AutoNation Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM and FIAT Johnson City
3700 Bristol Hwy, Johnson City, TN 37601, United States
Review №1

The best ever car experience we have ever had! Everyone made our experience enjoyable and fun. Ernie was an amazing salesman, and Bobby and Elijah were awesome too! We couldn’t have had a better experience anywhere else. Thank you all SO much for making this an experience to remember!

Review №2

I am so glad I went to Auto Nation. Mr. Reid took care of me as if I was part of his family. He answered all of my questions. I never felt coerced or pressured. You will be very pleased to work with him to purchase your next car. Mr. Taylor facilitated a loan that met my budget. I appreciate his diligent work on my behalf. I enjoyed my car shopping experience at Auto Nation.

Review №3

I had a great experience with AutoNation. Winfred did a great job and answered every question I had. Both the dealer and Winfred have been in touch since I left. I really appreciate the customer service!

Review №4

We were trying to find a car for my dad for quite sometime. I started looking on Autonation for exactly what he wanted. I first spoke with someone in Florida who was not helpful at all. I then tried a different autonation which was Johnson City! We live in New York and we’re able to seamlessly receive the truck! Shane is so awesome, he was very attentive, and constantly checked in with us on any updates he had! We picked up the car and drove out in fifteen minutes! I would HIGHLY suggest working with Shane!!

Review №5

Wonderful job from top to bottom. The salesman, Anthony Andes, finance, everyone really surprised me. Could not be any happier with the car and the deal I got. Thanks guys💪

Review №6

I took my Jeep in for service. I have a hearing disability. The service desk employee, Brittany Wilder, was very respectful and helped me understand what was going to be needed for my service. She is very knowledgeable, courteous, and demonstrates great customer service. I was very pleased with the visit. The jeep was serviced, no problems, I’ve been there 3 times, and each time I have not been disappointed! Ms Wilder is a great asset to the service department with her making customer aware of all information needed to service your vehicle. Great customer service!

Review №7

My car buying experience with Winfred Reid and the staff at AutoNation could not have been better. Winfred showed sincerity and honesty and cares about each customer. Everyone I was in contact with showed respect and a positive attitude. I look forward to working with Winfred and the staff at AutoNation in the future.

Review №8

Me Jacob was a great associate and was fair price for the vehicle. Very respectful and did not rip me off. Highly recommend

Review №9

July 11, 2021We would like to thank the staff at AutoNation in Johnson City Tennessee for creating a great auto trade-in/buying experience. The staff were professional, we got a great trade in value for our trade, and they sold us a vehicle that perfectly matched our needs and likes.

Review №10

I would recommend AutoNation! My experience there was awesome. They were efficient and knowledgeable and answered every question and concern I had. My sales person was very personable and friendly. Thanks to all you guys there, you all do a wonderful job!

Review №11

I drive a Pacifica. As I was leaving town the dashboard/electronic screen would not come on. We drove to AutoNation in Johnson City hoping for a quick fix. The service receptionist would not even have anyone look at it. We left and went to Miller Tire, who has done a lot of service for us. Even though they would not normally work on this, they not only tried, but did a quick search and viola, the screen came to life. Thanks Miller Tire.

Review №12

Long story short, I just want my display repaired!! Purchased the vehicle on 5-20-21. Took to the shop on 6th of June, display was priced at Ford dealership. For what ever reason I can not get any answers. I have contacted over the phone and in person multiple times . Could someone please help?……day of review I received a call telling me the new display was ordered. 2 weeks after review. Still not repaired. I could buy one on eBay and have it tomorrow,Two more weeks passed. still not fixed.

Review №13

Had an issue with locking lugs not coming with a key & a stripped oil drain plug on my Jeep JK that I purchased here 5 months ago. . Not only did they fix those issues, but they took the time to rotate my tires & change the oil using the parts I had purchased. Total cost, $0.00. They really do back their work—I really appreciate the service technician taking care of this for me in time for Jeep Invasion!!!!

Review №14

I live in Dallas and purchased a used vehicle (2006 Porsche Carrera S) remotely sight unseen from AutoNation Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM and FIAT Johnson City, Tennessee.Upon contacting them via their online form, I was promptly contacted by their Salesperson, Meghan Counts. In my 20+ years buying and selling used cars, I have NEVER experienced the level of professional service that Meghan offered.Meghan was knowledgable, extremely prompt and helpful during my transaction. I was nervous purchasing this vehicle without checking/test driving in person but Meghan put my mind at ease by answering my millions of questions.Furthermore, once I completed the purchase, Meghan followed the vehicles transfer from Tennessee to Texas to very moment that it arrived, safely at my doorstep. She thoroughly followed up with all the required tags, registration and paperwork. I received the vehicle and the condition is excellent, as promised.If youre looking for a car, I strongly recommend that you contact Meghan and the folks at AutoNation Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM and FIAT Johnson City.

