AutoZone Auto Parts
3201 50th St, Lubbock, TX 79413, United States
Review №1

I went in to get a battery for my key fob, they showed me where they were, and even put the battery in for me. I did not expect that. Great service. I will be back.

Review №2

Smart staff, always got what I need

Review №3

Very courteous and helpful. Would recommend James anytime you need help.

Review №4

All I needed was a little bottle of Ozium. Three staff were there. Two helping one person and a young man who totally ignored me even after he got off of a phone call. I had wondered the store for about 10 minutes and kept hoping someone would offer help. No such luck. Someone else was waited on and I left. OReillys was a much better experience

Review №5

The guys that helped me were friendly and did not give up searching for my spark plugs wires. Great job guys! Keep up the good work!

Review №6

Horrible customer service. I waited for my turn at the counter and while the guy was looking up my part he decided to help another customer that just walked in without saying a word to me. I will no be back!

Review №7

The guy who helped was straight to the problem n kept great conversation during the repair. Def enjoyed this learning experience.

Review №8

Eli was truly a life saver. On a cross country road trip to see family, my engine overheated and he advised me on the best solution. Wouldn’t have been able to see my grandmother without him. Thanks a million!!

Review №9

Who are these kids and why do they keep calling me dad? Can you fix this? Can you do this? Just let me change my battery and enjoy my diminishing mental state.

Review №10

The reason for only 3 stars is they were understaffed. The wait time was rather long, for a purchase. I wasnt needing to have parts researched or trade in a core. Just an off the shelf pack of electrical connectors, that I needed. Just needed a person at the register so I could purchase the item. When I finally made purchase, was not asked if I was a rewards member, or anything else for that matter. Not the service I am accustomed to at this auto zone.

Review №11

I buy products for my truck here.

Review №12

James was very helpful and was very knowledgeable about the Ford Explorer I drive. .

Review №13

Nancy started off nice but as soon as we decide to go to another store because they didnt have what we needed she got real rude. Worst service ever. Horrible experience wont be going back. Ill stick to OREILLY.

Review №14

Very helpful and even put my headlight in

Review №15

We broke down and this place was so sweet and comidating.

Review №16

Brock helped us replacement of a battery. Very knowledgeable about batteries.

Review №17

Nancy decided that being unpleasant to the extreme was the treatment I deserved. I, unfortunately, responded in kind.AutoZone has lost this 36 year long residents business.

Review №18

Always friendly knows what part is the best for your needs Ive trusted their parts for years and always great parts

Review №19

Didnt have what I needed. Slow service. I usually order online from Amazon and I will continue. Recommend for quick parts and good warranty.

Review №20

Refused to replace and test my vehicles battery. The gentleman stated that it was too complicated and didn’t want to be held liable for any damages that might have occurred had Auto Zone installed battery. I found it as a coincidence that they also stated they don’t replace batteries during the cold weather but at the same time there was a woman replacing a battery for another customer upon entering the store. Purchased the battery elsewhere and paid someone else to do the work and he was done in 15 minutes.

Review №21

Good place to get your last minute, unexpected parts you need....

Review №22

One guy kinda knew but said he had to much to do other guy didnt know asked about a light just pointed down the aisle

Review №23

Very upset told they had part and they said they would hold my part for 12 hrs. I get there 2 hrs later no part had to pay higher price.....

Review №24

Excellent place for all your auto needs. Very helpful and knowledgeable staff that will even help with installing and testing on site.

Review №25

They didnt have the pulley puller tool fpr rent or to buy, but they are the only store to have the actually pulley, so I guess 4 stars.

Review №26

I purchased a battery from the location on 50th. Nancy went above and beyond to help me locate the correct battery and install it. Without her help this would have been a frustrating and confusing transaction. 10/10.

Review №27

Fast and friendly service and had exactly what I needed.

Review №28

The lady is so rude I will no longer come here. She used to be kind and helpful so Autozone was my staple store. Now I’m treated with sarcasm and disrespect. I will pay the higher price and just go to O’Rileys from now on.

Review №29

Friendly Good service

Review №30

Another great place to get parts.

Review №31

Huge collection of parts. The sales people are very friendly!

Review №32

Awesome! New battery check! Kids not being late to school because of a dead battery priceless!! Thanx guys u saved my mornings!

Review №33

They took care of me in and out quickly

Review №34

Met son here for his car issues.

Review №35

As always, the very best staff in town. Bobby saved the day! Hes the best!

Review №36

Very helpful staff

Review №37

Great experience. Went in to get a battery and the employee (Kiki) was very helpful and installed my battery for me.

