American Lube Fast
7118 MS-613, Moss Point, MS 39563, United States

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I’ve been going here for 15 years and everyone is always professional and kind and they get the job done quickly and efficiently as possible! Prices aren’t bad either!

Review №2

Clint was very professional and through in explaining everything to me making it very easy for me to understand.

Review №3

I had a very good experience with the workers and the services that where preformed on my car where fantastic. I will definitely be getting my oil changed in here in the future.

Review №4

Stayed in my car, out in 20 mins. helped my first oil change go smoothly. topped off all of my fluids. great service great people

Review №5

Did not have a good experience last time I went to get a oil change. The lady said that they had been putting synthetic oil in my vehicle and my oil change would be 99 dollars.I told her she was mistaken then she changed her story and told me I was right and charged me 45 for a oil change. When i left my oil light still said 1%. Oriental male and a black female was more interested in each other then getting my oil change done. I was there for what had to be 45 mins. This use to be my favorite place to go for a oil change but now they have ppl that have no clue what their doing.

Review №6

Its not like it used to be they changed the employees and rised the prices to 23% for services but the good thing is they work fast not as fast like the first employees but they get the job done.

Review №7

These young men are great they really have a good atitude when talking to the customers. They are constantly making call outs to each other, thats great team communication. And the manager james is sooo hot🥵

Review №8

Great customer service! Fast work and great prices. I highly recommend this place for all of your oil change needs.

Review №9

Ridiculous prices, bad service

Review №10

Awesome customer service

Review №11

Always top notch service. Service after the sell is a plus!

Review №12

Great service only concern was the employee looking at my engine compartment was more interested in texting than my car.

Review №13

Great. Always go there

Review №14

Very friendly and excellent customer service.

Review №15

Great service, friendly and professional atmosphere.. Outstanding Crew

Review №16

First off, I would like to note that the actual quality of work that is preformed at American LubeFast is very good. I would recommend them to friends and family. So the 3 star review is not a knock on the quality of work, but on the customer experience, just to be clear. When I first started going here a few years ago, it was awesome. Yes, they tried to upsale you on everything, but the employees would still be honest enough to tell you if they thought that you probably didnt need whatever it was that they were trying to sell you. However, there are new employees there, and that authentic touch is no longer there. Now, you can still expect to have a sales pitch thrown your way, but the realness is no longer there. I dont know if it is the company/management that has changed, or if the employees who worked there previously were more authentic. It really is just a different customer experience that it was previously. Okay, Im done ranting now.

Review №17

This place is my go to for oil changes in the area. I have became friends with a guy named mack there. I always try to get him to assist me whenever I can. Never pushy like some of the other local oil change places. He always takes the time to show me I got new oil after he swap it and goes over to make sure my blinkers work. This past trip my right blinker was actually out and I didnt know it. I appreciate all the help.

Review №18

They had great, quick service and very professional. I am very satisfied with the service I recieved.

Review №19

Love to take my car they take good care of your car

Review №20

Great service!

Review №21

Great customer service

Review №22

Best full service oil change I’ve ever received! The man that helped me was kind and thorough, his name was Mac! Thank you, from two traveling Wisconsin girls!

Review №23

Good service

Review №24

Great service Great people

Review №25

Love these guys. Staff are super helpful and never pushy. They have never ever given me the GIRL treatment. They simply talk to me like an adult who is there to conduct business. This the only place I go for oil changes. They tell me if I need something additional done and if I tell them I can handle it there is no eyerolling, no scoffing, none of the stuff us handy ladies get at most places. Highly recommended.

Review №26

They tried to tell me I needed an engine flush. Even stuck their hand in some very old oil they had in the pit to show me how bad it was. I get my oil changed very regularly, so I know that it wasnt true. Then they tried to be pushy and tell me I really needed it. I just politely declined and told them I didnt believe them which made them very uneasy. I told them specifically which weight oil I wanted and they tried to talk me into getting something different, which was more expensive. Again, I politely declined their suggestion and told them again exactly what I wanted. Once the oil change was completed and I had already paid. I received my receipt which prints out what services they had performed. The incorrect oil(the one they tried to tell me I needed) was charged to my bill and put in my vehicle. I pointed it out to the service technician and he said it was a mistake that they did place the oil I requested in my vehicle. Well, I know that it isnt their bulk oil and asked to see the empty bottles. They could provide them! Needless to say, I made them flush my engine of the crap they put in and completely redo my service. You would think my story ends here. Wrong! When they flushed and replaced the oil with what I had originally requested they didnt change the oil filter! Also on my receipt they claim they checked the air filter and tire pressure which were never done! When I questioned this they said they couldnt check my tire pressure because they know I have nitrogen filled tires. By the way I dont. They just made up tire pressures and entered it on the receipt. The air filter did need to be replaced, I know this because I looked at it before bringing my vehicle in. Their excuse for this was they didnt have it in stock. Which was also a lie when I pointed it out in their shelf. Needless to say I demanded a refund, which took and act of congress to receive. I will never bring any vehicle to this location again.

