Ed Martin Acura
3800 E 96th St, Indianapolis, IN 46240, United States

Review №1

Terrible experience! I still wanted a car that they had so I reached out to the GM and told him about my experience. Every time I called to talk to him at the dealership or on personal cell he provided no answer. Called back to talk to the salesperson who my appointment was supposed to be with on initial visit, although he never even introduced or spoke to me, because I still wanted to get my car there and they put me on hold and never answered. Ended up driving almost 2 hours from my home to the Hubler Acura dealership where I received amazing customer service. I ended up getting the exact car I wanted, with a higher trim package, and Ed Martin would not even price out the vehicle for me when I visited because they thought it was out of my price range.

Review №2

Purchasing an RDX from Ed Martin Acura was the WORST car buying experience of my life with Will Fitzsimons, Bryce Toll, Ed Parker, and Gabe Greene. ! I purchased a brand new 2020 Acura RDX ASpec nine weeks or so ago. I estimate that it was in one shop or another for repair a large portion of the time I owned it. As a result, between my total loss in confidence in the 2020 RDX ASpec and the awful service I received at EMA, I was forced to sell the 2020 RDX ASpec earlier this week at a huge loss! In my opinion, the only thing worse than the new 2020 RDX A-Spec is the service you get at EMA. The latest issue Im having is getting the correct amount of my tire and wheel protection refunded to reflect when they were given notice, not when they processed it.My appointment to purchase the vehicle was cancelled a very short time prior to my arrival because Bryce told me they were too busy, and Will had another delivery during that time. Once I did purchase the vehicle, it was up to me to figure out that the $500 deposit that I put down on the 2020 RDX ASpec, did not get applied to my contract. I was told not to worry though, it would get applied to my GlassCoat…..Upon delivery of the vehicle, there were several stains located throughout the back seat. When I told this to Will, he said they would be taken care of when I had my GlassCoat applied. To his credit, he did try to fix the stains with a product he had in his office though it did not work. The car handled/drove very poorly, there were rattles all over the place and there was a ton of brake noise! When I show up to have GlassCoat and I believe my tint applied (their tint person only is there one day a week), Will walked into the service bay and told me there was a scheduling error and Tyler was to have called me to tell me that they did not have a loaner vehicle ready for me so I must bring it back another day.Below are some of the issues I found myself having to deal with.I was told the GlassCoat wouldn’t be applied until the stains on the back seat were fixed. Fast forward to when I pick the RDX up after multiple trips to EMA and Gabe Greene giving me his word that the stains would be taken care of before I picked the vehicle up, the stains were still there!Unbeknownst to me at the time of purchase, there was a bulletin out for the 2020 RDX ASpec I purchased telling dealers that there’s something causing abnormal brake noises. Another Acura dealer told me that there is not a fix at this time, and you must go on a waiting list once a remedy is given by the manufacturer to have it repaired! EMA replaced my OEM brake pads and rotors with OEM brake pads and rotors, and the noise is still present! Another Acura dealership told me that until a fix comes from Acura, the sound will continue to exist.EMA found my RDX ASpec to have a tire balance issue and then found it to have ‘flat spotting’ issues on its tires which was causing the vibrations and thumping noises I was experiencing. Once balanced, and then ultimately swapped, the technicians ‘were unable to duplicate after tire swap.’ EMA was still unable to properly fix.The 2020 RDX ASpec had rattles all over the place! In fact, I ran into two other RDX owners who also complained to me of rattling noises, at two different places. After multiple attempts to repair, EMA was still unable to fix.Finally as a result of my belief that EMA was unable to fix the issues on the 2020 RDX ASpec given their previous failed attempts to get it right, and the disrespect I felt from Mr. Greene, I contacted Acura Corporate and took it to another dealership. Gabe did offer to come and get the RDX again after I contacted corporate but I felt it was better to get a 2nd opinion at that point since EMA told corporate it was fixed. See the attached invoices and judge for yourself whether my concerns were fixed by EMA after multiple attempts. WOULD YOU WASTE YOUR TIME OR PUT YOUR TRUST IN DEALERSHIP THAT HAS FAILED YOU SO MANY TIMES?Update: See my attachment for a response to Gabe Greene!

Review №3

We needed to find an Acura dealer here in central Indiana for routine maintenance and service. Thought we would try Ed Martin Acura on 96th Street in Carmel for starters. Bottom line ... awesome in every respect! Everyone from the Assistant Service Manager (Jolene Higgins) to the cashier (Connie McDonald) were phenomenal ... extremely friendly, helpful and professional. I love their attention to detail. I also appreciated how knowledgable Jolene is with the auto industry and Acura in particular. If you have a Honda or Acura automobile, look no further for top-notched service.

Review №4

Went in for an Oil change. They had my car done and washed quickly. When they say accelerated service they mean it. I was in and out in less than 30 minutes. A fantastic price on Full synthetic oil too! I would highly recommend! Tyler True was Awesome!

Review №5

Very friendly service staff. A- is my overall grade.

