5119 Sunset Blvd, Lexington, SC 29072, United States

Review №1

Staff wears masks and are FRIENDLY and Knowledgeable! No Long Lines for Checkout!!! Products IN STOCK!!! Also, we were able to schedule our Flu vaccines and get them provided quickly and professionally by the Great Pharmacy Staff!!!

Review №2

I want to give a shout out to RACHEL! She assisted me with my checkout order today. She just gave off really good vibes and wasn’t upset that I kept asking her questions or holding her up. Loved her personality ,her attitude, and most of all her energy. Thanks Rachel. U go girl! Lol

Review №3

I had to exchange a highchair here, and the lady working the return counter was incredibly patient and diligent. She helped me with my return and helped me buy the highchair my wife wanted. I want to say her name was Amanda, but I may be mistaken. Anyways this Target has always been wonderful and I enjoy shopping here!

Review №4

The employees at this target are SO nice and thoughtful. They also always have sanitized carts up front which is super helpful. Never shopped at a Target as much as I do now!

Review №5

The experience was wonderful. Absolutely top notch. The verification code sent this experience into overdrive. Such a great feature. The young man who brought it out was very polite and I just enjoyed the whole experience. Excellence. Absolute excellence.***UPDATE*** Most recent pickup: It was storming by the time I made it to the store to pick up my items. These wonderful people STILL brought my items out. I had to pull up to the door (because it was an actual storm) but they were still helpful and still making sure I was being helped. Awesome.They are still doing an awesome job and they are still the most awesome people in retail. Awesome.

Review №6

I ordered and paid for two of the same item. Arrived at the store to pick up the items and was given one box and told that both items were in the same box, a decent size box. After walking around the store for a bit to do some other shopping I began to question that the two items were in the same box. Opened the box while still in the store and there was only one of the items in the box. Went back to customer service and was eventually told that the second item was not in the store and that it was unavailable at any other Target store. Did receive good customer service from the lady who tried to find the missing item. I believe she may have been the front end manager, not sure, but she was very kind and very apologetic. She did eventually refund the money paid for the second item and did also provide me with a Target Gift Card. I live about 20 miles from the Target store, so needless to say I was NOT real happy when I was not able to get what I had paid for online. In light of the circumstances, my dealings with the young lady at the front was positive, but still didnt fix the issue of NOT getting what I had paid for.

Review №7

Two people came to our car before I even had my email receipt ready to check on my order. I was very impressed by them young lady and young man and they both were very professional and courteous to us.

Review №8

Just checked out at Target and wanted to give a shout-out to Gabby!!! She was standing outside of registers and asked if I was ready to checkout! She is the reason I do my shopping at Target!!!! She is definitely an AWESOME asset to Target and we could all learn from her hospitality and smile!!!!! I hope Gabby is recognized and you hang onto her!!! GREAT HIRE!!!!!

Review №9

I love shopping for clients at this store. I usually am able to find things easily and the staff are so nice!

Review №10

I love coming to this Target. It is clean, the staff are wonderful, and I can always get what I need.

Review №11

Target always has a great selection of on-trend items in wardrobe and home; trusted, quality products throughout; in a store that is clean with inspiring displays and the most helpful and friendly associates.

Review №12

Your floor associates are always friendly and polite.

Review №13

Target is amazing! Went in for some juice and over 200 bucks later I was leaving. Clean store, friendly staff.

Review №14

Manager Spencer treated me with no respect, laughed at me when I suggested he match a price, said “oh well” when told I’d go to competitors, never felt more dissatisfied with customer service. Did not try to keep my business or loyalty. Leadership like his is what is causing customer service to plummet in this generation. Will not be returning.

Review №15

Went on-line, had what I needed in stock. Ordered and picked up with no delay. Beats having to coming into the store and hunt what I want and then wait in line.

Review №16

Target should be in charge of curbside ordering for every store. Always fast and reliable.

Review №17

I discovered the curbside option because of Covid. I love the fact i can get groceries and household items with no minimum purchase and usually the same day depending on when i place my order. Everyone has been so friendly and i have not had one issue with my orders. This has really made shopping a stress free experience during the pandemic.

Review №18

LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!Great prices,great staff,and great quality.They also have a great toy and craft section too.

Review №19

Very fast &convenient, great service... AWESOME drive up service. The young lady was already assisting another car when I pulled up, and to my surprise she also had my items with her. They was the best I didnt even have to wait. I LOVE service like that.

Review №20

Target’s just always Target! This place is great for you to buy some quality but inexpensive stuff from. The groceries are all always clean and the environment is well maintained. Especially during this COVID time, someone is always standing in the front with Clorox wipes to clean cart handles to prevent the spread. It is crowded at all times but the staff really do their best to keep everyone spread out and safe. I would definitely recommend this place to a friend.

Review №21

We used to love shopping here. now we hate it.lines are always very long waits to checkout. Store is understocked because they dont have enough employees to stock the shelves. Plus, they try to force you to wear a mask. Masks have never worked and never will. Its bad enough the kids have to wear them in school all day, not gonna wear them out shopping!!!!!!