Review №15

I purchased a car over three months ago with a promise of new tires and detailing. The temporary tag has had to be renewed three times. I auto chatted four times giving my phone number and email address with promises of customer service response. I emailed the corporate office and the salesperson - not one response!!! I tried calling and kept getting disconnected. Finally I reached the salesperson via their cell number only to find out they had the tags. No apology, no offer to mail them and no follow up on the tires or detailing. Very unprofessional and sketchy. If I could give zero stars I would.

Review №16

Easiest Car purchase ever. 2017 Jeep Smoky Mountain Edition was in great shape, and purchase was easy and no pressure. I cant say enough good things about Winfred Reid. This is my second purchase with this company and I will be back again.

Review №17

At first, I was a little disappointed with the service department here. I brought my car in because it was having some issues. They said they fixed it. About a week later my car started having the same issues. Made time to bring my car back in. It took them a few days to find the root of the problem and then a few more days to actually fix it. They wanted to make sure everything was fixed properly on my car this time before they gave it back to me. Sometimes mistakes happen. But the important thing is they realized they made a mistake the first time and corrected the mistake out of their own pocket. Big thanks to Mike at the service desk.

Review №18

Mark worked with us so well. I never expected to leave with a car because of my lack of credit but they too such good care of us and treated us like human beings. We ended up getting a 2016 Kia soul and we are in love! 100/100

Review №19

When I arrived for my scheduled service my wait was minimal. Ezzie Harrison, my service advisor, was honest, very helpful, knowledgeable, professional, and answered all my questions. I truly had an amazing first time visit with my Jeep because of Ezzie caring enough to take the time to explain all that was going to be done with my Jeep on this visit! He also informed me when and at what intervals I should come in for service~

Review №20

Service was performed in a timely manner and the tech did a good job explaining various issues with my truck. The only reason I am not giving five stars is that I was not acknowledged in any way upon my arrival. Although employees in the service area were not assisting other customers, they were too busy to offer a “good morning, somebody will be right with you.” My wait was brief but I felt as though I was an interruption.

Review №21

While they did a good job and fairly quick about it. They had to get my manual out of my glove box to reset oil on the dash. In doing that they not only moved everything around in my glove box, they put it back to where when I open it everything slides out in the floor. Also, when they did that they left couple item in my floor board instead of placing it back into my glove box. It was disappointing but nothing shocks me anymore 🤷‍♂️😑

Review №22

I was looking for a particular truck for a while and found it online at this dealership in Tennessee. Got the deal done over the phone and came down to pick up the truck. Mark at the dealership got it all done, no problems, no hassle, nothing but a great experience. A very satisfied customer, Thanks Mark!UPDATE: Here I find myself on SEPTEMBER 17TH, 2021, still waiting for my registration from my state department of motor vehicles (NJ), and the remainder of my sales tax deposit of $5,106.69 which has been held since I bought the vehicle on 1/31/2021. I know that of that deposit $4,000 plus should be refunded back to me since the difference of the trade in and purchase was only $6,389 so may payable sales tax should be less than $500. I called the salesman, bookkeeping and no call back at all from ANYONE from the dealership. I know that NJMVC is not working at per-pandemic levels however am friend of mine bought a vehicle out of state a couple of months ago and received there new registration.Unfortunately there customer relations and service is nonexistent.Please beware so this does not happen to you because time is so precious and the time wasted here on my part is gone forever because some one else does not care.

Review №23

What a wonderful place to buy a new car. Most respectful team members. Fast service and a fair price. Thank you all and God bless you all.

Review №24

My experience at this dealership was the worst! They ran my credit at four different places and now i have four inquiries listed. The finance team screwed the whole deal up so i had to go to Eastman and get financing. They obviously have no idea what they are doing. My sales person was fantastic, its the rest of the business that requires attention desperately! I spent almost $60,000 at this place and my vehicle was delivered to me filthy, empty tank of gas and squealing brakes. So far nobody will talk to me about this issue and GM will not respond to my emails.