Review №6

Jason The GM gave me the price I wanted. He was great to work with. He made the buying experience fun!! Also, Nolan in the finance office was totally fast and professional. I think he was also a sales manager but filling in. He explain all my questions easily and got me an absolute fantastic rate. I bought a fun and sporty brand new car and I am totally well please with my experience. Thanks Guys!!

Review №7

Their service team is incredible! Quality work and honest workers.

Review №8

Yesterday, my mother & I purchased a new Acura RDX from Will Fitzsimmons. This will make the second vehicle we have purchased from this location, but the 5th from Ed Martin as a whole. My family has also purchased multiple vehicles from the Ed Martin dealer market, & the experience is always nothing from the best! They have always taken care of myself & my family, I never feel that they are trying to take advantage or get one over on me.Will was an excellent salesman, I would highly recommend going to see him if you are in the market for a vehicle! I look forward to giving them the opportunity to earn my business yet again, when I am next in the market for a new vehicle!Grant & Kristin

Review №9

We purchased our MDX in 2017 and the experience was seamless. Since then, we have had regular service here and we cannot recommend them highly enough. We especially appreciate the high level of customer service. Tyler, in service, always remembers us when we bring our vehicle in and consistently has made our service experience easy and convenient. Recently, Tyler and the team in service moved mountains to have our tires replaced before a big trip, even while being overbooked. Go see Ed Martin Acura for their excellent service!

Review №10

We had a great experience buying from Ed Martin Acura and we will go back there for our next car purchase. Excellent selection, willingness to work with your budget and friendly staff. 5 Stars for Bryan!!

Review №11

I have been consistently underwhelmed by this dealership. What a joke it is to do any sort of business there. I can’t believe they are still in business.

Review №12

Very good experience.Aaron Smith was great. We got a awesome price for our trade-in. Couple thousand more than we anticipated. The price for the new MDX was very fair. Overall a great experience. Would definitely recommend and will come back again

Review №13

Lots of Honda’s! Staff is helpful except for finance people. They left us hanging out for more than 90 minutes on a Saturday afternoon while they waited on other customers. The salesman kept apologizing for the delay. We were finally told by our sales associate the reason for the delay is because we were paying cash and the finance person was more interested in helping customers needing a loan. We made an appointment to pick up our new Honda at a specific time. We drove from Lafayette to purchase the car. This is not good customer service p.

Review №14

I had an awesome experience getting my 2020 Acura from the sales person to the paperwork processing. Everything was taken care very efficiently. Thank you Daniel and Jason, you guys were awesome.

Review №15

Daniel Silva was our sales consultant. He was very easy to work with and quite personable. He was also fantastic with our 8 year old who got bored during the process-but Dan helped out greatly. Would suggest asking for him.

Review №16

I do not recommend Ed Martin Acura to anyone. We have brought our cars four different times for a simple oil change/very minor maintenance on both our Acura and Honda vehicles.Every time, we get our cars back something else is wrong and another light is on (one time all of our lights were on when we got our car back).The service department does not own up to their mistakes, makes you bring your car back up, waste more of your time, and then want to charge you an arm and a leg to fix the issue they’re created.We feel they purposely make more issues for your car so you have to keep bringing your car back to them and wasting your money. After sharing our stories with other people, it seems we aren’t the only ones who have this issue.I would run as far as possible from Ed Martin. Absolutely Awful and they need to figure it out!

Review №17

Ive purchased over 10 cars from them. From sales to service to follow up, they do a spectacular job. They have systems & client service down to a refined skill!

Review №18

I was very disappointed in their mask usage during the pandemic. The signs say mask are mandatory. About half the staff working there werent wearing one.But they did do a good job fixing my car.

Review №19

Dealing with this dealership the last 3 years has made me want to sell my Acura. The customer service is terrible. Every time I took my car in there is always an issue. The service techs are useless. The manager is even worse. They will overcharge you for stuff and hope you dont read your invoice. Had my struts replaced the other month and my back seat was not even bolted back together. Literally just placed my back seat back in with one clip. Do not take your Acura here.

Review №20

So my son took his car in and asked for a complete diagnosis of the issues he was having. Car wouldnt start but when it did once its shut off. So we take it and they say its the battery and the alternator. So they replace and not even 8 hrs later the car wont start again. So we get it towed again to the shop and they call today and say it will be another 600 for a fuel pump. I called and spoke to a technician who was very respectful, then I spoke to the service manager who wasnt as respectful. Kept trying to talk over me after I told him he could stop repeating what he kept stating. I asked for the company policy regarding diagnosis of vehicles and no one would give it to me. Worst service. This Veteran will never go here again and I will definitely tell my fellow veterans to beware.

Review №21

Clarence introduced himself without high pressure tactics; courteous without being overbearing; and tolerated my nearly impossible specifications without dropping professionalism. I was offered fresh coffee and a snack in a pleasantly set up wait area. Stop in for a test drive!

Review №22

I just got my second car from Ed Martin. Aaron was great to work with. The service is always friendly and the process was easy. Most importantly I was treated with respect. I can’t tell you how many times sales people ignored me at other dealerships while I was looking at cars but I never felt that way at Ed Martin Acura.

