Discount Tire
8550 N MacArthur Blvd, Irving, TX 75063, United States

Review №1

I went in to get a rotation and inspect my rear tires as they have been losing air recently. They sold me 2 tires for the front which is ok because the tread was low. But they did not inspect my tires at all. I had a completely flat tire days later. I went to another location and they said I had 2 nails in each tire. They even rotated my tires and didnt even notice these nails. I even checked prior to leaving and they said it was inspected and nothing was found. The other location said an inspection was not on the ticket. They are outright liars. Do not trust them to compete work on your car.

Review №2

Service was fast and good. The employees are all professional and take good care of the customers.

Review №3

I highly recommend this location over any other one in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. I have lived in this area off-and-on for the past 20 years. The staff here from the youngest employee to the store director are helpful, attentive, and patient. Over the past few years I have dealt with a couple of issues with my tires and this staff has always stepped up and did the right thing. They value customer service and put the client above all other needs and goals. I highly recommend this location. If you ever have a problem just talk to one of the managers. Mike is very helpful and will listen to you. Every single one of the individuals that work at this location reflect a positive attitude. I’ve had the pleasure to speak with the store director which is Edward, and I finally understood why all of his staff was so on point. You will not regret making this choice. I have been a customer since 1994 and I am very pleased!

Review №4

20 years without fail or complaint there is only 1 tire shop in America anywhere else and you are paying too much. DT will patch your tire for free so long as its serviceable, even if you didnt buy the tire from them. No one for complete tire service is better price and they carry ALL major brand tire for any car or truck.

Review №5

I would like to thank Mike!!I accidentally got the wrong size tires for my challenger (the love of my life) and wanted something more aggressive. He called around to a FEW stores got a set together and whala!! New tires!!1. Service is fast2. Service is respectful and friendly3. The work done is great4. Shop is clean, yes I looked around5. Free coffee is always a plusThere is even a little area to sit with your laptop and surf the web.Thank you. I will be turning.Keep up the great work.

Review №6

This has been my store for 10 years. They’re always courteous and professional and it’s the cheapest place in town to buy tires. Sometimes the wait is a little long but I’ve never made an appointment. Today I was in and out in exactly the amount of time they predicted and everyone (Jesus/Cody) was courteous and knowledgeable. Someone was constantly cleaning the doors, doorhandles and chairs and I appreciate that.

Review №7

Friendly staff, quick repair, in an out! Would definitely come back for any other repairs. They’re not trying to simply sell you like Firestone. ️

Review №8

Not sure what happened with this location. About 2 months ago we had a great experience. Wife needed 2 tires and the rep made us a deal on 2 tires and warranty. I go in on Labor Day weekend and I am told its $290 for one tire for my SUV. I explained I replaced one of these tires last year around $200. He said the prices went up. I asked if he could do anything on the price (tire or warranty) he said the price is the price. I asked about Labor Day deals, he said that is only if you get 4 tires. I have 2 brands on my car (from discount tire) and he says the other brand cost even more.. I told him heck no, and left. I got home and found out the Labor Day special was on 2 tires, not 4. The other brand on my car was actually cheaper. In addition the $290 was the most expensive tire they sell. He should of mentioned this to me and offered me other choices. He just said the price is the price and was done with me. Ugh..

Review №9

Good service. Had to change all my tires and they got me real good deals and very good service.Also, love the Free air service all year round!!

Review №10

Staff are so friendly and helpful! They got me in and out quickly even though they were busy. Great prices too.

Review №11

This location is awesome. I came in because my tire was low, the gentleman working there found a nail in my tire and they were able to patch it without a wait and free or charge. Customer service will keep customers coming back.

Review №12

Been using Discount Tire for over 25 years, great tire deals and service.

Review №13

Not happy ! Went in there today to have my tires rotated. They guy told me that hed not be able to rotate the tires for me, and insisted that i needed to get my 2 tires replaced instead. Im suprised to hear that. I bought all these tires from them, these tires were supposed to last 60K miles, and they only have less than 25K miles on them at the moment. Im not sure why hes forcing me to purchase two new tires, when these tires have not even reached half their life. Assuming this is an anomaly, isnt the lifetime protection/warranty plan supposed to cover it? whats the point of having a warranty plan then? I do not feel happy going there anymore.

