Discount Tire
55 Treeline Rd, Kalispell, MT 59901, United States

Review №1

They were able to get me in on the same day with great customer service.My dogs were even invited to come into the lobby which was very considerate, since we didnt plan on having a flat tire, and they dont do well in the car alone.I got my tires here so they are also going to rotate them.Always, always get them rotated in time!

Review №2

The 2 times that I was in the store the last week it was very busy. Non stop people needing help in store and on phone. All the employees were very patient and helped everyone and met there needs. Everyone super friendly. Thanks everyone for taking care of my emergency in such a timely manner. I very much appreciate it and will return to this store.

Review №3

The crew at discount tire has been great. I purchased a wheel and tire package for my mother online, and I ordered the wrong bolt pattern. They put me together with the store In Kalispell and they absolutely took care of it exchanged the wheels for no charge and were super friendly and helpful on the phone and in person. I’ve seen a couple of negative reviews and I know that everyone makes mistakes. I get the feeling that some of the negative reviews are from people who are never satisfied or happy. If you find yourself leaving negative reviews for most businesses that you deal with, maybe some self reflection is in order

Review №4

Very nice place! We are out of state and all our tires were low on the day we had to leave. These guys very super friendly and super helpful!! We got air fast so we could leave on time. Thank you very much!!

Review №5

I have tried and tried and tried to get an appointment for winter tire change...on line reviewed possible time openings, when I found one it was impossible to confirm it since there was a red circle with a red line through it so it could not be confirmed? Tried 3-4 times on different days Tried to phone for an appointment for days and days , only put on hold until my time was at its limit. I understand they are busy but this is ludicrous....will go to another tire shop in the future to purchase my tires for my 4 vehicles!!

Review №6

Amazing service and the best tire prices in town

Review №7

Never EVER again! Away from my home base, I damaged the inside tire on my new dually pickup. I stopped for a repair but sidewall damage was unrepairable. Discount Tire sold me on a replacement for $186.64. Makes sense, right? Discount also has a store in my Montana home town. I waited... and waited... and waited. When time for install came, the tire I was told was in stock was gone. But, what a deal, theyd sell me a higher grade tire for the same price. 18,000 miles later, the factory tires are still looking good. The substitute new tire is bald as a cue ball. Not only that, the installation made it impossible to air up the inside tire without removing the outside tire. I stopped in to review the transaction with my local store. Theyd be happy to give me another new tire at a prorated price. I said NO MORE MONEY from me. I have an appointment with a reputable local tire store will plans for a complete set new shoes for the pickup.

Review №8

Took the car in for winter tire change at 10 am. Done by 11 am. And that was without an appt. Lucky maybe. But the staff were polite and professional. I`Il continue to give them my business.

Review №9

Sale went well. Today, I took a day off work, drove 75 miles for the scheduled installation, and they couldn’t find the tires I had ordered. So now, I’ll have to do it again. I should have gone to Firestone in Missoula for good service. Not very pleased with this poor customer service.

Review №10

Don’t waste your time. I recommend the get new leadership clearly whoever is in charge now just doesn’t give a f

Review №11

Had a few hiccups. Tired I originally ordered online were no longer being manufactured but they called me right away to let me know. The employees themselves were great, the website was just not updated and thats not their own fault. I will be returning

Review №12

I don’t recommend this place for fleet vehicle services. For a simple tire rotation, an appointment is required. We come in 15 minutes before the appt time and the vehicle doesn’t go in until a half hour after appt time. Our vehicles tread hundreds of miles a day and from one business to another, our time means everything and can’t afford to be down longer than anticipated.The staff is very friendly though so I cannot knock them down.

Review №13

This team is above and beyond on every level! They provide excellent customer service and they are efficient. Best tire shop in the valley!

Review №14

Great experience. Good services, no BS attempts to get more money. I am pleased.

Review №15

Discount tire used to rate 5 of 5 stars with me. I have been a customer for most of my families vehicles for over 20 years. The last 2 years in Kalispell however they seem to never be able to handle the winter rush nor do they change anything in their daily routine to help this. Waiting for 30 minutes to an hour on hold to see how my vehicle is or to MAKE SURE they use my discount tire card instead of charging my wife..and they dont...having to leave work because they wont answer the phone. Being told it will be over 4 days before they can change to studded (4) 215/75/15 tires that I bought from them...twebsite is wrong we cant actually honor the appointment you made..Hire someone to answer phones during the winter crunch? Is that so hard? Cant even put a note on the door not taking drop offs so wife and 4 year old go drop off at 6am in 12 degrees to have someone else go back in person to talk to them because they wont answer the phone. My wife waited over an hour on hold and then had to ask a friend to drive their. (3) decades? You took dropoffs that I know if. I think isI start my own tire business. You guys show me their is room for the business and lots of room for improvement..Your no longer loyal customer.Costco might have got your business now..say goodbye to me having your credit card too..

