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1508 N Naper Blvd, Naperville, IL 60563, United States
Review №1

This place is delightful! There are awesome finds around every corner! Many booths had sales or promotions going on! The manager and their puppy assistant were v very kind and checked in a few times! They also had outdoor vendors the day I came in! Stop by and find some antiques and collectibles!

Review №2

Very well laid out antique mall with many vendors and mostly full displays. A wide variety of antiques including a good amount of toys and other collectibles. There is a lot of glass from various eras. I was impressed with the reasonable prices from most vendors. The proprietors are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.

Review №3

I visited this store for the first time and wow it was such a nice experience. Theres so many different antique and vintage things to purchase! The staff are very kind and helpful as well. It wouldve been 5 stars if it wasnt so hot in there lol. They have little fans but it doesnt...quite do the job.I left a pic of the ring I bought 🥰 Ill be going back very soon.

Review №4

Gary and his puppy assistant were so kind! This was my first time stopping in. Everything is so organized and such a GREAT variety. Its very easy to spend an hour+ in here (or more). So definitely give yourself time to look around, otherwise youll be sorry, trust me. All of the staff were so, so nice. I will definitely be back!

Review №5

Been here 4 times. The first time was a nice experience. The next 3 were not.I was followed around by same male employee. My 4th and FINAL visit I was yelled at by same male employee for not having my mask on. I had just entered the store and had not pulled it up yet.In the 4 visits I saw employees ask other shoppers if they could take their items up front to hold so they could continue to shop. I was never asked.Many vendors try to pass off Target merchandise as vintage items.If you are not a regular customer and/or arent dressed to the nines this store doesnt appear to want your business.

Review №6

Top notch dealers! Beautifully curated booths.

Review №7

I loved wandering throughout the store, there is so much to look at and appreciate. The Owner and staff are so nice and they even have a cute dog that runs around the store to greet the guests! We will totally be back again 💞

Review №8

I could spend hours there! Nice selection of Vintage items. Great friendly staff. Very helpful. Definitely a place for you to check out!

Review №9

Pretty big antique store lots of good stuff, prices are not bad.

Review №10

So much variety of things. Everyone is so friendly and helpful here! I love this place. So comfortable shopping here. I love the little doggy there! Prices are good. Always come here to visit! 💖

Review №11

Love, love, love this wonderful store! So much to look at, lots of dealers, old, new, and everything in between. Knowledgeable staff and a fabulous owner. Gary has built a phenomenal business. A true gem in Naperville!

Review №12

Good selection and much more high value and rare antiques than most antique stores that I have been to. There was a wide range of collectibles and antiques like most places, but the quality and values just seemed better overall. That said, I unfortunately didnt find the niche items I have been searching for, but this is a must stop for those seeking rare finds.

Review №13

They close at 15 minutes till and the shut the lights off lol. Had a person contact me and want full on retail for items that needed repair or they saw we were from out of town. Crazy.

Review №14

I love this place, clean and with a lot of beautiful and rare items. The staff are very friendly and helpful. For sure I will come back.

Review №15

Great selection but way overpriced.

Review №16

Tons of nice staff buy some beautiful rings

Review №17

Loved this place!!!! The employees & the owner are amazing so very nice... this was our first time here & we will definitely be coming back!!!!! Thank you so much for the amazing service & hospitality!!!!!!

Review №18

I would have to say this place is clean and well presented. Some pretty cool pieces come through here. However, dont expect much of anything to be affordable unless a vendor is running a deal in their booth. Also, staff can be terribly rude. We walked in 20 minutes to close knowing that they closed at 5 (on a Saturday? Seems an hour so early, especially when more customers were walking up to the store as we were leaving). We had one mission, lamps. Found a couple that were really intriguing, but at 4:52... was approached by a curt staffer that blurted out Sir, were closing. I said Oh yeah, we know you close soon, thanks. The staffer then responded with well we close in 5 minutes, and I replied thanks, we promise that we wont hold you past your closing time. Then we just left, since the staffer was quite rude in her delivery. Had 3 lamps in sight that we would have purchased for about $300+ dollars, out of a customer with only a 15 minute visit. Just goes to show that communication and service are a good majority of retail and sales tactics. Had the staffer instead had said something like, Hi sir, I just wanted to let you know that well be closing is just about 5 minutes, if you would like to make any final selections (in a pleasant tone), then we would have followed through on the intention to purchase.

