CarZone repair & bodyworks
1810 N Story Rd, Irving, TX 75061, United States

Review №1

I always get nervous when I have to take my car in because the service manager at dealerships try to sell me things I don’t need, like a new car... The team here completely changed that experience for me. So friendly, and so professional. Listened to my concerns, showed me the issues and what regular maintenance would be needed soon. They finished everything on my BMW 1 series in a timely manner, professionally and at a fair price. I have relief knowing when I have to take my car in, anything it’ll be a smooth, easy, fair process.

Review №2

This is my second time using them, they are very fair on price and they fixed my car very fast. Great customer service and extremely honest. I will use them every time I need help and I highly recommend them to anyone!

Review №3

This place saved me from wasting 10K + on a used car!I brought a used car here during a test drive, and the sales associate came along with me. Ali inspected the car, and once he was done, called me and the sales associate inside.He then asked, which one of you is the prospective buyer. After I said it was me, he then looked at me and said, hes not going to like what Im about to tell you. Ali proceed to tell me everything wrong with the car, including the fact that THE TRANSMISSION WASNT GOING TO LAST ANOTHER MONTH.I appreciate Alis honesty and that he wasnt afraid to say to truth in front of the salesman. Ali saved me money, time, and headache. Though $120 was a bit much for an inspection, it was well worth it.

Review №4

Top notch service! Very well trained staff. Very friendly. A must if u have car problems!

Review №5

All of the negative comments posted here on reviews are correct! The owner is very irritable, irascible and rude. He does not take the time to explain what is exactly and precisely wrong with your vehicle, instead he replaces unnecessary parts and sends you on your way. Car zone Auto Repair Overcharges on parts and labor of a misdiagnosed problem. I do Not recommend you take your automobile to this shop, however, instead, recommend you take your vehicle to a garage where they treat with humanity, respect and, above all, honesty!

Review №6

I was very satisfied with the service he’s very efficient, courteous and respectful. Top Notch Service. Very Recommended and I will return

Review №7

Drop my car off they couldn’t fix it , and couldn’t tell me what was wrong and still charge me, and I think they swapped parts on my car , because certain things don’t work that was working before do t go here , the tow man recommended me and said it was his shop , DO not go to CARZONE

Review №8

Great place! They fixed up my Audi Q5 quickly and were straight up about everything! Thanks guys !!!

Review №9

I had a potentially VERY DANGEROUS situation today and these guys literally saved my day (and my car)!! Not only did they come and get the car off of the busy freeway, they FIXED THE CAR and I DROVE IT HOME within a couple of hours. Yes, the pictures are real and these guys FIXED IT and got me on my way! These guys are honest, speedy and they really care. There cant be a better place to call for help when you really need it than these guys. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them!!!!

Review №10

I wanted to lower my car and they were able to take care of way faster than imagined!

Review №11

Car zone is ALWAYS my go to mechanical repair shop! When people tell me they have car problems I automatically feel like I have the answer to their problem because this place is so convenient and fast . I’ve dealt with many auto body shops but I’ll never go to another ! Thanks Nazir !

Review №12

They were able to revive the A/C system in my older car which is very necessary here in Texas

Review №13

Best mechanical services in town.. quality and prices!! Highly recommended

Review №14

I was blown away by the men at this shop! The gentleman who helped me (I believe he was the owner) was so kind and took car of my car as soon as I drove up. For how kind he was, I sincerely want his business to be recognized for it.

Review №15

Very professional team and a perfect place to get your car fixed at reasonable prices .

Review №16

Im very happy with repairing my wrecked vehicle thank you Ali

Review №17

Best place to repair your car honest definitely i will recommend this auto repair.

Review №18

They have a great service, very professional and always have your car on time!

Review №19

Went in to get my brake check line was cut fixed it repaired immediately got me in and right ou

Review №20

Great quality work. Good customer service.

Review №21

Car zone is very dependable and affordable. Great customer service. I will be returning

Review №22

Great job very nice people.

Review №23

Car zone met all our car needs. Great service and reasonable pricing!

Review №24

10/10!! Everything was done in a timely manner and looks better than before. Thanks to Steveo and the crew, y’all are awesome!