Review №23

Just bought a used Chevy Equinox here, and we couldnt be happier with the experience. Everyone we came in contact with has been friendly, courteous, and professional. Will Wickliff, our salesman, is the best in the business. I would highly recommend him, and Ed Martin Acura if you are looking for a car.

Review №24

Fast, friendly and great for purchasing a newer used vehicle or a new vehicle! Dennis was the salesman that assisted me with my new flashy ride and was above and beyond for helping me secure an amazing vehicle for an outstanding price! Ask for Dennis if you visit this dealer. Hell take great care of you and your family and get you in a newer ride today! A+++

Review №25

Really good dealership, knowledgeable staff and great products. No, youre not getting some great deal buying a luxury car from a dealer. However, they are fair and up-front with their pricing and very professional. If youre less concerned with saving that last few bucks, and want professional service, go here.

Review №26

Extremely rude service center. And from the looks of it, others have had the same issue! Both my husband I talked to 2 separate people within their service department, explained our situation extremely nicely, and both times had condescending remarks back from Ed Parker and Nancy Cline. Better customer service is needed! We have had our Acura for 10 years now and will not be going back to Ed Martin.

Review №27

I purchased my RDX early this year. The sales team is great, extremely informative without being pushy... But the main reason I purchased here was the service department, in particular Tyler True. He is AWESOME! So genuine, very knowledgeable, and honest about necessary repairs.I love my new Acura, and I wouldn’t hesitate buying here again, -the additional comfort of having a service dept that goes out of their way to provide top notch customer service, absolutely seals the deal!

Review №28

I have normally had decently average service at Ed Martin Acura. I purchased an ILX from another dealership and it still included the manufacturer warranty so I have taken it here three times for service. The most recent time I brought it in was for a rattling noise and I figured while I was there, I could have an oil change done too for the convenience factor. Of course it would be overpriced, but if I could get everything taken care of at once, it would be worth the price. After my car being there for two days, they called me and said they could not find the rattling and I needed to come back and do a test drive to point it out. This is almost a 2 hour round trip for me. I came all the way back and was able to duplicate the issue within 25 minutes. When I returned to pick up my car, it reeked of cigarettes. They swore no one smoked in it but the person that has been driving it was an avid smoker. The smoke smell is still lingering, I severely overpaid for an oil change, wasted over 4 hours coming to and from the dealership to show them the issue, and my tank was a quarter of a tank lower than when I dropped it off. They had multiple opportunities to make up the problems by providing better customer service. Fill up the gas tank, comp the oil change, properly clean the interior of the car. If any one of these things were done, I would’ve been a happy customer. Looks like I will be a brand new customer of Hubler Acura in Greenwood.

Review №29

Just a quick note. Gabe was fantastic. He was so helpful. Thanks Gabe!

Review №30

Went in to check out a TLX and got completely ignored. Maybe they don’t need the business.

Review №31

Im a new, first time Acura MDX owner, and I took my SUV to Ed Martin for the first time recently for service. I had a GREAT experience, and Connie in customer service and Tyler in service were both FANTASTIC! Also, I love my MDX. Highly recommended!

Review №32

We have bought 2 vehicles through the Ed Martin Auto Group. Both times have been great experiences. We worked with Aaron Smith this time around and we highly recommend working with him. Im sure any of the sales staff is great though. Will definitely be using Ed Martin Auto Group in the future.

Review №33

9/9/19 Edit - Ed Parker reached out to me explaining their issues and rescheduled an appointment with a loaner that worked much better with my schedule. I appreciate that. Not all Acura Dealers care as much. These guys are doing a good job.9/6/19 - Scheduled a service for my MDX through their website with an option for loaner vehicle. I drove down all the way from Westfield to the service center on time. Once I got there, the tech tells me that they do not give out loaners for A1 or B1 services. Website didnt mention this information and in fact, they confirmed via text that loaner vehicle is reserved. It was a massive waste of time for me to drive down all the way. The tech rescheduled the service to a different day where they can provide a loaner. In a general sense, and not pin pointing at Ed Martin Acura, Acura customer service has really deteriorated in the past few years. I will update my review once my car has been looked at and serviced.

Review №34

My still trying to make a decision

Review №35

This has to be the most enjoyable vehicle purchase I have ever made. Aaron Smith was, not only, widely knowledgeable but made the experience such that creates repeat customers. Hat’s off to Aaron, Elizabeth and the rest of the staff that we came in contact with during our purchase.

Review №36

Ive heard some pretty wide range of reviews of Ed Martin Acura but can say 100% that Ms. Jolene in the service department is without a doubt AMAZING. She is incredibly kind, extremely knowledgeable, and absolutely thorough with keeping you informed. Admittedly, I am a PAIN to deal with- Ms. Jolene never gave me the impression that I was bothersome and was just an overall miracle worker with fixing my enormous mess of a vehicle as well as working with my insurance company. Ed Martin is LUCKY to have you! My car is a beaut again =]-2014 Jeep

Review №37

My best friend brought his Acura in to get keys made on a Monday and he didn’t get it back until Friday he was told it would only take an hour. What kind of service is this ?