Review №25

I purchased a 2005 Mustang GT as a “weekend” driver and to commute to and from work some. I purchased the car on a Monday evening. I drove it home and the following day drove my primary truck to the beach for a week, only to realize that I had less than 1/8th of a tank of gas (yes, they didn’t fill it up). We got home that following Sunday. That next morning, I loaded my work bag up in the Mustang. I didn’t make it 500 feet down my street before water started pouring from under the dash and onto the floor board, where my $1,400 work laptop was located. Needless to say, it was destroyed. I put about 8 miles on this car when all of this happened.I contacted my sales representative that day, and expressed that I want to return the vehicle (that I had put about 60 miles on at this point). She said she would contact her GM and get back with me. This was 7/19. I never heard anything back.Fast forward to today (8/11). My temporary tag is now expired. I contacted the dealership, which was a laughable encounter. I spoke with a gentleman that told me to “just drive on down and get a new temp tag”. I explained to him mine is now expired. His response: “you won’t get a ticket”. I explained to him I’m not taking the chance, and asked to speak to a manager to express my concerns. He refused and said “just come get a tag, man”. I again said let me speak to a manager and he stated that a manager is not on the property, and to call back in 30 minutes. I provided my name and number, to not get a call back. I texted the sales representative, again, to no avail. Her read receipts are on, so I know messages have been received.I will not do any form of business with this dealership in the future.

Review №26

If youre looking for a great deal on a car look no further. The staff here were great. Ethan Harrell worked hard to get us the best deal possible, I highly recommend him! We will return for any future vehicles.

Review №27

Sarah was very friendly and helpful getting me checked in and shuttled to my work. She also made arrangements to have a shuttle pick me up after the service was completed on my car. The dealership has always went above and beyond to help we with my needs or concerns. Job well done!

Review №28

My car buying experience with Autonation was awesome, Michael Ward was very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. He took his time and answered all my questions. There was no pressure at all. Everyone I encountered during the time I was buying my Challenger were great and helpful. I have purchased 3 new vehicles from them and each time was great. I would recommend Autonation and Michael to my friends and family. Thanks Michael!

Review №29

I had intentions of going to another dealership, but last minute, decided to look at AutoNation before going to the other place. Very impressed with the service we received. Andrew King was definitely the best salesman Ive ever dealt with! Hes not pushy and is very honest, with whats best for the customer, as his first priority! I ended up buying from him and didnt even go to the other dealership! I will definitely be recommending him to everyone I know, that is looking to buy a vehicle! In fact, my husband is now thinking of buying off of him too! Elijah, in financing, was also great! Thank you Andrew, and AutoNation, for a hassle free buying experience!

Review №30

Every time we take in our Jeep Grand Cherokee for service at AutoNation, there is something new wrong with it. Michael in the service department did take care of us and was great to work with. Other associates in the service department did not even acknowledge us when we arrived. They scheduled our service for a Tuesday morning and did not even look at our Jeep until the following Tuesday, without even offering a rental until the weekend before. I am concerned about the level of service we receive when we need anything fixed on our Jeep. For this reason, we will no longer use AutoNation and will look to trading for another vehicle not in the Chrysler family.

Review №31

Very helpful, even though we couldnt find anything we were looking for Brandon is working very hard to try and find it for us. Love this place.

Review №32

Got the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon I wanted, with the extended warranty I required. Happy with the process and the people so far (about a month out), and the service department on my one trip has been good. Got me a rental for the day to complete the work needed on my Jeep. The “waiting room” for service is non-existent so the rental was a good thing. Only real negative I saw is that the detailing department is pretty bad. I brought my Jeep straight home and cleaned it up.

Review №33

My son got a new truck and is very happy with it. He had a reasonable price and he got a lot of help with his paperwork. Cant be happier than that plus they have a great selection of vehicles

Review №34

I purchased a 2020 Jeep Renegade. Less than a year and 10,000 miles later I hit a pothole and busted a rim. I had my Jeep towed to AutoNation. The service department informed me that there wasnt a replacement for my rim. They had my Jeep in their possession from April 1 - May 15. The only recourse they could come up with was to have someone weld the rim and put the same damaged rim back on my practically new vehicle. I knew it was my responsibility to pay for the rim, but AutoNation never could come up with a rim to replace mine. They offered absolutely no assistance. They had my Jeep for over a month and wouldnt provide a replacement vehicle temporarily since it was their fault my vehicle wasnt repaired. Finally my husband and I made a 6 hour trip to go get a set of rims and then had to pay AutoNation to put the rims we found on. I will never buy another Jeep, Dodge or Chrysler product. If a rim puts you out of commission what will a major part do?Update: As seen below, AutoNation has reached out to me. I gave them a call to see how they planned of rectifying a problem after they did nothing for two months .. they dont. The general manager wasnt even there, hes off work for a medical issue. They took my number but still havent heard anything. Not surprised.