Review №25

I was referred to car zone by a guy that I was having tow my car. I used them to fix and engine problem tht I had. The service was great and the owner was cool, so I decided that I would make this place my permanent mechanic. I had an issue with my radiator and when you are a customer at car zone, you get free towing services, which was another great plus for me because when my radiator went out, they came and got my car, right away, and got it fixed right back up for me, in a good amount of time. I trust the mechanic, and even did my research beforehand, to know that he is definitely fair with prices

Review №26

I like honesty in the work thats being done before and after.

Review №27

I highly recommend taking your car to them if you have any issues with your car. They did a wonderful job and were very helpful. I will certainly be returning and bring my other cars also from now on. I want to continue to build my relationship with this auto repair shop.Try them out! I’m sure you will not regret it.

Review №28

I was referred by Orileys, next door after I told them my break fluid light came on. I immediately went to car zone and the staff was so accommodating and educated me about how serious not having break fluid can be and how it could really damage the car. I had to pick my mom up at the airport the next day by 3. They made all the accommodations for me to get back home by giving me a ride, assuring the vehicle was carefully repaired by the time I needed my car and picked me up at my house to get the car! Well before 3pm. They also vacuumed my car out making it look so clean for when I picked my mom up. They not only took care of my car but my mom and myself ! They are more then just a shop. If you want to be treated like family you will go there!! I trust them and they are very honest! On top of outstanding customer service and repairs the cost was affordable. There is no reason to go anywhere else ! They also have the best prices for oil changes. Thank you again especially to Steve !

Review №29

Just got my oil changed after going 8k miles over everyone was so kind and friendly. There prices are great and the emplyees did a great job! I would recomend this place anytime.

Review №30

CarZone has exceeded my expectations of outstanding customer service and quality service when it came to repairing my car. Steve went above and beyond any auto body repair shop Ive dealt with. They genuinely care about their customers and their needs. All I can say is that Steve is truly passionate about his job. Thank you GUYS... YOURE THE BEST!

Review №31

I was suggested Carzone from a friend, my Range Rover bags and suspension was out and they gave me a great price and worked with me! They took care of me from start to finish and even sent me updates without updates! They will be earning all future business.

Review №32

The Engine in my 2010 Jeep Commander needed to be replaced other places around quoted a 3 week turnaround and a cost nearing $6k. They were able to find an affordable, low mileage engine with a warranty at a fraction of the cost and installed it in less than 5 days. I live in Dallas but will gladly make the trip to Irving for all the Jeep’s Oil Changes, and all other preventative maintenance needs.

Review №33

I love the work they do on my truck I wouldn’t take it anywhere else. There my go to work with on labor and very straightforward. MUST USE THEM FOR ALL YOU Vehicle NEEDS!

Review №34

Very good fast a reliable. Definitely Recommend. I usually go to Sewell Lexus but I’m very happy to have found someone to work in my car for a much more affordable and Reasonable price

Review №35

The BEST repair shop I have ever been to with even better pricing! I had my car towed here in the morning and they were finished with it in a matter of hours. The total price of my oil change plus the part on my car that needed to be fixed was less than what they quoted me for just the part! Incredible service. I will definitely only bring my car to this place from now on.

Review №36

These guys were very nice, they told me they would call by noon with a diagnosis and they did. They told me they could finish same day, and they did. Then, when they found out that I needed the car for work, but wasn’t able to come pick it up, they brought it to me at no charge. That’s the best customer service I have ever had from any car repair shop, and would highly recommend them! Great place!

Review №37

Man Steve really took care of me. I love how honest and how they’re ready to get to work with you. Hot and alternator and brake change, I Built a relationship with their shop forever. You won’t regret working with them

Review №38

My rear end went out a week before payday. I did not have enough money to fix my car. He worked out a payment arrangement with me and I had my car back in 2 days. I dont know what I would have done if it wasnt for the guys at Car Zone. My car is working great and I didnt have to miss work. Thank you guys!!

Review №39

Steve and Carlos and the entire team there are kind, understanding, knowledgeable, and fix the car thoroughly. They are truly the best. Tell your family and your friends. Everyone should come here. I live in Dallas and travel out of my way because it is worth it!