Review №38

Audrey Greene at Ed Martin Acura in Indianapolis made our buying experience terrific. We made an appointment and Audrey was ready for us upon arrival. Shes very knowledgeable about the Acura brand, very comfortable to speak with, and did not make us feel rushed. She took the time to explain features, work up a deal, then assisted us in programming the cars settings to our preferences. From start to finish we found her professional and an outstanding sales person. Thanks Audrey!

Review №39

I can’t say enough about our wonderful experience here! Audrey Green was there for us from the start! I went to Acura to do a test drive by myself (as a female that can be scary!) Audrey was so friendly and welcoming and incredibly knowledgeable about the car. She explained everything about the process and was very transparent with every detail which we appreciated! Her communication and responsiveness was very quick. I would highly recommend Audrey and we will without a doubt use her for future purchases, thank you so much!

Review №40

Best car purchase experience Ive had yet. No pressure from Will and it was equally a pleasure to work with sales manager Bob. All other staff I interacted with were very pleasant. Negotiation was quick, painless and I think fair. Since I returned to Indy from Chicago on bus to pick up the car, they were kind enough to pick me up from the station. Highly recommend to anyone in the area; this is a first-class dealer.

Review №41

On July 3rd of this year, I took my 2002 Acura RSX Type S to have the AC repaired. I do 95% of my own work, but this was kind of a strange problem, so I took my car into the dealer. I was able to get a loaner car.I was notified that the cooling fan was cutting out, and they ordered the part, but it was delayed as the dealer had gotten the fan blades, and not the actual motor. They finally got the fan motor, and I was informed the car was repaired on Thursday July 11th.I picked the car up on Thursday July 11th, and not very far into the drive on the way home, it was obvious that the AC was still not fixed, and would stop cooling intermittently.I contacted Dennis again at the dealer to let him know that the car was still not cooling properly, and that I wanted to get the car back in to be repaired right. The dealership is 45 minutes to an hour away from me, so it is an inconvenience to have to go back again. Dennis told me that he did not have any loaner cars, but could take it back in on Saturday July 13th. I looked under the hood while I had the car back, and noticed that that several things had been left off of my car. The high and low pressure AC caps, bolt that holds the air intake to the core support, cabling was not tucked into the slot by the battery, 1 clip on the upper side of the bumper cover and 1 on the lower side of the bumper cover, 4 screws on the bottom of the bumper cover, and a tab that I did not remember being broken. Dennis said he would get these items taken care of when I brought the car back in.When I took the car back in, I showed Dennis and others all of the factory hardware that was missing, and I spoke to a service technician about the possible causes of the AC problem.I was contacted a few days later indicating that the car needed an AC clutch and coil, and that the bill would be 1200 to 1300 for the repair. I ok’d them to proceed. I was informed on the 19th of July that the car was repaired, but I was unable to pick it up until the 22nd. The bill had been adjusted to around 1000, but I still had paid around 1500 for the two repairs, and the first time I do not believe there was any issue with the fan itself, and I inquired about it, but nobody ever answered to that directly, and I’m sure the fan was probably thrown away.I picked the car up on July 22nd, and when I got in the car, the fuel light was on, and the gauge was at the very bottom. I drove to the Shell on the corner of 96th and Allisonville and filled up the tank which took 12.7 gallons on a 13.1 gallon tank. I realize for testing they had to run the car, and I probably brought it in with a quarter of a tank. You would think after spending 1500 on the repair, that two or three gallons could have been put in the car instead of leaving it totally empty.After I got home again, I thought I would verify that the proper factory hardware had been installed from everything that was left off, but a bunch of incorrect items were installed on the car. It looked like whatever could be made to work was put on the car, and a couple clips on the bumper cover were still missing. I spoke with Nancy Cline, and she spoke with Ed Parker, and I took pictures of what was installed on my car, and what was supposed to be there. I have another Acura with the proper hardware so that I could show the difference. I received one other email from Nancy with Ed Parker copied in, asking what specifically they were looking at. I had previously spelled out and had pictures of what was there. I never heard anything else. I finally sent an email to both Nancy Cline and Ed Parker to which I never got any response. I indicated that the dealership should pay for new factory hardware, and reimburse me 25.00 for my trouble for having to come back. I purchased one of my Acura cars new there, and I buy lots of parts, and have a stockpile of items to keep them going. I did not think I was asking too much for the dealer to make things right after the way I was treated, but I guess they do not care. Just read the reviews here, and that is obvious.

Review №42

Audrey knew exactly what would work best with my budget and specifications for a vehicle. I only had to test drive two cars to make up my mind. She definitely let me know everything about my 2016 Acura and I didn’t feel like there was any hidden agendas. Highly recommend you see Audrey if looking for an upgraded vehicle! Thanks Audrey and the Ed Martin Acura staff!

Review №43

Tyler in services was very nice and helpful.Although Im not too pleased with the services here.Got a car recently from them. The window motor needed replaced so they told me to come in the next week to get it fixed. I made my appointment and they told me it would take 45 minutes. An hour later they came out to tell me they ordered the wrong part and I needed to come back the following week.Also, 3 weeks after buying the car my passenger wheel started making a clanking noise. I took the wheel off and found that they never put two of the caliper bolts back in after changing the break pads. This is very dangerous and I hope this doesnt happen to anyone else!