Review №14

Honestly, y’all, I was having a tough day and getting a nail in my tire was the last thing I wanted to deal with (also my car battery died while I was waiting for my turn, so they had to help me jump THAT too..) every single person who ended up helping me was AMAZING. I was one of the few they worked on technically after hours, and everyone was still super friendly, funny, and helpful.Thank you guys SO much!

Review №15

The customer service is good and even on there bissy days they get customer taken care of.

Review №16

I did not know that they do flat tyre repair for free. Very good staff. They work really hard. Dont forget to tip them.The only issue is that currently you have to make an appointment and be there at least 15 mins before time. Otherwise they will ask you to reschedule (management not the workers). If you reach on time then you might have to wait for from half hour to one depending on the load. Given the pandemic, it is understandable the inconveniences. They want us and there staff to be safe. And hey, always free air for your tyres. Just drive in. And dont forget to tip the workers.

Review №17

Made an appointment that I wasnt able to get to, so I called to change the time luckily they still had an opening but making the new appointment was super easy and when I got there the service was quick and friendly, all staff had on masks and at a distance

Review №18

Worst experience of my life at a discount tire. I was told by this location 4 days ago that you have to make an appointment in order to get my tire patched. I do so and show up for my appointment and couldn’t figure out where to go. So I ask the guy in the parking lot and I’m told that a appointment means nothing because of walk ins. I go back to my car and call the store to reschedule for a time when I can drop my car off. Well I’m told on the phone it would take a few minutes but I’m checked in and someone should be to me shortly. I sat there and watch people come and go for an hour and no one ever came out to help me. Finally just gave up and left, I get your busy but that doesn’t mean get an attitude with your customers just bc your busy.

Review №19

Due to a tow truck fiasco my car was 2 hours late getting here. I worked with Bryce and Mike and they went above and beyond and got me taken care of and back on the road. They both showed exemplary professionalism and actually cared not only about me but my car too. Was able to get my tires fixed up and everything in no time as soon as my car arrived. If you are close to here and need tired do not accept anything less than the amazing team they have here. Great job guys.

Review №20

Free air check. But we need to wait in the queue until someone help us. Tire prices are high compare with Costco tires. Discount tire shop has much tires options for immediate installation. Nice staffs. Price is HIGH.

Review №21

Just moved back to Texas from a State without Discount Tire. It is almost a reason in itself to move back as the service has always been first class, even for flat repairs that they dont charge for. The manager and employees of this store are awesome and definitely uphold the Discount Tire name, product and service they stand behind. I am glad to be home, and Thank You for being a familiar face with outstanding customer service - always.

Review №22

Walked in, took care of me right away. Good prices, great service!

Review №23

I went to this store to get a part. Jesus Angeles is an incredible employee at Discount. He was attentive to everything that I asked him for and truly has a mentality of customer servitude. All he cared about was making sure I was taken care off and made my life as easy and as simple as possible.Jesus any many others like him, like Jonathan Britton (Austin, TX) are the main reason I keep coming back.

Review №24

I went in to have my tires rotated as was part the purchase when the tires were purchased & installed from Discount Tire, a young guy by the name of Mike immediately began trying to pressure me in to purchasing new tires finally acknowledging all 4 tires were good but had an attitude after I resisted his hi-pressure tactics in trying to sell me new tires, he took 3 additional customers who he was able to sell new tires and put them before me, during this time I witnessed this same guy (Mike) use the same hi-pressure tactics and pressure at least half a dozen more customers (mostly women). I can only assume there is some kind of pay incentive.After reading other reviews for this location it is clear that this is a managerial issue and the only question is how high up the chain does it go!The odds that I will make a purchase from Discount Tire Co. in the future are zero to none.

Review №25

Phenomenal. These guys were able to assist me very quickly and provided excellent service. This is the kind of experience that makes people customers for life!

Review №26

My fiancée received excellent service with friendly attitude at this location today. We are loyal customers.

Review №27

Always helpful. Good customer service.