Review №35

Got me in on short notice on a Saturday for an oil change. Called in, at first they werent sure if they could do the oil change but told me to come in. And they got it done quickly. Everyone was very helpful, truck was clean. Definitely recommend and will use them again.

Review №36

Very accommodating and thorough with his explanations of things regarding the findings on my Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. Performed his job very professionally and with respect. Ezzie made it to be an excellent, stress- free experience. I would definitely go back and give my business.

Review №37

I have always loved auto nation service department! They always find out what’s wrong an fix it right!

Review №38

Hunter was our sales representative and he went above and beyond to satisfy my daughter. I would highly recommend this dealership. We drove from Aheville NC and it was worth it!

Review №39


Review №40

I had a terrible experience at another dealership and was recommended here by a friend. Hunter took me right under his wing and made the process super smooth and fun for me! We ended up finding my dream car and had it shipped here from Florida. During the whole process, Hunter and Luke kept me updated and always answered any questions I may have had. I will definitely be back to purchase my next vehicle from Autonation in JC!

Review №41

I love the Challenger I got from AutoNation, and I wanna say thank you to my salesman Brandon for getting me in a solid used car. Brandon even went the extra mile to mail me some items I had left in my trade in. I will be shopping with you all again.

Review №42

Staff is friendly and professional. Internet price was good. Got a great car for a good price. Cant complain.

Review №43

The store was clean and impressive. Sales attendants let me look around before approaching, I liked that.

Review №44

Extremely professional and quick. Was quicklyChecked in and explained everything in detail. Full stars for the service staff! Would recommend for anyone with a Chrysler,Jeep,Ram or Dodge. I feel bad because a forgot the service reps name. Young guy with dark hair and closely trimmed facial hair.

Review №45

I purchased a used car with less than 29,000 miles from this dealership and 11 days later, the check engine light came on indicating issues with the power train. When I reached out to the dealership for assistance, they could not or would not provide any assistance with the issue. I spoke to the sales rep who sold me the car and he said he would speak to his sales managers and call me back within 30 minutes. It has now been 4 days and I still have not heard back from him.I am very disappointed that this dealership sold me a car with engine issue and is not willing to offer any assistance. Unfortunately, this feels like the stereotypical car purchasing experience.

Review №46

Very nice people very professional they went above and beyond to make my buying experience pleasant a shout out to, Sean, young Spencer, and Tasha

Review №47

WOW !!!!! Shane Is by far the best salesman who works here. I don’t even like calling him a salesman because he’s not your typical salesman he’s such a respectful, non pushy kinda, guy. He got me into a vehicle I absolutely LOVE and around the price I was looking for. If ever looking for a vehicle I definitely recommend this place and make sure you ask for Shane. He will never know how much I appreciate...Elijah in financing I awesome he’s a great guy like Shane. We need more people in this world like Shane and Elijah. They definitely deserve a raise. Thanks again guys.2018 Mitsubishi outlander ❤️

Review №48

Customer service is terrible. Service Advisor Brittany NEVER smiled. NEVER greeted me. I felt like a bother to her. In addition, I requested to not have the oil treatment added. She said she misheard me, so it was added and my bill stated $19.99 for the service. I asked about that charge and she said it was only a $5 charge. Why didnt my bill SHOW this amount instead of $19.99?? The gentleman beside her told her to do a courtesy discount of $4.75 and pointed out that she mis-coded the service which reduced it another $3. I will NEVER have an oil change done there again. It is overpriced and unwelcoming. Beware!

Review №49

We have gotten 3 cars from auto nation and it has been the worst experience have ever had. Nobody can tell me why my tags arent in.. the service department lies to there customers about problems with new vehicles aka renegade with only just over 1k miles not had its first oil change and was 3 and half quarts low on oil and was told everything was.. they lied. After a couple yrs of sinking money into oil that we had to have for the renegade for a CAR to run now Ive had my wrangler that I bought from them and 4 to 5 months now I still dont have my tags they have issued temp tags countless times isnt that against the law idk but something needs to be done about this problem

Review №50

Great place with great people. When you go, ask for Brianna Stanley and Elijah Taylor. They made me feel at home, easily answered all questions I had, and made the experience easy and enjoyable. Absolutely fantastic service and great people. Highly recommend.

