5220 N 27th St, Lincoln, NE 68521, United States
Review №1

Ive had great experiences here every time Ive gone. We have triplets and had to buy three new convertible car seats for them. We found some, and they also price matched them for us so we saved nearly $150.00!!! The staff were super helpful and the assistant manager on duty (cant remember his name) was so kind and helpful! This place is great !

Review №2

Good staff . They know what they have in stock. I feel the corporation needs to remember these are gifts for kids and they should be priced for to be more affordable. It would increase sales.

Review №3

Usually its a 5 star for me, but with the store closing.. it seemed like nobody cared about helping. And with them permanently closed, I suppose its nothing to worry about.

Review №4

The prices arent the best but they price match a lot of places. The staff is helpful but the location is pretty much on the edge of town. Not a bad place to shop though.

Review №5

Usually full of old stock at full price. Can very rarely find great things (~5 years ago). I mean, just one example... Disney Infinity figures are still sold for full price or at a poor sale price and that game has been dead for how long? Yet theyre still taking up how much space? Same with ancient Skylanders.

Review №6

They are currently in the process of closing, so all items are on sale as well as anything else thats not the floor, walls, or ceiling of the building. As of today, items are 30-50% off. Despite the liquidation process, the store is actually still very clean and organized and without items all over the place like Ive seen at many other going out of business stores in the past. Its sad to see a business close that had such a major role in my childhood.

Review №7

Felt like the prices were very reasonable and some items were pretty cheap. Cashier was to busy talking to her friends that were hanging out at the register to acknowledge us during the time we checked out. Left half my items off even though I told her there were large items in the cart still. Customer service wasnt very good.

Review №8

I know this review isnt for the store in Lincoln, its more about ordering from Babies r Us online. I ordered a blanket off a registry a week and a half before the shower. Paid the extra shipping to make sure I got it in time. Received the item but it was pink and not blue. Called customer service and was advised to keep the wrong blanket and give it to someone and they would send me a replacement. Hadnt received an email that it had shipped a few days later so I called and she told me that it would probably ship the next day and I would probably get it before the shower. Got my replacement a couple days later and it was the wrong one AGAIN! I called and she told me she could do a refund or send out a replacement but she couldnt guarantee it would be the right one. So frustrating. I set up another replacement but it wont be here by the shower. We will see if the third time is the charm. Avoid ordering from them because its not worth the headache to put up with this. It was bad enough the customer service rep. was getting snippy with me which started to make me more mad. Not my fault you screwed up the order TWICE. UPDATE: I finally got the right blanket...only 2 weeks after the shower and 2 wrong blankets. Glad its finally done and over with. Never again will I order from them online.

Review №9

Everyone was very helpful. Took us to exactly where we wanted to be shopping for our 15 mos old grandson. We had a great time!

Review №10

Sorry to see them all closing soon. It used to be a big deal to go to the Omaha store before it was in Lincoln. For a store closing in a few months it had full shelves. However we didnt find anything of interest to buy and there wasnt much of anything marked down.

Review №11

My son had a wonderful time tonight. They are going out of business and he pretty much wiped out what was left on the hot wheels. I suggest you go and buy ahead for Christmas & birthdays. As crazy as the store is the few employees there were friendly.

Review №12

I bit pricey, which is understandable due to there being toys you cant find most of the toys anywhere else. However I am sad to say this location, along with all other stores are closing and locking their doors permanently. Well all miss you Toys R Us.

Review №13

Poor selection. On top of the poor selection, these prices are outrageous. No wonder the company is having financial troubles. Or had should I say. You can find an item on sale here, look it up on Walmart, or even Target, and its still more expensive at ToyRUs. Only saving grace is the employees we dealt with were very kind and customer service oriented

Review №14

Absolutely wonderful place to shop! I am really sad toysrus will be soon gone as it was a part of my childhood and part of my kids childhood also. Very sad to see it go 😟

Review №15

Good selection. Not very clean. Not very friendly employees. Perhaps thats why it no longer exists...

Review №16

So helpful here. The staff is very nice and patient

Review №17

Kids always love it here. Some really good clearance items also

Review №18

Great experience! Madison was very helpful and knowledgeable about her way around the store!!.

Review №19

Could I give zero stars? It has been 5 weeks since we ordered a car seat at the store and it looks like it will take even longer until well get one. My little one is outgrowing his baby car seat, so we decided to purchase one through Toys R Us. They didnt have the exact one we wanted in the store, so they said theyll order one and have it shipped there. We kept on calling the store, even contacted the manager and the answer was always It will be here with the next truck. Where are they shipping it from? Do they need to cross an ocean or something? I think this is just outrageous. If they cant get an item in a decent time frame then they shouldnt advertise it. Even though we never had any problems in the past, this last experience left a bitter taste :(

Review №20

Always very helpful and nice. Great customer service!

Review №21

Very good. Jeremy was very helpful in locating the gifts for my son.

Review №22

Its sad that this store will soon close its doors for good.but thats what happens when you overprice your goods.anyway im hopping to nap TRU Exclusives on other shopping sites like ebay or Amazon.

Review №23

Nice place but unfortunately they will close them buissnes

Review №24

Wish is wasnt going out of business, great variety of toys still, and the sale is good.

