Bill Gatton Mazda of Johnson City Service
2909 N Roan St, Johnson City, TN 37601, United States
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Just read the reviews before you step foot in this dealership. DO NOT BUY A USED CAR FROM THEM. I unfortunately learned the hard way. They perform whatever they need to on their vehicles to get them through the test drive. I called the next day after having issues with the vehicle I bought from them and asked to see used car inspection documents. I was told no, I could not see that document. Why would you not let your customer see the used car inspection document? Seems like they were attempting to hide something. I understand dealerships are business and they need to profit where possible, but they do not perform the “160 point used car inspection” that they claim they do. There’s too many bad reviews regarding similar issues and instances for them to not be true. Please, save yourself the stress and money and DO NOT buy a used car from them.EDIT: Their response below is a lie. I was not informed the vehicle had not gone through inspection. Why had it been on the lot for 2.5 weeks before I bought it? Check the car fax, it reports the dates that they purchased it and when I purchased it. 2.5 weeks apart. A car shouldn’t sit on your lot for 2.5 weeks and not even run an inspection. It should be the first thing done when the dealership gets the vehicle before it’s even put on the lot for sale.The only reason I wasn’t charged is because they weren’t charged either. It was covered under an extended warranty by Toyota.Sure, they gave me a loner to drive, but it was in worse shape than the vehicle I bought. Save your time, their lies don’t even make sense. DO NOT BUY A USED CAR HERE.

Review №2

After having a year of bad luck with vehicles, my dad and I went to Bill Gatton Mazda because we found a Dodge Nitro that was a very very good deal and my parents finally agreed to purchase me one more car even though Im 34 years old but they did this to help me and my son out. I was so excited about my car and I want to say the man that helped us, I cannot remember his name but he was very very nice very helpful and made us feel like we were real special even though he had probably five or six other customers going at one time and his manager just sat there with a scowl look on his face the entire time that just said I am miserable and I wish you all would go home so that I could go home. We got the car though and I was so excited and when I into it to go home I realized that the air conditioning didnt work then I realize the heater didnt work but I did not want to get my daddy stressed out so I did not call him and tell him since he was ahead of . I just thought that I would deal with it and get it fixed later on down the road. Both of these things were not mentioned by the when we purchased. Two days after bringing it home I watched it go down the road on a wrecker and it turns out it was the starter relay. Not a huge deal it was done that same day actually but its just the principle that it was only two days since I bought it. Now its been a little over three weeks since I purchased it and it has gone down the road on a wrecker two more times and currently is again not in my possession due to its in limp mode which is apparently something with transmission but we have in 3 and 1/2 Weeks purchased a starter relay and had it put on, 2 camshaft position sensors, an EGR valve and now ultimately whatever it is thats going to have to be fixed with the transmission if its fixable at all. However due to purchasing a used vehicle in Tennessee as is there is nothing that can be done. What I can say is as a human being it would have been very nice for us to have been told now look this thing does have some issues maybe you want to look at something else?rather than do you want this car?awesome!lets sign it and get you down the road. . I was previously a retail store manager for 11 years and I know firsthand, of course you want to make this sale but you also want to have your customer happy and tell their friends and be a potential returning customer because in the world of retail regardless of what youre selling you control your traffic for the future by your service you deliver that day. So now Im broke, my parents are broke, I have no vehicle which is causing me to not be able to go to work which therefore is causing me to not be able to take care of my child and I dont know what were going to do so just beware if you go to Bill Gatton Mazda of Johnson city that you really really take the time to test drive and take a look and inquire about everything that could possibly be going on with the vehicle.

Review №3

I loved having a deal made when I got to the lot. My car is exactly like pics and description.

Review №4

Buyer Beware !! Recently bought a used car from Bill Gatton and it was by far the worst car buying experience I have ever had. The Salesman was fine but after the 2nd day, every light on the car came on. Called to ask if they could do anything and they said no. Didnt even offer to scan it. Called and left message with GM with no replay. The car came from the auction and I believe they just reset the computer to get it out the door. Learned my lesson there and will tell everyone I know not to do business there. Wish I would have read all the other negative comments before I went.

