Barnes & Noble
3030 Franklin Terrace, Johnson City, TN 37604, United States
Barnes & Noble
Review №1

I like supporting small business but this is my favorite bug store. You can usually find someone to help you with whatever you need. I usually get gift cards to here for Christmas and they have more than just books available. They can pretty much order any book and itll be at the store in a couple of days and you can pick it up. These are some books I was surprised to see, was able to order and pick up, some are from writers I found on Instagram, and shows the variety they offer.

Review №2

Clean and well lit. The inventory in general is decent, but the cookbook selection could be expanded.Its difficult to find anything, beyond the general categories labels are extremely lacking.Prices are high, its likely anything found here can be found at Sams, Walmart, or Amazon for much less.Staff is very friendly.I was looking for a specific French Macaron cookbook. Staff said they could not even order it for me. The other bookstore in town could, not sure why. I can order it online, but this store can not. 🤷‍♀️

Review №3

The girlfriend and I stopped by here to use the restroom after a long morning of yardsaling. Our experience was alright, although no one greeted at the door as we walked in. I was bit bummed by the lack of restroom attendant. As we went to leave they had a very nice Nightmare before Christmas[nbc] display (right around Halloween 2021) I saw this [nbc] Rubiks cube and decided to get it, I was gonna get a [nbc] cookbook but it had very generic recipes, I cant believe Barnes & Noble would allow such garbage in their store.As we stood at the register to pay we were watched and I couldnt get the feeling of being undressed by his eyes to go away. Behind us in line was the Man. Ya know the Man that is always at every bookstore you go to, he stands off an aisle or 2 and watches you the whole time only to end up behind you at the register, well as soon as I became aware we booked it out of the store as we pulled off I saw him come running out looking all around trying to find us but we were gone and never coming back.All in all it was on okay experience I would recommend bringing a baseball bat with you on your visit though.

Review №4

Friendly employees, nicely arranged books with employee recommendation signs. Clean and fun to browse. Found a new series via well-displayed books. Employee at check out was familiar with the series which was cool. Prices are list price, its not a discount store, but the nice atmosphere makes up for it.

Review №5

Don’t get me wrong I am not trying to make this place sound bad! ^I mean I honestly love this store!^ But I am honest and I honestly don’t want anyone else to feel the way I did when it happened! So I was standing in line at their Starbucks(the stores not bad but the cafe…) it had been about 10 minutes and when I finally got to the desk to order they lady said “Sorry were closing, I can’t take you order” Listen they closed in 35 minutes and she couldn’t take my order? Or she didn’t want too? As talking to her friend. I didn’t want to start anything so I walked away. But in all honesty I wouldn’t go to there cafe! There is one in the target near there and they didn’t turn me away! So please heave my warning.

Review №6

Love this place. They always have the latest TCG sealed packs and restock all the time. Lovely front desk staff as well always a pleasure to interact with!

Review №7

I love this bookstore, however, it would be really nice if they could get in some books on geology and more earth sciences. There was literally not even one geology book yesterday when I visited, which was quite disappointing.

Review №8

I have recently gotten into reading.. I made a short list of books I had in mind and when I went there I found more than my list had! Wonderful experience will be returning. Thank you!

Review №9

Always a lovely time to be surrounded by books. The employee who assisted me was friendly and pleasant to interact with.

Review №10

Lots more than books! They have collectables, CDs, vinyl and a puzzle I have to go back for!

Review №11

I was just there to browse but the staff is always ready to help and are very nice.

Review №12

Books-a-million is closer to me, and they have some cheaper deals. But when it comes to variety of selection, Barnes and Noble is where its it. They always have everything Im looking for (and more, naturally). If I need a book in my hands and dont want to wait 5-7 days for it to ship from Amazon or BAM, this is where I go.

Review №13

Love this place as well as almost any bookstore. So many little time

Review №14

Still have great books but so much more. I know that you can get anything from Am***n, but going into a bookstore is always better!

Review №15

This is absolutely one of the best Barns and Nobles I have ever been to! They have such a huge variety of amazing books to gaze upon. The store is very clean. (Except for the bathrooms) they could use some care.

Review №16

Love this place. They havevso many things to choose from. Games, books, Mangas, toys, stuffed animals, journals... great prices and friendly staff.

Review №17

Very nice! Love the place

Review №18

Great selection of all books. Very helpful staff, will visit again.

