Discount Tire
3006 W Market St, Johnson City, TN 37604, United States

Review №1

Impeccable service and friendliness. Very patient. I left my tire overnight because the wait was kinda long. It was repaired rather quickly and they mounted it and put my spare back at no charge! When it’s time to buy tires, you can bet I’m gonna head here first!

Review №2

I had a large nail in my tire. Staff was very polite and knowledgeable. It took 2 hours as they were busy. There was no charge. Next time I will make appointment and bring the guys a snack.

Review №3

Well, there professional, but dont make you feel uncomfortable. Very helpful, they reached out to me, letting me know that the tires I wanted were months out. For a cheaper price, with same professionalism they put my new shoes on. #discounttire#1

Review №4

Im a repeat customer.Have purchased at least four sets of tires. I came in at 8:45 on Oct .the 22nd.It was 10:45 before my car was taken in to fix a flat. I was told when i came in it would be 45 minutes to an hour. A hour and a half later got up and ask about the hold up.If I had not brought this toTheir attention I would probably still sitting there.Its now 11:25.George Bristol...When Mr. Hancock was there that wouldnt have happened....

Review №5

The tecs were very professional and attentive to my concers. I highly recommend this company.

Review №6

They just put a new set of tires on my 4Runner and I couldnt be happier. They walked me through the entire process and broke down every possible tire I questioned. They also do free air checks & plugs for anyone. I highly recommend them.

Review №7

Was told on the phone a set of 4 tires was in stock and I could come by and get them installed. 30 minutes later when I got there I was told those werent available but they had others that were. I left.

Review №8

The best customer service I have experience in a very long time.Great place to do business with!

Review №9

Great service! Very clean store, they do free tire repairs here. I ended up getting some new Pirelli Tires, I drive all the time for work and taking kids to practice. They had tires in stock and were able to put them on in well under an hour. Will definitely be back for repeat business to Discount Tire.

Review №10

Quick, friendly. They kept me informed through the process.

Review №11

Staff are super friendly. Called around to numerous tire shops for quotes and these guys are by far the best prices in town. Stopped in for a new set of tires for my car today and they had me back on the road in a no time.

Review №12

My husband and I have been taking our cars here for a while now. They always treat us right! Bailey was super helpful today with getting new tires placed on my Subaru. This is one of the few car places I don’t mind going without my husband because they treat everyone like family. 10/10 recommend!!

Review №13

These guys are great!! Fast and efficient workers.. we go there for all our tire needs!!Fantastic!

Review №14

People there are very knowledgeable and respectful. I called and took care of everything over the phone and when my tires came in they called me that morning to schedule an appointment. I waited 5 minutes when I arrived before they pulled my vehicle in and the service was great. They also stayed within the hour time frame they told me and I had all four tires changed. Their prices are good they also price match. I recommend them to anyone, because once you buy your tires there they do free balance and rotations throughout the life of your tires. Will continue to do business with them!

Review №15

Very helpful place. Fixed a tire that had picked up a nail. On my way in less than an hour

Review №16

Today was my second visit to the Discount Tire store in Johnson City. My first visit was about five months ago, and on that visit, I purchased four new tires for a 2013 Toyota Camry. The first visit to the store was obviously satisfactory. Todays visit reaffirmed my initial assessment of the Discount Tire employees and the company. They, collectively, are great! I scheduled this mornings appointment on-line. I arrived a little early, but received prompt attention and service. I highly recommend the guys at the Johnson City Discount Tire store.

Review №17

As of the day I went to the tire shop there it was great 👍 up it was fast service in a small amount time for my help I need and having it done when I needed help I would recommend this place for tires there

Review №18

Always helpful and willing to provide excellent service even when you dont have an appointment.

Review №19

Great organization... In and out in 45 minutes with new tires

Review №20

I was in Johnson City for a meeting and I noticed the pressure in one of my tires on the renal car kept dropping. I wheeled into Discount Tire for a pressure check and Chuck noticed right away that there was a screw in the sidewall of the tire. He quickly put the spare on for me so I could drive back to Nashville. Chuck was super helpful, and super polite. I didnt catch the managers name but he too was awesome. This is the only place to get tires in my opinion.