Review №40

I had my engine go out and they replaced it w parts and Labor and warranty and low mileage for a reasonable price actually cheapest I found in dfw. I worked w Steve super knowledgeable and helpful to answer any questions I had. I had my car in less than a week .

Review №41

They took my windshield cowl off and lied about it probably put it on one of their for sale cars and tried to steal my covered spared ( we spotted it in the corner)I spent 1500 to get the valve cover leak fixed and now its not drivable and leaking and misfiring worse, stay away from this place, I am contacting the Atty Gen. And filing a BBB complaint

Review №42

I think Steve and his team are the best auto repairers in town. Steve was very quick and efficient finding four wheels to tow my car (I remember another towing company, Jordan Towing, was asking me to find the wheels...). I had a terrible experience with my car insurance company, Progressive, but Steve was very helpful and efficient managing the whole process and the negotiations with them. He fixed the car one week earlier than expected. The price is very reasonable (much lower than other repairers, such as Parkplace bodyworks, quoted). Overall, Steve really cares about his customers. Highly recommended and will definitely go back for the annual service.

Review №43

Steve and the other staff is so awesome at Car Zone. They did a great job on my car in a timely manner. I was scared I would have to pay so much in storage fees but Steve ensured me that everything will be just fine and that he will allow my car to be there while in getting my insurance straightened out without fees. Everything Steve told me he stuck to his word. The staff was so courteous and I was scared to go to a new shop I never been to but I don’t regret it because it was the best experience thus far I have ever had. Kudos to Car Zone for taking good care of my car and giving nothing but the best service. The have a great repair team

Review №44

This place took care of me!

Review №45


Review №46

They are the best... I would recommend this place to all my family and friends... they took care of me from beginning to end and then some... they have a customer till the end.... Thank you Steve so much for everything you are the BEST!!!!!

Review №47

Diagnosed my A/C problem right away as well as identified other minor issues with my 1997 Chevy C1500 and fixed those at a reasonable price and minimum wait. While waiting I could not help but overhear owners of this business speaking to their other prospective customers over the phone. Unlike other garages in the area, they do not turn people away based on the time they call for assistance. I called them at 1130 am on a Friday and they did not hesitate and me to bring the car in. Several called later in the afternoon and they received the same response. Many garages will not provide this type of service. They did not request that I leave the car nor that they would be able to get to it tomorrow. They repaired my A/C and completed the other minor repairs in a respectable time and so far all is working well. They indicated the repair comes with a one year warranty. Yes, I will be seeing them again for additional auto repairs. I believe I have found a good and thoughtful mechanic here in Irving, TX.

Review №48

I want to thank Carzones Nizar for rescuing me twice. I own a 2008 Benz with over 200,000 miles and hope to accumulate more. My steering wheel lock reached its limit which required a replacement. My car was repaired and ready to drive in about one day. All well but a few months later within a year of initial repair my new smartkey chip went partly bad unable to unlock doors and open the trunk electronically. And just a fyi the battery in the smartkey was not the problem. This was corrected with a new replacement programmed smartkey with no additional cost. It only took a few minutes and I was set to go. The cost of repair was reasonable and fair compared to going to a Benz Dealership due to the age of my car I felt. In making your decision who to work on your car, please at least check with Carzone 1st for their knowledge. They will be honest and sincere to answer to the best of their ability.

Review №49

Customer service is awesome. Brought my car and it been service in no time. High quality parts and friendly environment. Keep it up guys!!

Review №50

They are very professional and work with you on cost for mechanic work. Easy to contact and very hands on. Thanks to Steve I was able to get service mechanic work done to my car in two days!

Review №51

Since you want to reply with lies to my comment and you keep deleting my pictures as proof now you added some more lies And here’s the texts to prove it. 1 I have insurance, it’s liability which is WHY I’m coming out of pocket. I told you that. And 2 NEVER did you say that you had to have the headlights and bumper to install my radiator properly. Show me where you say that in the texts. And the owner called me AFTER I had someone fix your mess up and was suppose to call me back Monday and never returned the call. YOU NOT ONLY MESS UP AND OVER CHARGE YOU LIE NOW!!! Anyone that wants the truth come to my page and I will show you the text correspondence, they are liars!!

