Kalispell Ford
2000 Rose Crossing, Kalispell, MT 59901, United States
Review №1

Where do I start? I’ve bought, sold, and traded vehicles here for years, but just last week needed their service department. So disappointed that I will probably not go back for anything. Brought my vehicle in because the brakes weren’t working. Was told that the issue would be covered under warranty. After their diagnosis, I learned it was a bad master cylinder and was quoted over $800 for the repair and the warranty would not cover it. Ridiculous that they don’t even know what’s covered under warranty and the quote seemed really high so I shopped around. All of the other quotes were WAY LOWER. I went to get the car to bring it to another mechanic and they tried to charge me $340 just for the diagnosis!!! I went to another place, and paid $400 for parts and labor combined. What makes Kalispell Ford think their parts and labor are worth that much?! Definitely shop around before using their service department.

Review №2

I felt very comfortable with the staff. I did not feel pressure to buy or make a quick discussion. I would definitely recommend this dealership.

Review №3

I want to take the time to say a special thank to one of the Kalispell Ford finest Hitch Larson for helping me buy a truck that I would like. Back in August when I went to order for a new truck Hitch was the one who step in and took me in and offered me the best prices on my truck and quite frankly help me choose the best option that would help me save money. With his wisdom and knowledge and encouragement and caring I was able to do so with his best interest at heart because he cares and wanted to see the customer satisfied on a vehicle they purchase. He took the time out of his way to help me purchase a vehicle that would fit best for me. Thank you Hitch and if anyone wants to buy a new or used vehicle I would recommend Hitch to you because he cares. I would recommend Kalispell Ford because they are there for you and want the satisfaction a customer because they care about you and will put you first. Thank you Kalispell Ford.

Review №4

Courteous and very professional experience. Our salesman, Cody Pennington, contacted me shortly after I told him what I was looking for and sold us a super clean Toyota Tacoma with low miles. We just moved here from Texas and found this Ford dealership to be top notch.

Review №5

My wife and I travel in an RV full time and visit dealerships around the US when we need service for our F350. This location is by far the best we have ever been to in the entire US. The service team, particularly Tucker, was so nice and helpful from the moment I called in through the whole in person experience. Not to mention, the building is beautiful and so clean! Keep up the great work here; the people of Kalispell are lucky to have such a great dealership!

Review №6

I want to thank Tim for wonderful car buying experience. I was so nervous and scared but he was so calm n not pushy. His concern was for me and not the sale.I will recommend you to anyone

Review №7

I had a great experience with Brooke Pollock, Service Advisor, this morning with our 2016 Transit van. With everyone in the valley being short-staffed and over-booked, its probably challenging right now... but I appreciated your calm & helpful demeaner. Thank you, Brooke!

Review №8

This was probably the best dealership Ive ever delt with! Cody the salesman was laid back, easygoing and cool! They were well organized, everything was ready, and buying process was quick. Would recommend them to anyone!

Review №9

Awesome help. Put my windshield wipers on in the rain for me so I wouldnt have to disconnect our travel trailer. Thank you so much.

Review №10

Carson and crew were able to fix our truck after calling dealerships for 1000 miles Kalispell was the only dealership willing to help out a traveler with a few days notice. Two other dealerships in Montana didnt even call us back. Big Thank you to Kalispell Ford!! We will be contacting Ford to let them know how good you are and how bad the customer service was at the others.