Review №19

Always an adventure visiting this place!We always find amazing and unique items! And the owners/staff are the coolest people ever!

Review №20

I love this place. Gary is the best!!!! Took this lovely pic of a large glass bowl. My brother on law blows glass & I think he will be interested.

Review №21

Nice store, lots of crafts and glass for the ladies. Not much for guys.

Review №22

Nice variety of antiques an decorative items,from low end to high end something for everyone.

Review №23

They have sooo much stuff that you need a lot of time to go through it.

Review №24

Huge place- lots of variety! Feel like getting lost? Wanna go to a museum but theyre closed right now? Ohhhh boy do I have a place for you

Review №25

Need more stars. Awesome. Nostalgic. Truly a delight. Bought a cookie jar. Very pleased.👍👍⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!!

Review №26

Closed at 4pm?Looks nice on the outside.Well be back. But better call first I guess.

Review №27

Great variety of antique and vintage.

Review №28

So many beautiful things, and the people that work there are so nice!

Review №29

Great place to spend an afternoon! So much to look at from smalls to furniture pieces. The prices really were affordable compared to other antique stores Ive been to in the past. Large space with many booths from various vendors. Will visit again!

Review №30

The people that run and work here were very helpful to me.

Review №31

Very nice antique store. We will visit again

Review №32

Great selection, the vendors change/add items so week to week there are many new things to look at. Staff is friendly, store is clean.

Review №33

This place is great. You can get great prices on very unique items that are rare and hard to find. Some prices are even better than eBay.

Review №34

Stopped by chance while visiting the area. The owner was extremely friendly as was the staff, ready to help you or leave you be until you need them.Very nice store with a great mix of products/items. From very small to fairly large, some newer and some very very old items. Prices start at $1 on up.Something for just about everyone!!!

Review №35

Staff were very friendly, but an awful lot of little stuff

Review №36

I have bought beautiful marble buffet tables to China and jewelry . Awesome selection and I think really fair prices ... you can bargain sometimes so ask ! Staff is great , cool finds I can spend hours in here!!! So much stuff

Review №37

They have been one of my favorites for EVER!

Review №38

More like a flea market with several vendor booths. Had more antique furniture when in downtown Naperville. Still attractively laid out and enjoyable to browse. Abundant parking.

Review №39

Such a well run business. Gary, the owner, is always working and does an amazing job helping guests feel invited and welcome to is shop. He employs the nicest staff around. Jackie is a jewel! Gary does a fantastic job advertising for his vendors on Facebook. He posts dozens of photos daily highlighting the many treasures you can find within Affordable Antiques. Best antique store that Ive ever shipped in! Keep up the great work, Gary.

Review №40

First time shopper, will definitely go back!

Review №41

Always fun things to find, but always an AMAZING team that works there! Super friendly and inviting. LOVE shopping here! ❤

Review №42

Awesome store. Amazing great finds. Always great deals. I can go there everyday and still notice something I didnt see the other days. The best part is the owner Gary. He is the kindest friendliest man I ever met. Love all the staff as well.

Review №43

Love Affordable Antiques. Great customer service. Jackie we miss you! Get better soon! Thank you Gary for always making sure your customers are taken care of.

Review №44

This place is amazing

Review №45

Love this place!! Staff is friendly and helpful

Review №46

Nice place. Quite a bit to look through. Been there several times in the past 8 years, but havent purchased anything in 7 years. Prices are pretty steep for items that are common. Thrift store stuff and boutique-y new stuff is prevalent. Some items have been there for YEARS with the same (often worn out) price tags.I would give more stars, however....The last time I was there, some sort of open house was happening with many dealers inside. I was NEVER, EVER GREETED OR GIVEN ANY RECOGNITION BY ANYONE, EVEN WHEN THEY WERE IN THE SAME BOOTH! Three people in the intersection of two aisles refused to even let me by and snubbed their noses at me. Really? Give a good reason for returning now....

Review №47

Friendly place, great finds and prices. Always find something I didnt know I was looking for.

Review №48

Selection is great...almost anything can be found here. Very clean...priced fair!! Everyone who works here has always been kind, patient, and very helpful. You might just think you are browsing but you will leave with something! :-)

Review №49

They had a great variety of collectibles. Fun place to browse!

