Center Street Quick Lube
238 W Center St, Kalispell, MT 59901, United States
Review №1

Nice try trying ripping me off. $90+ for an oil change on an 18 year old truck? Laughable. This place is a joke. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. Apparently run by little kids who think they can pull a fast one.

Review №2

Went to another place that I went to beforehand, and they told me that they were going on lunch for 40 minutes. Usually their prices were higher and it always took longer to finish. Came here and got in instantly, and had a way cheaper price. They were very professional and didnt try to coax me into all the stuff other places do. Service was fast and they even vaccuumed all the dirt that had accumulated on my floor. Definitely coming back here next time I need service.

Review №3

Best customer service ever. I went to Wendy’s to get something to eat and while I was in a long line my gear shift broke on my Yukon. Then Chelsea from Quick Lube who was in line getting food also appeared at my window. She asked me what was wrong she immediately jumped under my car and shifted my car into drive as it was stuck in reverse. She then got on the phone and called a couple dealers and mechanics she knew and they could not get me in for over a week. She said follow me to my shop. Once at Center Street Quick Lube she pulled my car in, went and bought the part and I was on my way back to the Lake in no time. In a country that is really in short supply of customer service anymore Chelsea went above and beyond. I would have been in such a mess if she didn’t appear and I would have spent a lot more money. I can’t thank Chelsea and Center Street Quick Lube enough. Please give these great people your business!!!

Review №4

I came for an oil change and had a great experience. Quick, professional, and friendly.

Review №5

Chelsea and her staff were so kind we broke down on our honeymoon. they were honest found us a mechanic and took us to our motel. Thank you so much

Review №6

Always a pleasure. Thorough, professional, friendly, fast service. All at a fair price.

Review №7

Went in today for a quick fluid check and was helped immediately. I don’t know much about vehicles, and Cody helped and explained the problem my vehicle was having, and then gave me a referral. Friendly, professional, competent. Would absolutely recommend this business. 10/10.

Review №8

They were thorough and did a great job.

Review №9

My fault for not asking but oil and filter change and fuel filter for Ram with diesel was 408.00, thats 100 more than the dealership charges, lesson learned.

Review №10

OUTSTANDING SERVICE!! Down home folks, no nonsense straight to the work and done. I was in and out ENTIRELY easily under 20 minutes! Very impressive customer service and timely service at that, considering the industry. Im not the type to leave reviews but this stop was worth my time and stopping to put a good word in for these folks down there at Center Street Quick Lube...Great work guys and gal!!

Review №11

They are great. Checked everything and took care of things needing attention. Car is running better now. Thanks !!

Review №12

Center Street Quick Lube provides superior customer service with peace of mind that your vehicle will be well maintained. The efficiency in their services are very appreciated during a busy work week. Plus they are a local, family owned business to support in the valley!!

Review №13

Waited in line to have my oil changed, was never acknowledged or spoken too. They did decide to acknowledge and help the person that pulled in after me. Ended up leaving after watching the guy help the person that pulled in after me and still not acknowledge I was there. Before leaving I asked the guy if they really planned on helping the person that came in after me and him telling me yes because they already had their oil changed earlier. Very unprofessional

Review №14

I dropped my car off for an oil change they did a great job it was super fast, affordable, and very friendly I will definitely be going back again in the future.

Review №15

First, this place provide a great customer service over the phone. They offered to let my dog wait with me in the lobby or let me wait with her in the car while I got my oil changed. Then, they let me know my oil didnt specifically need changing, but did let me know exactly where it was leaking. They offered me several services and let me know what my options were for repair. In the end I didnt end up paying anything, and they still treated me like a valued customer. I will go here again in the future.

Review №16

Fast, professional service. They didnt try to upsell. I highly recommend.

Review №17

Overfilled my oil causing a leak but picked up the car to remedy the situation. Ill have towait the seals were damaged.

Review №18

Friendly, Quick, and Affordable. Ill definitely be going here in the future.

Review №19

Ive been herea few times and each time I was treated well and my vehicle serviced superbly. I was recommended services with full explanations for their need.

Review №20

These guys and gals are amazing. They always do a great job with my vehicles. I am super glad I found them. They have taken one more job off my list!

Review №21

Great service, great prices. We have taken our car there since we 1st bought it and have never had any issues. Always friendly and dependable

Review №22

Great service! Very quick, professional and knowledgeable.

Review №23

Very fast and professional. Nice people and good at their profession.

Review №24

Great service 👍

Review №25

They were awesome! Super quick and very informative. They showed me samples of my fluids and told me if they were good or not, I’ve never been shown samples before. Super friendly and great staff. They got me in and out!

Review №26

Awesome service! Super quick and easy. I’ll definitely be again!

Review №27

It was a pleasant experience, down to earth but professional.

Review №28

Excellent customer service! Will definitely recommend to others.