Review №28

Excellent service. Very professional. Highly recommend

Review №29

Thank you for putting my scooter tires back on the wheels. Excellent friendly fast service

Review №30

Great service. Aired up my tires for no charge. Efficient and friendly

Review №31

Discount tire did a great job for me. I have an older Chevy Tahoe, Im only planning to use it for another year or so, then upgrade to a newer version. Because my truck is older its not as well insulated so when Im doing 70 or 75 mph on the highway it can be difficult for people to hear me when Im on my cell phone using the cars speakers & mic. There was a discontinued tire that I wanted call the Goodyear silent armor which still is full off road capabilities but is quieter on the road and handles a little better on the road than the current Goodyear offerings. They found four tires for me put them on and they work great! They had to bring them from Houston one of them two from California and one from New Mexico. I asked the manager how old the tires were and he was able to tell by the DOT number on them and none of them were older than mid to late 2018 when they were last manufactured. Great experience they went above and beyond the call.

Review №32

Nail in tire, slow leak so I went to Discount Tire at 8550 N MacArthur Blvd, Irving, TX 75063 I did not have an appointment, but I walked in to have warranty work done on my rear tire with road hazard policy purchased with new tire purchase from discount tire 14mo.ago. This kid by the name of Mike I told him I needed to fix my tire he said he needed my phone number and name, after looking it up he starts by giving me a price of $560. for 4 new tires, I told him I just want to fix the tire and go that Im in a hurry, he then tells me he can install a new tire with a 25 minute wait for $140. Including warranty, I told him to repair the tire or give me a refund for the road hazards and Ill go to Walmart he could tell I got upset, he then asked me if I was going to leave my vehicle with them or wait, I said wait I told you I was in a hurry, he said great your welcome to wait inside or out. An 1 hour and 10 minutes later a guy walks in and asked me for my keys, 20-25 minutes later a different guy pulled my vehicle up front and tells me to have a nice day. I spent my lunch hour checking my lug nuts because this guy Mike had an attitude after a failed attempt to hustle me when I wouldnt by new tires I was worried they might have done something out of spite.So the takeaway is I spent 2 hours (1.5 hours to patch tire, 20 minutes checking lug nuts) and my tire sensor stopped working, not to include the fact that I was actually robbed of my sense of security. All because I used the road hazard warranty I had purchased from Discount Tire.

Review №33

Excellent fast service. I have been here 4-5 times and for every visit the service was fast and satisfactory. I recommend getting your tire services done at this location.

Review №34

Needed air for tires always gives good service

Review №35

Great place with helpful and friendly customer service and they follow the procedures for everyone to be safe.

Review №36

Great experience and great work ethic here.

Review №37

Deplorable behavior!Mike (young punk) has the nerve to ask for a good review after aggressively trying to intimidate me into purchasing a warranty.

Review №38

Did not like service my friend so 1 star there was no sand or bombs my friending and aircheck was slow even tho i am riding camel

Review №39

Even during a pandemic the people working here were patient and put the customers as well their own safety as a priority. They remained professional and courteous while attending to each customer. Definitely worth doing business with.

Review №40

Made an appointment to get my back tires checked due to low pressure. After checkin, my tires were examined and I was told that I needed to get them replaced. After this, I was basically ignored even though they weren’t super busy and when I had questions about tire brands/prices, I was met with impatience and their prices were very high compared to other places. Will not be going back to this location ever again.

Review №41

Bryce and Jesus were wonderful the guys were very professional the waiting area was clean they have a waiting line drive-up service out front of the lobby they have Lanes easily marked with numbers it was an In-N-Out process no problems excellent customer service

Review №42

They have discount in their name but they will rip you off better do ur own research before going there ...

Review №43

Great service! Line for tires to be aired up

Review №44

First time visit to this location but decades of patronage to the chain. Called for appointment and taken care of right on time. Great service in rapid pace. Friendly staff, best choice for tire service.

Review №45

Not very friendly I felt like I was bothering them

Review №46

I had a slow leak and had it checked. Determined I had a nail and it could be repaired. Just needed to come back with an appointment. When they checked it all of a sudden it couldn’t be repaired. New tire! $ 175!!!

Review №47

Best tire service in America. Great prices on tires compared to car dealers or other tire services. Free for flat tires, low air pressure, and tire rotations. Simply the best. Will always be my only choice.

Review №48

Great service Sam was our host on our 1st night here. Great selection I would recommend the 34.99 hookahs definitely your moneys worth. Great positive vibes doesnt matter what culture or ethnicity you come from!

Review №49

The salesperson was very knowledgeable, understanding and not at all pushy when explaining what he recommended I do. Overall I feel confident that I was treated fairly, and that my car was in good hands.