Review №11

I was searching originally for a ford F150. I live in Oregon on the southern coast. I found that EVERY Ford dealer in Oregon was marking up Kings Ranch and Platinums from $3500 to $5000 above sticker, as a Dealer/Market adjustment.I then tried Kendall Ford in Reno Nevada, but they had zero trucks. I searched Wyoming , as my wife is from the SHeridan area. I refuse to do business with any Lithia dealer and there are a few in Wyoming , Idaho, Oregon and Washington.I was talking with Christina at Kalispell ford, who wwas most helpful. They had a few F 150s coming in, but none of them had everything I wanted and if you are going to pay $70,000 or more, it better be what you want.I then decided I would go back to a F250 and they had a Kings Ranch coming, but someone beat me to it. Christina passed me on to Josh, who convinced me to order one with whst I wanted. Kalispell ford priced it right, Oregon dealers now wanted $5000 to $8000 above sticker. Kalispell ford was $292 for admin fees.Before it got delivered, Josh left and Corey stepped right in.When the truck arrived, I flew into Kalispell, which if you do it in November, room rates are very reasonable. If its June through September , rate quadruple.The truck arrived. Corey picked me up the next morning. He took all the time I needed to learn about the vehicle and its electronics. The finance pewople were great. I was out by noon for my 950 mile drive home.I would recommend them in a heartbeat. Good people, great dealer. Wish I could do my service there as the closest Ford dealer to me is 130 miles away.

Review №12

I came in looking for a new Ford and Roy showed me exactly what I was looking for!My experience was effortless and informative.I will recommend Kalispell Ford to all of my friends and family!

Review №13

Sam Kilduff was awesome to work with! Very patient when I was undecided with what vehicle I wanted.Told him what issues were going on with each and he made notes to get both in for diagnostics and to be fixed.I was unhappy with my first choice and less then 24 hours was exchanging it for a different vehicle. The process was fast and simple.Good job guys!!

Review №14

My advice would be to take any used vehicle from this lot to another garage for a second inspection. Ford sold me an f350 with a list of issues. One of which was broken leaf springs. I feel this should have been spotted in any service department before it was sold. Giving 4 stars because, even though it took three months, they fixed the issues and worked hard to keep their word. Orion is the man.

Review №15

Brought old truck in to get fixed. And try as they could to fix it reasonably they could not and after 2 weeks and only $633. They informed me that it would need a new engine, and as the truck was 21 years old we felt it wasnt worth it. So we bought a new to us truck 2019 f350 xlt diesel. The salesman mark and 2. Sales managers, Orion and Aaron were so helpful and made it happen the next day. We are so thankful as we are traveling doing our sons bucket list as he has stage 4 cancer and we really needed to get going. We can never thank Kalispel Ford and all the employees. Who helped us to get going.

Review №16

Hitch Larsen and the finance team were amazing to work with. Answered all or our questions and worked quickly. Very happy with our experience purchasing our 2021 F150

Review №17

You did a repair on one of our company trucks on 8/29/2019, a high pressure oil tube. That tube failed in under 6,000 miles since the repair. There was a two year warranty, 24,000 mile warranty on the repair and parts. The parts were ordered a month earlier and prepaid. It took 3 weeks to get the part. Once the part arrived, it took another 3 weeks for you to complete the repair. It was finished on 8/29/2019.Today, you declined to cover the repair and part under warranty because the part was ordered more than 2 years ago, even though you did not complete the work on it until 8/29/2019. The part never left the building. Now it is going to cost over $1K for the repair. Bad move on the Parts & Service Manager. So, we will pay for the repair... again.However, for the six (6) company trucks that we were working on the order for, that order is now being placed with Don K as I type this sitting in their showroom, $409.284.00. This is the second time you have lost a sale. There wont be a third chance.

Review №18

Customer service is unmatched. I have bought 2 cars with them now and from sales to service I have not been disappointed in the least.

Review №19

Best sales department Ive ever experienced. Professional, cordial, flexible and patient. No pressure. Price and trade in is extremely fair: KBB or better. They remained very patient when I had difficulty deciding which vehicle I wanted and switched on them 3 times. This is a great group of folks. Highly recommend. Dealt with Josh, Chad and Seth. All are top notch.

Review №20

Professional and a good buying experience. Since dealing with both Kalispell Toyota and now Kalispell Ford I will not purchase anywhere that does not follow their business practice of Best Price. No negotiating BS, if you can find a better deal somewhere else fine (but you probably wont).