Review №19

Easy access to parking lot. Large selection of books with friendly, helpful staff.

Review №20

Great service and very quiet and clean. Their care staff was great and very helpful. Clean bathrooms.

Review №21

Very nice and attentive staff, good selection and prices.

Review №22

Helpful staff, good selection. I love how clean and spacious this store was. Very attractive place!

Review №23

I had probably the most pleasant experience in a retail store that I have had in a very long time today at B&N. A young lady named Thameena checked me out and was the nicest, most personable, and courteous young lady I have experienced at any store. Her bright smile and her warm personality would make anyone instantly like her and she was eager to help me. She is a huge asset to B&N and I would have never dreamed that purchasing something in a retail store would make my day. Thank you Thameena!

Review №24

Plenty of parking. Nice and quiet and roomy inside. I went to the Starbucks inside and the cashier offered to Brew a fresh pot without me having to ask because she noticed that it was low and more than likely not going to be hot. 👍

Review №25

Very helpful got the books I needed quick

Review №26

If you like book stores then its hard to be disappointed. Its always a nice experience to go in and browse.

Review №27

Love this book store. They have some cool things here and then some. First time visit and i could have spent a couple hours in here just looking around. Some thing for everybody here of all ages and all personality.

Review №28

Anyone looking for.pokemon cards ?? They never let me.down at b&n

Review №29

Great selection and wonderful service.

Review №30

We went the day that Elsa and Her friends were there. My Granddaughter had herself the Best time ever! And so did her brother, mom, and Me (Mamaw). It was fun being in this store with my family and they have any kind of book you might be looking for. They even have coffee in the back. So if you are looking for some kind of special book or you want to just go browse and have coffee or a latte, This is a Great place to find it and so much more. LOVE BARNES & NOBLE

Review №31

Havent been in there in several years, just went in today to browse and I love the new layout.

Review №32

Good selection of books but nonexistent customer service.

Review №33

Had a flat tire lol they didnt kick me out of the parking lot so that was nice. I didnt get to go in tho.

Review №34

Nice and clean. Well managed. Everyone was very nice!

Review №35

If you love books Barnes & Noble is the place to go.They have everything your looking for and if they dont they will try to get it for you. Love the fact that you can go and get drinks or food to eat.

Review №36

Fantastic! I placed an order online this time to pick up in store. It was great. Went in, very friendly staff, got my order with a smile and no problems!

Review №37

My experience was very nice. The lady at the cash register was exceptional at giving me all of the discounts that I was entitled to.

Review №38

Love this place! Excellent spot to get up to date books and such!

Review №39

Ive been going to this location for many years, before I started shopping here my mom always shopped here as well. I bring my youngest sibling here to get books for school, puzzles, legos, Manga, and stuffed animals. We were nearly finished with our shopping/looking around, I’ve been in the store walking around without a mask. An employee asks if I have a mask I say no and before I can even say anything else he rushes off to get me one... I am handed the mask on my way to the counter to check out. I have Asthma and I’d rather not wear a mask, the guy wasn’t rude but stated that if I wasn’t going to wear the mask that I needed to leave. It didn’t seem to me that it matter to him what reason I’d have for not wearing I left, and I am not sure if I’ll be back at least for a long while. Everything here is pretty over priced anyhow, my brother loved going there to pick out a book and/or a puzzle i did it for him even if it hurt my wallet a little because he enjoyed it. So after that I can’t think of any reason I’d want to return.

Review №40

Quiet place to study

Review №41

Actually went to Cafe inside B&N...was terrible even though they serve Starbucks coffee. I asked for certain things and flavors ended with nothing I asked for but the right size. Even though I paid for topping and extra PUMP of flavor,, etc Got extra SHOT! Ok in the a.m. but not desired for 6pm !!

Review №42

The people there were very nice and helpful even looked up something we were looking for on the computer and told me where we might could find it

Review №43

I always enjoy going here. They have a large selection of books, magazines, and other merchandise. Plus they have a nice little coffee shop in the back.

Review №44

Man, this place really isnt what it used to be. I used to come here all the time and had such fond memories, now its just sad. I got a coffee and the guy acted like he just hates his job and cant stand to be there. I made the mistake of trying to pay with my Starbucks app and he complained to me that he has to tell people at least twice a shift that they dont accept starbucks cards (my bad, bro). Probably wont be back, not that it matters.

Review №45

Decent selection if you do stop in grab ya some cheesecake from the Cafe. Cant go wrong ....