Review №44

Audrey is a very kind salesperson; shes very easy to work with.

Review №45

Great experience! Very impressed with the quality of customer service their service department gave me. Ask for Liz Smith if you need anything done on your car. She was very friendly and very thorough with my truck. I will definitely return should I need any work done! Thank you!

Review №46

This dealership is extremely disappointing. Not only was my car buying experience from this dealership awful, but I have had multiple services at this dealership that have been subpar. Lets start with car buying:1) My husband and I bought a car there that was used as the show car, an RDX with all the bells and whistles. Shortly after we took it home, we realized the car had damage to it, that was not disclosed to us on the outside. The damage had been painted over in an attempt to hide from whoever purchased the car. I complained, by writing a letter to Ed Martin President, and they fixed the cosmetic damage, and returned the car to me a COMPLETE mess. Not to mention, during the car buying experience the finance manager attempted to finance through ED Martin and give me a 7.5% interest rate with an 800 credit score and told me that was the best he could fine. When I pushed back he magically found a 4% interest rate? The whole experience soured my taste with Acura, and we ended up trading in the car a few months later and losinga huge amount of money on it.2) We had a free acura oil change from the terrible car purchase experience so yesterday I called to make an appointment where the service person said that an oil change doesnt need an appointment and we would be in and out within an hour no matter when we brought it in... my husband took our now Honda Pilot in at noon today, and just called me at 2:50 still sitting there waiting for it. This is the 2nd time this has happened to me at this dealership.I would ABSOLUTELY NEVER recommend purchasing or servicing a car from this location. While some people can be nice, they are not accommodating nor do they value their customers time / money.

Review №47

Loved this place. Didnt end up buying a car from them, but I could easily see my next car being from them. Amazing customer service. I felt at home there. Also, ask for Bert. Really nice, fun older guy. Really enjoyed working with him.

Review №48

Always friendly and care about their customers. Their service department is the best.

Review №49

Parts service were nice and friendly.

Review №50

Car was in for service for a week for a headlight problem on a car under warranty, told there was no problem found & that they were working properly & had been taken care of, service advisor was caught in an outright lie that service manager was aware of. Will not be buying or using service department here again

Review №51

Had to get a new key, and key fob for my car. Way over priced. At least the key and key fob works.

Review №52

Fast service for a fair price

Review №53

The service department is 5 star everytime!!

Review №54

This dealership sold me a 2019 Acura RDX with a cracked windshield. In the paperwork they documented they would fix it. I came to pick it up three days later after they said repairs were done. It was not fixed. They refused to honor the agreement made at time of purchase 3 days prior. Dont purchase a car unless it is 100% as you want it. They do not honor we owe documents.

Review №55

I always like to give people the benefit of the doubt. Thats the type of person that I am. But Ive had three bad experiences with Acura. We were searching for a car. No one ever came out to greet us. We had financing already approved. I thought things would get better. That was 2 years ago. Unfortunately it never did. The first service experience after purchasing my car, I had to call to see if my car was ready at the end of the evening. Not good customer service. Why should I, the customer call to check when its the representative responsibility. Secondly, I felt like I was talked to like I was nobody today. I called yesterday and talked to Liz and asked about bringing my car but needed a loaner. I was told by Liz to bring it on my lunch today. When I arrived to drop off my car, she said, are you going to leave it and stay for it? I explained, you told me to bring it on my lunch, I have to get back to work. Liz said it nonchalantly, Oh, we dont have any, I told you to call before I came. If that wouldve been the case, I wouldve done just that. But thats not what she said. It almost makes me cringe that i have a warranty with them and dont have a choice but to return to them until my warranty expires. When I say I will NEVER refer anyone to this dealership. Ive had nothing but horrible experiences since we bought our car there. The only bright star was Brent. He calmed me and brought me to work. Hes a keeper!! He was wonderful!!!!

Review №56

Today was my first time going to their service department, and Im very impressed so far. They got us right in for an oil change and washed and vacuumed the car!

Review №57

Great service and quick!

Review №58

Great dealership to work with. We drove from out of state and negotiated most of the deal over the phone. The car was what they said and they gave us a fair deal on our trade. Our salesman Tom was patient and well informed. I feel he worked hard to get us the best deal possible. I would highly recommend the dealership.

Review №59

Terrible service from Ed Martin Acura, particularly from the Service Manager Ed Parker. He has a very disrespectful attitude to be working in the service business. Do yourself a favor and look for another dealer around town other than Ed Martin Acura.

Review №60

Just bought a new Acura RDX and the sales persons and finance were great to work with. I recommend Ed Martin for anyone buying new car.