Review №16

Discount Tire is amazing! They go above and beyond! Best customer service!!

Review №17

Could definitely use a new owner who knows how to control the store and himself. Very disappointed in his Service. Even the kids seem to more know then the owner

Review №18

Luv this place! They treat me with respect and they are very professional and nice! Awesome service! Great prices! Will go there for all my tires!

Review №19

I was on vacation with my F350 and noticed I was loosing presser in the front tire. I pulled into Discount Tire at 5pm. Jason was really helpful he found a screw in my tire and they plugged it for me by 6pm I was out the door. Very nice employees. The even checked the tire pressure and torqued the lug nuts of the other three tires.

Review №20

Excellent staff. Even when they were very busy with staff they made sure to communicate status well and made sure all customers were given the right amount of attention.

Review №21

Discount tire has outgrown this tiny location with only 3 stalls. Its why they are 4 weeks out on tire swaps and have no one answering the phone. I, like so many here, needed tires swapped. Went to Les Schwab, done in 4 hours without an appointment.I requested new Inserts and screws which broke and fell out of my RBP wheels on 3/17/20. I was told they were on back order in May. I inquired again in June, no response. I inquired again in July. Not sure where they are, will check and get back to you.. Inquired again in August and September. Will have to re-order.. Inquired again in October. Must be on back order. You get the point.You guys are destroying your reputation. Get a second location opened up ASAP, at least 3 times in size. Customers who bought tires from you should take priority over non-customers with flats and puncture repairs.

Review №22

We got 6 studded winter tires and 4 rims for $800 + change ,thats with the discounts. Very great deal

Review №23

If I could leave ZERO stars or even better negative stars I would!! Called Kalispell MT store and ordered specific tires on 10/26 and made appointment for 11/18 to have them installed. Received an email on 10/30 saying my tires had arrived so I called the store to see I could move my appointment up & pay for my over $1500.00 worth of tires but after spending 25 minutes on hold I just hung up. Today 11/17 I received a call from the Kalispell store saying they dont have my tires in and cant get them for my appointment tomorrow. They offered a FAR inferior tire at a discount... Taking my business for all my vehicles somewhere else as Im sure my tires arrived, were put on someone elses vehicle now they cant get mine in!!! EXCEPTIONALLY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! My family needed those tires installed before a road trip since we are leaving on 11/21 the 11/18 appointment was already cutting us close. Fortunately for me when I called a competitor on 11/17 they didnt have the tires in stock either, but could get them by the next day and could also get them installed on 11/18. Talk about exceptional customer service! From now on Im taking all my vehicle tire business to Tire Rama. They know how to come through for their customers!!

Review №24

I dont usually leave reviews but after calling around to a few other places on winter tires, wheels, and installation, it was a huge relief to speak with Michael at Discount Tire in Kalispell. Call these guys first to save the headache and run-around that everyone else will give you.

Review №25

Great customer service and staff providing my winter tires needs during a very busy season.

Review №26

Even though their website messed up and double booked the appointments they squeezed me in knowing I had just driven 60 miles on bald tires to get my snow tires installed and the error was their fault. Excellent customer service!

Review №27

Waste of time. Website and voice very misleading. Cant not drop off vehicle without appt. No tires in stock what a joke. Save 2 bucks cist your life. Disappointing.

Review №28

When someone trusts your place of business to do quality work on there vehicle and you employees break something on there vehicle! At least have the balls to man up and admit it! Instead of denying it! REALLY! Glad I found out before giving you my business!

