asked for help seemed put out by having to help me find somethibg. She did not want to be bothered by shoppers.

Review №5

Pricey for meh items. Try Kohls down the street. Saved $25 on a matress protector that was even better than the BB&B one.

Review №6

Went to get curtains and rods, good selection. When we got to the register they rejected all but one of our coupons, it turns out they email them every day but you can only use one, they all have the same number on them for a month or more, thats not a good deal since a lot of their prices are inflated, so you have to use coupons.

Review №7

I found some Wonderful goodies!!! I was very pleased with the prices and how beautiful everything was displayed. Plus check out was a breeze ☺️☺️☺️

Review №8

Considering the pandemic, I will not be too critical of Triple B. I do enjoy spending time here in the same way I could waste time walking around a hardware store.The store itself feels small. I dont see a wide variety of products and, as often as I do go to this store, I very rarely buy anything. Products seem to blend in to the shelves as nothing jumps out at me.The staff overall are pleasant and helpful without being intrusive to my shopping experience.Last time I went here, we found the item we needed down the road at an At Home location. We were shopping for bath mats and surprisingly none of the items displayed felt or looked as good as my original bath mats, which I had purchased from Triple B when I first moved to this area!Id love for this store to thrive, though unfortunately my interest in this location has waned due to a lack of interest in products currently available.

Review №9

Store manager (RA) is not professional dealing with customers. If there was a zero star, I would use it instead one 1. I did an online purchase to pickup in-store. I received the email confirmation that my purchase was ready. I walked in-store and asked for my purchase. They could not find. They spent another 5 min figuring this out. Finally the store manager coming with my purchase with an angry face giving me attitude. With a disrespectful way he handled the item and did spend a minute to explain. He left leaving me talking to him and did not say a word. Even the employees apologized fir his attitude.

Review №10

The service could be better.

Review №11

Not a full fledged one but ok

Review №12

Friendly staff. I did a curbside pick up there and it was the fastest curbside service I have received from any store I’ve ordered from

Review №13

Id recommend to go early in the morning during the week when it is quiet. Otherwise its too crowded and people and employees do not social distance.

Review №14

I was looking for a Christmas gift for my son-in-law.I was looking for a pizza making kit.The gentleman that help me put together this kit was very knowledge of the the Items I was looking for.Thanks Michael

Review №15

Placed an online order thinking I would help local businesses as opposed to ordering from Amazon. Next day got an email stating order was cancelled without explaination. Called the store, was waiting over 30 minutes for a manager to come and never did. Will take my business elsewhere. There are many choices a consumer can make today. If the company cant uphold buy online, pickup in store, then dont advertise that.

Review №16

Love this place love there specials on the candles had to stock up for Christmas love it great things all over the store!!

Review №17

Customer service her was horrible. I walked out empty handed and bought the products I came in for at Amazon

Review №18

Very pricey but good

Review №19

Great store with lots of great products!Store has competitive pricing and friendly helpful staff.

Review №20

Found a bunch of those travel sized soaps, deodorants, etc.

Review №21

How do you have someone so incompetent (brett the manager) running the store. poor customer service doest follow store policies. i tried to return something brett said i couldnt return using a passport only a drivers license and told me to leave.... I called corporate... the lady that helped me at corporate was such a sweetheart and helped me file a complaint. kudos to her the manager could learn policies and manners from attached is the bed bath and beyond policy directly posted on their website as well. not to mention a passport is a more legal document than a drivers license is.

Review №22

Poor customer service to say the least. Sales associate was rude, ignored us and refused to help. I was shocked because every other Bed, Bath, & Beyond I’ve been to I’ve had a great experience. I’ll never shop at this location again.

Review №23

Jam packed with what I wanted and the staff was very helpful.

Review №24

I prefer the old layout of the store. Everythings just too open and boring to navigate through. But, in the end, its still the same store with the same products.

Review №25

The best store location large selection

Review №26

Hey, its BB&B. What can I say. One can pretty much find whatever youre looking for. I appreciate that even though the BB&B coupons have an expiration date they never expire. You can always use them. So keep and use your coupons people for yourself, birthdays, holidays and whatever else your heart desires. You can thank me later. Happy shopping.

Review №27

The friendly service makes shopping easy.

Review №28

I can always find more treasures here than I planned for. Went in for K Cups and also got some essential oils and a diffuser. And the 20% coupons are the best!

Review №29

Good Merch but somewhat pricy without coupons.

Review №30

Poor service, no wonder everyone is using Amazon. Another new store about to go under.

Review №31

Nice store 👌

Review №32

The prices are somewhat high but when Im going to a shower and BB&B is an option I always choose it because of something not everyone knows: they accept out of date coupons. And you can usually use more than one coupon for one item. Recently I had a checker who would only allow me to use one coupon per item so they might be changing their rules, but they do still take out of date coupons so dont throw away those old coupons!