Review №21

Test drive several pickups, Tim Jellison sales consultant was fantastic, can I give him more than 5 stars? Tim was patient, never pushy. Ended up with a new Ford F-150, and I couldn’t be happier. Kalispell Ford is now my #1 stop for service and in the future for purchase.

Review №22

Our best experience buying a new vehicle ever. The one-price process eliminates the hassle. The salesman was extremely knowledgeable and responded quickly with questions or issues regarding delivery once the order was made.

Review №23

Excellent service, very knowledgeable. Sam, our salesman took the time to show us all of the features of our new bronco and we were very pleased with his attention to detail. he even took the time to notify me after the sale that I had left something in my trade in and offered to mail it back to me which I thought was very impressive.

Review №24

The moment we walked through the doors we felt at ease. Josh Otis and his crew were fantastic! They were so patient with us! Would definitely reccomend them to friends, family and wed visit again if/when we needed another vehicle. Thank so much to all!!!

Review №25

Roy and team made this car buy the easiest we have ever experienced. No question they focus on doing what’s best for the customer. Thanks again Roy, Donta, Gerrid and team!

Review №26

Our experience at Kalispell Ford was great! Josh did an amazing job sticking with us, seeing how we changed our minds several times! He made the process flow easily and made sure to go over everything with us. We have and will continue to recommend Kalispell Ford to others!

Review №27

I would like to thank Cory Braaten at Kalispell Ford for all of the help he was willing to give me in my search for a new car. He went above and beyond and I very much appreciate it. Thank you.

Review №28

Service was great! Roy did a great job assisting us with the whole process of purchasing our car.

Review №29

Beautiful new dealership but amazingly poor service. I was here from out of town and my car started to run funny. Looked online for the common problem with these cars and went to the dealership. Stopped in the service area to discuss my issue with a service writer. He informed me that he needed the car for at least a couple days to even look at it and wouldnt be able to fix it for at least 3 weeks if the suspected problem was the issue. Thats absurd. Is their nobody that can at least take a few minutes to see if they agree with the assessment of the issue?

Review №30

Very knowledgeable, helpful people. Painless, yet a great deal. We couldn’t be happier!

Review №31

Brought our vehicle in for service work on a Ford issued safety recall. We were told it would only take a couple hours to fix... That was about five days ago now. They provided us with a rental car on the second day when it was clear that this was not going to be resolved soon, so that was okay. Hoping to learn more about why this happened, whats actually wrong (no one there seems to know) and then get this resolved asap.

Review №32

Great team that helped and had honest answers during my entire buying experience.

Review №33

My experience was an example of expediency and professionalism exhibited by my agent Cody Pennington. Cody was very courteous and knows his job well.Dealing with Cody was a pleasant experience and Kalispell Ford is fortunate to have his expertise and good natured personality.

Review №34

Transparency in auto transactions is very important to me. Even with the craziness of the current post-Covid market, I need to know my dealer of choice values me enough as a customer to be honest and treat me fairly. Yesterday, I had a mixed experience at Kalispell Ford.My interaction started online with Christina and Cory. Both were very nice and professional as we set-up an appointment to meet. When I met with Cory, he came across as an honest, capable guy. Cory and I were progressing well in our discussions until our conversation was interrupted by Dante, the sales manager, who is Corys boss. Dante was unusually interested in where I was originally from and the previous two-way conversation with Cory turned into a sales monologue presented by Dante. He told me all about why he was adding more profit into the MSRP of the car I wanted and how nothing related to price was negotiable.Dante continued to talk a lot without saying much and he lost my attention entirely as soon as he told me he was born and raised in Los Angeles. It was quite off-putting, like he was letting me know his background was far more worldly than this Northwestern Montana hillbilly. Hearing nothing now but white noise coming from Dantes mouth, I suspected I was not going to be able to deal with Kalispell Ford.After his boss left, Cory and I tried to pick up where we left off but since I was unwilling to pay MSRP or MSRP plus an additional $2,500 mark-up, there wasnt really much to talk about.Lastly, the transparency issue: Kalispell Ford brags that the only fee it charges for an auto transaction is a $297 processing fee, which is an outright lie. The price quote for the cars I was interested in included a thinly-veiled $1,200 destination and delivery fee. This dishonesty will undermine my ability to ever buy from Kalispell Ford, as Im foreseeing more fun and adventures with additional fees as soon as I would sit down in the credit managers office.I recommend car buyers do their homework, then take a short drive to a different dealership.Update: I attempted to contact the manager who replied to this review but my voicemail message went unreturned.