Review №29

I went to the Discount Tire website to make an appointment for Winter tires mounted and balanced. The website stated walk in welcome and there was no place to make an appointment. I then called the store and no answer, only 30 minutes of message to keep on holding. I went to the Kalispell, MT store to check on leaving a set of tires and rims for the store to mount and balance when they had time. I was told they couldnt take the set of tires and rims and to come back the next morning at 8 am. I arrived at 7:30 am the next day and I was the third in line outside the door. At 8 am the door was opened and I was told they couldnt take my set of tires and rims for mount and balance and I would need to make an appointment onlone. I informed the customer service representative, they werent taking appointments on line and he stated realy and still repeated that Id have to make an appointment. At that point I gave up and went to the competing tire shop, left my rims and tires with them. 3 hours later they called to have me pick them up. I have had Discount Tire as my number 1 tire shop for about 3 years and even turned others to Discount Tire due to their customer service. I even had the Discount Tire credit card. I have no reason to return or use their credit card now that their customer service had dropped to a zero on a scale of one to ten. I will go to their competition for no on. I hope management steps in to correct the problem, but until they do, I wont even bother going to the Kalispell, MT store again.

Review №30

I made an on-line appt. to have my snow tires (which I purchased there). When I arrived at my appointment I was told there would a 1 1/2 hour wait. I would be stuck there since I did not have a ride. When I asked when the earliest could come back if I rescheduled they said Nov. 27th. Well, it started snowing today so I cancelled my appt and found somewhere else. I will not be using their services nor buying from them again.

Review №31

Its very busy time of year, but they are handling the load with grace.

Review №32

Very fast service. Arrived at 845am and by 910am I had 4 new tires and my car was done. Very large selection and very knowledgeable staff.

Review №33

Never again, Discount Tire! You just lost a loyal customer. We paid $768 for all-season tires last August. COP Discoverer AT3 4S brand and style. We have only put about 12k miles on them, and Discount Tire gave us a tire mileage warranty of 65k miles. The tires are completely bald in sections already. We took them back in, and the salesman says it is not covered by their warranty, blaming mechanical problems for tire balding. There is no mechanical problem. Just cheap tires. NOT OKAY.

Review №34

These guys were great. Got my airstream tire patched and rotated the tires on the tow vehicle quickly. Couldn’t ask for more.

Review №35

Good service and they will match any competitors price, even online prices

Review №36

Tony C was amazing to work with, he saw to it I got on the road safely and even went above and beyond to make sure I got my spare put back under my car properly!I had a scheduled appointment and they got me in and out with ease!I will definitely return and I appreciate their fun atmosphere and quick service!

Review №37

I really don’t know how this store is still running.. the managers are a complete joke. This store is a waste of time i suggest going to Costco instead it’s right up the street. They are very unprofessional workers I don’t know how any of them still have jobs

Review №38

Awful experience. Their customer service was terrible. Order was late, they refuse to answer phones in their store, had to go in to find out what was happening at which point they assumed I was lying about driving on a donut so wanted to see my car, walk ins are not welcome and they told me so, when they did call to ask about order I was told I had to drop it off all day and then couldnt wait in store. Useless. Just scheduled a full appointment at Les Schwab for 2 days from now and will never use these guys again.

Review №39

Good quality and excellent prices. Excellent customer service. Wont buy tires anywhere else.

Review №40

What excellent service! We stopped in for an air check and they were kind enough to squeeze us in on a busy day. Friendly and fast- would highly recommend!

Review №41

Super fast service. I got there right when they opened and I was the 3rd person in line... 20 minutes later I drove away with 4 new tires on the truck and for half the price of those guys over at Les Schwab

Review №42

A month out to put snow tires on, that I bought there, no drop offs anymore? went to les Schwab,they got it done today!

Review №43

The only place my husband and I will go to get tires changed! They have the absolute best prices and service in this valley. 10/10 would recommend

Review №44

Great service, good prices, I will continue to use this location

Review №45

Always great service and very nice staff

Review №46

Had a appointment for 2:30 on Oct 28th and by 3:20 I had to leave cause they hadnt even touched my vehicle yet. So I set a new appointment with a girl up their for November 6th at 1:30. When I showed up today Im not even in the system. So I just left.

Review №47

Quick fast and efficient service

Review №48

The price of the tires was good but the customer service was TERRIBLE. I had to go back THREE times to get the tires on (they had already been paid for). I also asked all three times to get my snow tires in bags to keep until next winter. I didnt even think to check before I left. When I got home there were NO BAGS. For storage this was a big deal to me and I am definitely disappointed. I will go back to Les Schwab. I dont mind paying a little more for GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE

Review №49

I walked into the Kalispell store, knowing what kind of tires I needed and Michael called me up to his counter without hesitation. He showed me a couple options, along with reviews, gave me his recommendation, and within an hour I was out the door and on the road, on tires that met my needs and saved me money. (I had just drove in from Libby to Costco, only to find the tires they had on sale were out of stock and would need to be ordered and pre-paid, requiring me to drive back the following week.) Michael not only was knowledgeable and helpful with a friendly attitude, he also turned my tire shopping experience into a positive one. I highly recommend the Kalispell Discount Tire store. Good job, Michael, thank you.