Review №25

Just love going here i can always find what i am looking for

Review №26

If youve got young kids or young grandkids and youre looking to light up their faces with a smile from getting a brand-new toy or two, then ToysRUs is where you need to go!They are an awesomely awesome store, and its every young kids hope to go into a ToysRUs store and just shuffle up and down the many different isles of toys until they find that one special toy that they are just dying to get!Theyve got everything from action figures to baby dolls to electronics to books and on and on, and their prices are comparable to Target and Walmart!I cant wait to take my grandkids there again this summer!WOOT WOOT!! 🤘👴🤘

Review №27

Great store for toys nut they arentt cheap and the store carries good brands

Review №28

10% off is not a going out of business sale expectation.

Review №29

Still overpriced except employees are even less willing to help find anything

Review №30

I WOULD have given this fine establishment five whole stars, BUT I was ASSAULTED here in the LEGO isle! I just wanted the new LEGO Ninjago set, and some slick toddler approached me with a switchblade and took EVERY LEGO NINJAGO SET! HE SO TOOK ALL OF MY MONEY AND USED IT TO BUY EVERY LEGO NINJAGO SET! I cant afford to eat now. They had nice Transformers though. Good night. Also, Drew is a horrible manager.

Review №31

Toys r us was fine but its closed for good now.

Review №32

Love going there to get things that my grandkids want

Review №33

Always a great selection of toys, with a really helpful and enthusiastic staff!

Review №34

Great selection at a low price. Friendly service

Review №35

Staff is always so helpful and friendly whenever we go in.

Review №36

Big store with a wonderful variety. Can be a little pricey, but also has great sales.

Review №37

Good selection still as of 5/15.

Review №38

Love this store and the selection, could work on prices a little!

Review №39

Good selection, but kinda expensive compared to others.

Review №40

We didnt make it past the first two rows of toys and she already found what she wanted for her birthday I was in and out in 10 minutes and spent $10.50 on 2 toys

Review №41

I was very pleased with the staff and customer service.

Review №42

Obviously my kid loves it, large selection of inventory priced well

Review №43

Good sized toys r us store with a lot crammed in!

Review №44

Great store wish it wasnt closing.

Review №45

It is the only major toy chain in the area. Great selection, quality, and price.

Review №46

This location will not be closing, due to the bankruptcy news that was reported a while back. I asked during my last trip in for Christmas.

Review №47

Still overpriced as hell. No wonder theyre going out of business.

Review №48

Wish it wasnt going out of business!

Review №49

Love love love this store going to miss it tho

Review №50

Great employees. Good store.

Review №51

The staff was so helpful and friendly.

Review №52

They stole my daughters Christmas money by deactivating all gift cards since they are going out of business

Review №53

They are closing so now we all have to grow up

Review №54

The air conditioning wasnt working and it was so hot in there! I felt sorry for the employees.

Review №55

Overpriced!!! Way better deals online or even walmart

Review №56

They were very helpful when I asked about something in their ad

Review №57

So sad they are closing.. we will be back for Legos!!

Review №58

Way too many commercialized products. Why dont you stock the same amount of the small businesses toys instead of the majority being large corporation toys?

Review №59

So sad that its going out of business. Well miss you.

Review №60

Sometimes pricy but employees are helpful

Review №61

So their Going Out of Business Liquidation Sale is a joke!! 10% off is not going to get people to buy anything!!

Review №62

No wonder yall are going out of business! Prices are ridiculously high!

Review №63

Always have toys I cant find anywhere else reasonable prices & ppl are always helpful

Review №64

Sad there going out of business but was always a fun place to buy toys

Review №65

Great going out of business sales. If I had the money I would stock up on Xmas presents for the next 10 years

Review №66

Great selection of legos.

Review №67

For a place thats going out of business, their prices are still way too much!

Review №68

Was partially busy but nothing out of the ordinary for a toy store.

Review №69

The staff are so helpful

Review №70

Chaotic, messy, staff standing in groups rather than assisting customers.

Review №71

Great selection and good employees

Review №72

Great customer service representative

Review №73

They are closing this store and have many discounts available.

Review №74

It was my favorite place

Review №75

Grand place to get baby aspirin, cleaning supplies, and coloring books!

Review №76

Helpful staff and large selection

Review №77

Wife was not allowed to use my credit card and when i called to resolve the issue i was hung up on i guess theres a reason they went bankrupt

Review №78

Peyton favorite next to the pet store

Review №79

Sad theyre closing their doors.

Review №80

I called them and they put me on hold for ONLY 2 minutes

Review №81

Expensive, but too bad they will be closing.

Review №82

They are closing, but their prices say otherwise.

Review №83

Great on all levels

Review №84

Didnt have the selection I thought they would

Review №85

To bad its going out of business

Review №86

Very fun place

Review №87

Always a great selection

Review №88

Building is in need of a remodel but it has the toys kids want

Review №89

Sad to see them go

Review №90

It ok to bad is go in to close

Review №91

Sad they are going out of business!

Review №92

Rest in peace.

Review №93

Sad this store is closing :(

Review №94

Miss that place too bad it closed

Review №95

I sucked it should go out of business

Review №96

Sad to see it go

Review №97

I hated to see it closed permanently

Review №98

Easy to find stuff

Review №99

Awesome experience!

Review №100

Great place for toys

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  • Address:5220 N 27th St, Lincoln, NE 68521, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 402-476-1818
  • Doll store
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Working hours
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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