Review №46

Staff was super friendly and knowledgeable. New the store extremely well and found what I was looking for in less than a minute.

Review №47

Vicki is the bomb. Always helpful. Knowledgeable. Great place to shop

Review №48

This Barnes and Noble is well stocked with a friendly staff. They also have plenty of free events and author signings throughout the year.

Review №49

Ample supply of both well organized books, along with some other general needy items.

Review №50

Ben Clanton visited and really put in a show! Thanks for having him!

Review №51

Clean, books galore. Wifi. Peace

Review №52

Glad theyre not maskholes anymore. They almost lost 4 customers.

Review №53

Yes it had what I was looking for in stock, and I only paid their overpriced markup because I needed it NOW and couldnt wait for it to be shipped to me from a different retailer. Could not find a single person in the store to help me find my selection. I eventually fiund it in my own. When I arrived at the checkout there were 2 people in front of me and no one to check them out. After 2 more people got behind me, finally someone showed up to start checking customers out. Overall: Good selection, high prices, poor customer service.

Review №54

I love books that is why I purchased a Nook from B&N approximately 5 years ago with the guarantee that the Nook would be covered by a Customer Support network. My Nook needed to be updated to the latest version. After unsuccessfully trying to do it myself I visited B&N to get info on updating it. I was given the printed instructions to try again at home & if that didn’t work to bring the Nook into the store for updating on their computer. I tried again with their instructions & didn’t get anywhere. So I took the Nook back to the store & they refused to help me by updating it. I live 40 minutes away so I can’t just pop over to the store. Long story short DON’T BY A NOOK, they don’t back their product.

Review №55

Was walking around, with out a mask do to health reasons. Guy came up with an attitude saying we all had to wear mask. Told him had health issues. He said they didnt care every customer had to wear a mask. Same associate tild my nephew they would call the police and tell them we we trespassing if we didnt all put a mask on. He had a mask all the guyhad to do was be polite about it. Im hoping it was just this associate that had an additude problem and not the whole store. I was ready to leave then would have if kids didnt want to show me books they are wanting. Not sure if Ill be back...

Review №56

Good B&N. Staff are super friendly 😊

Review №57

Wheres an average shopping experience at Barnes & nobles. Was very clean and cool staff was very pleasant but I would not say it wasnt above average door or below average story it was just an average Barnes and nobles with nice people and cold air.. I would suggest shopping there if youre looking for books

Review №58

Its nerd heaven, what more needs said? Good selection of puzzles

Review №59

Unique place, I will be coming back

Review №60

Good place to come and do some work.

Review №61

More games and such than books. Cookbook selection not much. Amazon here I come

Review №62

Easy layout for quick shopping.

Review №63

Staff is always helpful. If they dont have what youre looking for, they will order it off their website and offer to ship to you. Very few books I have asked for they couldnt find online.

Review №64

Very helpful staff

Review №65

Didnt have alot of time in Barnes and Nobles went in with a friend. We grabbed an iced coffee. Mine was great. A little more than what I like to pay but it was so so good. Want to go back to check it out more when I have more time.

Review №66

Great for getting bird books

Review №67

My wife found 3 new books to read

Review №68

Always enjoy looking around Barnes and Nobles. You can find many gifts and ideas for gifts there.

Review №69

Always a pleasure to shop here.

Review №70

Employees are very nice and helpful.

Review №71

30 min drive for me. Canceled part of my order due to being out of stock. Walked inside (same day) and found 10 copies in less than 5 mins. Went to purchase and they wouldnt honor the half off price of their online store.

Review №72

Wonderful selection and great employees.

Review №73

This Barnes and Noble always has the books on hand that I can’t find at the BAM in the target shopping center. No matter what my needs are B&N has it or can quickly get it shipped to the store in no time. Plus! If you don’t want to be bothered by the staff they’re very good at leaving you to your business and allowing people to just browse as they please.

Review №74

Would not recommend visiting or doing business with the one in Johnson City, TN. Employees are rude,mean,nasty,and will not help customers.

Review №75

Always neat and organized, staff is helpful also.

Review №76

If you really need a physical copy of a book I highly recommend it.

Review №77

Excellent very helpful to find what I was looking for.

Review №78

Perfect timing at Barnes and Noble. I had forgotten among the books, magazines, puzzles and music (harps today) lies Starbucks, Peppermint Mocha. Yes! Got me back home 45 minutes away in the mountains and rain. Thank you B&N.