Review №61

ABOUT THE SALES DEPT & DENNIS NOVALES:In a world of fast-paced car sales and decisionmaking, trust Mr. Dennis Novales for his careered advice and recommendations. His knowledge and sincerity will guide your best judgement for satisfaction into the long-term.Dennis will fully consider your lifestyle, transportation needs, and budget during the car buying experience.Dennis also values your time, whether you are at, or away from, the dealership; and he guards your contact information, respecting your personal life, availability, and interests. Between visits your messages and conversations will be short and to the point, as Dennis works on your behalf, to align your needs with the market, worthwhile offers, and the fluctuating inventory.Dennis is more than pleased “to go the extra mile,” even after the sale is complete. For example, Dennis personally delivered the purchased vehicle right into my garage. Furthermore, when asked he will also advise on how to ensure the lifelong value and condition of your car; for example, Dennis recommended window tinting to protect and preserve interior materials for longer enjoyment and greater resale quality. The enduring benefits easily justify the added service.Dennis Novales is happy when his customers are happy. Dennis clearly understands that making the sale is only part of the equation. Mr. Novales effectively balances cars and options, business and timing, right along with customers and their needs.

Review №62

I tend to keep my vehicles for a long time well into high mileage status. The last time I purchased from a dealership was 1994 and then replaced that car with one purchased from a friends estate in 2007. Shopping is a time-consuming nuisance for me. I had visited six dealerships over a two week period. While they all were clean, Ed Martin Acura was friendly and felt comfortable. When the car I came in to look over didnt meet my expectations, Bob Werner and Brad Magee took the time to engage in conversation with me and find a model that fit my budget and exceed my expectations for comfort and style.

Review №63

Will was great to work with. Wasn’t pushy, showed us a CPO RDX and basically let the car and the brand do the talking for him. We test drove the car and sat down and looked at numbers. Didn’t once feel the typical car dealer pressure. Bob did come by and start to give us the run around but quickly stopped and got the hint we weren’t buying that day. I surprisingly didn’t hear from Will until I called him a couple days later. This was a relief. It’s what got us back there. Again, he let us choose based on what we saw and he trusted Acura did that for him. I would gladly work with him again as long as he gets window tint or his office moved. Poor guy is stuck in a hotbox. Very uncomfortable for customers to sit and have a conversation while you’re wondering how much you might be sweating. Office aside, if Acura is in our future again, we will be calling WillUpdate:We agreed to have paint work done on our CPO as a part of the purchase agreement. I have reached out multiple times to Will and have not heard anything. Ive either emailed or left a voicemail every month for almost a year now and still no response. Sucks to ruin a good thing this way.

Review №64

We always get good reliable service here. We recommend Jolene as a service rep.

Review №65

Everyone friendly and accommodating.

Review №66

I spoke with Kaleb on Saturday (03/09/19) he was very helpful, kind, and patient with me. I really appreciate all the help and concern.

Review №67

I live out of state, I bought a car from Ed Martin Acura online; I was given detailed description of the vehicle in addition to the information online. I love the car so much. Hats off to Ed Martin Acura for a very outstanding and trustworthy customer service exhibited by the team. I honestly admire their efficiency.

Review №68

The service team is absolutely wonderful. Every experience I have with them has been flawless. They have always been upfront about expectations with the car, communicated what work needed to be done, and have provided a loaner car so we could still go out and enjoy the day while our vehicle was being serviced. I greatly appreciate all of their help!

Review №69

Great Experience with both the sales team as well as with the service department! Even though we purchased one of the most cost effective vehicles on the lot, we were still treated like we were buying the most expensive car on the lot. Before we took the car home, the service department took care of any issues and then some!! Wonderful experience! I would highly recommend ED Martin Sales & Service to all of my friends and family!

Review №70

As first time Acura customers, we couldn’t be more impressed and pleased with our experience working with Bralen Henderson and the rest of the Ed Martin team. His product knowledge and passion for the brand was immediately apparent, and he was very responsive to our needs. Looking forward to driving our new RDX for years to come!

Review №71

Reply to response at the end of this post-My husband called to be certain the service would take 30 min. since I had a Dr appoint to get to. The representative stated, “we have a 30 minute guarantee.” It was also a selling point that the salesman used when we bought the car. This appointment nor the last involved any type of car wash whatsoever; still two hour minimum. On the plus side we were offered a shuttle to my appointment since all loaners were gone by 9:30 AM. Ed Martin is over promising and under delivering. Just tell me the real time frame up front. I would think that misleading customers is not good for business.***update***The 30 minute oil change is still non- existent. The little caveat to the guarantee? It is 30 minutes AFTER your car is in the shop. If anyone is in front of you- expect 2 hours or more. Very misleading verging on false advertising.Love the vehicle ; dissatisfied with the dealership! One selling point of this dealer is that one can just drive his Acura in for a 30 minute oil change! No appointment necessary. Sounds great, right? Well, it IS too good to be true. Last year after getting an email to encourage us to bring the car in for service, we drove an hour to the dealership only to be told it would be 2 hours since they were so busy. So, now that it is time for another oil change, we thought this time would be quicker. Nope! We were told at least 1.5 hour wait, or we could leave it over nght! With the just drive in oil change policy one would think Ed Martin would honor that; however, we realize it is merely a marketing tactic and nothing else. This is by far the worst service weve dealt with.