Review №51

I worked with Kaela, and it was a great experience. She is professional, kind, and tenacious when it comes to getting issues resolved. We bought a 13 Ram Laramie. It had a few cosmetic issues, but she got with all the necessary people to get everything worked out. Having sold cars in the past, Im pretty good at knowing the ins and outs of the process. The staff members, all that helped, were professional, and showed that they wanted me not only happy with this purchase, but to make me a customer for life. Well, Ill be back. And we love our truck

Review №52

Anthony Andes was my salesman and was great over the phone until I drove 2 hrs to get the car. He rushed us the whole time and was aggravated because he had another sale going on at the same time even though I made an appointment with him. I was there with my own financing and waited a total of 6 hours to drive home with the car. The fog lights weren’t working and they refused to knock the money off the car for fog lights so they wrote an I owe you. It’s two months later, car paid for and I still haven’t received the check. Anthony wouldn’t return any calls or e-mails so I call the company and ask for the manager. The manager tells me to wait 1 more month. I did and tried to get a hold of Anthony, still no response. So I call the main number and again get another manager who is extremely nice and said he will find out what’s going on and will get back to me. So far this has been the worst car buying experience, I believe it is just the lack of service after the sale from the salesman. I will update this review if the problem is resolved. I would not recommend buying a vehicle here. I did end up receiving the check. Thank you for your wonderful service after the sale Bobby I wish I had your help all along the process would have been effortless.

Review №53

Great experience working with Hunter and Shane. Both were an incredible help and very professional

Review №54

Best purchase experience I’ve ever had when buying a car. Mark and Tasha were excellent. Straight forward, no bs, no games. They delivered more than what was expected and crushed the competition on price! I drove from Chicago to Buy my truck and I will buy another one from them! Great store!

Review №55

What an absolute joke it was dealing with these people. I tried to purchase a vehicle from out of state,for over a week. I continually got the run around, when I even got a response. The 1st salesman did not respond to messages, I finally had to get in touch with the sales manager to get any assistance. Nice enough guy, but clearly there is zero communication between people there. The vehicle ended up being sold on a Friday, I spoke with the sales manager Saturday, when we tried to finalize the deal over the phone,but my financing company was closed on the weekend., only to find out on sunday(after sending a message to the manager with no response),from another salesman,, that it had been sold 2 days earlier. I specifically asked the sales manager to please inform me if the vehicle sold,.so I wouldnt end up buying a plane ticket for no reason. I worked in car dealerships for over 20 years and I know what to expect during the buying process...this is not how its supposed to be...I literally said to the sales manager that I dont understand why its been so difficult trying to buy a car from them, I was under the impression that they sold cars there. It was such a horrible experience, that I am leaving my 1st ever review of a company ...and I didnt even buy a car...guess Im lucky, if I had this much trouble before purchase, I cant imagine what would have happened after.

Review №56

Trish at Autonation was very helpful and informative! The whole Autonation team were wonderful to deal with and made the whole buying process a pleasurable experience. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a new or used car to check out this place!

Review №57

I would just go somewhere else. I bought a 2015 Hyundai Elantra from here, the highbeams in the car dont work and the air conditioner stopped working a day after I bought the car. It took me a week to get ahold of anyone to schedule a service appointment. Each time I called them I was put on hold for 20-30 minutes. The first appointment they had available was 4 weeks after I called them. That should show a lot of their other cars probably have problems too. When buying the car I had asked about the tag on my trade in, I asked them if I needed to take it or if they would send it back to the DMV. The guy in finance told me they would take care of everything. In North Carolina (where I live) you cant cancel car insurance until your tag is turned in. After 3 weeks I emailed the dealership asking if they have sent my tag back yet. Their response was We do not turn in the tags to the DMV. We dispose of the tags when they are left on trade ins, and your vehicle is no longer here. So they just threw away my tag. Youd think after spending $11,000 on a car, and nearly $1000 in dealership fees they would be semicompetent.

Review №58

Bought a used car from Megan Counts. She was fantastic, not pushy and easy to work with. I HIGHLY recommend her and Auto Nation.

Review №59

I scheduled an oil change appt online late the prior evening. Appointments were available. I was taken on time and the wait was not long for the work to be completed. This is close to my home which makes it convenient. I had previously called a dealership by my job and they don’t schedule appts; it is first come, first served. That does not work with my schedule.

