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3311 Wayfield Dr, Johnson City, TN 37601, United States
Chapparal Body Shop

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Im only giving these guys five stars, because I couldnt find a sixth. My hat is off to Mark and Bob. This was my first encounter with the situation where I had to leave my truck someplace and let somebody else fix it. Mark made me feel very comfortable right from the get-go circumstances were special, and he worked with me from start to finish. Bob, Bob is a magician. Anybody who can do what he can do to a vehicle isnt making enough money. If ever I had a question, whether over the phone or in person, they took all the time that I needed to get my question answered sufficiently and make me feel at ease. I hope I dont, but if I ever do need this kind of service again, theres no question where Ill take it.

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Ive personally had 2 of my own vehicles repaired here. In June of 2013, I had my 2012 Buick Verano repaired where the front lower bumper had gotten damaged. In June of 2017, I came back with my 2015 Buick Regal Turbo with similar damage, but more extensive to the front end.In both cases, I dropped my vehicles off and when I returned to pick them up, they were both good as new. I highly recommend the quality of workmanship that the crew puts out. The paint tech, Richard, has been with Chaparral since February of 2007. Not only was he able to match the black on my Verano, but also the White Diamond TriCoat on my Regal Turbo. The current body tech, Johnny, is very knowledgeable and experienced. He did the repairs to my Regal.Hands down, I trust these guys with my own vehicles.

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Quality work.

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They did an excellent job repairing my truck after an incident with black ice and a tree. The paint job was beautiful and they made communication easy. They did not rush the job they took their time and did it right. Not only that but the new manager was very down to earth and approachable. It wad an all around positive service.

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Very thorough, the guy we talked to inside to just get the estimate for my car ended up getting someone from his body shop to come and check out my car also and make sure they didn’t miss anything. Kind people! Price range is fair. Would recommend!

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Took my truck to the body shop on 9/6/2018 to have driver side door repaired. Both hinge pins & bushings needed to be replaced, door lock catch that catches the striker pin needed to be replaced and the outside door handle also. Dropped off truck at 9:00 am and was told it would take less than two hours but they wanted to keep truck till 3:00pm as a precaution and a buffer to work around other projects. Went to pick up truck at 3:15 pm and it looked like they had just started on it with in the past hour also John the repairman advised he damaged my door speaker and he had another he could put back in place of the original, but it was as not as good a quality. Truck finally completed just before 7pm however they had not fixed everything and I did not know this until I got home to find the lock would not lock or unlock with the key. In addition I found one more thing that got damaged, the door threshold trim was reattached with the wrong screw and with one that uses a flat washer which cracked the threshold. So the next day Friday 9/7/2018 I went back and talked with the service advisor (Jesse) but he was rude multiple times and I told him so and I told him I would wait for Tim who originally set up the work order. However I had reservation with him also because he had made mistakes twice with the original estimate. A return date was set for 9/11/2018 and once I left the property I tried to call and make a complaint with GM/Owner but no one was available and I asked for a call, but no return call on Friday, Saturday or even Monday. On Tuesday 9/11/2018 the day of the appointment I called to talk to the GM or Owner once again to make sure the issue would get resolved, but because I expressed that I would contact a lawyer if needed while talking to Ms.Danielle who said she was one of the owners. When I showed up at the shop there was 4-5 service guys which one was the rude service advisor to tell just one of me to leave the property and that I was no longer welcomed there and they were not going to service me or my truck anymore, so they and myself called the police and a report has been filed.I contacted GM customer service to file a complaint and the BBB Bureau which said they had a unsolved complaint from a year ago.Now after telling you all of this I would express caution and advise you to take your business elsewhere.I guess I will be seeing them in court! Ill update the results good or bad.

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Very awesome place

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Im rating them as one star because its mandatory to pick at least one star. This is the worst experience that Ive ever had at any Collision repair shop. I took my vehicle to them because they seemed to be a reputable dealership and had been in business for some time. I dropped my car off to have approximately $1400 in repairs. After five days they called and said my car was ready. When I went to pick it up, the pieces of the bumper were not connected and I could visibly see that when I pulled in the parking lot. When he pushed on the plastic then the sides of the bumper came detached from the car. He said he would have his guys fix it. They kept my car an additional five days. When I went to pick it up everything appeared to be correct. I drove my vehicle the weekend and then noticed that the bumper had popped loose. There was a noticeable gap in my bumper. I contacted my insurance company and they instructed me to take it back to them. I dropped the car off once again and I didnt hear anything for two weeks. I called to check on my car and they told me they didnt have the parts. They said the parts were coming in damaged from Ford. They said Ford just wont send us good parts. This made no sense to me since Ford makes perfect cars every day! Finally, they asked me to come out and look at one of the parts. I noticed they were crash parts. I kept getting excuses and comments like we went down to the Ford dealership to see how the cars are put together. Another story they told me was that they were buying the parts directly from Ford. Then my insurance person told me they were buying them from a third party in Knoxville. My car is a 2015 which meant that the car is less than three years old so theyre not supposed to use after market parts. They kept my car a total of three weeks and literally did nothing. Finally, after three weeks I contacted my insurance carrier. After talking to them they instructed me to pick a different body shop and move my car there. They put my car back together which means they made a mess of my car once again. I then had to drive my car to Knoxville to the original dealership just to have it fixed. When I pulled on the lot, the dealership started pointing out more and more that was wrong with my car. They didnt put one of the resting brackets under the bumper so the bumper would move up and down when you touch it. The piece that they replaced was bent and bowed. Chaparral did nothing but make a complete and total mess of my car. Im just glad that my insurance company allowed me to move my car from there to a body shop that can get good parts from Ford. BEWARE! I would strongly encourage everyone to go elsewhere for collision repairs.Proudly signedJamie Deel

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Excuses, excuses, excuses, took an extremely long time to repair (months) with no loaner or rental car. the body panels did not line up. Hood scratches the fender when it is opened it is aligned so bad. They lied to me about parts and lied to bbb. Claim they offer a lifetime warranty but they refused to fix it and threatened to lien my car if i did not accept it as is.

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Great guys and gals who make cars look like new!

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Your hours are wrong

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