Review №35

My wife and I purchased a new Ford truck. We stopped by and picked up a brochure. After deciding which truck we met with sales and a manager to see if we should order it or try to find one. Manager let us know about truck that met requirements that was en route to dealership. We purchased this truck. Paperwork was quick and easy. We would buy from Kalispell Ford again in future.

Review №36

This was my first time buying a truck from Kalispell Ford and I am very happy I went there to do it. the sales people were very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. They worked with us for 6 hours to make sure we were getting all the options we needed on our truck. We are towing a boat with it and needed all the towing features. We found a 2021 F-150 with everything we needed. The price was right and we purchased it. They even went the extra mile and got it ready for us to take home even though it had arrived by train the night before and needed to be serviced prior to sale. They cleaned it up and we love it. We are so happy to have our truck and it is now my new dream car. We couldnt be happier with the service we received. We will work with them the next time we need to buy a truck.

Review №37

We have had the pleasure of working with Cody from the sales team for 3 work vehicles and 2 personal vehicles the last few times. And he along with the entire staff are great and always just fair honest transaction.

Review №38

Super great people make every process go smoothly highly recommend doing any business here from service to sales

Review №39

I myself had Hunter as my service advisor. He took time out of his day to make sure our car was safe and had all the right recalls performed. We will always recommend him to anyone. Thanks again!

Review №40

Mark and Sam was really nice to work with getting our new Ranger. Sam stayed with us and was telling us all about the new mustang that is coming out and then Mark was done with his stuff and got our finance done got the pickup and got us out of three Kalipell Ford is a real nice place to get everything done from looking right down to servicing our automobile they are great

Review №41

Wed give it no stars if it were possible. Took our Ford F-150 into the dealership for emergency service. We were in the area over the 4th and traveling. The service tech didnt seem to want our business and wouldnt schedule an appointment. Talked to my wife first and then myself. At one point the service tech simply walked away and went into the back office for 20-30 minutes while we waited. I think they thought we would just leave. While we waited the young car runner was super helpful and should probably run the place. We were finally able to scheduled a future appointment and we told them to call us if anyone canceled in the next few days. Took our vin and phone number. We still have not received a confirmation email/text. I thought sending a confirmation email/text for services is a standard procedure for all Fords, but I may be wrong. Talked to some locals who told us that this business already has a poor reputation and to not go there. Called Corwin Auto. They gave us an appointment for a week out, someone canceled, got us in that week and fixed an Oxygen Sensor no problem. Dont waste your time and go somewhere else. Scroll down and read some other service reviews. Youll see this may be standard procedure.

Review №42

The crew at Kalispell Ford is fantastic! I’m super picky and always need time to make up my mind but they are so patient and easy to work with. They searched everywhere for the truck I was looking for. Needless to say I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Besides selling the best looking truck on the road there customer service is top notch. If you’re in the market check these guys out!

Review №43

This place has really stepped up their game. Ive bought vehicles from here in the past and they are knowledgeable and willing to work with you as a customer. The service dept. has gotten way better! When they first opened I hated going here to have my vehicle worked on. However now they know what theyre talking about and what theyre doing. Its not frustrating and its fast service now. As long as they stick to their high standards I would recommend this place to anyone who needs work done.

Review №44

The buying experience was very pleasant and went smoothly. Hitch was a great guy to work with and was a very low-pressure buying experience. Very happy overall!