Review №29


Review №30

The workers were to worry about playing around and not helping me and Im not going to trust them working on my vehicle.

Review №31

Dont trust this place! Not only did they not do my transmission flush correctly, but they also used the wrong oil filter on my vehicle.If youve ever had work done here, PLEASE CHECK ANY WORK YOUVE HAD DONE HERE WITH A REAL MECHANIC!!! I have reported this company to the Better Business Bureau.

Review №32

Honest location. I was encouraged to not worry about a service I thought I needed after the service tech specifically looked into my truck right there to verify and his response was that I could have it done to spend the money or wait until the actual needed time. The fact that he was honest with me was respected. He knew the mileage service times and he actually a noticed a few things within seconds that I’ve seen others take longer that I already knew. I’ll be using this location and in the future. The transparency, honest business ethic and service in that short of time I experienced was enough. They also service our businesses vehicles which have had no problems to my knowledge.

Review №33

Service person was polite, knowledge, and showed us an example of our fluids which needed changing. When we said we would be back to do it another time instead of doing a hard sell she offered to do estimate s of how much it will cost when we bring the car for the fluids. We will definitely be back there soon to get this done. Awesome service 👍👍👍.

Review №34

Quick, very friendly and affordable!

Review №35

Excellent customer service is hard to come by now a days . These guys do such a great job . Been coming here for a couple of years. Honest , and they don’t pressure you for anything to be done on your car other than what you want . The waiting area is simple , but I would take that in exchange for the excellent job and awesome customer service they provide .

Review №36

These guys are so great! Fast. Efficient. Helpful. Thanks for making getting an oil change with a newborn baby so easy!

Review №37

These guys are my favorite place to go and I have had a relationship with them for 23 years. I have seen a few faces come and go, but Myron, Kyle, and the others always shoot straight. They make suggestions that are very practical and have kept my vehicles running smoothly for over two decades. Love you guys.

Review №38

Friendly, helpful staff and fast, efficient service! Clean waiting room. It was so fast I didnt need to kill time at the mall!

Review №39

Perfect for quick and quality oil changes. They also did my power steering flush and some other various maintenance. And they check your tire pressure. 10/10

Review №40

Great service! I came in for an oil change and they vacuumed my car, wiped down the engine bay, cleaned my windows to include my sunroof and aired up my tires. Everything is done right in front of you with speed and efficiently. I cant say enough about this shop.

Review №41

Fast and courteous service. Great price for oil change. Definitely will make this place my go to service center. Great job.

Review №42

I have been going to Center Street Quick Lube ever since I moved to the Flathead in 2007. They are always very professional and courteous. I always feel like my truck is in good hands with them. Keep up the great work!

Review №43

Excellent service. Timely workmanship. Great prices also. Have used several times and will continue to do so.

Review №44

Superior service and very reasonable price. We were traveling back down from Alaska and needed an oil change. They had us in and out in less than 30 minutes. Plus, they vacuumed the truck and washed the windows. Friendly staff, nice facilities.

Review №45

Center Street Quick Lube has been caring for my vehicle since I bought it new in 2006. They are thorough and always advise me when they see items that need taken care of. I count on them and have never been disappointed with their service. Thanks Quick Lube!

Review №46

Always nice and affordable not to mention they never try to sell you something you dont need. Very trustworthy.

Review №47

The service was great and quick. I was told of something minor that needed attention but with no pressure to get it done immediately. Service was friendly. I plan on going back next time I need the oil changed in my car.

Review №48

Great people, thorough car inspection, frequent service deals, referrals to other professionals for work they cant do.

Review №49

Outstanding personalized service! The atmosphere is laid-back, and the prices are reasonable. What a great place of business!

Review №50

Center Street Quick Lube is a great place to get your vehicle serviced fast! People are polite, services are complete as requested, I have used this place several times in the past, and will continue in the future.. I would highly recomend them!

Review №51

Ive been going to center Street quick lube for years. They have always taking the best care of my vehicles.

Review №52

Quick thorough friendly service. We will only take our vehicles to Center Street QL for oil changes— best QL in town!

Review №53

These guys do a great job. They only try to sell extra services when its clearly needed, or when they are following factory guidelines. The price is comparitve to most service centers in the valley. The employees habitually do a good honest job.

Review №54

Center Street Quick Lube in Kalispell Montana is the BEST service ever. They are kind and patient. I have been coming to them for all my lube for any years. I absolutely trust them and appreciate there preventative recommendations.

Review №55

Great service, friendly staff that are real with you. They didn’t mind my kids running around the front grassy area. Quicker than the last place that I went to and cheaper.

Review №56

Best experience ever! Quick oil change, checks all fluids, informs me of any potential issues, and takes any trash out of my car for me. I love these guys and they have my loyalty forever because of their outstanding service :)

Review №57

Friendly service, though if you are expecting a quick oil change youll be disappointed and/or frustrated as it is a very slow shop to complete a simple oil change... Ive been here well over an hour. Service is also expensive, so if you have time to shop around, it would be advisable.