Review №5

Terrible Dealership! Sold me a 07 Scion Tc w 143k for 5k otd. Problem 1: Leaking Oil at an alarming rate! Yes I checked oil on test drive, they did a fresh change and degreased / cleaned engine bay, I think its leaking not burning so on a short test drive I didn’t see anything that made me walk away, how convenient they covered any easy evidence. First trip needed 2.5 qts in about 1500 miles. Called day 3, they said bring it in we will “look at it”. It was pcv valve? They charged me diagnostic fee, full parts and labor and said “if its still leaking take it Toyota nearby for service” mind you day 4 or 5 after purchase… I don’t expect stuff for free but 1. Shouldn’t have had this issue when I purchased it. 2. Couldn’t waive simply the diagnostic fee? Really shows they don’t care AT ALL!!! They Didn’t even do an oil change… I had “dealership service” oil, roadside oil, and service oil all mixed in… it was apparent they wanted me to leave despite being unnecessarily nice. TN laws are different… “lemon law” states this was cut and dry case. I Didnt bring them the car 30min away so they could make more off of me, I brought it to them to rectify the situation.Problem 2: Tires - Salesman said “they passed inspection”. The wheel was … a good ways off so day one I got the fronts that were slicks in the middle (overinflation?) changed w alignment to be safe. Something dealership taking their time could’ve managed, alignment particularly. I pointed to salesman dry-rot on rears he again said “good enough for inspection”…. Well rear right popped on first trip as well so that was a lie. Luckily was within 5 miles of a Walmart that had my size in stock 4 hours from home. 3000 miles into used car - I’m 4 tires, 2 oil changes, tire pressure sensor (light was on at purchase), and some “stop leak” chemicals trying to save whats normally a 250k+ car if not abused!Also happened catch a rock in windshield first trip, nothing to do with them but bad luck from the start with little blue here… meant to do this review sooner but have had other duties to attend to and sneaking in repairs when I can, been sitting mostly as I don’t know how much I trust it to go far and hopefully not lock up 🤦🏻‍♂️. Just got plates last week, so this is all “relatively new”.I like the car itself, but they were lazy and greedy in the sale they are not looking out for the customer, just money, buyer beware!

Review №6

The man we dealt with, Zach, was very patient and knew exactly what he was doing.

Review №7

We recently bought a 2008 Jeep Wrangler from this dealership. Our internet sales representative Worth Peak was fantastic! He was both professional and personable; not your stereotypical creepy used car salesman. Their business manager Brian Cook was also great- very informative/matter-of-fact; not at all intimidating. They have a great selection of pre-owned vehicles at competitive prices. We love our Jeep! Im sure it will have a few hiccups down the road, but our experience here was nothing but positive. Thanks!

Review №8

This is the only place I trust servicing my car. Comfortable waiting areas. Quick turnaround.

Review №9

The staff is great. Very personable. Fast friendly service.

Review №10

Everyone there was so nice from start to finish. Had a great experience and was very stress free. The salesman Lloyd Mullins was so polite and answered every question I had

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I purchased my vehicle here with the help of Zach Johnson. He was an amazing salesperson and answered all of our questions. He was very patient with us and helped me pick the vehicle that worked best for me. I highly recommend going here to make your purchase and ask for Zach! The whole staff was very nice and helpful. Great car buying experience!!

Review №12

GREAT GREAT GREAT SERVICE!! And It Was A Fast Process ! And Very Well mannered ! Everyone Was Respectable And Polite. My Sales Man Who Has The Pac-Man Game On His Desk. I LOVE HIM And His Service ‼️ Thank You Thank You Thank You

Review №13

This is the third Mazda weve bought from Bill Gatton Mazda, and each time we have been treated very well! We feel the vehicles are exceptional, and the service and sales teams are professional. Our Salesperson Lloyd Mullins, worked very hard on our behalf and Chris Hill the Sales Manager was very attentive throughout the process. Jesse Ford the General Manager also helped to keep the pencil sharpened to get us what we wanted for what we could afford. It felt great to patronize a business that made us feel we were truly valued as customers.

Review №14

Would not recommend them they sold a car with a bad torque converter now im stuck with the bill.

Review №15

Took a 9000 dollar car and added fees and taxes and ended up with 11500 must went to a different school than i

Review №16

Alittle expensive for an oil change but nice people

Review №17

We bought a vehicle from them a week ago, and it was honestly probably the best deal we have ever gotten at an auto dealership. All of the staff were very helpful and honest. I highly recommend checking them out if you or a loved one is looking for a reliable vehicle at an excellent price!

Review №18

I bought a car from them 2 days ago and I’m already having problems with the transmission after being told there was no issues with the car.

Review №19

Friendly, fast, fair

Review №20

Our experience was excellent. We worked with Worth Peak, and from the moment we got there to the moment we left, there was a clear focus on getting us the best bang for our buck. Everything was transparent and timely. Thank you!

Review №21

I Have used the service department for several years without any issues or problems until this last time when I was in a rush checking out and was charged for services not included in my quote which totaled to be over $100 more. Called to speak with the service manager and got his voicemail.... this was on Wednesday of last week. It’s now the end of business on Monday with no call back. Poorest customer service I’ve had since purchasing my first car from them in 2009.

Review №22

Very friendly and helpful in looking for a used car. Dealer website is easily searched for inventory. Cars where cleaned and sanitized before test drive.

Review №23

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS DEALERWe purchased a 2012 Jeep Patriot 109k - Was mislead on financing options several times and 2 weeks later the transmission started acting up. Sales Manager Daniel also gave false information before/during/after the sale. Eastman Credit Union also stated to me over the phone these guys do not know their facts. DO NOT BUY FROM BILL GATTON.

Review №24

Super great place and the employees are the best as are the prices

Review №25

The Customer Service Ryan Quillen did a great 👍 job.

Review №26

Had oil change. Nice and helpful people. Does great work.

Review №27

Great sales and service department!

Review №28

Never again!

Review №29

Good folks

Review №30

Incredible service department!

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