Review №33

We found a nice Christmas gift that I had researched on line. Fast find & fast check out--a plus during a busy shopping season!

Review №34

Bed Bath and Beyond has always been the store that has stuff that are of good quality. The thinks are pricier, however the coupons they offer help a lot. The customer service is great, and their return policy is one of the best as well. I have seen people returning stuff even after one year.

Review №35

Good experience here today. The Bed Bath & Beyond near me closed so this was the next closest one.Despite it being the Christmas season, the store was NOT in chaos and items were still in stock.Also, I did not know you can stack Bed Bath & Beyond coupons, so I got to use two! Saved me $15!

Review №36

We ordered a patio chat set at the store to be delivered to our house. When we received the furniture two of the pieces were defective and we were missing some washers. The store staff let me exchange the two defective parts and provided me with the missing washers. This saved us the hassle of shipping the entire set back. The staff at the store was very helpful and I feel they went out of their way to make sure I was happy.We have always found the staff at this store to be very friendly and customer focused.

Review №37

I usually find what Im looking for here.

Review №38

The staff helped me to find an item that I wanted, and when it wasnt in stock, they helped me locate it

Review №39

Nice things, but to expensive.

Review №40

Everyone was very helpful and seemed happy to help. I am very happy with everything about this trip. Thank you.

Review №41

Good store.

Review №42

I can usually find what Im looking for here as well as things I didnt know I needed! My location is always clean, staffed with knowledgeable and friendly employees and carries on trend items for your home decorating needs and much more.

Review №43

Nice store. Clean and organized. Exactly what you would expect from BB&B.

Review №44

You can find almost every thing in this store. Love the 20% coupons delivered right into my phone. Friendly and helpful staff.

Review №45

If youve been to one BB&B, youve been to them all. There was a very helpful CSR who helped me find a pestle and mortar. He noticed me wandering and politely asked if I needed help.However, the customers here are awful. They wont hesitate to cut you off or jump the line.

Review №46

Everyone was very helpful! I cant wait for the new store to open!!

Review №47

New location is very nice. And same with staff. Glad in this scary time they moved and didnt shut thier doors.

Review №48

Kitchen, housewares, bedding - Bed Bath & Beyond has a little bit of everything. Ive been here several times to fulfill items on gift registries. They have a decent selection of items and Ive had a good experience with customer service.

Review №49

Great store and has tons of coupons online. Love it

Review №50

Things seem so expensive here. I only go for sales or clearance

Review №51

Covid causing unusual long delays at checkout

Review №52

Friendly help to find what we were looking for. Also willing to check all our coupons.

Review №53

Wide variety of home stuff. Reasonable prices. Good customer service.

Review №54

We did our wedding registry there, both once with a concierge and once without, both times were smooth fun and easy. Going there not as bride and groom, we received the same great service as before. Many BB&B are good, but this the is the best. Special mention to Bridgette and Dan.

Review №55

This place is in our neighborhood. I went there to buy comforters but got to see everything else in the store.It has all items nicely placed and labled. They have sufficient staff over the weekend to manage the customers.I had picked up a comforter which was placed in a discounted lable but the staff was quick to clarify the situation and has also apologized. It was an wonderful experience for me.This place is at the end of the mall and hence quite lonely. It doesnt have a lot of other shops open around it so you will have plenty of parking space.

Review №56

This place is boring. Stay away from that beyond section or you run the risk of being reincarnated into a muskrat in a parallel dimension.

Review №57

This place is a staple in my life! Regular trips and more around the Holidays! 20% Off coupons always help & make this my first pick go to! Seems like the Linens Dept. keeps getting smaller thou...

Review №58

Good selection of stock...

Review №59

Poor customer service. I rather do business elsewhere.

Review №60

Very good store,I used to enjoying shopping at Illinois Naperville Bed Bath & Beyond, but last week I met a begger came up to me and ask me for money, made me not want to shopplng any more!

Review №61

The BB&B is not what it once was. Corporate seems to want as much stuff as possible in the stores and there is very little room for customers to get their cart through without having to zigzag through the isles. If you want to stop and look, other customers have to figure out how to get around you. Which often means to go down the next isle and around. Corporate BB&B should remove cars altogether or give their customers more room to get their cart through. If you want to have your customers spend money give them the environment that will allow them to explore without the challenge of getting around.around. Center isles have displays

Review №62

Lots of things to look at and super friendly staff. They opened register lanes as needed, which you dont often see at stores anymore. It reminded me that I should shop there morw often.

Review №63

Love the store items! Wish they would stop closing stores close to me😖

Review №64

If you bail here, make sure you have a 20% off coupon. Even at that, its still not the cheapest place. Having said that, they have a great selection of stuff and often this is the only place I can find what Im really looking for.