Review №50

Such a large variety of different collectables! All of the staff is incredibly friendly and helpful, including the owner. Kims Vintage farmhouse was the booth I found my lot in and she was not only helpful, not pushy and gave me a deal on all my finds. Will definitely be back to find more goodies and would recommend!

Review №51

Awesome place with great people and its dog 🐕 friendly!

Review №52

Tons of variety and interestingly unique items.

Review №53

The staff is very friendly & theres a lot of things to choose from

Review №54

Staff is great! Booths are always changing. We make a trip almost monthly to see all the new treasures they have. This is probably the best antique store within 30 miles

Review №55

This store is awesome, something for everybody. Furniture, antiques, jewelery, and treasures galore. Purchased a sofa table and decorative pieces for my new apartment. Definitely will go back.

Review №56

A great place to go and check out.

Review №57

Affordable Antiques has a fantastic collection of furniture’s, artifacts, art, textiles, jewelry and fashion from all over the world. Beautifully Crafted Authentic Objects & Furnishings for decorating our home. The price is reasonable that we tend to buy more varieties………The place is also beautifully decorated.!!!!!!!

Review №58

Fantastic items! A great vibe to the whole place.

Review №59

Love this place, lots of dealers and items.

Review №60

What a wonderful spot at edge of town!

Review №61

Went to buy something to commemorate a grueling 6 months traveling to Chicago but the guy kept calling me kiddo even after I paused and said “excuse me” to which he repeated it.....then did it again later. I realized oh great now I’ll See the item and get irritated all over again at his condescending nickname. So that was that for me. One star

Review №62

When you can consider a broken lawn chair from...Ill even give you the early 90s an antique. Then our search for quality truly is lost.

Review №63

Great place for finding great stuff. Staff are kind asnd always willing to help. Love stopping here when Im in the area.

Review №64

Love this place, I go during my lunch. The staff is very friendly and helpful, wide range of things to see

Review №65

Great antique store. Lots of booths to check out. Very friendly and helpful staff.

Review №66

Love going through the shelves and getting lost in all the items the have.

Review №67

First time here and most definitely not the last time! We bought eight items for our Living Room for only $157.00. Great value for our picks!

Review №68

I had an hour to kill and stopped in. It was fantastic. You need way more than an hour. Its a mall full of dealers, so the prices are all over. There was so much to see. I am definitively going back. I bought one thing but it took quite some time to pay for it when I was the only one in line. The staff doesnt seem to have the same enthusiasm about the place that I do.

Review №69

Amazing Staff & Owner!!Great Buys. Unique gifts and great furniture pieces too!

Review №70

Love this place. I get a high looking through the store. So many finds

Review №71

Owner ,Gary and his staff are outstanding. Very friendly and helpful.Love going to visit, browse and buy!!

Review №72

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Review №73

Huge assortment of treasures and at very agreeable prices.

Review №74

A nice-size antique mall very clean well maintained very well organized a nice Mall to buy antiques you will enjoy shopping there. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel Rambling Randy watch my videos on antique malls and flea markets.

Review №75

Tons of stuff plus annie sloan paint

Review №76

Typical suburban antique store with mostly repurposed home goods and way too much glassware. For home decoration, good. For actual antique collecting, bad.

Review №77

Very nice store, clean, well organized and easy to get around in.

Review №78

Lovely antique mall, well organized with a wide variety of vendors and merchandise in a great, convenient location. Will be going back frequently!

Review №79

My wife loves this place. I do too.

Review №80

A great place to hunt for antiques and collectables.

Review №81

I LOVE this place for antiquing. Something for everyone.

Review №82

They have amazing things at good prices

Review №83

Nice store great owner Gary.

Review №84

Prices were a little on the high end, but there is some decent stuff.

Review №85

I have been to a handful of antique stores in the western suburb area and this is by far my favorite. Large selection, friendly staff, well maintained, and big enough to browse comfortably.

Review №86

Mixed selection of antiques and new or rehabbed items. Helpful staff

Review №87

Superb selection. Period.

Review №88

Really enjoy this store.

Review №89

Always great finds

Review №90

Great antique store.

Review №91

Nice and reasonably priced

Review №92

Normal Antique Mall

Review №93


Review №94

Lovely place!

Review №95

Good buys

Review №96

Lotd and lots of items!!

Review №97

Must see!

Review №98

Too pricey

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