Review №72

Customer lounge nice and clean. Employees were really nice and helpful. Bathroom was clean.

Review №73

I understand everybody triying to live better, so, also ed martin acura people.

Review №74

They are fair. They are honest. They are very busy, but were able to get us in & out quickly - they are professional & understand needs. We drove over 2 hours one way & would do it again in a heart beat. Ask for Shiloh Reed!

Review №75

Why do you allow Acura Service (not an express service) scheduled through online (Acura owners website), when you do not honor the appointment with loner vehicle or you dont want to give the loaner vehicle? Wasting my 1:30hrs journey time?08/07: called the number provided. No one answered! Left voice mail, no one bothered to call me back! Looks like they just reply to any review with a standard text!

Review №76

Our family has purchased 4 vehicles from Ed Martin Acura and we exclusively get our cars serviced here. This dealer is the best of the best! We had a little issue with some work but when it was brought to their attention, they made everything right. They have ruined me for other services in my life as I have come to expect everyone to have this high level of excellent service. They dont just rise to the bar, they set it!

Review №77

There are no words of praise strong enough to define the wonderful experience we enjoyed at Ed Martin Acura today. EVERYONE was not only professoonal butgracious beyond measure. Their assistance in a BAD situation turned our strife around. Our wholehearted recommendation is a pleasure to convey.Oops I forgot to mention how great Megan our service liaison was to us.

Review №78

Highly recommend Ed Martin Acura to all of my friends and family. Our motivation to select a new car was purely out of urgency and unexpected circumstances. Our sales person was very gracious and personable making sure we were asked the questions that would help us purchase the best vehicle option for our needs.Without a doubt, we could not be happier with our MDX.

Review №79

We have seen a car on Saturday and given all personal information to run the credit for particular car. They have come back to us and saying it’s approved. We went to next Saturday to take the delivery of that car. Meantime we have seen another options to make sure we are buying right. We said we are good the car and let’s finish the paper work. Now they are saying it’s sold. How come they can sell between an hour? Even if they are selling we need to inform us before giving to others. This is worst customer handling or business ethics with this.This is rational treatment of any customer in any business. DONT DO BUSINESS WITH business

Review №80

Very good brand. Plenty variety of new and used cars for every budget and tastes and the best customer attention. Highly recommended.

Review №81

I had bad experience with service department today on 12/3/2018. I went there fist time today for A1 basic service which should been done in hour per service representative told me that. I have been sitting waiting area all the time. They never called me after they were done job. Even if I sit in front of cashier, she hold all paper work till I approach to her. She asked me my name and asked anyone explained what the service is done today. I told no one came to me and explain what the service done but one lady called me to change all 4 tires today but I told I will replace at the other place. The cashier apologized for waiting and called service department person to come to explain to me but no one come. So I just left with bad treatment and feeling. I have many defferent cars now but no other place treat like this. This car was drived by my son and he was not able to visit so I was there the first time. I hope I can get rid of this car and never visit this place. Really bad bad customer service.

Review №82

From sales to service I cant say enough about the Job each individual does at this store. They all care more about the customer and their experience more than anything else. They understand that with great customer service comes great reward. They do their best each day to deliver on the high expectations their customers have.

Review №83

I bought a used MDX from its sole owner, and the only place that ever serviced this truck was Ed Martin Acura...a couple years after I got my truck it broke down, I spoke with Jolene, she was so sweet, gave me info on how I could get my truck to her, came in early the next morning, called FIRST THING, gave me the diagnosis, and had it ready that evening!!! Everyone says dealership price gouge but it actually cost less than her initial quote...I now understand why the owner before me only used Ed Martin Acura because even though I live 37 miles away, I will only take my truck there from this point on!! Thank You Everyone At Ed Martin Acura!!!

Review №84

Own Acura since 2006, love this car. Was always maintaining & servicing vehicle at the Ed Martin Acura dealership on 96 St. in Indianapolis IN. They always did great job in keeping my car in great shape. Recently I experienced some problem after service. When I asked for help, the problem was fixed very professionally & fast. Thank you, Acura for the job well done!DS

Review №85

My regular service department for maintenance and repair. Comfortable waiting environment (cozy furniture, quiet room, coffee, juice, snacks, wifi, docking stations, television), or a loaner if necessary. Service representatives will work with you and your budget. They keep my vehicle finely tuned. Customer service at checkout is always fantastic! Tyler (Svc rep) and Connie (CSR) are great!

Review №86

I enjoyed my car shopping experience here, but not the purchasing experience. I was forced to wait for 2 hours to speak to the finance guy even though I had my own financing already. I believe they sell quality vehicles here, but the wait on the day I purchased was unacceptable.