Review №65

They are great. They have a manager that cares and will take care of you. Couldnt ask for a better service, specially when they go beyond.

Review №66

They have everything you need for your kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. I thought that the prices were a little high for me and that I could buy the same stuff at Walmart for a lot less. Granted the quality is better at Bed Bath and Beyond

Review №67

So impressed with the customer service at the Naperville store. The manager, Jeff, was so accommodating. I was able to replace my Breville kettle without any issues. He ordered me a new replacement one and had it shipped to my home. Very happy with their service and return policy. Will be purchasing more of my small appliances from them in future.

Review №68

Great experience they had just what I was looking for a Bundt Cake Pan. It works great! The Customer Service was awesome 👌

Review №69

They let use coupons and really friendly staff!

Review №70

Lots of selection. Maybe too much. You can spend the entire day there. I forgot my coupon so didnt get my discount and most people know they are seriously overpriced even using the coupon. Maybe thats why they have been closing so many stores. My daughter worked at one of their stores boy the stories she could tell.

Review №71

We had a gift card that was supposed to be mailed to us from corporate and we never got it. Doug at the store took care of us and got us a new gift card! Everyone was super nice at the store.

Review №72

Good selection, great price, helpful workers

Review №73

I love looking at all of the kitchen gadgets and fall decor. Staff offered to help me numerous times throughout our visit.

Review №74

Love to look at all the gadgets and home decor. Great variety on rugs, bedding, etc.

Review №75

No big deal. I was able to get most of what I needed. Helpful sale people.

Review №76

Good prices most of the time 20% should always be on alll items not just one

Review №77

Great store,great prices. Always have everything your looking for

Review №78

Awesome stuffs some managers take care of you

Review №79

We found and bought more things than intended, very happy with today shopping trip at BBB; and the cashier was very helpful and pleasant at checkout. Will definitely come back again soon...

Review №80

Great Prices really nice Associates good management.

Review №81

I LOVE BBB! It always amazes me on how much stuff they manage to get into the footprint of their average store!

Review №82

Great range I did not realise k pods real cheap when visited

Review №83

Well, what can I say about this place that is not already on Google lol. Just great.

Review №84

Very quite.

Review №85

Its a good place to shop. But one should check items bought are complete and intact

Review №86

Love this place... friendly staff, so much good atmosphere

Review №87

Love the K-cup selection....prices are better than Amazon..shhhh!

Review №88

Well organized , had what I needed. Friendly employees.

Review №89

Pretty condensed set up. Easy to locate sections but Very difficult to locate specific items. Floor staff was friendly.

Review №90

Buy your small appliances, kitchen utensils, and bathroom decor here instead of A....

Review №91

I just had the absolute best BBB experience with Naperville manager Carrie. I had purchased bedding and followed manufacturers instructions to wash. My comforter fell apart even though my washer and dryer fit king bedding. She was extremely helpful and tenacious. She not only found my bedding online but reordered it for me with free shipping and even got $1 back. Im so happy this store is my new home store since we moved to Naperville. Thanks again Carrie!!!

Review №92

A typical BB&B. They did have what I was looking for and another set of towels that I wanted to see / touch before getting them - with the next set of coupons I get. A good selection of mechanize.

Review №93

Customer service was really good. Had some trouble finding what I was looking for but other than that it was good

Review №94

Found just what I needed , iron board cover. This Naperville store will be moving soon in December, just down the street in another strip mall.

Review №95

Consistently helpful staff, wonderful goodies for the kitchen, especially for a lady who loves to cook & bake!

Review №96

Poor selection of products

Review №97

They didnt have the Brwville filters I was looking for, and the store was just packed with stuff and kind of crammed looking. Not easy to navigate through the aisles either.

Review №98

Typical BB&B, with friendly staff, lots of new items and fun gadgets.

Review №99

Cramped. Was followed around as if I was going to steal $7 makeup. Ha. Please. Definitely my last resort when it comes to bed bath and beyond locations.

Review №100

Store is as cramped and poorly layed out as the rest of their stores. Cashier was unpleasant and seemed annoyed that we were inconveniencing her by wanting to give them our money by wanting to use a coupon (the only reason we every go into their site on the first place). Got exactly one item with our 20% off coupon and left, no desire to pay full price for anything given their service. They literally have holiday decorations with price sign in hallway outside bathroom which is super weird.

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  • Address:336 South, Illinois Rte 59, Naperville, IL 60540, United States
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  • Phone:+1 331-701-3064
  • Appliance store
  • Department store
  • Bathroom supply store
  • Bedding store
  • Cutlery store
  • Gift shop
  • Glassware store
  • Home goods store
  • Linens store
  • Wedding store
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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