Review №50

Never answer their phones. 2 days in a row of 20 min hold times

Review №51

Husband and I spent almost 5000.00 on new tires and rims.. Everyone was Awesome .

Review №52

Only place in town that I could find OEM sized winter tires for my car.

Review №53

Wow! This would be an awesome place to work if your a guy and can move quick. Our tire was fixed within a couple of hours and this place was swamped. They closed at 6:00 I believe and we got there at 5:30 and they were still just as busy! Fair prices and great customer service. If you haven’t tried them, I think you’re missing out!!

Review №54

Fast friendly service. I get all my tires here. Great deals and they will even match prices. At least they do for me. Had a bad sensor on a tire, they replaced it free of charge. Not sure if that is the norm either but it keeps me coming back.

Review №55

Great Service and theyre quick! Definitely would recommend.

Review №56

Very helpful, and they even look at you when you are talking to them :-)

Review №57

Great service, fair prices. They should have built a bigger shop, gets a little backed up sometimes but they work hard to get you out as soon as possible.

Review №58

It doesnt matter how many times I have called this place, NO ONE ANSWERS THE PHONE. I dont have time to drive there to figure out what I have a question on. I would like to be able to call a business to ask a question and then figure out if its going to work for me or not. My boyfriend and I both have called and a number of a occasions trying to ask some questions about tires for our vehicles and NO ONE ANSWERS THE PHONES. I will take my business elsewhere.

Review №59

The guys here are awesome. Theyre fast, they dont goof off, they are all friendly and will answer any questions you have.I was not able to make an appointment for my tire rotation but when my tire pressure light came on I took her in. I was given the chance to test the tire, get it fixed, and while they were at it they would just rotate my tires too! Turned out I had a nail in my tire.

Review №60

Courteous and friendly service. Warranty tire replacement.

Review №61

Great experience!!! I needed my tires changed over for the winter and they were jam packed for the season. They fit me in without an appointment and treated me like a valued customer.

Review №62

Just did an early morning walk in. Very impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of all of the employees. Great store and service, keep it up. Special call out to salesperson Austin Beckham, OUTSTANDING SERVICE!!!!

Review №63

Tell you your tires are on order, make you wait four days before telling you they were just kidding around and cant actually get tires. Dont answer their phones. Can save some money but not worth the hassle. Done with them.

Review №64

Did a good job.

Review №65

Always friendly and helpful

Review №66

Great service and very nice. The gentleman came out to inspect our air before we headed in another 1000 mile trip. He was straightforward and filled them up.Thank you

Review №67

Fair, fast and quality service so not much else you could ask for.

Review №68

Always great service, great prices and they stand by their products and work. I wont buy tires anywhere else. My first experience with them I asked for a specific set of tires from them, they were very expensive. The salesman offered me a very similar tire with a higher rating and saved me over $500, with the difference I was able to grab a new set of wheels and give my truck a new look and I still walked out with $100 saved!

Review №69

Very friendly service will definitely return

Review №70

Great people& Great Service.

Review №71

Great service and prices. I just wish theyd answer their phone. I tried calling several times throughout the day and they never answered.

Review №72

These guys were great. Fixed a flat tire (nail). No charge!

Review №73

Bought a nice set of tires, however my tire sensor was broke and not repaired. Left several messages and no one called me back. Great warranty and fast service.

Review №74

Always helpful and friendly. Two flats in 3 weeks with tires needing to be replaced, love the road warranty. Need more bays though! Thanks Robert and Matt!!

Review №75

Mike made the process of looking for tires and wheels easy, as well as scheduled an appointment to get all the work done, I will continue to business with this company, great customer service!

Review №76

Double check your tire pressure before leaving the store especially if your light is on. I was told that my tire pressure system takes forever to update and ended up driving away with a tire that was 10psi lower than it should have been.

Review №77

Always get the best service!

Review №78

This place has absolutely no customer service. I dropped my vehicle off over a week ago to get some tires put on. It’s now been 9 days, and I cannot for the life of me even get an answer on their phones. I’ve tried for 4 days now, calling every few hours, sometimes waiting 20 minutes or so for not a single answer. I don’t expect much, but I expect an update, or capability to answer a phone. Last time I’ll go through them. Also do not be fooled by their name, it isn’t a discount tire shop.

