AutoZone Auto Parts
130 W Idaho St, Kalispell, MT 59901, United States
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The last time I went there was a younger guy who was actually extremely helpful and nice I give him 5 stars, today the guy I had help me didnt really seam to know what he was doing and didnt seem like he wanted to be there, went to a different auto place afterwards and got more help so for that I have to take 2 stars off, hopefully in the future staff wont make you seem like your wasting thier time, I know everyone has thier days but they need to learn how to drop it and be professional

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My daughter and I were looking for windshield wipers for her car. I wanted her to know how to pick new ones and change them herself, and we definitely went to the right place! We were treated super well by Cory, the store manager, who stepped up and explained everything windshield wiper to my daughter. He then helped her with her first AutoZone Rewards account, helped her with a battery return, and then took us out and explained how to change the wipers. Cory was extremely helpful, courteous, professional and friendly. I would highly recommend this AutoZone to everyone looking for anything auto related.

Review №3

Eli hooked it up yesterday! After a disappointing experience at Batteries Plus Bulbs (across the street) I was hesitant to go to AutoZone. Despite being SWAMPED, Eli not only came out and tested my battery and alternator, but installed the new battery for me! His customer service was exceptional and I am very thankful I stopped in. 10/10 would recommend - Thank you!

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Great store Helpfull staff. If they dont have it they will get it for you

Review №5

Theyre either lacking motivation, or very short handed. I went in two days in a row only to see pallets of freight, that never got touched for at least those two days. The shelves are barely stocked. Could be if the employees werent lazy, but some just dont want to deal with anything. Pointing fingers down an aisle doesnt help the customer find what they need, nor does it answer any questions.

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Would have been nice if they changed their hours online.

Review №7

They were able to diagnose my corolla battery issue, ABSOLUTELY FREE! THEY also offered to charge my battery just incase I were to need a jump

Review №8

Friendly place to buy off the shelf auto parts.

Review №9

TERRIBLE customer care. Bought some jack stands and rented a ball joint press for about 192$. But ended up returning it because neither was what I needed. Went back in about 2 weeks after I returned because I still had not got my money back. And the employee basically said to go screw myself he didn’t even listen to what I had to say, he just said it’s not auto zones problem it’s your banks. It’s now 2 months later still don’t have my money. Ive never have any trouble returning things with my bank except for auto zone… WHAT A BUNCH OF THIEFS

Review №10

Great staff. Very helpful and I love their prices on things from parts to auto light strips to keychains! Also very reasonable on returns. Love it

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Review №12

Very friendly and helpful very fast

Review №13

I prefer the Kalispell AutoZone to any other parts place in the Flathead.

Review №14

Very thorough, polite, helpful, and prompt in assisting with auto concerns

Review №15

Misplaced my receipt for my purchase was wanting to exchange because on 9/25/2021 the cashier looked up the headlights for my car and it turns out they are the wrong ones so I took them back and a different cashier I went to talk to was very abrupt and rude so now I’m here at Napa down the street..

Review №16

This is the perfect business to go to if you want to be insulted and belittled. I have gone into this store three times in the last 9 months - my husband has gone in more often. Each time Ive gone in I have left angry because of the workers. The most recent visit was this last weekend, I took my daughter in because I wanted her to learn how to find her own wiper blades. They didnt have a book so we looked it up online then proceeded to the checkout. At the checkout I asked them to make sure those where the right blades because there was no book to look it up. The employee then informed us that customers didnt have the common sense to read the book... we left and went a block west where not only was there a book which I was able to teach my daughter to use but also we were not insulted

Review №17

They had the parts I needed they were right on top of there game😊

Review №18

Staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

Review №19

Very helpful got right to it and got me in and out quick and I was happy thank you very much for your service.

Review №20

Willing to go above and beyond to help resolve my issues with a product return. Thank you

Review №21

The staff is a huge part of the reason,I go there,they go above and beyond, I look forward to having them on board for many years to come.