Review №21

Tires were good went back(service after the sale sucks)to have tires rotated after calling they said come on in got there then I was ask to wait an hr or two for an opening after driving 30 miles well you just lost this customer I can damm sure find tires at the same deal I got at discount tire thanks for nothing.Patrons it’s just my opinion but may save you the same aggravation I had to deal with,wish I would have known before spending a $1000

Review №22

Awsome ppl Awsome service all ur tire needs and Ty Mr.Rob for the help and they offer free tire repair

Review №23

Great place! Theyre quick and friendly and they make sure youre taken care of! Ive been using them for years and will continue to use them until I cant drive anymore!

Review №24

Very busy when stopped in on 1st day, they ordered my tire which arrived in less than 24 hrs. They greeted us before we even got to the door and were ready to change out the tire immediately! I dont think we were there over 15 or 20 minutes. We hope to not need any new tires in the near future but will definitely return to Discount Tire when the need arises.

Review №25

They changed our wheels. Nice people. So fast.

Review №26

Great price on tires. Quick service.

Review №27

Very professional, good customer service.

Review №28

I have twice been to this store. Great tires. Poor service. First visit changed the wrong tire. Last visit did not put enough air in the tires. When told the tire light was on they said it would go off in few miles. Both times getting the problems resolved required a call to customer service and a second trip to the store. Management is boastful, rude and insincerly apologetic. I love Discount Tire, just not this store.

Review №29

Always a great experience here! The staff is extremely courteous and knowledgeable. Its nice to hear non-offensive music while you wait. The free tire repairs are a great way to give back to the community and sure helped out our family. Keep up the good work 💯!

Review №30

3rd time Ive bought tires here..will continue to do tires are hard to findBut they can always find them!!!!

Review №31

Easy and cost effective. Nice technicians as well.

Review №32

We were visiting our family and noticed that our tire had a nail in it. Turns out the tire had a bolt and a nail in it. These guys go ABOVE AND BEYOND to take care of you. They gave us a time for an appointment and they were prompt in serving us at that time. We will definitely be looking into checking prices out for new tires. They do have service centers all over too. I know that we can trust these guys to do a great job. Our cost today was absolutely zero dollars, yep, unheard of, zero nada, nothing! Merry Christmas to you all, wishing you a healthy, happy, prosperous New Year!

Review №33

Got a great deal on a set of Continentals! It was fast to get them mounted on my new set of wheels! This is why I keep coming back to Discount Tires in JC!

Review №34

Very nice people. Fairly good with getting u in and out asa possible 🙂

Review №35

Very nice and helpful people. Although, tire prices seem a little high. Of course, everything is high priced for my car.

Review №36

Very courteous and quick. They do lots of good business. Appointment recommended

Review №37

Outstanding Service... happy with purchase. Ive bought 7-8 sets of Tires from this company & have always gotten fair deal & awesome service. Generally dont even price tires anywhere else

Review №38

They were able to provide a specialty tire within 24hrs

Review №39

Very helpful. I just had some questions. Didnt buy anything. But I was treated like I spent over thousand dollars.

Review №40

Very Professional, Helpful, & Friendly.New the products, & associated safety very well. I recommend them highly.

Review №41

While traveling we hit a curb and needed a tire so that we could get home. After calling several places, Discount Tire was able to locate a tire, order it and have it bright and early the next morning. They called us when the tire arrived, when we got there they had a tech ready to put it on right away. The tech was professional, friendly and did a great job. The manager was also wonderful as he went above and beyond to find the tire and get it quickly so we could continue home. We stayed an extra night in Tennessee but if not for Discount Tire it could have been a few nights. We cannot thank them enough, it’s hard to find great customer service anymore!!

Review №42

Always appreciate these folks when I need them! Courteous, efficient and knowledgeable. I found a nail with a piece of wood stuck in my tire and they fixed me up with a new one! Always reccomend people go to discount tire for tires, since I bought them here the new one cost me nothing.

Review №43

Really well kept facility and friendly staff, prices seem very reasonable (at least for what I had done). Will definitely be a returning customer!

Review №44

Very friendly and had car finished before the time they said

Review №45

Ive been a loyal customer of Discount tire for probably 40 years. I was real happy when they brought a store to Johnson City TN. For some reason the Johnson Citys store seems to be run by devil worshippers. The hard sales technique, over exaggerated condition of tires, and the unwillingness to listen to the needs of the customer are atrocious. DO NOT SEND UNSUSPECTING VICTIMS TO THE JOHNSON CITY STORE!! I gave 2 star because not all stores are like this. I wont be walking in this store ever again.

