Boost Mobile
1295 Mt Vernon Ave Ste 100, Marion, OH 43302, United States

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Allyson was great. Nice polite and courteous. Great customer service.

Review №2

Always great customer service. Always friendly and helps with any problems you have.

Review №3

Went to pay bill and associate was very good

Review №4

They have a lot to choose from but the girl that works there acts like she would rather not be bothered!

Review №5

Rude, rude rude people at the Marion Boost store. This has been my experience Everytime I call or go to this store.

Review №6

Typical of what you would expect from them. Pushy, not wanting to give you what you want rather what they think you need. Went to Spectrum, got what I wanted. And for a third the cost.

Review №7

Nice place n t busy at all

Review №8

Kasee and Alissa are two of the nicest and most helpful people I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with at boost mobile. So helpful and sweet. Definitely makes me wanna come back to this store time and time again. Thanks girls ❤️

Review №9

I have been with boost for three years and 2 months not once have i had any issues with them great customer services great products. Keep up the great work

Review №10

My mom and I got a family plan there and I switched from virgin mobile because we were told we could both get unlimited for $50 a month. I was paying 35 at virgin with great reception and unlimited data. I had to get a new number which would have been fine until we realised we were actually being charged $85 a month. The only reason we switched in the first place was to spend less. The lady that helped us was very nice but I feel like I was ripped off and Ive never had a good experience with my phone service or pricing for boost mobile. We probably wont be coming back.

Review №11

Best pizza in town.

Review №12

Best cellular store period! Love our local boost mobile. Staff there are fantastic.

Review №13

The Ladys Were Very Pleasant And Friendly I Would Very Recommended...

Review №14

Cassey was very helpful and knows what to do... Very polite and friendly. This is so much better than Verizon.....

Review №15

Store is under new management, check it out for yourself. All new staff working in this store. We promise your experience will be better than the last.

Review №16

The lady was amazing I would recommend going there I think that will be the only store I deal with

Review №17

Wth I go to this store sign says open with all the lights on during normal business hoursand the doors are locked with no one inside. And this is about 4 out of 5 times this happens. Became so common decided if I need assistance from a store I will drive 30 miles to the next closest one to get service

Review №18

Unlimited data plan sucks service isnt very good

Review №19

I luv boost mobile..The service is good and the phone I got is amazing..I switched from Metro to Boost..Metros service really sucks..My phone was saying I didnt have service in town which I live in Marion so I shud of had great service but I didnt..When I first went to their store before I got service with them, they told me that I wud be eligible to upgrade after 30days of being with them..Well when I reached my 30days I went bk to their store and told them that I have hit my 30days of being with them and I wud like to upgrade and get a better phone..They told me that they dont do that and that I wudnt be able to get a better phone..The only way I was able to get a new phone is if I paid the total cost of the phone that I wanted plus the taxes and everything on it plus a $15 reactivation fee..I just looked at them and said Are u kidding me right now..When I first got with u guys u stood right here and told me to my face that I wud be eligible to upgrade after 30days and that I wud only have to pay the taxes and everything on my new phone..I told them that I was good and wanted to disable my service..Told them that their service was horrible and their phone sucks..Next day I went to Boost and was able to get my family 4 new phones and just had to pay the taxes on the phone that I choose and the phone cases that we picked for all our phones..Boost told me that after being with them for 30days that I cud come to the store and upgrade to a new phone..I got the LG Stylo 3 right now and so does my fiance his mom and her boyfriend..Im hoping that when Im eligible to upgrade I can upgrade to the LG Stylo 4..I want that phone so bad..I really like it and its just a lil bit bigger than the Stylo 3..Not much bigger tho..So hopefully when my 30days is up and I go bk to the store..Ill be walking out the door with the LG Stylo 4..Keeping my fingers crossed on that one lol..Thank You,Boost Customer..

Review №20

Got in and out quick, and got a free phone. Staff was okay. Knowledgeable but didnt seem thrilled to be there. Kinda awkward being there alone.

Review №21

Great service all the time. Great prices. Been coming here for year!

Review №22

Glad to have a free phone thanks to my local boost provider! Fast and friendly service! High recomendations

Review №23

They are the best store i have ever been too they always try to help you and they are always on there game.

Review №24

Great plans available. No contracts!

Review №25

Says store opens at 10am and ive called and called and no answer!

Review №26

Got a G2 very happy. Great service!

Review №27

Prompt & courteous service! 💜

Review №28

I just have a question for the store it says it closes at 7 so my parents went there at 6:30 and they were closed. My question us why did they close so early.

Review №29

Great people shame cant get signal where I live with boost

Review №30

I love boost moble

Review №31

No one is ever there they never answer the phone

Review №32

Phone service is terrible.

Review №33

The service is okay.Wish i could add my tablet

Review №34

Learn to pick up your phone !!!!

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  • Address:1295 Mt Vernon Ave Ste 100, Marion, OH 43302, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 740-751-4641
  • Cell phone store
  • Telecommunications service provider
Working hours
  • Monday:12–5PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–7PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–7PM
  • Thursday:10AM–7PM
  • Friday:10AM–7PM
  • Saturday:10AM–7PM
  • Sunday:10AM–7PM
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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