Review №22

Used to work here years ago and preferred it over other stores since then but it has gone massively down hill. Its an absolute dumpster fire. Half the time I come here the card readers dont even work. I came in today to pick up wiper bushings that I ordered online (after I already ordered them ship to home and they never showed up, but the store cant give me a refund for some reason). Got an email that they were ready to pickup. Drive to the store and they are in missoula... They usually have better prices than napa or oreillys but its not even worth it. Id rather pay more to not have to deal with autozone at this point.

Review №23

Helpful staff and decent lasting parts.

Review №24

Are there any other auto parts stores worth going to in Kalispell? I think not.

Review №25

Never could get anyone to help me, Never going back there.

Review №26

They had what I needed and they helped me install it.

Review №27

They were super friendly and nice and helped with all my needs.

Review №28

Fast and friendly always seem to have what I need which is perfect thank you AutoZone

Review №29

Very rude manager and staff. Go to NAPA instead.

Review №30

Good service even with only two guys working

Review №31

Its an AutoZone. Staff is pretty rude 90% of the time. Always feels like they have something better to do than help you. Better than OReilly tho!

Review №32

Cory the store manager at autozone done an amazing job helping me today. He educated me on everything. Most people won’t go that far beyond to help someone so wanted to make sure I gave you a shoutout and thank you so much!!!!

Review №33

I shop too much here if Im honest and probably wont ever stop

Review №34

Helpful, friendly, informative service. Thanks, Ryan- tell your boss to give you a raise!!!

Review №35

Most of the time they are very competitive on their prices. I shop there 99.99% of the time and if they dont have it Ill check other places

Review №36

Bathrooms are closed and they will make sure to yell that at you across the store. Dont worry nobody will look at you.

Review №37

Very nice employees, the man I saw to pick up my order seemed a little in a funk. However its all good we all get in that spot now and then. I think people get very surprised when I go in and know what I want and need. I fix everything on my own!

Review №38

Helpful and friendly

Review №39

Excellent service. Ryan was very helpful and knowledgeable

Review №40

They had the waxing tool/electric buffer i needed... NAPA was out of them. Helpful salesperson.

Review №41

If I could give 6 stars I would! The new management has completely turned the store around. The employees are very polite and knowledgeable. Even if they don’t have my part they make sure to get it in as soon as possible. I recommend this part store over any other in the Flathead.

Review №42

Bad, I go in to get a lower control arm, price. 105.00 go to O Rielies 55.00 go on line buy for 8.00 +7.00 shipping,Go into Auto Zone for brake rotors, drive 20 miles up the mountain to put on brakes tear the truck completely apart find out they gave me the wrong rotors, have to put the truck back together drive back to town get the right ones drive back up the mountain.all day for a 2 hr brake job

Review №43

Was very pleasant. Sales person was very helpful explaining a couple products I purchased.

Review №44

Free battery load test! Saved me time and money! Friendly, helpful staff! Great selection of products.

Review №45

Knowledgeable, helpful staff and large inventory makes it possible to pick up things you need without having to order it from warehouse. When ordering is necessary for less common items, usually delivered in one day. Prices competitive, discounts for US military veterans.

Review №46

Great customer service! Came in due to my battery giving me issues expecting to buy a new one! Found out it was under warranty. I was in and out in 10 minutes with a new battery! Parts manager Owen was super helpful and got us taken care of!

Review №47

Anything car maintenance related, great customer service. They recycle up to 5 gallons of used oil, so if you change your own oil, go ahead and drop it off to em.

Review №48

Prices here seem to be a little more expensive than their competitors, but they usually have what youre looking for and get you out the door quickly.

Review №49

Great store some.knowlegeable ppl

Review №50

Boss man is the friendliest worker there. A couple of them have adequate customer service skills and a general knowledge of mechanics, but a couple of them clearly hate their job and blatantly display so, almost as if me spending my money here is inconveniencing them. Store is always clean, and shelves are almost always stocked with whats needed.

Review №51

AutoZone has great car parts. And helpful staff.

Review №52

Friendly staff but very expensive and IMO above average retail on most everything. Oil and filters are extremely high as was most additives if not on sale. Touch up paint in cans very high also and out of 5 cans ( $ 8 ) each plus 2 were defective and they said to contact dupli-color. Dont expect them to honor anything they sell

Review №53

Good I was able to find 18 awg wire it was the only place too none of the hardware stores had it

Review №54

They have what you need sometime

Review №55

Very friendly and accommodating and very knowledgeable put in there to get a battery ended up getting a battery charger didnt need it and returned it with no hassle whatsoever

Review №56

Clean and helpful.