Review №50

Good service. Had my tire in sock

Review №51

Great service! Made appointment and was in and out in no time.

Review №52

These guys were great. Had me in and out with 4 new tires in 20 minutes.

Review №53

I need to say i have very confused feelings. i have been there last week and they wer very professionally and friendly help to get 2 of my tyres patched. super happy customer. after a week one of the tyres fixed was loosing too much air and when i go back they said the patch which was done was wrong (not covering the nail hole) and i need a new tyre. as it will be at least from my view not safe to change 1 tyre i had to change ending up paying over 400 for 2 which is said to be i am charged for 1 tyre only. so with this logic 4 tyres would have cost 1600+ which to me is kind of excessive leaving aside i am not even clear why i was charged for items other than only the tire as i have no fault in the process. all in all, the reason of me trying discount tire was due to previous dissatisfaction from another company which i used for 3 years and discount tire had me reach that dissatisfaction in just 7 days. i am pretty confident my previous company would have handled it much better. a mistake out of my control should not have cost me anything. leaving aside the money the wrong patch could have caused me and my family such a big issue which discount tire from my humble perspective should have taken into account more diligently.

Review №54

Mike was very helpful and professional. Fair prices and fast service.

Review №55

I usually don’t write bad reviews, but I am super upset about this situation! I literally did what the sign in front of this store said, which was to sit in my car and wait for someone to approach me to help me. As I sat there and waited for 35 minutes, no one approached me. However, a couple who stood at the store’s door who came after me was helped. Then a guy approached me and I thought finally! But NO! He took the lady that pulled up after me first! He said you can continue to stay there and wait and when we are done with her then we will get to you! Really?!? I will not be giving you guys my services ever again!!! Are you kidding me?!?

Review №56

Great and prompt service, had a flat tire and they fixed it for free.

Review №57

I went in for a routine tire rotation and balance. The staff member was extremely professional and kind. He also provided me insight about the current status of my tires and spare tire. Ive gone to a couple Discount Tire locations within the DFW area and this is far the best one.

Review №58

Ive been here a few times for various tire needs and the service has been great each time. The advisers dont keep you waiting too long when you walk in the door and take care of you. What I appreciate the most is that they are accurate and honest about the wait times. If its a 3 hour wait, they let me know so I can plan around it. Same if its 30 minutes.

Review №59

Super friendly service, extremely clean shop and great attention from Jonathan! I live about a 30min drive away but this place is definitely worth the drive when possible. Keep up the good work

Review №60

Good place for the maintenance of your vehicles

Review №61

They are quick period....

Review №62

Over the past 10 years+ I have taken 4 different vehicles to my local DT store for tires, alignment, slow leaks, etc. I appreciate the level of professionalism I have received on each visit (and see demonstrated with other customers as well). In addition to the quality of customer service I have found their out the door pricing to be unbeatable!

Review №63

Great service and they really are set up well for minimizing contact right now.

Review №64

Great customer service!

Review №65

We were on our way to Dallas from Tulsa and drove over a hole on highway 35E. Discount Tire was able to help us first thing Monday morning. They were courteous, friendly, understanding, knowledgeable, and helpful. Michael helped us and he has outstanding customer service skills. He is an excellent employee and kept calm even though they were very busy. I would recommend Discount Tire to anybody in the area.

Review №66

Courteous and fast but I dont think they checked the tire pressure sensors

Review №67

I was told I would receive a $90 rebate so I went ahead with the purchase. I only received $60. I can understand being off a dollar or two, but not 30. I was told I wouldn’t pay any interest if I paid it off in 6 months but that’s not true. I feel ripped off.

Review №68

This company/location does not truly understand “social distancing.” Even after completing an order online, we were still made to go inside the office. Our online order asked us to bring some form of ID to verify identity, however we were never asked for it. The receipt was emailed so there was no need to print it. There was absolutely no need to go into the office to talk to anyone in person. Everything could have been completed over the phone or online. We already declined the protection certificate online, there was no need to remind us in person. And to make matters worse, when I asked why they didn’t rotate the new tires to the back (per Discount Tires standard protocol) the response was “yeah,but...” after which I responded with “that’s ok”, because I was anxious to leave the place.