Review №45

My wife and I were very happy with our buying experience. Our salesman, Mark Becker was extremely friendly and did not come across pushy at all. Two other employees helped us as well, and really seemed to do everything they could to make our situation work to get us into a nice pickup. Would recommend to anyone. Great buying experience!

Review №46

Great service my enign over heated they came to my house to make sure it wasnt something they did it was a short price of hose they even gave me a short price of hose and. Hose clamps to get me by untel my part came in

Review №47

This is absolutely the best dealership I have been to in many years. They handled my recall with ease and even performed additional tasks with my vehicle. Thank you so much for your professionalism!

Review №48

I bought a truck 400 miles from my home because Josh O was great they have/had good prices here. I never felt like he was jerking me around and he took the extra steps to really help me out.

Review №49

Poor service and no communication when trying to get parts install on my truck.

Review №50

The service area was clean and welcoming. I was welcomed to their facility by friendly faces.This was my first trip to this Ford dealer for any serviceIf I were to change anything. It would be to at least clean the outside of the vehicle. My Ford dealer before did. It always made me come back for warranty and cash type service.Keep up the good work you’re doing.

Review №51

These 5 stars were earned by the salesman Hitch. He came through perfectly under demanding circumstances, well done.

Review №52

My service rep is fantastic. She does a great job of keeping me informed of what’s going on and the timeframe. The technician who works on my car also does a great job of keeping me informed and letting me know why certain things need to be done. They are prompt courteous and efficient.

Review №53

Salesman Cody was excellent and answered all our questions and was easy to talk to. No pressure in buying and would buy from him again.

Review №54

Orion and Roy went out of their way to get me in an affordable and safe car for my family. They did an amazing job. I’m a small business owner here in the valley and because of that my credit hasn’t been the best in 2020. They did an absolute amazing job to get me the best financing possible! Highly recommend!!

Review №55

If I could give this service center a zero I would. We have a 1996 Ford Explorer. It has always been a really reliable car but lately it does not always start so we took it to kalispell Ford early Friday morning. We finally got a call from Tucker, that it was a fuel pump issue. Napa had the part and it would be ready on Wednesday. I called to check on Tuesday and he apologized that the part had not been ordered but he was working on it. I called early Wednesday morning and he told me that it would be late Wednesday. They still were not working on it obviously. Mid afternoon I got a call that they had to stop working on our car to work on another car that had an appointment. Seriously? We had an appointment on Friday but I guess that did not count. After complaining he went to his supervisor and he called back to say that they would try. Then another call and he said that the mechanics were worried about replacing the fuel pump because the bolts were rusted. Had they ordered the part they would have seen that problem earlier. So after six days we took the car back in the same condition we brought it in! We were going to look for another car but we decided to wait because we were assured that this car was fixable. Sure not going to kalispell Ford for another car! So disgusted with this dealership.

Review №56

Such very friendly people. One thing I appreciate about is that they did a recall on my 2015 Ford F-150, when another Ford dealer in my home town failed to do its job. They even fixed on my Cruise control issues and was nice to know how they actually CARE ABOUT YOU. The price is fair and they will negotiate with you on whatever u have and will help you out if u need it. I definitely recommend Kalispell Ford for everyone in Lincoln County and Flathead County. Thank you Kalispell Ford and Happy New Years. My next Ford Truck will be from Kalispell Ford

Review №57

Very friendly service. Excellent employees and managers. Very easy to work with. Most painless experience in buying a new truck Ive ever had.

Review №58

Both the Sales Manager, Seth W., and my Service Advisor, Garret F., have come through for me in a big way, multiple times. Weve purchased seven or eight new or lightly-used Fords from Seth. I love the guy so much I wont even talk to anyone else. I just go in and find Seth. On the service side, Garrett has made himself personally available to me so that I can contact him quickly when I need him - like I did just yesterday, when we had an issue with one of our fleet trucks. The Owner, Gerrid, personally introduced himself and thanked me for my business. I had heard of him for years, and read about him and his dealerships many times, and I found him to be a great guy in person. Very happy to continue doing business with this awesome team of people. Thank you very much!