Review №57

Went in for a starter, they had a few different selections in stock for a decent price considering the vehicles parts arent usually cheap. The staff was very helpful. Larry helped me, he was very kind, courteous, and didnt make it seem like he was just there for a paycheck. I will definitely be returning with repeat business for years to come as long as there is employees like him there.

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Review №59

It was great! I ordered online and the pickup process was super simple. I just showed up, told them I was their for a pickup and was quickly out. They had great service!

Review №60

Made the mistake of making a purchase here. Prices are marked up $10 more than Polson and Missoula 1st and last time I stop THERE. VERY UNHAPPY AutoZone CUSTOMER POLSON TRIED 2 MAKE IT RIGHT AT LEAST

Review №61

For the first time ever with auto zone somebody boxed the wrong part. Box said 9355 but was not. Had to return it and get the correct one. Otherwise AutoZone has always been friendly with knowledgeable employees

Review №62

Manager is mean and treats consumers bad

Review №63

Let me just start my review by saying dont go to oriellys. Go to AutoZone.That being said AutoZone has some of the best customer service representatives Ive ever experienced. They are helpful. Knowledgeable. And Kind.What more do you really need to know? Oh yeah they have a great part selection and if its not on hand you can order it easily from them.

Review №64

Very friendly and helpful staff. Our sunroof would no longer close so we went to ask the staff if any mechanical shops were open on a Sunday (we were visiting Kalispell therefore unfamiliar with the town). The store manager asked us what we needed help with specifically and once we explained the issue he volunteered to come out and have a look himself. Almost instantly, he knew what the issue was and fixed it. :) Great experience!

Review №65

Very clean organized store. Couldnt find an item that it stated online that they carried and I looked everywhere for it. The parts man looked it up and went and got it off the shelf for me I was good to go.

Review №66

The guys here are just awesome. We were just in to price a few items and they were happy to help....even knowing we werent making a purchase at that time. Thanks guys!! We will definitely be back.

Review №67

Absolutely the worst customer service. The gal in there ( the parts manager I think her name tag said) is awful... stranded and needed a piece to get on the road... called at 955 asked if she could stay a minute or two late and she said absolutely not I have to mop... showed up at 10:01 and she wouldnt let us get the part... I get that you close at 10 but come on now... seriously... unreal...

Review №68

This is a great part store and will mount your wipers! Thanks for the fast knowledgeable employees always a good experience!

Review №69

AutoZone always has great parts available and can order ones for you they dont have within a short amount of time. Fast friendly and knowledgeable.

Review №70

Came in 930pm on Saturday night car wouldnt start. Replace battery right there. Nicest guys ever working there. Thanks you were truly a hero to me😀

Review №71

Had what I needed. Nice and polite. Service was a bit slow, but it was a bit busy. I would go back again if the need arises. Good experience.👍

Review №72

Friendly, knowledgeable, quick service

Review №73

Good place, better employees. nice and can have a good chat with you about your car. always have the stuff i need, and if not, theyre ready to order me something up.

Review №74

The store was clean and well kept. It was also fairly new and was pleasant to be in. The staff was also very friendly and willing to help. However, the prices that appeared online were often very different then what was actually in the store. The staff, including the manager, was also lacking in some basic technical knowledge which was somewhat frustrating. The store also had a fairly small selections of some of the items. However, with the rent a tool program (which really helps do-it-yourselfers) and the fact that they are willing to install parts or help you fix something when you bring it in is so helpful that this location will definitely be on my list of places to return when I need a part or some help.

Review №75

Staff is pretty nice but the lines Always take forever and they seem understaffed all the time

Review №76

Absolutely the worst place in town to get car parts. The customer service I should say doesnt even exist and if you do want to get a part plan on waiting a good 30 minutes when theres no line, not even over exaggerating. I have tried probably at least five times in the last few months to go to this location and have walked out and just went right down the road to OReillys where I can get my parts quick and have good customer service. Also I have called this location and anytime I call Auto Zone I get placed on hold and it takes so long I hang up, but for some reason when Im in the store all they do is talk on the phone. I dont write reviews often but this location needs help and I would definitely suggest that nobody goes to this place until they can actually learn how to run it.

