University Bookstore
1500 S St, Lincoln, NE 68588, United States
University Bookstore
Review №1

Great selection of Husker gear you cant find anywhere else.

Review №2

Wish the place wasnt so understaffed during the first week rush but their preordering system is convenient and typically gets things in on time. Great choice for course specific text books and quick stuff you need between classes but for anything that can wait, consider shopping elsewhere for better prices.

Review №3

Good to have a book store in house for your all you will need course work items.

Review №4

Do not rent books here! I heard from a couple of my friends that the UNL bookstore scammed them with book rentals. I was skeptical at first but after I ran a test of my own, I discovered it was all true. I ordered a cheap copy of an old statistics book that I already had an online version of. I kept it sealed in the box that they shipped it in for one whole semester, and when it came time to return the book, I delivered it back to them in the same shipping. They emailed me back about 2 days later saying the book was in irreparable condition and I would be having to not only pay for the book, but also pay a damage fee. After requesting the book be returned to me (or if I could pick it up), I received no response. I find that very suspicious considering I just bought the book and wouldnt be receiving it. I suspect they keep the older books and continually rent them out to unsuspecting students.p.s.Everything is overpriced, and low quality.

Review №5

Has a lot of variety. However its a little pricey.

Review №6

If your a Big Huskers Fan! This is the place to go!

Review №7

There wasnt a sign for the book store, so I asked someone. Its behind the school merchandise. Not that big of a deal but I was in a hurry to get in and out. Outside of that the book store was easy to navigate and I was helped quickly.

Review №8

UNL has not only made it difficult for Veterans during this pandemic, now the book store is making it just as difficult. Apparently the VA scholarship for books cannot be completed online. NOT ONLY DID THEY NOT TELL ANYONE ABOUT THIS, its a week before classes start and now I wont have my books to be prepared for classes. Way to continue the tradition of being a terrible university and accompanying bookstore.. DO YOUR JOB I find it odd that everyone and everything through this pandemic is remote and online and the book store cant even comply with online scholarship book sales..This is very upsetting and disappointing.

Review №9

Of course you can find Nebraska clothing. What is missing is all the other stuff for house decor and other miscellaneous. Seemed to have less options today.

Review №10

Amazing place, just remodeled,looks new and shiny

Review №11

Crowded on a football weekend. Staff busy but helpful. Always have a good selection of merchandise.

Review №12

Shop for university of Nebraska themed items

Review №13

I hate this place, it’s not the fault of the staff because they are trying their best, but books are always so expensive and the lines are so long and stuffy when everybody needs to be there, it’s the worst place to be at the beginning and end of semesters and I wish I could wipe the existence of the bookstore out of my brain to rid myself of anxiety. The sheer thought of this place breaks me out into hives and I need to take a bubble bath to calm down.

Review №14

Good selection and fast service.

Review №15

It is a good place to get textbooks, but its cheaper elsewhere. Please save your money and do not buy any clothing there. It is way over priced and does not fit well.

Review №16

They dont order enough books for the classes. After 12 days of waiting for a book, (and 5 days of calling) they finally answered and told me yeah, we dont have those books in stock, but were getting more in November. Dont waste your time, order your books off amazon. (Didnt even notify me that my book wasnt in stock or would take until november to get, if I hadnt been proactive and called Id have had no clue).

Review №17

A little pricy for somethings. Over the years the store has shifted around a few times, but has since been remodeled recently. The small convenience store with ir is nice to have available. Good for grabbing a quick snack or drink. The bookstore itself is nice to have on campus, but does get busy at the beginning and end of semesters as students buy, rent, or return books.

Review №18

Has a wide variety of Husker attire if youre looking to support Nebraska. However, somewhat slow service when books are back-ordered. Very well laid out and organized, so you can find what you need.

Review №19

This place has a great variety of husker gear to choose from and was decently priced

Review №20

Couldnt simply stay open about 5 minutes late to let me pick up a phone. This is why no one respects the lazy leftists that fill this joke of a university. Considering canceling service after dealing with their pathetic customer service.

Review №21

Very expensive and thats not just the books. The cashiers really do try to deal with the line but it takes a very long time to buy anything when the semester starts. Apparently, the bookstore always orders fewer books than the professors ask for which only inconveniences students. Returning books is very easy though.

Review №22

Always a Great Place to go for anything that you need! Excellent and helpful manager.

Review №23

As long as you dont make the front desk manager hate you, like I did, you will have an easy time getting your books and other supplies. Keep in mind though, that the prices are much higher than other retailers.

Review №24

Its good to be at the center of the Husker Universe. Husker apparel beyond your wildest dreams. Many on sale. The clearance section had not been completely picked thru. There were excellent selections in many of the sizes.