Review №60

Excellent customer service and all around experience. Extremely easy to work with and based on my experience would highly recommend

Review №61

I purchased a vehicle from them yesterday. After going to several other dealers, with zero help. I was met at the door by some of the nicest and most helpful folks ever! Maddie was super sweet and was there to help. This young lady walked all over the lot to find me the perfect car. Once I had made my choice I was met by a young man by the name of Michael Ward. Wow what a great young man he is! Super knowledgeable about the vehicles he is selling. He speaks to you just like he knows you! He was there every step of the way for the entire process. Once we returned from the test drive I was met by Russell and Matt whom were just as kind as everyone else. I will never buy another vehicle from another car lot than right here with Auto Nation. Thank you all so much for making my dreams come true and giving me the freedom to grow my business. Heres to many more future purchases!!!

Review №62

I drove from North Carolina to Tennessee to purchase a used vehicle. I was scheduled an appointment to look at the vehicle. When I arrived at the dealership I was greeted by Luke who had no clue of my appointment and searched the dealership over for the vehicle I wanted to purchase. The vehicle was never found. I waited for them to get it together and I finally had to find the salesman and see what the hold up was to find out they had already sold the vehicle. Then I ask to look for other vehicles in my price range and was shown the vehicle I eventually purchased and was lied to multiple times about the backup camera and the NADA value of the vehicle after I made the purchase. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT WORK WITH BRANDON VANOVER!!!! Very unprofessional and a LIAR!!!! I came with my own financing and had to wait 6 hours to get in and out with my vehicle. Would never recommend!!!

Review №63

I will have to say they were very affeciant ,got the vehicle fixed in a short time.they suprised me with the bill,but it was reasonable for todays prices.i was very pleased with their services, and now the air conditioner does work,and it has a green dye in it to let them know where it has a leak if it goes down i will have to say they were reasonable and it got fixed. i just hope it doesnt leak down for a few months (GOD WILLING)THANKS AUTONATION, you didnt let me down, and i certainly do appreciate that . the vehicle was a 2006 jeep grand cherokee all wheel drive

Review №64

I had a scheduled oil change on Saturday, February 6th. I was met by Meghan who got my Fiat in quickly. After I left I received a call from her to say my car battery only showed 300 cranking amps. I happened to be with my husband at that time so I told her I he had volunteered to change out my battery but it was very thoughtful that she had called to let me know. Great customer care!

Review №65

Great place to do business with. Anthony and Bobby are great people. Keep up the good work.

Review №66

Really liked this place. Very fair deal on used truck. Worked with Sean Eden - couldnt be happier.

Review №67

My oil change and lug nut replacement appointment was easy and fast. The staff was professional, helpful, accommodating and knowledgeable. My questions were well answered.

Review №68

Andrew and Russell took very good care of me in the process of buying my 2016 Ram 1500. Elijah in the finance dept also made the paperwork effortless and all were a pleasure to talk with. I highly recommend Autonation to anyone looking for a high quality vehicle.

Review №69

The entire team at the service department were great, informative and courteous. I was a little disappointed when I got my vehicle back and there was some damage from their vendor that worked on my truck. Then it had to go to another vendor in order to resolve that issue, after several days and I finally got the truck back there was another mark that was not seen the first time and then the truck had to go back again. I wish that the service advisor had inspected the vehicle when they got it back to see the original defect. I dont place all the blame as to what happened on AutoNation but ultimately they are responsible. Maybe they need to review the performance of their vendors before sending a customers vehicle to them.

Review №70

We took my wifes car in for an issue that felt like a transmission failure. We were initially told that it would take several days to do the diagnostic testing, which was a little disappointing. We decided to leave the car with them to test. Received a call the next morning stating they completed the test and guoted us for the repairs (coil pack and spark plugs). Car was repaired and we picked it up letter in the day. Good job on getting the repairs dine quicker than initially promised.

Review №71

Great dealer! Great people! Highly recommend to do a purchase right here.

Review №72

Great customer service! Timing was accurate for work completed! I felt the pricing was a little steep but I know at the same time work was right so pretty much worth it. I will return. And Thanks!!!

Review №73

Sean Eden made the entire car buying experience a quick, painless process. He was kind, knowledgeable, and respectful of my time and situation. I am so grateful for all of his help and would 100% recommend Sean Eden specifically at Auto Nation to my friends and family.

