A&E Auto Sales and Service
176 Main St, Johnson City, NY 13790, United States
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So far great place both the owner and sead are great with working with ppl. For a place where its buy here pay here they definitely have costumer service down pat! Nothing but good things with them so far. Bought a 2010 ford f150 I love my truck I have two years of payments with them so when Im done paying my truck off Im sure I will have another great review for them! Buy here pay here places are hard to find anymore and they are doing a great job!

Review №2

I bought an SUV from them about a year ago, there was a few things wrong with it from the get go, like a horn that didnt work(even though they said it passed inspection), my windows didnt work correctly, and there were other issues I had to fix out of pocket because they wouldnt take care of the things we requested. And they held onto the car 2x for multiple weeks to fix our problems. So inspection rolls around, I take it to a trustworthy garage and they tell me that the lights and the sockets(6 in total) for my check engine light have been removed. And around the same time, they said they stopped doing inspections. Do not buy a car from this man, he is a known scammer.

Review №3

The owner Abbas is a great guy. My family and friends have been going to his shop for years because hes a trustworthy mechanic and very reasonably priced. I would recommend this establishment to everyone.

Review №4

Wish I could give this place ZERO stars. The owner of this car company Abyss needs to go out of business. He is not an honest man, whatsoever. He will do anything and everything to make a pretty penny. None of his workers are on the books, they are all paid under the table via the overcharged fees and he puts every single dollar in his back pocket!!! There’s constantly new people working there and it’s just a very sketchy environment. He doesn’t ever give out receipts of the work done, because more often times than not he hasn’t done it. I’ve had multiple instances where I’ve talked to people who’ve said that they have been overcharged for work that was not even completed on very vital parts of the car, such as brakes. I actually had a recent horrible experience with the mechanics even being just as dishonest as the owner!!! I had an issue with my car overheating and was told by a few people that it seems to be the water pump system that needs to be replaced. I tried to get a quote, every single time a different person would answer the phone, give me a different price, but the price always increased. I did my own research on the fundamentals of what the process would consist of to change the water pump and all of its parts, yes, it’s an extensive repair, but they were trying to charge me somewhere around 1,200!!! That’s ludicrous.

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Ive been going here for the past 8 years and its been wonderful. Abass, the owner, is a great guy and doesnt try to upcharge in anyway. I recently went there because a couple if warnings lit up on my dashboard. Abass checked it out for me and it was a quick fix. He didnt charge me anything for it. I trust him with my car and Ill definitely recommend this shop.

Review №6

The mechanics were very helpful & patient. They believe in true customer service. I recommend anyone to go here for any vehicle service. Doesnt matter who you ask for.

Review №7

The owner is great ! Service is excellent , and they get my car right in and out !!! New tires New Brakes !! 😎

Review №8

Attempted to contact them concerning the fact that I wanted to sell my used vehicle. The werent interested, which was fine. However, the person who answered the phone was dismissive from the start, rude and mumbled so badly that I could barely make out a word he said. Really poor customer service skills.

Review №9

Best prices in town. Nice, clean, and froendly

Review №10

My wife been dealing with a&e forever they get the job done and the work is good

Review №11

Great service honest great work I will tell all my friends.

Review №12

The worst mechanic shop I have ever been, lowest quality, would never come back again

Review №13

Always a pleasure to do business there.

Review №14

Always fast and reasonable.

Review №15

I was a dual diploma student at Binghamton University. The reason I picked this place to repair my car, was the owners nationality. He is Turkish like me so I hoped that we would get along. However He could not fix the car until the day he promised. In addition, after 1 week, he called me and told me that the car is fixed. Then it turned out that he replaced the malfunctioning part with another one which was not new. Even though he told me that he bought a new part to replace and charged me accordingly, he tried to trick me and make profit out of this. Of course the new part didnt work properly and when I went back to the place to fix it. He started to curse and blame me. At the end he replaced the part but it costed me 2 weeks of trouble and a lot of nerves. I cannot regret more to choose this place. I dont recommend it. Please let your friends and relatives know the facts about this place. Horrible experience!

Review №16

Avoid having to kick yourself for the poor decision to use this place for any work.

Review №17

Took my car in for a inspection and i go to pick it up and they parked it in the bank lot and my front end looks like they either scraped it on something or another car rubbed up against it and the lady ask was a white car near it and the scratches on my car was white i said i did not see nor was i looking for a white car so if you do go i recommend that u take pics of your car because they will say they did not do it not a good auto shop at all and make sur they park your car on there lot not in the dame bank last time i will go to them and i do not recommend them i will spread the word they do not care about your cars just they money

Review №18

Kool guys

Review №19

When u make an appointment to have a vehicle worked on and then they turn around and say that it cant be worked on til next week after u drop the vehicle off

Review №20

They stole out of my car then played dumb .

Review №21

Quality work at a good price

Review №22

Very quick and helpful.

Review №23

Nice place and good people

Review №24

Charge you and dont do the work

Review №25

Good buissness

Review №26

Shady people

Review №27

Elizabeth is that your dad your talking about

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A little

3.8 Rating
  • Address:176 Main St, Johnson City, NY 13790, United States
  • Site:http://a-e-auto-sales-service.edan.io/
  • Phone:+1 607-217-4299
  • Auto repair shop
  • Used car dealer
  • Car inspection station
  • Car repair and maintenance
Working hours
  • Monday:9AM–6PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–6PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–6PM
  • Thursday:9AM–6PM
  • Friday:9AM–6PM
  • Saturday:9AM–6PM
  • Sunday:Closed
  • Oil change:Yes
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