Review №59

This is one of my favorite Ford Dealers. I’ve been please with every part of the service department. I use the express lube more often than not due to the amount of driving I do, and I give them 5 stars every time. I like to stay in my rig during the process as if I have any questions, they can be asked immediately. I had the pleasure of having Hunter perform my oil change on my last trip in, and he was very professional and courteous all while creating a relationship for a return customer. Price and customer service is a 5 out 5 for me! Keep up the good work guys, see you in a few weeks for another oil change!

Review №60

Best dealership and sales process I have experienced. Bought two cars from them recently and Meagan is the best!

Review №61

Excellent customer service. Sam made the process easy and was great to work with, would definitely recommend!

Review №62

Roy is THE MAN! He is so patient, thorough, and communicative. He drove me around to see all the cars I had on my list, even ones that were not at the Ford dealership but at partner lots, all to make sure I knew all my options. As someone that does not know a lot about cars, Roy made things so simple to understand. He really upholds Kalispell Fords motto of wanting to find everyone the best car for them and he helped me find mine!!

Review №63

Went good. Id like to be out of there in less than an hour and not 3!

Review №64

Talk about a nice dealership and fantastic service department, this is the place. Just when I thought customer service is a thing of the past, I was lucky enough to pull into Kalispell Ford and regain some faith. The service department was prompt and efficient with thorough communication. Jordan stayed late to help me out so my door would close for the ride home.Thanks, I’ll will definitely be back and give plenty of referrals.Dave M

Review №65

I took my pickup into Ford for them to work on it. The mechanic replaced a part that was brand new and the problem was still there. When I took it back in to be look at, they said they were a month out. Since then I have been in there three times and they keep on charging me to run the same diagnostics and send me home only to have the same problems. Kalispell Ford is unprofessional and the mechanics are not qualified. I recommend Lithia Ford in Missoula.

Review №66

Great experience. Buying a vehicle is usually such a hassle. Jim and Jada were both fantastic to work with. No pressure and no games. Highly recommend this dealer.

Review №67

This place is the best dealer and parts in ALL of Montana!! On a road trip to Alaska and my fuel banjo bolt broke and the lady in parts took the time to look it up and troubleshoot and got me the part!!! saved my bacon!!

Review №68

Great, quick service. Friendly staff, fair prices. Follow-up after I got home! All good!

Review №69

I needed a new ride, but frankly did not want to go through the whole rigamarole of buying a truck. In other places I have spent all day going back and forth until we got to a price that I could live with. Not fun. The moment I walked into Kalispell Ford I realized that this was going to be a different experience. They have a no haggling policy. All prices are rock bottom. since I purchased my truck, they have built a fantastic new dealership. The whole thing is top of the line. Their staff is all friendly and helpful. Their service department is also very good. I appreciated the process and I plan to buy my next vehicle from Kalispell Ford.

Review №70

I had a great experience. They were very helpful and got me in even though I was late for an oil change. The price is very reasonable and I will come again.Thanks

Review №71

I bought a used truck in Kalispell from this dealer and had a very good experience all the way around. After a month I discovered an issue with the truck. The service people were very prompt at getting it looked at and fixed. I am very happy with their service also.

Review №72

Sophia was absolutely amazing to work with! Ive bought 2 cars from Kalispell Ford now and i wont go anywhere else!

Review №73

I normally service my own vehicle and have for 209,000 miles. However, I just have moved up here into Northwestern Montana. During January, there are not many places that I could service my truck seeing that there is about 3’ of snow on the ground. I went out on a limb and came to Kalispell Ford. Much to my surprise, I was very comfortable with them servicing my vehicle. They did a fantastic job and checked all fluids in the vehicle including the front differential, rear differential and transfer case fluid which commonly by a quick lube is overlooked. This is a state of the art facility! They have a waiting room where you have a coffee bar and they have live surveillance tablets for you to watch your vehicle being serviced. That is a big perk for me because I am the one that has always serviced this truck. These guys seem like they know what they’re doing and act in a very professional manner. Their prices are exceptionally competitive! I would highly recommend this dealership.