Review №38

Didnt have alternator that online web site said they had in stock. Had much more expensive one.They also couldnt check alternator that I brought in because it wasnt in their system.

Review №39

Great customer service. The people here make all the difference. This will be my go-to store.

Review №40

Very helpful staff

Review №41

Excellent job at replacing my key fob batteries.

Review №42

I called multiple auto parts stores looking for the right ignition coil for my Mini, and of all the places I called, AutoZone on 50th Street was by far the friendliest and most helpful. They got the parts ordered for me and called me as soon as they delivered. Theyre quick to help when youre in the store, too.

Review №43

I need assistance in removing the fuse panel off and the customer service rep mentioned that they couldnt help. I didnt have the strength to take it off.

Review №44

Walked in to this store to get a trailer wiring harness for a newly purchased vehicle to which the first guy was no help answered phone and told me be right there hung up never came to me so I asked another employee and he was no help either asked them to look it up he said he didnt know so I had to use the app to tell him part number that I was looking for . You work their need to nee more savvy on the parts customers are looking for.

Review №45

I went in like a ninja. 😎 Stealthy I searched for the fluid and parts I until a Parts Samurai approached me and said. Young man, can I help you find a part as I moved up he said behind the line 🐢 (behind the line) I heard. He found the parts I needed and than juggled them in a bag. I stepped back and gasped reaching in to my bsck pocket swinging/paying for the objects with a laser beam light. We took our fight outside he put them on. Thanks.

Review №46

The experience was a lot better then the other location on 82nd street near the movie theater.

Review №47

Was able to find what I needed quickly. Offered help if needed as well.

Review №48

Always has what we need, cant beat that.

Review №49

Whenever i need any parts for the car i come here. Great and friendly service.

Review №50

Wow! Above and beyond service. Nancy came out into the cold to help me with my battery trouble. She is passionate about helping people and it shows! I will be back again.

Review №51

They always take great care of me

Review №52

Very helpful staff

Review №53

Excellent help!! Store was very busy and phones were ringing off the wall but, they did everything to make sure I had what I needed when I left.

Review №54

Good customer service

Review №55

Not very interested employees, i waited 10 min before getting service finally one of the 2 employees came to see what i needed then gave attitude whennthey had to hunt the part!

Review №56

Prices are a little high, but the employee was really nice and helpful. Wish the trip was a little quicker.

Review №57

Ask simple and easy questions and they cant do. None of thebautozones has really helped me and my husband. If you want TRUE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION go to ORielys for it. They are the best!!

Review №58

Excellent staff for helping my wife and IWith our needs.

Review №59

Very knowledgable guys and gals behind the counter at this location. And they stay open pretty late which is convenient when your l8ke me and realize at the last minute you got everything for an oil change during your first 3 visits that day except the actual oil itself.

Review №60

Quick service cost some money but u wouldnt be there if car doesnt cost $$$ to maintain

Review №61

.5 of a star. customer service was horrible. I purchased an item and they did not honor a warranty resulting in another purchase. I would not recommend this location. Go to the one near Texas Tech campus if you would like better service…Edit. the female manager marked her inventory as returned yet it was welded on a vehicle… so no such return could have been possible. the male manager continued to blow my phone up and was not willing to help. yall seem to have missing inventory and when a manager makes the mistake it shows lack of experience. Absolute rude management staff. I will never recommend this place….

Review №62

The one on 34th and Avenue L was very helpful. They knew the exact part I needed and they put it aside for me so that I could pick it up later.

Review №63

Great store but it hasn’t been the same since the manager Kyle left for Europe.

Review №64

Not enough employees inside. I called, went online, no one returned my call. Came across town just to wait for someone to get off the phone for over 15 minutes. BUT HELPED ME OUT VERY KINDLY AND SWIFTLY

Review №65

Great customer service. Quick battery install. Going back if I need anything else.

Review №66

The Male Manager made me feel unimportant while visiting the store. I had a simple question about my vehicle and yet he managed to belittle me. Someone needs to look at this from corporate. Customer service starts at the door and this was not the case. I would never recommend this location to any friends or family. Please look into this manager.

Review №67

Friendly staff with a sense of urgency. Willing to answer questions and will lead you to a shop they trust. Definitely my favorite Auto zone in the Hub City

Review №68

They are always super helpful and get the parts right every time

Review №69

Free!!??!! Trouble shooting!! Awesome!! They were right on the money!! Great attitude and very friendly!! Its nice to feel like youre not a bother to someone when you are a customer in their business!!

Review №70

Great service and the people are nice

Review №71

The staff was extremely helpful in helping me find what I needed.

Review №72

I had the best experience with this location. The associate who helped me went above and beyond for me. I am so thankful that we still have caring people.