Review №46

Good service. Quick and done well.

Review №47

Great, fast and friendly service!!

Review №48

Nice Professional staff , was prompt , knowledgeable & listened what I wanted

Review №49

Best place in JC to get tires. Service is quick.

Review №50

Bad service I went there last month they fix my tire after 2 hours waiting and I went today they said we can’t fix your tire and try to let me buy new tires please no one give them business bad bad service

Review №51

Good guys. No pressure.

Review №52

This company goes above and beyond what you would expect from a tire store. Friendly, professional and eager to please. I took my truck in because of a screw in my tire and even though I didnt buy the tire there, they fixed it for free! You cant beat free! Highly recommended!

Review №53

Had my tires rotated on Saturday. They did a good and quick job

Review №54

I made an appt for 1:00 ... put the date and time in my phone directly in front of the person that made it ... came in at the correct date and time and was told my appt was 1230 ... that couldn’t have been further from the truth unless I was told I didn’t make an appt at all ... the place was jam packed so my guess is that was the excuse they used in order to not jump me in front of everyone else that didn’t have an appt ... also when I first purchased the tires from there I bought the full warranty ... which at the time included the sensors ... now all of a sudden I’m being told they are not covered ... this is after I’ve come and they’ve changed them out no charge before ... just shady

Review №55

I honestly never leave reviews unless somewhere amazed me or disgusted me. That being said, this place amazed me yesterday. I came in after work looking to get 2 new front tires. Like most people, I had already called ahead and found out exactly how much the labor and specific tires would cost for my car and made sure it was within my budget. After looking at all my tires, I was made aware that my back tires needed to be changed soon also but honestly it just was way over my budget so I passed. Jim asked me what could he do to get me in 4 brand new tires today and I told him my budget. Jim was amazing. He got me 4 brand new tires for my car within my budget! He went above and beyond for me yesterday and was super friendly. Honestly, the whole staff was. It was super busy with really long wait times and everyone was still so nice and helpful and didnt rush anyone. Needless to say, I was very surprised and I will definitely be back and refer!

Review №56

Always a pleasure doing business with this company. They are quick, honest, and so kind. I will continue to go to them for all my tire needs.

Review №57

I Managed a Tire/Automotive Shop for years, so I know tires and the business. I go to these guys because they Always give me great service. Their prices are always fair, they are quick to get me in and out. I don’t have problems with lmstuff o. My vehicle getting damaged due to lack of training.These guys know tires, they ROCK!

Review №58

Excellent service. Also quick as well. They was super busy today but still had me in and out within and hour

Review №59

Really nice and courteous staff. Excellent service. Very pleased,

Review №60

My experience at discount tire wasnt what I expected Chuck was really rude to me about my vehicle. Chuck made fun of me just because when he asked me a question I didnt give the right answer right away so when I gave the wrong answer he looked at another employee and laughed at me while I was walking out to my car nit very happy

Review №61

Jim and the crew at Discount Tire do a great job very quickly! I always leave there satisfied. I ve purchased 3 sets from them.

Review №62

This place is awesome friendly people had a family emergency out of town I went out of this store in tears they were so understanding

Review №63

Very friendly staff and unbeatable prices - will only do tire business here.

Review №64

Friendly and up-beat people. Fast service. Worth the drive.

Review №65

Discount Tire always has amazing customer service. I needed a part fixed I didnt know about and they called my mechanic and helped get the problem sorted out. They go out of their way to be helpful.

Review №66

Good and honest people. Would recommend anybody going there.

Review №67

Ice I started my Automotive business experience with Goodyear Tire back in the late 70s. Radial tires were just first coming out and are nowhere near as good as they are today. I travel a lot, 69000 miles over the last year it appears, and so I find myself in all different cities when I need to have the tires rotated and balanced. So it is nice to know there is always a Discount Tire close by. Also there road hazard warranty is unbelievable I have had a couple tires now replaced by it over the last five or six years. When you add up the cost of not having to buy a new tire when I ran over a screwdriver plus all the free rotation and balances you would have to be nuts not to spend the extra ten bucks attire to get the warranty. plus I talk to all of the employees at every location I go to and they all say incredible things about the company so that is always a good thing for me

Review №68

I was pleased with the work that was done on my truck, the extra mile they go just to make sure that if i ever n tires again i will come back, yes i like the service i got.