Review №52

Great customer service given by Carlos, I unknowingly came in at closing time and Carlos and Raul were nice enough to give me last minute service that I really needed!! Also, my boyfriend’s car had to be towed couple months back, and their towing service was the only one willing to come to us during crazy traffic hour at a reasonable price! Definitely a returning customer because of great customer service

Review №53

I couldn’t be more satisfied with the service I received! They took awesome care of me and my car. They were friendly, honest and time efficient. I would highly recommend.

Review №54

Such amazing service!The whole staff is amazing and friendly. They do not play games with pricing or what work your car needs. They are in the business of making happy customers with honest work! I recommend Car zone to everyone I know !

Review №55

The absolute best car service I have ever experienced. They were very attentive and efficient! Great staff and amazing customer service! Nice, clean, and air conditioned facility! If you need your car serviced in DFW, CAR ZONE REPAIR should definitely be your first choice!

Review №56

This is a great business. The people are FANTASTIC and very friendly. Jessica is great and very helpful. She kept me informed about my car. The technicians are nice and honest. DEFINITELY recommend this shop and will be going back.

Review №57

I picked up my auto at CarZone yesterday after it had been there a few days to be repaired for water in the gas tank. I was thoroughly pleased with how it performed and how it sounded like a new car when I drove it home. Everyone working there are so nice and friendly. They were really concerned about making sure that my auto was running perfectly before releasing it to me. Also, their rates are very reasonable and they dont overcharge. It was a very pleasant experience and I would use them again for my auto repairs and maintenance. They certainly deserve a five-star rating!

Review №58

Best experience I have ever had at an auto shop. I was amazed at how great the prices were, how friendly the staff was, and how quick their service is. I came in around lunch time and they were so nice they offered me food. I had my car towed and when it got dropped off they diagnosed the issue in minutes. This placed saved me so much more money than if I took my car to a Dealership or any other major auto shop AND they had me back on the road the same day. I will be recommending this place to everyone I know. Thank you Lazar for such a great experience!

Review №59

These guys were very helpful. They were able to fix my vehicle for a very fair price in a reasonable amount of time. I strongly recommend!

Review №60

Steve did an amazing job with my tow! He was quick to respond and kept in contact with me as he was on his way. Once he arrived, he had my car loaded very quickly. He was really friendly and I will certainly call him again in the future for tow services!

Review №61

Where do I begin... Mark literally saved us from a perfect storm that involved three tow trucks and a broken transmission on a luxury sports car. It seems like it does take a genius to get out of such a situation, and Mark was the guy. Not only did he provide a seamless, careful tow service - we love our Corvette and did NOT want to have it dragged - but he also was able to repair it in less than 24 hours. His team was also very service oriented and provided excellent communication through the process. Highly recommended, save their number on your phone!

Review №62

Great service and the nicest people youll ever meet. Would recommend 10/10 👍👍👍

Review №63

I took my car to car zone and the employees there treated me with great respect and were very reasonable on pricing. I will go nowhere else but to car zone for any mechanical or automotive needs. They finished my car in a very timely manner and had me back on the road in no time thank you so much to everyone at car zone especially Steve, he’s the best in the DFW.

Review №64

This place went above and beyond. I came to them as I was suspicious about the other mechanic. They checked my car and gave me an accurate diagnosis. Their price was fair and saved me few hundreds. I ended up going with them for all the repairs. Great customer service and fair prices.

Review №65

Finding a reliable repair shop can be tough but Car Zone was not only fast, efficient and reliable but saved me thousands of dollars from my quote at my local Mercedes dealership. They delivered on everything that they promised and did it in a quicker time than promised...Being new to the area I struggled to find a shop outside of my expensive dealership for repairs but Car Zone is my first stop... I have done everything from having my wheels refinished, to new brakes and tires, to window tints and services of oil changes and fluid top offs...Highly recommend this being your first stop

Review №66

I have been going to this shop for a couple of yrs and I would not change it I take my car and truck everything gets done and the prices fits perfect for my pocket all the guys owner and mechanics are great I appreciate all y’all do God bless you all #carzone

Review №67

Tow driver was wonderful. Repairs were fairly quick and the prices were competitive. They called to update me several times and explained all costs and repairs thoroughly, letting me know what needed to be repaired now and what could wait. Good experience!