Review №74

Great dealership! Ive never had such a pleasant experience buying a vehicle! Salespersons Anthony and Brianna are very open and accommodating. They gave me a great price for my trade. Elijah, the finance person, also did great in finding me the best Finance rates. Knowing I had driven over an hour to get there, they filled my new vehicle with half a tank of gas! I highly recommend this company and I will return there when it is time to purchase a new, pre-owned vehicle.

Review №75

Very helpful staff, fast, and efficient. Not much more you can ask from a dealership. They will breakdown pricing and go over the proper maintenance needed on your vehicle. Highly recommend. Also ask for Ezzie Harrison he’s the best!

Review №76

We had a great experience with Michael, our salesman. He was fantastic and put us in the car we wanted with no pressure or hassle. I would recommend him to everyone.

Review №77

I have bought over 40 vehicles in my lifetime, and this is easily top 3 of the best experiences I have ever had.I usually buy at CarMax (also a great place to buy), and have bought at other “traditional dealers” before. The traditional dealers have ALWAYS been either a so-so or terrible experience. I was ignorantly expecting the same when I flew from out of state to get a new truck. Happily, it was NOT the same.Mike Ward, my sales consultant was great with me the whole week leading up to my trip. Matt, a finance manager, kept me in the loop on all things finance the whole week. And finally, when I got to the dealer at Johnson City, Elijah Taylor handled all the paperwork.There was no pressure at all, great talks about anything and everything, and they didn’t play any games when it came to the paperwork. In fact they were over-careful, knowing I had done a big trip, and had another one to go. The truck was as advertised, and well cleaned. The team was fantastic and very welcoming, and they calmed my pre-conceived nerves about buying from an out of statae dealer. I called my wife immediately, telling her about the experience before even telling her about the truck.I would fly to this dealer again just to deal with the same group of people. What an awesome experience!!!

Review №78

Very friendly and helpful. Highly recommend. Michael was great in our purchase of a new used vehicle. I will go back to AutoNation when we look to replace or other vehicle.

Review №79

Great customer service with professional and knowledgeable sales reps.

Review №80

Traded trucks this past weekend and got a great deal on my trade and the truck I was purchasing. What should have been 1-2 hours at the most ended up taking 4, since it was a cash deal and my trade was paid for. There were 4 charges on the deal sheet that were not on the window sticker. I refused all 4, but was told 2 were required. One charge was $499 to tint the front 2 door and a screen protector for the radio. Neither was installed on the truck, but the charge remained. The other was for WeatherTech floormats, which Im still waiting to receive. The bed caps to cover the 5th wheel holes were missing and Ive still yet to receive those. Been going back and forth for the last 5 days to get this settled and all I get is the run around. Just take the truck back, cut me a check, pay me the KBB ICO for my trade and Ill never do business with AutoNation again. Already e-mailed Corporate customer service to see if they are any better than the dealership.

Review №81

I will never purchase a vehicle from this dealership again. They dont know what they are doing as far as financing or they dont trust the buyer. We were there for four hours waiting and signing, and signing, and signing papers and notepads. WHY? Thats what I would like to know. Everyday for 5 days they would call us wanting us to sign more documents or send them documents. Stay away from this dealership unless you bring cash. Them be careful.

Review №82

I recently ordered a Dodge Durango from AutoNation. It was a fantastic transaction. They communicated with me about everything and took the time to make sure everything was right the first time. I am so pleased with my purchase and with working with the AutoNation as a whole!

Review №83

Everything wently smoothly. The check-in tech was very professional and polite.

Review №84

Set up a meeting to test drive a new durango R/T. Got there early and they couldnt find the vehicle I went to test drive. Found out the manager had been driving it as his personal vehicle. Durango was suppose to have had 10 miles on it only to find out it now had 877. I was still interested in the vehicle because it was the only one in our area, but now had to wait for them to clean it out so I could test drive it. Now Im an hour past our meeting time and the salesman was still too busy to talk to me. Finally got to drive it and sat down to deal and they were refusing to discount it even though it was now used. Took me another 2 hours to get a deal I was comfortable with.They really push all the expensive protection packages. Watch out for the added fluff! I did order floor mats through them and was told by my salesman Hunter Tolbert that hed get them ordered. Ive waited 10 days now and still dont have the mats. Ive called and emailed him with no reply. Finally called the parts department and they have no record of my mats being ordered. Said they would order them and Ill be waiting another week on them. Aggravating to say the least. If you have patience then this might be your dealership because you can get a decent deal if you dont mind all the waiting. Thanks goes out to the parts guy. He was really nice.