Review №69

(I’m giving this rating for the work.. even tho the staff was extremely nice).1. I took my vehicle and spoke to David Hernandez. Nice staff. I asked them to patch the back driver tire as it had a wire and screw and I was low on pressure and also asked to rotate the tires.2. After work was done: I noticed 2 things.A. They patched the tire, but they did NOT rotate the tires and they also forgot to take off the pads that are supposed to be used to lift a tesla vehicle due to its battery placement. So they had to take the vehicle in again and redo it.3. As I was on my way home, I noticed that the tire (front passenger) was leaking air substantially, and so I was to far from discount tire to go back, so as I got closer to my home, I started rushing without damaging my rim (due to the lack of air in the tire) and I only had 3 minutes before the discount tire located on 12113 lake June rd dallas tx, once I got there, I saw my pressure was now down to 17 PSI from 45. Drastic change in less than 30 minutes.4. When I got there, the technician stated that the patch that discount tire (8550 n. MacArthur Blvd Irving tx) had placed to repair the tire had failed. It turns out that, initially when they repaired it at MacArthur with the patch, they had cut into a foam that tesla tires come with but unfortunately the foam got stuck in the patch which allowed for the air to sip out.In other words, they (MacArthur location) could have reviewed the tire a bit more before releasing the vehicle to me.. Images below reflect a 17 PSI instead of the normal 45 PSI that is required by Tesla. In case your wondering what I mean by PSI, (pressure per square inch). It’s important you keep a manufacturer approved PSI because if you don’t, you wear out your tires and you risk of going flat and even damaging your rim and causing a misalignment.

Review №70

Always friendly with fast service!

Review №71

They are striving to be compliant w social distancing and still providing great service!!!

Review №72

Quick turnaround times and next to some restaurants etc so you can go eat and kill time while they tune up your tires. Was a bummer they charged me for rotation, since I bought my truck used and don’t have the previous owners number and misplaced paperwork. I’ve been a loyal discount tire customer for 10+ years, which was the only bummer!

Review №73

I tried to get a nail in my tire plugged and they didn’t even try to do it. All they wanted to do was sell a tire. I just got a new tire and the nail did not damage the sidewalk of the tire. Because I am female they tried to up sell me and then when it didn’t work they told me to go ask my husband to look and at it and come back.

Review №74

You can always count on Discount Tire for excellent customer service. I came in 10 minutes to closing and they fixed my tire quickly with a smile!

Review №75

I would like to share my great experiences with discount tire and their helpful and very educated assistant manager Jonathan. Mr Jonathan has sold me wheels and tires for all my vehicles and will continue to do business with discount tire.

Review №76

MIKE is the go to guy here! Excellent customer service and promised time in and out. If he’s not considered for management position he should be. Will be going to this location going forward. If you hate waiting go here be they’ll have you in and out...

Review №77

They were really good.

Review №78

The people were nice, but the christian music was a little unsettling.

Review №79

One of the best customer service! Always fast and professional!

Review №80

Very quick service. Thank you for the free air check.

Review №81

I was fooled by an employee named David Hernandez at discount tire located at 8550 N MacArthur Blvd, Irving, TX 75063. When I went in for tire inspection he said that all the tires need to be replaced as the tread depth reading was 4 4 3 3. After replacing the tires I asked him for credit on my old tires. He said that we don’t give credits on old tires if they weren’t purchased from us. I told him couple of my friends received credits on their old tires even though they were not purchased from this store. He asked me for their phone numbers and to his horror both of my friends were given credits. He then took me to the location where my old tires were kept and showed me that the tread depth readings were 5 5 4 5 and said I will be credited just for 1 tire. Upon asking him the reason he quoted that the tires with tread depth below 4/32’’ can only be eligible for a credit. You shouldn’t have replaced other three tires. I was like wait you were the one who asked me to change all the tires and now you are saying needed to replace just one tire ? That’s fooling your customers man. I was supposed to be credited more than $400 for 4 of my tires but got only $107.07 In short Mr. David Hernandez fooled me. I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone for tire related activities.

Review №82

I placed an order to replace all 4 tires on my car + installation and set an appointment several days later to go in. When I got there for my appointment i was approached by an employee who immediately told me to wait on my car for my turn without giving me a chance to speak or ask me if I had an appointment. After waiting the employee came back to me and asked what they could do for me to which I responded I had an appointment to change my tires, the employee proceeded to ask me why I hadn’t told him so earlier....( probably because you didn’t even me. A chance to talk ) He goes and checks the system and comes back again to me and tells me he sees everything is in the system but that the tires weren’t there. I received no communication apologizing for the delay or that there would be a delay and that I needed to reschedule. This was a complete waste of time and unacceptable experience and ultimately nothing could get accomplished.