Review №58

The BEST customer service in town! Working as a Real Estate agent, I put a lot of miles on my vehicle so Im a regular and always welcomed with excellent service.

Review №59

I dont often write reviews on businesses but I have to for these guys. Super friendly and professional service. Solid work, no hassles.

Review №60

Great customer service! I was in and out for an oil change in less than 20 mins! They even topped off my windshield washer fluid!

Review №61

Awesome! Knowledgeable, professional, courteous and fair. I was very pleased with the service I received from Center Street Quick Lube and the friendliness and honesty of the staff. I would definitely recommend them to all my friends and will return without a doubt!

Review №62

Fast friendly professional and inexpensive by comparison to other shops. I will be back.

Review №63

Fast, good service. Reasonable prices.

Review №64

They are always so friendly when I go in and they are good at getting me in and out

Review №65

Fast, friendly, and helpful with no waiting or setting up an appointment a week in advance. It is the only place I will be going from now on.

Review №66

Very knowledgeable staff help me out a lot. Fast courteous I would definitely go again!

Review №67

Honest fast work. Took great care of me and my vehicle. Would recommend to anyone!!!

Review №68

This shop is always professional and great at explaining our options of things that need to be done. We usually get a timeline of things that should be done now and things that can wait.

Review №69

Top notch service. I have been going there for sometime now and never had a bad experience.

Review №70

Very good service and was exceptionally helpful staff

Review №71

Great attitude in the shop,willing to help you with your vehicle,,thorough services,even washed Windows and vacuumed,,highly recommend..will definitely go back....

Review №72

Fast, knowledgeable and courteous! Will use them in the future

Review №73

Got a cooling system flush. Pretty sure the only thing they flushed is my wallet. Coolant was still dirty and not the correct pH. Owner doesnt want to do anything about it and just tries to insult and gets angry.

Review №74

Very knowledgeable and quick in servicing my old truck..Thanks

Review №75

Pretty nice service and will visit again.. just wish the guys were more personable...they do their best I am sure.

Review №76

Not only are they 60.00 more then any other place in town. But they use some cheap no brand oil even though they are a quackerstate They try to tell you your truck needs a lot of things it dose not just to rack up the bill.Like my truck fuel filter light is on even though the night before I checked and it still had 146hrs on it and the light will not turn on tell 40... and to top it off they do a dirty job of changing it . My oil filter was leaking on the ground and just I picked it up Id recommend going somewhere els .

Review №77

Took my car in for an oil change... not anything crazy of course - $50!! For my chevy Malibu which seemed a little pricy. I did like how they were fast! But right after I left I went to go get on the bypass... as soon as I hit 40mph my car hood swung up and smacked into my windshield!!!!! Now my hood is dented super bad! Just glad no body got hurt and my windshield isnt cracked... when I called them right as it happened all they said to me was I made sure it was shut, the secondary hood latch must have failed somehow and there is sadly nothing we can do for you since there is no proof that it was our fault so I will surely never be going back!!!

Review №78

Thank you!

Review №79

Grate service really friendly and you are in and out in no timeUnless they are really besy hut then thats under standble to. 5 star all the way

Review №80

Very pleasant and efficient and friendly. will be back

Review №81

Very average... I miss the days where they vacuumed my car, cleaned the windows and reviewed findings with me.

Review №82

Great price. Grear customer service. And they cleaned out my car!

Review №83

They listened and answered my questions before beginning the work on my vehicle. They were quick and couteous.

Review №84

Very quick, courteous, straight forward. Thank you!

Review №85

Service was quick and thorough, I will definitely be returning.

Review №86

They were very fast at getting what I needed done and I was berry surprised that they even went as far to wash my Windows and vacuum my truck. Will definitely be bringing my vehicle back to them.

Review №87

Great place, very knowledgeable and OMG FAST!

Review №88

Center Street Lube rules. Friendly,quick, fair pricing.

Review №89

Excellent service, great price! Even though they were really busy when I showed up, they got me in quickly, definitely recommend these guys!!

Review №90

Great people to deal with good crew !

Review №91

Do you guys realize it costs more to get it done here than the dealership.

Review №92

Very friendly - great customer service - fast turnaround!

Review №93

Quick, good, and accurate. I hope they dont get too busy for me to get in.

Review №94

Great and helpful.

Review №95

They are like a second family to me! Always helpful!

Review №96

Fast friendly service, in and out quickly.

Review №97

Great service and super fast... best of all, they dont try to upsell you with unneeded maintenance issues.

Review №98

Professional through and through. They tell you what to keep an eye on and dont push services down your throat. Im a long standing customer and finally thought I should let others in the valley know.

Review №99

Excellent place to change your oil!

Review №100

Good job done, but I had to listen to a young man with a potty mouth as he worked yesterday.

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