Review №27

Service techs are very nice, well informed and not too pushy.

Review №28

Yes!! I was giving the best detailed service available. The guys where friendly and got me the best deal possible for my Services. I was in and out in 20mins...Pit was clean and organized.

Review №29

When I was shopping around for an oil change, they gave me the best price.

Review №30

Every one is always so fast and friendly! Gene is my favorite person, as hes always willing to answer all my questions, no matter how general they are. :)

Review №31

Ive only been to this establishment 2 times so far, but I definitely plan on going back. If there is no wait, it only take them 10-15 minutes & they are very friendly and professional! Hope this helped.

Review №32

Sorry but this place is about as incompetent as they come. After pointing out that my truck was over heating they took it for a test drive and blew the engine. This has caused me thousands of dollars and time away from work. I would not recommend this place to anyone. Venting but these people are idiots now I have to deal with there no phone call returning insurance idiots.

Review №33

Rude staff that walk around with their hands in their pockets with F this and F that. Waited 30 mins for them to finish the one ahead of me and they have the nerve to take someone they know ahead of me that just pulled up. Will not return!

Review №34

I come here for everything. They did a great job and employees are very funny and nice. Didnt take but a few minutes to take care of what I needed !

Review №35

These guys are always quick and professional!

Review №36

Friendly guys, knowledgeable. They do like their upsells, but doesnt everyone? Ive been going for 2 years with no complaints..

Review №37

Very polite, fast, and thorough. They take a lot of the guess work out of vehicle maintenance which for me is a great relief. I never schedule an appointment and Im always seen within a reasonable amount of time.

Review №38

This the best place to get your car looked at they blessing.they gone make sure you rideing

Review №39

Awesome guys there! Good service and conversation! Def returning!!!

Review №40

Guys was really nice.... Aaron Speed done a wonderful good! thanks Aarron Speed! 👍👍

Review №41

Good service

Review №42

Great place to get full service oil change,fast efficient,friendly,and special thanks to Zack for his excellent feedback on my Jeep . The whole crew are great . We will be back.

Review №43

Fast service

Review №44

They are awesome

Review №45

Fast service and fair prices. Great for when I dont have time to do it myself

Review №46

Didnt fully service car, like they were paid to do.

Review №47

Come holla at da crew and get tighten up WE GOT YOU

Review №48

Child bye these hoodlums performed an oil change and an engine flush and my whole car shut down I was stuck out of town for 3 days fooling with these people. Do Not I repeat Do Not go to this place unless you want to buy a new engine!!!!!

Review №49

They were pretty prompt and efficient

Review №50

Good quick service. If you can keep them from trying to sell you extra stuff.

Review №51

Close to home, professional service, trustworthy.

Review №52

These guys were awesome I highly recommend them

Review №53

Awesome service and nice workers

Review №54

Fast friendly service with fair prices and well trained technicians​. Best lube shop in the area

Review №55

Mr. Mims was professional & friendly

Review №56

Great place

Review №57

Had a good experience

Review №58

It can get very expensive, I had a very polite young man helping me.

Review №59

Very fast and explain everything they did

Review №60

These guys really disappointed me. They dropped tools into my engine and started taking off my bumper cover and headlights without asking first. What a joke and unprofessional.

Review №61

Fast and affordable. My kind of place.

Review №62

They are rudest most unprofessional people I have ever met! I will not ever use them again or refer anyone to them!

Review №63

These stupid idiots took advantage of my wife and made her think that she needed a special oil change but failed to tell her it was almost 100 dollars. Will NEVER go here again. They are scam artists who take advantage of vulnerable people with kids.

Review №64

Great service.

Review №65

Nobody else has ever been allowed to work on my yruck...I have over 360,000 miles now

Review №66

Ok service need more coupons

Review №67

They didnt screw my oil filter cap back on right. Im very disappointed with service!!!!

Review №68

Good service

Review №69

Fast service

Review №70

Always go

Review №71

They have good services

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  • Address:7118 MS-613, Moss Point, MS 39563, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 228-474-6590
  • Oil change service
  • Auto repair shop
Working hours
  • Monday:8AM–6PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–6PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–6PM
  • Thursday:8AM–6PM
  • Friday:8AM–6PM
  • Saturday:8AM–5PM
  • Sunday:Closed
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Oil change:Yes
  • Mechanic:Yes
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