Review №83

Went here today for a tire balance and rotation and got great service. It was super easy to make an appointment online and to call and confirm. Unfortunately when I arrived they could not find my appointment in the system, but they still saw me anyway. The service only took about 30 minutes despite the number of people in the shop.I did not realize that any tires, whether you buy them at Discount Tire or not, can be balanced and rotated for free! So awesome!!! The guy who helped me was super nice and honest as well. He told me that the tread was looking good on my tires and I was good to go once they were done. He did not try to sell anything to me and was so helpful. It is difficult to find that at many car service shops, so I will be back to Discount when I need new tires! Discount just got a new customer!

Review №84

Fast, Friendly, and all around great service! Best location I have been to by far.

Review №85

These guys are worse than used car salesman.

Review №86

I went in after 6 today and Robert greeted me. I asked if they were closed and he said yes maam, are you here to pick up? I said Im sorry I bought my tires here, I need a tire fixed but I can try another place since you are closed. I said I dont think I can make it home because it goes flat after 5 minutes of putting air in it. He said give me a minute. He went to the garage and what I can only assume talked to a gentleman in the shop to see if he would mind staying. A gentleman named Spencer came out and told me he was going to look at it and see what he could do. He was the nicest and most positive gentleman. Letting me know he would definitely do something to help, not to worry. I ended up needing a new tire but they had me on my way on 15 minutes. Little did they know I had a really bad day and those 2 gentleman completely turned it around. What a blessing they were today. These guys didnt have to help me as I know at the end of the day when we are ready to head home the last thing we want to do is stay longer, but they did. And were amazing! Thank you so much!

Review №87

The best customer service from everyone at this store, from managers to techs everyone is helpful and has the best attitude.Best place to get tires!

Review №88

Just checking my air in my tire

Review №89

Great job! I had an appointment, and they had me in and out on schedule. Thanks y’all!

Review №90

These people are horrible. They wont even acknowledge your presence when you walk in and act like you dont exist even when you are right in front of them. Stood there for 15 minutes and they walked by like I didnt exist. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS STORE. PERIOD. Id give them 0 stars if U could

Review №91

Best place and best manager. I came there this morning to see if they can help finding some lug nuts for my sons truck because it is missing 4 from theft trying to steal his wheel. The manager is able to find us some and give me a whole box full of it and help us tighten everything no charges.

Review №92

Very nice buddy

Review №93

Efficient and awesome experience by very professional staff and crew.Booked an appointment online and drove in with a semi-flat tire which was leaking air.David greeted me and we quickly inspected the tire condition and treads.He told me its a repair job and it will take around ~45 mins for it to complete.It was done in 30 mins, and I happily drove back. They charged me $0!Felt like tipping but dont know whom to hand over the tip since everyone did a great job.Definitely coming back here to replace/buy tires.

Review №94

Fast friendly professional accurate helpful. They had me back on the road in less than 45 minutes.

Review №95

Treated us fairly. Service was quick and staff was friendly.

Review №96

Came in on Thursday stressed out because my tire was on the verge of falling apart. I thought I still had a warranty covered on the tire but due to the wear on it I didnt anymore. I was unable to get a new tire that day but the man helping me got one of the mechanics to put on my spare for me so I was able to pick up my son on time. It really meant a lot to me. The next day I went to another Discount Tire closer to my home to get the new tire but I really appreciated the kindness and speed they had at this location. Its why I only go to this company for my tires.

Review №97

Very professional and my concerns were taken care of in a timely matter.

Review №98

Great prices, service, and terrific follow-up care.

Review №99

Today I called your store for pricing for four new tires. Pablo answered the phone and gave me the information. I asked him how soon could I come in and he said now. I got to the store ten minutes later and was assisted immediately. Pablo was working with another customer but took time to tell the sales person assisting me which tires I would be getting . It took all of 45 minutes or less. Thank you Pablo and team for the great customer service and the fast turn around.

Review №100

Bad service and attitude on employees specifically Edwards

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Health & safety
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Appointments recommended:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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