Review №79

Very friendly staff, always very helpful

Review №80

The lady working the floor was really nice and helped me find everything I needed. But the man at the cash register was just blah. He didnt smile, say hello, thank you, have a nice day or anything. I tried talking to him several times and he just acted like I didnt exist. It was as if he was on a totally different planet. I really enjoyed the store and the play areas they have for the kids. My 4 year old was able to play while I looked for books. But the man working the checkout totally ruined my experience that day. When someone speaks to you you should at least acknowledge their existence. Especially if their a customer!! By far the worst experience Ive ever had checking out!! Id much rather someone be rude to me than to act as if Im not even there.

Review №81

Very clean and quiet. I have been working at this property lately and it is perfect for what it is intended for. Also Im only writing this to get my reviews up so I hope they dont see it and it makes you laugh a little.

Review №82

Youre associate man theyre going should not have a job

Review №83

Barnes & Noble was fantastic, the store was very clean (including the bathrooms) and the employees were very friendly. The book selection was really amazing and their Game section was super awesome, we enjoyed our experience immensely.

Review №84

Nice place to have a coffee and relax with books all around. They didnt accept a gift card I had which was a bit upsetting considering it was a Starbucks gift card.

Review №85

This was a frustrating end to my day. I was in the store with my family on Saturday evening. I was unaware of the time being as late as it was. However, as my family and I were in front of the checkout area looking at the items (we were just about to check out) I overheard our cashier, whisper to another employee.. We love you, but get out. I checked the time, and it was 10:02 pm meaning we were 2 minutes late checking out of the location. However, we were never notified of the time. Regardless, I thought this was extremely inconsiderate. I almost put my item down right then and there to do business elsewhere. I didnt say anything to the employee, but I no longer felt wanted and was very very upset. I was so angry when I left this Barnes and Noble store in Johnson City. I really dont WANT to do business at this location again. I would just assume go to Books a Million. My experience was a fine until that man was so incredibly rude.

Review №86

Nice place to have a coffee and chill. Great selection of books and magazines to browse through. Great coffee and sweets to choose from. All around great place to go

Review №87

Wonderful experience. We are big book shoppers and the sales manager Vicki is wonderful in helping us out. Anytime we go in and she is there we know it will be extra awesome...

Review №88

We made a quick shopping visit to this Barnes and Noble. We were staying in a nearby hotel in town for the Bristol Race.The store was clean and the parts we visited were well stocked.Checkout was quick.

Review №89

This store is very big. A lot of choices. The associate that checked me out was very help. Store was really clean and neat.

Review №90

Its a nice store and the staff is as nice as they can be. They dont always know where things are so be patient with them.

Review №91

Clean, organized, and friendly! Lots of space to browse and a well staffed cafe. Friendly employees who are always happy to help. One of the best Barnes and Noble stores in the country. Highly recommend stopping here and shopping.

Review №92

Has a great selection of books and board games. Always clean and nice. Starbucks is a plus too.

Review №93

Found a new book and used a coupon, very nice and friendly service

Review №94

Love that they have baby toys and kids toys. Went here the other day to get some new baby books and was carrying my baby around the store. After finding stuff I wanted my hands were full and it was getting heavy but I wasnt offered any help to bring it to the front even though a worker saw me twice having trouble and they ignored me.

Review №95

Nice friendly staff. Christian was super friendly, and had great customer service. Had to do a pick up in store because the company doesnt price match their own website. Anyways, everything went super smooth.

Review №96

I like that they offer to price match their online price plus the pickup at store is good. Always seem to be up to date on magazines of my interest & latest releases. Wish they had 4K DVDs.

Review №97

Love this location!! Every time I go in the staff are all excellent and friendly! They are always ready to help you find anything you are looking for!

Review №98

While the selection of books is good, it seems as though this bookstore leans very anti trump. Everywhere I looked there were books on end caps making fun and putting down our president. I understand that they msy not support him but for them to disrespect our country and leader is not right. When president Obama was our leader there was never a book displayed that made fun of him.

Review №99

Great place to shop for favorite books and authors. They also have a cafe and the different flavors of coffee is spectacular. The smell of coffee hits you as soon as you walk in the door. It smells wonderful. There is a place to relax and read. Very friendly and helpful staff.

Review №100

Great coffee and atmosphere!

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