Review №85

Service Department is very dissapointing.Wife scheduled and took our vehicle in for an oil change. Everything went as should. The next day I noticed a significant oil puddle in the garage under the vehicle. There were no such leaks before the oil change. I asked my wife to take it back to the service department to fix the leak. They explained to my wife that there was an aftermarket skid plate on the vehicle and they had spilled some oil on it and that was the origin of the puddle in the garage and everything was fine. Interestingly they did not clean up their mess when they spilled the oil or when we brought the vehicle back and there was oil blown back all over the bottom of the vehicle. The next day there is a new puddle of oil under the vehicle. This time i crawled under the vehicle. I checked the skid plate and found no oil on it but when i checked the plug it was loose and i could turn it by hand. It was half a turn from being finger tight. I tightened it up correctly and there was no more oil puddles in the garage!Dissapointing that a task as simple as an oil change gets screwed up and then when they have a chance to fix it, they dont even try.

Review №86

A kind, friendly and professional staff who were very helpful in repairing my Jeep quickly when time was of the essence. I truly appreciate their assistance.

Review №87

I was notified that there was a factor recall on my Jeep Wrangler, I set up an appointment with the service department which actually was sooner then I expected. During our conversation on the phone the person said they had the parts in stock and that it would take 3-4 hours. When I brought my vehicle in, I was told that there was another recall. After all was said and done they werent able to fix my vehicle and I was told that it would be the following day. AutoNation rented me a vehicle to use until they fixed it. Pretty good up front info which allowed me to receive good service. Jeff Mullins Photography Adventures. Get Your Hike On!

Review №88

Super service, especially at check-in All paperwork was ready when I arrived, and I was kept informed of the progress throughout the visit. I waited while my Jeep was being serviced, but was told if I decided I wanted a ride home, then picked up to bring me back to the dealership, they were there for me. Pet friendly also.

Review №89

Chris Lynch and Tab in used cars are not trustworthy. They quoted me a price for my vehicle and completely backed out. I will never deal with them again. Dont waist your time there. Pitiful business.

Review №90

I was set up for an appointment to correct a recall but once the appointment came I heard nothing from them and decided to check on it by stopping by and was told that there was no scheduled date for the fix and they offered no explanation for this delay. I hope I can get resolve at another dealership

Review №91

We had an Awesome experience at Auto Nation in Johnson City Tn if you need help Talk to Anthony Andes he helped us so much ,tell him Allen & Lorie Buchanan sent you ,he handled everything!!! wonderful Sales Person!!!

Review №92

The salesman, Brandon Vanover, was super nice and very helpful. The sales manager and the lady that did the paperwork were also super nice and helpful. They were great to deal with. I would recommend AutoNation to anyone.

Review №93

My experience was quick and easy. The only real issue I had was that I was coming from out of state and I was told the car was ready and waiting. When we went to check it out we discovered the windows were not tinted and the Weather Tech floor mats were not in it. They didn’t even have any mats in stock to give us. Now another trip to TN and sit and wait to have the windows done. ☹️

Review №94

Our salesman, Ethan, was AWESOME! Great personality, NOT pushy, very professional.

Review №95

Was really great to work with them. Instantly showed us the car and took it for a test drive, everyone wore masks, and had sanitizer everywhere. Simple process, answered all of our questions, not intimidating at all.

Review №96

Ezzie was super friendly and helpful. He didnt mind answering all my questions. My car ran so well after I had my maintenance done here. My only complaint would be that I asked that the lightbulb sensor above my license plate be checked and it was not. I came back inside to ask about this and the lead mechanic told the girl to tell me to bring my car back in for a diagnostic another time. So Im going to probably take my car to another fiat location to get that checked.

Review №97

I had a recall on my 1995 Jeep Wrangler Sahara regarding the parking brake. I have been restoring/modifying it get it back to as good as new condition, the staff in the service drive as well as service set me up an appointment, I dropped it off and picked it up the same day. No complaints whatsoever.

Review №98

They have always gone that extra step or two to make service easier. I drive out of my way for them and will continue.

Review №99

An exceptional dealership. They were able to secure financing for me and complete most of the paperwork online. Travis and Rick were my salespersons and were great. Very friendly and walked me through all the features. Would highly recommend if your looking for a new vehicle.

Review №100

Just sold my vehicle to AutoNation and worked with Sean Eden. He gave me a really good price and the whole process was quick and hassle free. Highly recommended.

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