Review №69

Took my car in for two front tires and ended up getting all four. I would recommend Discount Tires to anyone looking for quality work done in a reasonable time.

Review №70

Professional. Quick. Met expectations. There really is no other place to buy tires. Every time I go to Discount Tire they treat me like a valued customer. They go over any options that are available related to my visit. They are efficient with their time and therefore dont waste my time. I always feel confident that the tires on my vehicle are safe and well serviced.

Review №71

Stopped by to get my tire fixed they didnt try to push me into buying a new tire immediately cole assessed my tire was about to fix it with no charge. Couldnt have asked for friendlier service. Great experience

Review №72

Great place to get tires. Pro tip, and the reason for 4 stars instead of 5, make an appointment if at all possible. If you dont have an appointment, you will wait a while. Prices are good. Free balance, rotation, pressure checks, and flat repair. And they will price match

Review №73

They have the absolute best customer service! Always polite and friendly. They explain the work they did or need to do in simple terms without belittling you!! Been a customer for years and wont go anywhere else.

Review №74

I had a flat tire and went in to replace the two front tires. I got two tires for my 2005 f-150. Tires feel great and service was excellent. They recommended I replace all four, but they still had tread left so I declined and they were okay with it. Some places try to force an up sell on you, especially when they see that you’re a younger adult. They did however inform me that it would be better to have the older tires in the front for safety reasons. They seemed pretty knowledgeable. I was in and out in under 40 minutes total. Guys were nice and professional, will definitely be back.

Review №75

They have been rotating and balancing my Michelins. The balancing has been an issue the entire time. Yesterday, I was in and was told by the manager that I needed new tires. I asked about the warranty and was told it wasnt worth the trouble and that I really need new tires today. They didnt have much in stock so I went home to research new tires. I talked with Michelin and learned that I am entitled to approximately a 60% refund due to the warranty. ----60%---!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review №76

Discount Tire/Johnson City were a great bunch of people. I had our camper there for 4 new Goodyear Endurance ST tires and within 2hrs. Excellent.

Review №77

Great customer service! They were quick to order my wheels and tires, and very quick to install. Great prices too.

Review №78

This place has great service and a great team that work here. Friendly and are here for all your needs and your cost budget. Can not say enough about them. Need tires go there. Thank you.Lee BrightJonesborough Tennessee.

Review №79

We had a screw in our tire and we couldn’t find any place open. Discount Tire was open and the mechanic, Benjamin, was very nice. He was quick and very professional. He did not even charge us for the service. We will definitely go back.

Review №80

Awesome service and extremely knowledge staff.. Got me a great deal on a set of tires and wheels on my Jeep

Review №81

Great service for a walk-in. Fast and courteous.

Review №82

The cleanest most professional tire store Ive ever been to. Definitely recommended.

Review №83

Customer service is awesome. Always met by a smiling face and they all are very helpful! Only place I get my tires! Oh yeah... They have great prices and deals to top it all off!

Review №84

I scheduled an appointment at 9:30 am and arrived about 15 minutes early. I was greeted by Francisco the moment I stepped out of my car and he helped me right away! He spoke to me about my tires, showed me what was wrong, and thoroughly explained his recommendations and why. He showed me the tire options, explaining the prices, ratings, and performance of each. After I made my selection, they took my car into their shop immediately. I was at the store for about 30 minutes from the time I was greeted to the time I was driving out of the lot. I replaced all four tires and received a rebate for it. The service from all the staff I interacted with was fantastic, and Im especially grateful for Franciscos kindness. I highly recommend this store and will be happy to return for future services!

Review №85

I had just finished buying something at Tractor Supply when I noticed one of my tires looked flat. I took it to Discount Tires and didn’t realize it was a couple minutes before closing. Eric Bradford was able to check my tire pressure and told me one of my tires was indeed flat and that they would be able to fix it really quick. I felt bad because by then they were technically closed and I could see everyone else was cleaning up, but he and Ethan Brown assured me it wasn’t a problem. They were able to fix my flat in 10 minutes. Both of them were very nice, knowledgable, and efficient. I would definitely recommend to anyone this store in particular! Thank you guys so much!