Review №77

Nice clean place good service

Review №78

Always helpfulness

Review №79

I came in on Christmas eve and got a gift card. Very thankful they were open. Perfect gift for a buddy

Review №80

Popped in to grab a new bulb for my license plate light on my 2003 Alero. Camrin helped us quickly find the right light and even helped us install it. He also helped us troubleshoot when the new bulb didnt seem to work. 10/10

Review №81

Theyve all treated me really good and very helpful, they are always nice and never give me a hard time, Thanks Autozone.

Review №82

Absolutely horrible customer service. Wont answer the phones!i was in there and was the only customer with 3 employees and they were saying Im not answering that. And then another associate answered thephone And placed them on hold and he want doing anything! Absolutely ridiculous! Auto Zone you lost me as a long time customer. I now shop at Oreilys as they were nice and answered their phones even if they were busy!

Review №83

Staff seemed a little grumpy, but it could have been because they had to wear masks all day. Store had what I needed.

Review №84

These guys and gals are awesome. Very helpful. I drive by two auto parts stores to go to this one.

Review №85

Thank you to Michael,on August 24th 2015 it was 10 minutes to closing time when we came in for help because we had to keep jump stating our vehicle. You tested the battery and it showed it was time for a new one. Even though it was now closing time you searched to make sure we got the best deal. Then you took out the old one and replaced it with the new one. We wanted to tip you $20.00 but you said it wasnt allowed. The next best thing we could do was give you a compliment and ask your company to give you a bonus. We really are happy that you helped us out and everything went well on our trip home. We understand that thats how you guys work at AutoZone but we wanted to let you know that we appreciate your help getting us back on the road and you have great service. Thank you MichaelGwen

Review №86

Eagerly waiting to help with looking for parts at their best prices.Well most often cheapest place for parts in town

Review №87

They have the part I needed and it was less expensive than OReillys

Review №88

Typically everyone there is really helpful, especially Owen, hes the best.

Review №89

Good service. Always have what I need.

Review №90

The only reason not to give five stars is that sometimes these guys get in the mode of thinking that if something doesnt show in their computer catalog that it just doesnt exist. For example the 92 Chevy Suburban came with four different possible radiators. 34 oil and trani cooler happens to be the one Ive got but when speaking to them on the phone the only option that showed on his computer with oil and trani lines was a 28. After a few minutes of speaking with the guy he pretty much was convinced I was measuring incorrectly. From his view, since there was no 34 option with trani and oil but there was a 28, it was much easier for him to believe that I must have been measuring incorrectly, and actually have the 28. Since I knew what I was measuring I called another auto parts store that I will not name, but they tend to be very knowledgeable, and sure enough they had the 34 with both trani and oil cooling lines.

Review №91

Not only did they match up.the correct alternator but they installed it for me az well for no a dizabled man with 1 arm that functions i cant say what this meant for me

Review №92

Attentive staff, good store layout-helpful & efficient!

Review №93

Kalispell Auto Zone they are awesome I have a broken arm and they will take care of your needs if they can thanks guys you rock!!

Review №94

Got to say its a friendly frendly place and even down to the last min or past it by a half hr they will make sure u get professional service

Review №95

Friendly staff really tries to solve your automotive problems. Not afraid to chat about anything.... making you feel like you are a valued customer.

Review №96

The staff is very accommodating and helpful. Willing to come out and look at your car to try and help.

Review №97

Very helpful at the counter helping me figure out the proper bulb from a discontinued bulb.

Review №98

Wish they could hire people with better automotive knowledge but yet still better then napa

Review №99

This is one of the better Autozones Ive been to. Usually I call Autozone the Walmart of auto shops. The staff here though seem fairly knowledgeable and were able to locate my part at another location without me asking. If youre going to an Autozone, this should be the one.

Review №100

Good service and reasonable prices

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  • Phone:+1 406-257-3144
  • Auto parts store
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  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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