Review №87

Worst car dealership experience ever! After finding a particular vehicle on their website we called to confirm that it was still available before making the 2 hour drive from Louisville, KY. We spoke with Alissa who confirmed that the car we wanted to see was in fact still available. We made the trip, arriving at Ed Martin Acura only 2.5 hours after calling to find out that the vehicle had been sold days before! Unbelievable! We wasted 5+ hours of time plus the cost of fuel - all because of misinformation from Alissa. Did Alissa lie to us just to get us on the lot in hopes of selling us something else? Or did she simply not check before telling us the car was there? The place was completely chaotic with impatient customers standing around waiting everywhere. Acuras are good cars, but this dealership is not good! Im sure theyll write some nice reply to this review - but I wonder if Ed Martin Acura will do anything to compensate us for our wasted time, expense and frustration???

Review №88

I dont buy cars often, but the staff at Ed Martin were thorough and easy to work with throughout the process from test drive to negotiation. The process was easy and I got a good value. Great experience.

Review №89

Had an appointment to have my airbag recall fixed as well as some minor transmission is issues. Jolene was very nice, and knowledgable. I never once got the vibe she was trying to recommend something that wasnt necessary (seems to happen a lot at other dealrships) and called with pricing and to ask my approval before completing any work on my vehicle. She also set me up with a loaner vehicle(newer than mine) so my day wasnt spent waiting at the dealership. I would recommend Ed Martin Acura to anyone who wants honest, reliable, and timely service! Ill definitely be giving them my business for routine maintenance, and should I ever have any other issues, or decide to upgrade to an RDX with a turbo Thanks Jolene and the service department staff for getting me back out on the road quickly, and for your upbeat kind attitudes! Furthermore, if this is the same owner as Ed Martin Honda, my family has purchased vehicles from that dealership in the past, and they were a pleasure to work with. Ed Martin is really an all around great group!

Review №90

Trying to buy car at this dealer, the sales person is nice until this Bob coming and talk to me. He is a racist person that I have ever meet. I believe this guy need taking customer service classes for business. Wonder if this dealer have that class for management when talking with customer.

Review №91

Theyre polite, clean, and their loaner cars are amazing. I went to them after a mechanic messed my vehicle up, but they still allowed me to use one of their fleet while repairing the work. That greatly exceeded my expectations.

Review №92

I purchased a RDX from Ed Martin Acura. A few weeks later, did have a small issue with the air conditioner. I had not even received the title yet, however after speaking and working with Bob Werner (Sales Manager), Ed Martin took care of the problem. I purchased my first, and now second car from Ed Martin and will gladly go back whenever I need a new one. I greatly appreciated the help of the service team, Werner, and Ed Martin.

Review №93

Wonderful experience. Joe from service was very friendly and helpful on the phone. I havent been down to the dealership because Joe was able to help me fix my settings issue on the phone, but I will definitely go back next time I need service.

Review №94

Couldnt be more disappointed - typical car dealer - says one thing, then does another. Why is it that car dealers dont care about repeat business? Reputations are hard to earn and easy to loose. Low marks

Review №95

I had the unfortunate experience of hitting a pot hole that damaged a wheel and tire. I limped into Ed Martin Acura where they quickly assessed the situation. The tire was blown and wheel bent so repair would take time. Even though my visit was unexpected they quickly told me they could take care of getting the wheel re-straightened, get a new tire + check alignment and have me repaired within 24 hours. They also immdeiately provide me a loaner car so I could get on with my business day without further inconvenience. Thanks to Gabe Green for great leadership in driving a culture of customer first and to Luke Kohnen, Service Advisor, for great care and follow-up.

Review №96

Nice staff

Review №97

Great service and really competitive prices for most routine work. Most quotes were competitive with independent shops. Highly recommended.

Review №98

I purchased a vehicle several weeks ago and my experience was one I will never forget.I was promised no haggle pricing. Instead, I received Unprofessional, Pushy sales tactics and typical used car salesmanship.When I presented my offer, it was initially declined. I understood so I requested for my keys to my car from my sales person. As I walk to the the door the sales manger approached me without my keys and asked my what would get me to buy the car.We had already discussed this, at this point I was feeling very uncomfortable and I just want to go home. The sales manager demeanor changed from friendly to annoyed. Annoyed that I was not willing haggle. I presented my initial offer again and it was begrudgingly accepted.When you purchase a vehicle it should be an exciting and rewarding experience. You are purchasing this investment because of your hard work. Instead it turned into a game of cat and mouse. I was the mouse being chased and backed into a corner.Buyers Beware.

Review №99

Crooks. Buyer beware. I asked to have certain things done to a used car before purchasing, and they insisted on a we-owe instead, to push the sale. It has been over 2 months and theyve serviced the car 3 times trying to fix the alignment. It isnt difficult. They knew something else was keeping the car from driving straight but tried to get away with it until I forced the issue. Terrible communication; weeks went by without someone returning a call when they said they would. No one took accountability; multiple employees, Joanne and Bob Werner asked if I knew how to drive a car straight, blaming the alignment on the road or the tires. They blamed everything they could. I had to return the car after 3 supposed alignments until I made their manager, Gabe, and head service tech, Ed, drive the car with me so there was no denying it. Then, instead of issuing me a refund, THEN he says hell fix it. They get away with what they can here, so do your homework on the car, and these people before dealing with them.

Review №100

Good cars with decent pricing. Dealership staff was attentive to my concerns and did everything they could. An overall positive experience.

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