Review №86

Great service and sales, the sales associate knew exactly what i was looking for and what i didnt like. They had my new wheels on and me out the door quick as possible.Have purchased tires here before and would recommend their service to anyone needing fair price and great service after the sale.

Review №87

I called ahead two times and visited three times over a course of two days to verify that the tires I needed are in stock. The tires were never in stock and I wasted a couple 45-minute trips even though I made sure. 3 Stars because an attendant was very helpful matching the original price quoted to me (even though it increased with every employee I spoke with), and installed tires that would work. Additionally, I requested to keep one of the tires being replaced, and was not able to. I asked a foreman to retrieve the tire and was informed its too buried, it would be too much work to get it. Two employees were great, the rest, not so much.

Review №88

This place is great!! Way better than any tire shop Ive been to before. Awesome customer service and a good price for the work. Will definitely start going here.

Review №89

Friendly and professional staff. I had large bolt in my tire - they worked me in - short wait time - the waiting area was nice and clean - thank you

Review №90

Good prices on tires and very professional

Review №91

Jim was a huge blessing. God answered prayers and blessed us with 4 tires! We were coming back from our adventure and we had a flat tire. Our spare was flat also. Out of options we filled the tire with fix a flat and began to pray for safe travel. Jim picked up the phone at discount auto and unbeknownst to him he was about he was about to be a huge answer to prayer. I will now and forever gives this place my business. This place is awesome, clean, and super friendly people.

Review №92

Phenomenal service. They fixed my tire for free and filled up all my tires in the same visit. Couldn’t ask for a more friendly service either.I got two new tires and Ethan was fantastic. Austyn was dismissive and mildly unprofessional and got the wrong tire switched out on my car but luckily Ethan caught the mistake. I still recommend this place but I will be careful.

Review №93

I got 4 tires. I was in and out in about an hour. Frank, I cant brag enough on him. He was extremely accommodating and awesome to work with. This is my 2nd time bringing my vehicles there and Ive had fantastic experiences both times. Highly recommended 💗

Review №94

Just a good deal. On tires long wait Time if show up as walk in best make a appointment have ur tires put on

Review №95

Awesome service

Review №96

The prices are decent. We only went here for the credit to make payments because our tires were over 1000$. Thought the warranty was a good deal as well. But you must maintain tires through them as well. Frequent rotation air ect. This would be ok but you have to make an appointment...and then your appointment last for hours!!! I mean, 2 hours and 45 minutes for a rotation? It was over 3 hours to actually get the tires (with an appointment) I have always went to local tire shops and had tires on in 15 minutes, a rotation in about 5. I will definitely pay an extra 50 bucks and go to a local next time. I just cant waste entire days there with 3 small kids. Not worth it. People were nice, thats about it

Review №97

Excellent service. Excellent staff. Our family enjoys coming together and waiting and watching them work on our car. Great work!

Review №98

I would highly recommend this location.One of the tires on my sons (new driver) vehicle had picked up a nail. I applied a temporary patch to get the vehicle to the shop. (A second tire was losing air slowly over time.) Unfortunately snow was predicted the next day. When I arrived the store was overrun with customers. Despite the obvious pressure the staff was under, I was treated well.When asked what was needed, I explained about the two tires. I also asked for all of the tires to be inspected because I didnt want my son to be stuck on the side of the road. I basically gave permission for all four tires to be replaced.I left the vehicle because of the expected wait. I received a phone call when the service was completed. When I arrived to pay, I was told there was no charge. I asked for an explanation because I was confused. I was informed the tire with the nail had been repaired, the tire with the slow leak had been given a new valve stem, and all four tires were in good shape. I was not charged for the service because of the amount of time it took to complete the work.I was shocked. The amount of time was not the fault of management - it was the forecast! I could have easily been sold four new tires. It seems rare these days to be treated so well and honestly. I am now a devoted customer. I also sing praise about this location to everyone when tires come up in conversation.

Review №99

Very efficient and friendly staff!

Review №100

I use Discount Tire quite a bit they treat me good if prices are fair five star rating in my book

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