Review №74

The service department staff were very good listeners and the shop folks fixed my braking system. I was pleased. Communication between the shop and the parts department needs some work. I ordered parts and was told they would call as soon as they arrived. I called back a week later to ask about the parts and they had been in for 6 days!! So I contacted the service department to set up my appointment and was scheduled for two weeks later. Then the day before my appointment, the parts department called and wanted to know if I still wanted the parts. Curious, why didnt the service department communicate with the parts department?

Review №75

So far Ive been pleased with the service department. Ive had a couple of repairs done lately and the customer care has been quite pleasant. I have not felt as great about the sales team (Im ambivalent), but the service folks have earned my trust.

Review №76

I purchased a late model f150 two years ago from Kalispell Ford. I had problems with the front end from day one. I’ve made over a dozen trips (130 miles round) to fix the problem with the truck. I’ve had rental vehicles for almost a month while my vehicle was in service. Appointments are two weeks out, they find issue after issue but can’t fix same day, so I’m forced to return when they have an opening, again 2 weeks later. The company doesn’t stand behind their parts either. The truck has had at least 3 wheel bearing replacements on the same wheel, with less than 100,000 miles. I’ve complained to the service department about this Lemon endlessly and it falls on deaf ears. I’ll never buy another f150 nor another vehicle from Kalispell Ford

Review №77

The whole experience was great. Even when life happens and we had to return the vehicle within seven days, we still walked away knowing that we were going to be back.

Review №78

Great service, no pressure buying. I bought a chevrolet silverado from kalispell ford (Kevin) and the process couldnt be easier. The staff was very friendly and greatly knowledgeable. I would definitely return. Thanks so much kalispell Ford!!

Review №79

Friendly staff, great service department. Had a transmission pump seal replacement. Ended up getting a faulty new seal on the first visit. Carson and the service department took me in every time I had a concern. Ended up getting another front pump seal and never charged a thing after the initial charge. Took a little bit longer than expected to fix the issues but kalispell Ford handled the issues and corrected the problems to the best I could ask for. They did the right thing. Thank you Carson, and Kalispell Ford.

Review №80

Libby was a pleasure to work with, she was very committed to finding the perfect truck for us.Obrien worked the deal quickly and put the truck in our budget. I would recommend.

Review №81

Orion and Mike were very accommodating and made my purchase very quick and easy.

Review №82

I was pleased with the sales team and how they took care of us. The signing process took a bit longer than anticipated (2 hours). Overall we are very happy with Kalispell Ford.

Review №83

The people Ive worked with the past 6 months have done so well at reassuring my confidence in customer service. A couple of parts hiccups that cost me some time, but the crew at K Ford has made it right when they didnt have to. That in my mind, in this day and age, has become such a lost characteristic in not only society, but especially in the automobile dealership world that hats off and 5 stars for all the people down at our Ford dealership in north Kalispell. Thanks guys!

Review №84

Have had my car for about 2 months was told 5-6 times a date the car would be finished and has yet to happen was also told when I first went in that they do not do rentals through the dealership yet every single dealership provides rentals. So I just kinda shrugged my shoulders hoping it would be like every other dealership and a rather quick fix. A month in I got frustrated after they told me 3 different times it would be done and demanded a rental instantly was given one and told to bring back at 2,000 miles then was told it would be done yesterday at the end of the day and has yet to be finished I then proceeded to let them know the miles on my rental were up and they then told me they couldn’t provide me with another rental and asked if I could find other transportation. I told them no because of the way I had already been treated that I would not go out of my way yet again to find a ride to and from work every single day. I will never buy or do business with Ford again and when they finish the car I will sell it to avoid any future problems with the company. Absolutely worse service I have ever experienced.