Review №25

Price match is an absolute joke they will fight tooth an nail to charge you an extra 100$ on books. Amazon Warehouse is NOT applicable to price match. You can only price match from Amazon directly and barn and noble. They drove the only other bookstore in town out of business years ago. DO NOT BUY BOOKS HERE, the university is already getting 10+ grand from you dont let them steal another 100$ by selling books way above their actual market value. STAY AWAY THERE ARE NO REAL SALES HERE and they will not match prices.

Review №26

Very busy at the start of each semester. Expect to wait in line.Everything is way overpriced. If you are buying used, just buy on Amazon. They say they do price matching, but Ive tried and the employees say they dont know how.I havent had this problem yet, but so many students have gone and they are out of the books for a given class. Thus, you must wait for the book to come anyway, and might as well have bought it online at a lower price.They should have what you want, but make it your last choice.

Review №27

Not as good as it use to be. Less selections. But still a good place to pick up a husker shirt or jacket.

Review №28

I was a bit surprised when they told me that they are not going to buy back my books at the end of the semester. For gear Id recommend Husker Headquarters.

Review №29

Handy and easy to access right in the Nebraska Union. Textbooks, school supplies, and other stuff is available for purchase.

Review №30

Great for all student needs

Review №31

Dont buy anything here unless you have to. Check to see if online codes are cheaper direct from the publisher, rent on Amazon or try and find a digital copy of the book (ask friends, upper class men, Greek orgs)Snacks, pencils, etc are also pricey but not insane.

Review №32

Greedy and very expensive bookstore! they make money on everything. Their return policy sucks! I could not return 2 books and some clothing which were very expensive and their representative in arrogant manner told me you cannot return it. I am filing a claim with my credit card. Do not go there unless you want be fooled!

Review №33

Nice place for shopping and they also have post office

Review №34

Lots of swag! A bit pricey, as is expected of a campus store.

Review №35

Good selection but way overpriced on just about everything.

Review №36

A variety of items all things Huskers and friendly staff. Ian is The Best!

Review №37

Great selection and love all the clothing!

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Review №39

Good selection, sometimes priced high but you can hit some good deals...they will ship your books for reasonable and you get to avoid the lines during semester.

Review №40

Has what you need. Try to rent books when possible, they are not going to pay you much to buy them back.

Review №41

I still like having real books. I can order my text books on line and pick them up here.

Review №42

The best store for husker gears for all ages, even your new born baby ;)

Review №43

Hard to find but once found it was great.

Review №44

Kinetic, friendly and well ran. EVERYBODY who works there makes you feel at home

Review №45

Great husker gear. Kind of spendy tho.

Review №46

Very nice store with great discounts.

Review №47

Really disorganized and certain amenities are very overpriced.

Review №48

Alot of good stuff specially the clothes

Review №49

I mean, they overprice books and clichés. What are you going to do about it though?

Review №50

Does price adjustments, and staff is nice and very helpful!

Review №51

Overpriced. I understand running a business to make a profit but WOW... good place to go for husker apparel though.

Review №52

Go big red!

Review №53

Big selection but high priced.

Review №54

Good!!!!! Staff helpful when was sough out. No offerings to help otherwise!

Review №55

Books are slightly overpriced, and the return policy is pretty strict.

Review №56

Plenty of apparel and college life necessities

Review №57

They have a good selection but VERY expensive.

Review №58

Great store in the Union

Review №59

Will not answer my calls and I am calling after 8. Also, my order is still processing , I need my books for class.

Review №60

Super nice. Mostly clothes, though.

Review №61

Quite expensive for everything I looked at...

Review №62

Very expensive... But they do have everything one needs...

Review №63

Husker apparel is always overpriced, but they have great selection

Review №64

Great as always.

Review №65

Great sales!?

Review №66

Overpriced and slow cash register.

Review №67

This place has everything Husker!!!

Review №68

You can find whatever you want, probably.Go! Huskers!

Review №69

Way over price, look online for text book and husker apparel.

Review №70

Most everything is overpriced, and the textbooks available are likely available online for almost half of the price.

Review №71

Staff is very helpful!

Review №72

Always has what a student needs from textbooks to headphones

Review №73

Usually have what you need but not always the cheapest price

Review №74

Itll get you what you want at a slightly higher price

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Review №76

Good variety but expensive.

Review №77

Sometimes the management and service is a little confusing.

Review №78

Woohoo, overpriced books!

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Amazing books

Review №81

Fast friendly and competitive

Review №82

Happy, happy

Review №83

Long wait

Review №84

There for the game

Review №85

Very kind

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Since it is a bookstore, I think its okay to have more stationery. There were more clothing items.

Review №89

Good place)

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