Review №73

Do not trust employees to help you find the right parts! I went in to buy spark plugs and a spark plug socket because the one that I had was the wrong size for my new car. After the employee got the spark plugs, I asked for assistance in finding the right size socket to fit the smaller size plugs. He pulled out one of the plugs and started testing the size on different sockets. Come to find out he was not testing it on the thin wall type sockets that are used for pulling spark plugs! When I went to use it, the socket got stuck in the engine head and has now cost me over two thousand dollars to have a mechanic to get it out! So, what would have been a 15 minute job and the cost of spark plugs and a socket has now cost me a ridiculous amount of time and money to fix a problem that should never have happened in the first place! I spoke with the manager and he just told me that he was sorry for the inconvenience and that they do not take claims on DIY jobs. I even left a message with the district manager, Victor Kotulek, and never received a call back. So, even though the employee clearly knew what I was needing, picked out the socket himself, and sold me the wrong part, they chose not to help me out in any way. If he did not know for certain what he was looking for, I would have been better off if he had just said that. I go to an auto part store trusting that they will be professionals and help me find what I need. That clearly is not what to expect from this store.

Review №74

They were very helpful with what I needed.

Review №75

Wish they would price match. They tend to be pretty proud of their stuff.

Review №76

Always find what I need good customer service

Review №77

They said my money was fake and it was not.took 45 min to get a few items.oriellys from now on

Review №78

Staff needs to be more educated on using computer to help find vehicle information. I ended up going to OReilly

Review №79

Every time i call or visit i get top of the line service and theyre always helping me save money

Review №80

Always have what I am looking for. A friendly staff is always eager to help.

Review №81

Jacque, the manager had horrible customer service skills this morning. So much for being a good manager. My daughter needed a new car battery this morning. She is a college student and has no family in Lubbock. Jacque was super rude and less than helpful. My daughter asked if they could help her change the battery and was told no. Luckily a young man who was just getting to work helped her. Thank you to the young man who helped her. As for Jacque the rude, lazy unhelpful manager, I hope Autozone can provide some customer service training for you.

Review №82

Verry clean store and neet and verry good customer svs.

Review №83

The employees of this Autozone are soo helpful. Best customer service ever. The store is also big and has a huge inventory. I woul definitely come here to get stuffs.

Review №84

Great place if you want to find something for your car

Review №85

They were very helpful and helped me find the best deal. Great customer service.

Review №86

Great service department... so helpful

Review №87

Very happy with them

Review №88

Always helpful! Appreciate when they help replace a bulb

Review №89

They had my part set behind the counter waitinv on me and they even put me on hold to make sure they had it their. Sometimes I go to diffrent auto parts stores and they say they have it just because they computer says they have it. Thanks for going the extra steps to make sure yall had my part before I drove over to there location. Thanks again guys keep up the hard work

Review №90

Fast an easy was to get the parts we need to pix our car

Review №91

I went today because I needed refrigerant in my car and was worried about doing it. The sales associate Brandon was extremely friendly and helpful on the phone and also when I got there. He walked me through everything to do and when he saw that not much air was coming out of my AC vents, he recommended a new air cabin filter which I definitely need.. He then looked it up, and although they didnt have one in stock, he told me which location had one. He also told me that if they didnt help me install it, that I could bring it back and he would help me. The other location was not very helpful or friendly and didnt install it for me... This Autozone is the biggest location in town and they have fantastic staff and customer service. Besides Brandon, every other associate that I interacted with was equally as nice. Would definitely recommend.

Review №92

My go to place for parts and accessories whether it be under the hood or exterior I love love love this place!

Review №93

Garrett was very knowledgeable and helpful. Every time I’ve been in, I’ve been able to find what I needed, unlike the other auto parts stores I had visited in the city.

Review №94

Nice n clean.frindly personell very helpful

Review №95

Knowledgeable , and friendly even changed the light bulb to my car for me

Review №96

Help me with exactly what I needed. Keep us 6ft apart.

Review №97

Ive never had a bad experience here. They are always friendly and helpful, even when its obvious Im probably in over my head!

Review №98

Very bad customer service from a lady manger. Would not let me use my millitary discount. She said your id is expired but the discount is for all active or veteran. Very poor customer relations start at the top and trinkle down corporate should investigate this.

Review №99

Came in with a car I was afraid to turn off because I wasn’t sure it would start again. I was helped immediately and we went out to the car and immediately he identified the problem. He ran back in the store, grabbed a scrap piece of metal, and voila, my car was fixed for no charge. This place rocks.

Review №100

Good service lots of hard to gindparts

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