Review №85

Salesman worked hard to make sure everything went smoothly, and it did.

Review №86

Competitive prices. Helpful friendly staff. Great warrenty! Highly recommend checking it out.

Review №87

Roy and Dante did a great job getting me into my new car- I couldnt recommend them any more than I already do. Im a happy customer-- thanks you guys!

Review №88

Great dealership. Josh O was great salesman. Financing and options were explained very well (thanks Troy). This was a great purchase experience!

Review №89

Excellent experience. Staff was friendly and efficient. Work was done on time. Very nice facility.

Review №90

No issues whatsoever!! Brought my vehicle in, stated my concern, and before I knew what was going on-- my car was fixed! Best service team EVER!

Review №91

The work performed was completed in a professional manner and looks great. Only complaint today was the one hour appointment turned into a 2 & 1/2 wait. Other customers were also waiting longer than normal times so there must have been something unusual happening that day. This wont prevent me from returning.

Review №92

I har great turn around time with this Ford Service Center. I towed my car that had been immobilized in to be unlocked and added on an alignment and assumed it would be the next day as nothing had been scheduled. I got a call a couple hours later telling me it was ready to be picked up!

Review №93

Can’t say enough about the staff and technicians at Kalispell Ford! Called to make an appointment while crossing the country with a trailer. Staff worked me in and worked through lunches to get me back on the road. I appreciated the loaner truck so I could continue to explore the area. It was a major engine repair and I no longer hear noises or feel slipping. These people know trucks! Trust them with your vehicle. You won’t regret it!

Review №94

Bought a truck online. Everyone from the sales rep to the finance people were excellent. I live in California and will pick my truck up in a couple of weeks. They have offered to pick me up at the airport. Nice touch!

Review №95

I took my truck in to get the cup holders replaced under BtB warranty after they broke. Garret ordered the part And they called about a week later to tell me the part was in and set up an appointment to get it installed. I also needed a recall issue fixed and they took care of that. After about an hour they told me it was done, and I got in my truck to find the cup holder still broken. After bringing it up they looked at it and determined that the part ordered was the wrong one, and they changed out a perfectly good cup holder, not the broken one. The new (hopefully correct) part should be ordered now, and I’m sure I’ll hear back in a week or so that it’s in.

Review №96

These guys are customer oriented. Our business owner forgot his entire business clip board box at the dealer by mistake. I’m out working on downtime when a random man, who is an off duty employee of Ford stops next to me to inform they have our boss’ clipboard and to let him know because their attempts to reach out to him via phone were unsuccessful. Their work ethic does not stop at their door. Quality and business ethic goes hand to hand in any business. Our boss is thankful!

Review №97

Fair, straightforward, & easy. All major purchases should be this way.Ill return. Recommended.

Review №98

Went to the dealer to look around and check out prices without being bothered. Mike Plum came out of the showroom and asked how I was doing. I stated I was just looking at options and pricing and I wasnt necessarily in the market for a new truck. He proceeded to stand with me until I asked questions. The entire team I worked with was OUTSTANDING. Mike - Sales, and Donte - Finance specifically.

Review №99

While it took many months to fully discover and correct the electrical problems on my Ford Explorer, Kalispell Ford was absolutely accommodating, even when my car during the process came out of warranty during the difficulties and “Corporate Ford“ refused to honor the claim that started while the car was under warranty. They treated me fairly and absorbed the cost of repairs and a loaner car. They are a wonderful example of “Montana” customer service and continue to earn our large family’s loyalty.

Review №100

Made a service appointment via FordPass app, received a confirmation email, showed up for the appointment and was told my appointment was not in their system. I even showed them the confirmation email. Then after waiting 15 minutes I was told they could not even look at my vehicle. Very disappointed.

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  • Site:http://www.kalispellford.com/
  • Phone:+1 406-755-3673
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