Review №68

Friendly poeple,and very honest

Review №69

I had been looking for so many repair shops and found the most trustworthy shop so close to where i live. The staffs are nice and very professional. Their service is quick and everyone working there is so helpful. This is definitely a place i trust and recommend.

Review №70

Very polite easy to work with very understanding

Review №71

The guys worked quick and did a great job. Price was reasonable as well

Review №72

Had both my rear light bulbs go out. I had no idea how to replace them. Stopped by and Carlos took care of me. Fixed it real quick. In and out in 5 minutes! Very professional and highly recommend!!

Review №73

First off, I want to start by thanking Steve from the bottom of my heart. I got into a horrible car accident during a low time in my life and had to pay out of pocket for car repairs. He trusted me no matter how long it took to get the car paid. I thank him for being patient and trusting me. The car came out amazing and he even cleaned it too!! Thank you Steve and Car Zone for taking care of me!!❤️❤️❤️

Review №74

Brought my car in for some minor fixes and got the parts in the same day and fixed in a short amount of time! Customer service was great and the guys kept me updated periodically! 10/10 recommend 🤩

Review №75

My wife and I had a great experience. They quickly figured out our cars issue and did a wonderful job. Their tow truck rate was far better than any other place we quoted as well.

Review №76

This is an excellent shop with polite staff and great pricing. Crazy fast service, and they even let me borrow a loaner car while I was waiting on getting my motor mounts replaced. I definitely recommend this business.

Review №77

Awesome service I would recommend my friends and family to this place they are very sweet and helpful and very reliable the management and employees are the best

Review №78

We have always received good service here for tires, oil changes, and services. They are friendly and honest. Once he even helped me over the phone when I was at the dealership and I wanted a second opinion on a service estimate.

Review №79

I’m very glad I finally found an auto mechanic I can trust. I took my car in for a break job. After inspecting my car they informed me that all I needed were rear break pads and that all my rotors and front pads were in good shape. They could have easily recommended more than I needed and I would have gone along. But they didn’t. Very honest and fair pricing. I highly recommend this place.

Review №80

They took my car apart . Sold me parts that failed within months . Then tried to fight me... la basura

Review №81

I went in on my lunch break. They dropped me off at work and picked me back up with my car completed. Great service

Review №82

Steve worked on my BMW, he did a great job! Great prices and fast service as well. I do highly recommend this business.

Review №83

Wow it was amazing service Fast and affordable! The employees and the owner were very nice and helpful! I so recommend this place!!!

Review №84

Vice nice and Noble car got repaired within 2 hours. Very quickly repaired. Thanks to Carlos and team

Review №85

Great service and professionalism!! I highly recommend this place for any service needs.

Review №86

They fast quick and very reasonably thanks so much guys for coming through like family 😘😘💪🏽

Review №87

Was blessed by the tow truck driver ,who guided me to this place. Carzone was very friendly and informative about my vehicle. I plan to return for car service in the future. Very pleased.

Review №88

Good prices and extremely helpful to college students who don’t know anything about cars. 10/10!