Review №79

I ordered tire online. Tried to call. No answer. No appointments available online. If you want to be treated like a number and not a customer shop here. Still on hold ....over 10 minutes to ask if my tires came in.

Review №80

Discount Tire is a great place to buy all your tires.They have a good selection in stock and can get almost anything you need.They have great prices and helpful people.

Review №81

They do great things and some questionable things. Been using them for as many as 15 to 25 sets of tires. No other tire place including Costco comes close. I typically use their 6 months same as cash.

Review №82

Best tire shop in Kalispell. Thank you for my 3rd set of tires for my vehicles. Large selection of tires,and very professional and friendly employees Thank You for being part of our community

Review №83

Got a new set of tires there and they work fine. However, they broke one of my hub caps and failed to tell me when I picked my car up. I understand they are just the plastic stock hubcaps but still I would have appreciated them telling my they broke one instead of thinking I wouldn’t notice.

Review №84

I had bought a new set of tires less than a year ago (16,000 miles on them so far) for $80ish each. Today, after coming in with a a flat needing to be repaired, I was told I needed new tires because my alignment was slightly off. Not only was the tire’s tread not anywhere close to the wear bar, but they were also charging me $110 for ONE new tire, while acting ‘graciously‘ saying they waived the other fees for me. This not only aggravated me because of the significant increase in price for ONE tire (wouldn’t that inherently mess up my alignment), but LITERALLY the fact that the tire was fine and they were just trying to make money off me. Would not recommend.

Review №85

I cannot express enough how great these guys are. They went above and beyond for me on a day when I needed. I had a complete flat, no appointment and was in need of new tires after being sold a car less then a month earlier by a dealership who let me drive away with legally bald tires. Not only were they able to come within my financial needs, but they fit me in and it was done within a couple hours. Serious 10 stars if I could for this team, I already do and will continue to send business their way!

Review №86

Austin tried to be helpful but they wouldnt rotate out a bad tire. He was able to get me a deal to get a safe replacement though.

Review №87

When you have to stand in line 2 hrs before they open, ANY day of the week, like Black Friday, to get seasonal tires switched over you’re at a bad business. I tried making an appointment over the phone but was put on hold for 20min so I hung up. I tried making an appointment online twice but both times the website was down. Very understaffed too. They told me I could drop my car off and wait a couple days for it to be done, but they didn’t care that it was my only form of transportation. I’d rather pay $20+ elsewhere for literally any of their services. Just another non-locally based business that doesn’t care about their customers.

Review №88

Always friendly and professional. The fact they care more about safety than trying to sell you something is a great plus. I would not hesitate to send friends and family here for tires and we will definitely be back!

Review №89

I have dealt with a number of Americas Tire and Discount tire stores, staff was extremely helpful, very attentive and informative, and they had me back on the road with 4 new tires in less time than it took to walk across the parking lot to Lowes, but a lockset and walk back (maybe 20 minutes).... Another fantastic experience in getting the fleet back on the road expeditiously!!!!

Review №90

Worth the wait when its the busy season

Review №91

Horrible customer service, was treated rude and did not honor my scheduled appointment. I have done alot of business here but that will now change. Very disappointing.

Review №92

Wished we had one in Eastern Montana. Great prices and service.

Review №93

Recently went there for a tire change and the check tire light was on. Upon the car leaving the garage, the kid left my parking brake on (I know because the driving lights werent activated) and also my car left their garage with the check tire light on. Discount workers AND discount tires.Thanks for the bare minimum guys.

Review №94

Great service and great prices!

Review №95

Having been an Americas Tire customer for decades, I was hoping for the same quality and professionalism. I was NOT disappointed! Everyone was kind, friendly and helpful.

Review №96

Very professional, Id recommend them to anybody

Review №97

The folks here are very fast, efficient , and know what they are doing!

Review №98

These guys saved our vacation! Fixed our tire forFREE and we’re very hospital and friendly. Wish I could give more than five stars!

Review №99

Joe, Michael, ALL the guys working in the bays are great. Professional workmanship, quality, brand-name tires in stock and happy to order anything you want. Special orders are shipped quickly and the entire (pun intended) process of purchasing tires is smooth and value added. Price matching and great customer service make Joes shop the place to buy tires in Kalispell MT!!!

Review №100

Really great service

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  • Address:55 Treeline Rd, Kalispell, MT 59901, United States
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  • Phone:+1 406-300-6002
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  • Sunday:8AM–5PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health & safety
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Appointments recommended:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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