Review №22

Great product selection and the staff if always very friendly and helpful. I love that the grocery department offers lots of vegetarian products.

Review №23

Convenient location and good houseware selection.

Review №24

Cleanliness, courtesy, easy in easy out. Thank you

Review №25

The cleanliness of the store and the gentleman who checked us out.

Review №26

Store is usually pretty clean. I usually am able to find what I am looking for when I visit.

Review №27

Store is clean. Employees are friendly and helpful. Good selection of products

Review №28

If I could give zero stars I would. We tried to go in on a Saturday, but when we walked through the door, they told us we werent allowed to shop without a mask. Funny thing they are mandating the mask now. Since March of 2020, I have shopped this store numerous times without a mask. But now, they have people at the door telling you, you cannot shop without a mask and we are over a year into this so called pandemic. Will take our money elsewhere.Yes we know Corona is really and has killed numerous people. People who have underlying health conditions. Juat as anything else, this virus will affect you the way your own body allows it.

Review №29

Very courteous employees

Review №30

Great Barbie Selection 💗

Review №31

A nice Target. Checkout went very smoothly and quickly since they had extra kiosks set up. The store was neat and orderly and it seemed like they had just about everything they had advertised on sale in their Christmas advertisement.

Review №32

Clean, friendly, quick checkout even when lines are long, theyre smooth. Good stock.

Review №33

The only bad thing is that the little snack shop is closed that means no pizza :( but other than that target is way better than walmart 1000000000000%

Review №34

The selection and pricing was amazing, and the cashier was friendly.

Review №35

Always quick and easy service!

Review №36

Target has everything I needed and then some!

Review №37

Chase at the service pick up desk is amazing! Super nice and efficient!! Highly recommend him for his excellent customer service!

Review №38

My order was ready quickly. My order was correct. The whole process was easy. Thank you!

Review №39

Kaitlin was really helpful and provided impeccable customer service!

Review №40

I was very pleased to see that everyone was wearing a mask and someone was cleaning the touch pads at checkout every time someone left

Review №41

Excellent customer service associate who was fast and knowledgeable about targets process for rerurns.

Review №42

Easy to find items I came for customer service was extremely nice and also helped me because I had left my wallet someone turned in to service desk and was able to retrieve

Review №43

Store is always clean, shopping carts are sanitized before you ask. Employees are always helpful and friendly.

Review №44

Service was fast and accurate

Review №45

It was so easy to use the app to order what we needed, and the pickup process and quick and smooth. The employee was very friendly and efficiently loaded our purchase in the backseat for us.

Review №46

Everything was efficient—From the website, to the app, to the pickup process. Perfect.

Review №47

Saw a pair of boots are the Harbison store but did not have my size however website stated in Lexington store. Made the drive, with a little searching, found the boots and got the online price.. Thanks, Jesse!

Review №48

The store is always clean, I can find everything I need in one stop, and more than I need! Visiting Target is like a mini break or little vacation. I love to browse , particularly the womans plus size clothing, decor for my home, the baby stuff as I have an 11-month-old grandson and I can get my groceries and cleaning things at the same time.

Review №49

Easy, fast, reliable

Review №50

I highly recommend the pick up service. Quick and easy!

Review №51

I bought a Threshold brand sorting hamper online for in-store pickup. They had the best price and the nicest selection, and it was available almost immediately.

Review №52

Convenience and customer service

Review №53

Everyone was courteous and helpful. Would recommend your service to anyone.

Review №54

Price and availability. Target gets the job done.

Review №55

Very clean store. Carts are cleaned all the time and checkout areas as well. Friendly customer service.

Review №56

Ordering and picking up are so easy and so safe!

Review №57

Cleanliness, nice and helpful staff, products

Review №58

Employees are always fast and friendly.

Review №59

My order was a drive up/pick up order, and it was a super quick and easy process!!

Review №60

Horrible customer service. I order a coffee pot online. Got the email that said it was ready to be picked up and when i arrived they told me that they didnt want to go in the back and look for it because they had thousands of orders they would have to sift thru. Then told me that i hadnt paid for it yet when it clearly had already come out of my bank account. They tried to get me to cancel my order amd wait for my refund then come into the store and then purchase it. I dont understand why they cant just go get my order. They said it was ready and i already spent my money on it. Incompetent unfriendly unhelpful and no resolution. So they basically stole from me.

Review №61

Variety of choices and fast timing at the checkout.

Review №62

Had a personal pizza which was pepperoni from the pizza hut inside this target and it was the worst pizza i could have ever eaten.. It was loaded with cheese.. So much cheese it was globs.. Very disappointing for two pizzas and 7 minutes waiting

Review №63

Everything is always great when i go in there

Review №64

Great place to be treated like a criminal. Theyre too lazy to have registers open, so you have to do self checkout. While youre doing this, youre staring at a screen showing yourself on camera with MONITORING IN PROGRESS in bold letters across the screen. I guess target is trying to be trashier than Walmart now.

Review №65

Help and friendliness of staff as well as the Starbucks staff!

Review №66

The staff is friendly and helpful. I love the selection.Its always clean.