Review №89

Negative stars negative stars negative stars. GO TO R&A AUTO IN FT. WORTH, I promise you!! Please be mindful, if you don’t know much about cars. I towed it here at the suggestion of the tow(they are cousins), was told they’d have good prices and would work with me. I was desperate as I had to come out of pocket because I had liability insurance. Told me $4400 and gave me a run down on the parts and labor costs after I asked. $2700 on parts that they listed for me. I ended getting all the parts they suggested I needed and more because they didn’t list all I actually ended up needing for $1400. The mark up was over 100%. After speaking with other places I realized I was being scammed and wanted to take my car elsewhere, but they wanted to charge me $220 for my tow and $300 for my estimate. Apparently they are the only shop that can’t do an estimate without taking everything apart. This was ludicrous. So I did ask them to just fix my mechanical (radiator support, radiator, coolant reservoir and fan assembly) so I could get my car out of the shop. Not ONCE did they tell me I had to have the hood and headlights to weld my radiator. I found out AFTER they did this that it was gonna have to be redone because you can’t properly put the radiator support on without the hood because alignment would be off. I called CarZone and told them I was told it was gonna have to be redone. No they said I would be fine. After paying $840 for labor because I had my own parts sent there I took my car elsewhere and of course it had to be rewelded. I called the shop and told them they asked me to send pictures and I did, this is when he changed his story and said that he told me I had to give them the hood and headlights. Now I have numerous texts back and forth and this was never mentioned to me. I was under the impression that they would do what they could do to get my car out but it would be done correctly. They had my car for 3 weeks. One week waiting on parts and it took them 2 weeks to install my radiator, radiator support (incorrectly I might add), coolant reservoir & fan assembly. I took it to someone else and they fixed their mess and painted my car has it looking brand new in 2 days for fraction of the cost they were charging me. These guys are a rip off.There are also things missing out of my car, personal items and car parts. Go to R&A auto in Ft. Worth it’s only 20 min away but will cost you fraction of the price and time. The original estimate they gave me was $4400 and that was with half the parts missing that I ended up having to get. They never quoted me an emblem, and other car parts so I’m estimating it would have probably went up a couple hundred more once they got to repairing my car. I ended up fixing it for $3464 a $1000 less then their original quote. I was told that the work I did have done by CarZone I could’ve gotten cheaper too. I wasted $1200. Look around, TRUST ME!!

Review №90

Friendly staff & fast service. These guys are honest and their prices are reasonable. I finally found a new place to take my HHR.

Review №91

Chris Car Zone changed my starter and changed my front brakes and rotors. Quick and with a great price. Communicated with me what was the issue and gave great suggestions.

Review №92

Steve was amazingly helpful when helping me with my car after an accident in which my car was parked and the drivers had no insurance. Steve knew that it wasn’t right that I would have to come out of pocket for the damages through my insurance. He offered a price I couldn’t beat, and made sure I didn’t have to worry about a thing from the tow to the actual maintenance. Jessica at the front desk was also very considerate calling during the week to check on me. I’ll be sending others to this shop for sure. Even though it’s 35 minutes from me, the experience is well worth. Thanks Steve, Jessica, and the gang down at Carzone.

Review №93

Awesome service!!! Very friendly,they came to my house towed my car and called me when they made it.. Called me with the results,resolution,and resolved the problem in a timely manner.. Best prices . Recommend u guys to everyone!!!

Review №94

I have a 2013 impala ltz i had major repairs done there everything including the service was and still is awesome..ILL BE COMING BACK...

Review №95

Great Service , And Very Helpful I really appreciate all there help I Will Be Back .

Review №96

Awesome customer service!!!! I would highly recommend them and definitely will be using them in the future, especially being a single mother we are always trying to save every penny we can. Mark really took care of my car and only charging me $200 to replace my alternator, he also waived my Tow Fee. Thanks again

Review №97

My experience here wasnt too bad! These guys were able to get my car fixed in no time. They knew exactly what the problem was and was able to fix it! I would most definitely come back in the future for any issues that I do have.

Review №98

I took my Toyota sienna van for rack and pinion replacement. It was done on time and The service is great. I definitely recommend this service center

Review №99

Best place I ever been thank you guys

Review №100

Great people

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  • Address:1810 N Story Rd, Irving, TX 75061, United States
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  • Phone:+1 972-313-6100
  • Auto body shop
  • Auto repair shop
  • Brake shop
  • Car inspection station
  • Engine rebuilding service
  • Oil change service
  • Radiator shop
  • Tire shop
  • Towing service
  • Transmission shop
Working hours
  • Monday:8AM–6PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–6PM
  • Wednesday:Closed
  • Thursday:8AM–6PM
  • Friday:8AM–6PM
  • Saturday:8AM–6PM
  • Sunday:8AM–6PM
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Oil change:Yes
  • Mechanic:Yes
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