A-1 Antiques of Naperville
133 S Washington St, Naperville, IL 60540, United States
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After reading all these reviews I decided to stop in to see for myself if they were true or not. I was treated very well by both of the owners. He let me search through a tub of toys alone and got a bunch of toys cars out of a case for me to look at. I wound up buying two items at reasonable prices. Thank you both for a nice shopping experience and Ill be back for more toys in the future.

Review №2

Quite a rude place to shop at: they cannot stand children there. Was there with my kids, and the 1st thing out of the owners mouth was: if they break something, you will have to pay. Seriously????? Is that what you say to all customers? And then the owner stated that my kid broke a stuffed up dusty bear????? She said you came and broke my things, please leave and NEVER come back. Not a way to do business in 21st century folks, please retire and close your junk yard.

Review №3

If I could rate this business with less than one star I would. You do not want to deal with the male owner. He is unprofessional and rude. The negative reviews below are accurate. Do yourself a favor and shop elsewhere.

Review №4

A nice little antique place but the prices are a more than a bit on the high side and the place may have been organized by someone at some point, but not lately.

Review №5

GREAT place... really cool vintage items, just bought a small green carnival glass bowl, very nice and honest pricing ! Thank you, Michael

Review №6

Larry and Marlene, the owners, were friendly, with a long-married couple bickering sort of way, hehe. I was looking at brooches and said I liked ukuleles, and Larry ended up finding a violin uke and a marxolin, two unusual musical instruments! He also played a youtube video for me to hear what the marxolin sounded like. I bought them both at a pretty reasonable price. We chatted about antiques and where they used to live. I can see where people might find them rude and unfriendly, but as long as you can accept them as lovable curmudgeons, youll be fine. I also purchased some chalkware animal figurines. Thanks, you two! Ill be back again!

Review №7

This antique store claims to buy antiques. There are signs on their shop window and outside the shop stating such. However, my experience was a hassle to say the least...I brought in some antique pieces from my collection that I was ready to part with. From the onset of my visit, the male owner acted as if he was the expert. His behavior towards me was condescending. I may be younger yet I know antiques and things that he was telling me in regards to their value and demand were in my opinion, very off! He laid aside a good portion of my items expressing interest to purchase them. However, when it came down to talking price after hed asked for a number from me which I felt was more than reasonable, he insultingly counter-offered me next to nothing for my items. In my opinion, I priced my items very fairly, knowing full well that he would be marking them up as that IS how the business of buying/selling antiques goes. After the owner rudely changed his approach, acting as if I would be doing him some kind of a favor by accepting his measley offer, I politely packed up my items and left the store. It seems ridiculous to me to have a list he and his co-owner/wife, hand out to customers as to what they buy and then when one takes the time to bring antiques in with the intention of selling, the owner offers offensive, low-ball prices acting arrogant all the while. A waste of my time. I will not be returning.

Review №8

Rotten owners! Junk! Junk! Junk!WAY TOO Small! WAY TOO Overpriced!Not worth opening the door! The owners are overly protective of what little GARBAGE they are willing to sell! Forget about bringing children inside this place. They would rather say stupid things than to deal with customers!Their location is a Cheap Lure! DONT BE SUCKERED INTO THE PLACE! THERE ARE MUCH, MUCH BETTER ANTIQUE STORES!!!They lost out on a $500 sale because their attitudes are in the garbage.Marlene and Larry are DISRESPECTFUL - 100%!!!!Pad it pad it pad it. Try to hide those poor reviews....(This is NOT the repeat of a 3 year old review! My children were INSIDE and Marlene said something just plain ignorant and rude to my wife and I in front of them when they were merely standing there quietly. That just proves my point of this place, no?)

Review №9

First time visiting this establishment, warm and friendly greeting upon entering.. So many treasures to be found here.. Definitely returning soon..

Review №10

Decent selection for the size of the place, but super rude owner. Sorry I inconvenienced you by asking you to momentarily stand up, walk five feet and allow me to look at an item of interest. I would have likely made a purchase if I wasnt made to feel like a complete bother.Also, if you have a waiting list for a particular item, but do not allow people to add their names to said list, what is the point of bringing it up???

Review №11

Nothing good here and people are rude and ignorant. Also expensive. Much better places then this like out of the attic antiques. Much more stuff, nicer people and better prices.

Review №12

The owner (husband) asks annoyed when Ive asked permission to look at their pictures and then stands over me while I look through their vintage photographs. Its a Super uncomfortable and rude atmosphere...I wont be back

Review №13

The owners are nice and they have a lot more than most antiques stores my only problem is that every thing is overpriced

Review №14

Awesome owners who deal very fair with customers.

Review №15

Owners are knowledgeable and friendly. great ambience! love this place!

Review №16

I certainly will not return. These owners just do not like people. Lazy, condescending, and RUDE. How this place is even in existence after all of these years with the previous reviews is beyond me. I have never been so insulted as I have with this place. Stay FAR AWAY!

Review №17

Overpriced, small, very underwhelming. Plus they were playing very strange, overly patriotic music.... while the lady played Candy Crush and ignored us...

Review №18

Too protective of their copper pots... Larry is rude, but Marlene is cool.

Review №19

Rude, nasty people run this place. I find it funny that the only positive reviews know those peoples names because Marlene and Larry lost another customer today.

Review №20

Very small shop with limited inventory. Prices are what you would expect from shop in Chicago.

Review №21

I tried to haggle on the price of 20$, I offered her 15 and she told me to get out and not to come back...not the way to do business, she also told me she sold 50 broaches last week WHAT A LIE that was sheesh.

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