Review №67

Spencer was very very helpful while I was there looking for ant foggers, and pride merch. 10 out of 10 experience. He laughed with us and had great customer service!!

Review №68

I love everything about my Target! Cleanliness, helpful staff, convenient pharmacy. I can get almost everything I need in this one store.

Review №69

Terrible customer service setup and location. For pickup or returns you have to wait in line at the self checkout which can take forever. Separate customer service and pickup station in the entrance to the store would be much nicer. Over all though, great store with great employees, the target standard.

Review №70

The store seems to have an issue with lack of stock in certain areas or there is an abundance of it in other areas, but it’s sitting in boxes blocking the aisles. Employees aren’t very helpful and have been heard discussing personal issues in the children’s toys section. Overall experience with check out employees as well as return employees has been great. They are super helpful and always pleasant.

Review №71

Targets order online and drive up to pick up is so quick, easy, and efficient. It saved me so much time while I was in a crunch. I will definitely utilize this service again. The employee that brought my items was friendly, like always!

Review №72

Great shopping experience today! 💗

Review №73

Great store, selection, and staff. Convenient location.

Review №74

Great pharmacy! Great store. But you guys have to do something about the honking sounds. It’s jarring and I’m sure the employees are traumatized by it by now.

Review №75

I love my Target store! It has a great in-store atmosphere, as well as decent sales. Their baby/toddler products are cheaper than a lot of other places, and they have a great selection in general. They also have a great selection of board games, which I tend to frequent.

Review №76

The store is always clean and the staff is friendly and efficient.

Review №77

Nice, clean , high quality

Review №78

Had a great teacher coupon. They always find ways to bring me back, even through they dont need to. Store is clean and they are rarely out of my regular items.

Review №79

Very clean store and very organized, but very hard to find someone to help me on a weekend. Easier to find help during the week when it is not so busy. But everyone is friendly and the check-out was very speedy.

Review №80

The Tech people were Not interested in helping find a DVD we were looking for!!! There were at least three to four of them!!! One young lady that works there Was willing to help!!! We haven’t had very many good experiences!!!! This was around 4:30pm December 27, 2018..

Review №81

The store is always very clean and welcoming. The cashier I had today I have had before and she is wonderful. It is hard to find good caring customer service these days with all the do it yourself stuff companies want customers to do.

Review №82

My favorite Target. Clean, fully-stocked store - also well organized and easy to find things. And the employees are always very friendly and helpful.

Review №83

I couldnt find anything on sale! I love khols much better, cash back rewards are awesome! The only thing I like in Target is Starbucks!

Review №84

Great Target Store

Review №85

Worst Target to go to. Like seriously every time I time I come in they have an attitude. And don’t get me started on management. I’ve on had good experiences with very few cashiers .

Review №86

Called about a return before driving there, was told no problem come in and they would take care of it. Drove 20 minutes waited in line and was told they couldn’t take care of the return for me. Thanks for wasting my time! Wish I could give zero stars!!

Review №87

Loved it. She came out practically seconds after we pulled up. Great experience. I always hated running around the stores during the holidays. Because they are always packed. This was the best idea anyone could have come up with. Extremely impressed.

Review №88

Our son, his wife and children were in an accident and transported by ambulance. We had to get new car seats to bring them home. We came to target because it was close. We had no idea how wonderful we would be treated. 1st Kaylee told us about the exchange of 20% with coupon. Sol came to bless us with the coupon since since the other car seats were towed. Sol helped us. Then we had to exchange one because of the size. (Weight was ok, but needed infant/ toddler one) we couldnt find it but Lee went on the back and found it for us. Our son was visiting us because they were hurricane evacuated and on the way home thru lost the receipt. Kira who helped us with the exchange helped us find it.What an amazing team and leader Sol is and the workers at target. They truly went above and beyond to help us. Thank you so much!!!

Review №89

Customer service via store or online is the best!

Review №90

Great service

Review №91

Target is great overall. Wish they would send more clothes to this location. Instead of ordering online.

Review №92

Quick and easy

Review №93

Selection, quality and the employees are very nice.

Review №94

Fast and convenient

Review №95

As expected

Review №96

I placed an online order for diapers and wipes. I thought I was placing a drive up order, but actually placed a pick up order. I called customer service to see if I could change it, and the associate so generously offered to bring it out to my car when I arrived. I do grocery shopping and shopping like this with two kids, one with special needs. It’s pretty difficult to find room for large things like diapers since my daughter has to ride in the basket part while my son rides in the front. Thanks Target for making this special needs momma’s life a bit easier yesterday!

Review №97

Because it was so easy to select my items and the pickup was a breeze.

Review №98

Very pleased with service!

Review №99

I love this Target! The store is clean and the employees are nice and helpful. Well worth the 20 minute drive!

Review №100

Its Target

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  • Address:5119 Sunset Blvd, Lexington, SC 29072, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 803-520-2858
  • Baby store
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  • Electronics store
  • Furniture store
  • Grocery store
  • Toy store
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  • Monday:8AM–10PM
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  • Sunday:8AM–10PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Public restroom:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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