John Eagle Acura
16015 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX 77094, United States

Review №1

No major issues. Went in for Oil change and transmission fluid flush and was out in about 2 hours. The waiting area was marked off for social distancing. It would have been nice if the service reps were more spread out. Most were wearing masks (spotted one employee not doing so, but they didnt appear to be in a customer facing role.

Review №2

Since moving to Houston, John Eagle Acura was my dealership of choice for service on my 2012 Acura TL and because of their 5 star service it was an obvious choice to upgrade my vehicle with them. Ansar was my salesman. Upon selection of my vehicle he went above and beyond to meet my requests and make the deal happen. Extremely personable, professional and easy going. Highly engaging and zero pressure tactics. Ensured that I was comfortable at each step of the process. I could not be happier with my new TLX which I have named Stella, Miss Rose if you nasty...LOL...Thank you Ansar for a wonderful car buying experience. As long as Im in the Houston Metro area John Eagle Acura will be my dealership of choice.

Review №3

Lately, I’ve seen some bad reviews about John Eagle Acura. I’ve been coming there and having my vehicle serviced and fixed by them for the last 7 years.I’ve always received great service and they’ve taken great care of me and my car.Eric Spencer has been my go-to guy since day one. He’s awesome. Enough said!I will definitely be buying another Acura and it will definitely be from John Eagle.Thank you for your great service!

Review №4

Garrett always goes out of his way to make the service visit pleasurable. He’s relatable and has a great sense of humor. It makes the blow of any large charges easier to swallow. I appreciate having the choice of working with Garrett when I visit John Eagle Acura. Thanks for excellent customer service.

Review №5

Today’s scheduled maintenance went awesome! My service provider was awesome.However, the texting line they give you when you go the to website is EXTREMELY RUDE. To the point where I may take my car to another dealership. I would give 5 stars for today’s service but I would give none for how I was treated by others who work there

Review №6

Worked with Micah and highly recommend him. By far the best, no BS experience I’ve had with a dealership all around. Negotiations were done with my rep and the manager Leon (who was also great). They were very fair and we were both more than happy with the deal. Would definitely buy again with the same rep and manager!

Review №7

I wrote this when I bought the car, and the issues have continued since. I am dealing with tires that were on the car when I bought it that have since started going bad. These things happen and I bought a tire warranty. So I called the service department to set an appointment to have them replaced. The first call went okay. I called in this morning to let them know the other tire was showing signs of a previously failing tire ahead of my appointment.And the service rep started getting an attitude, ran down the company that had to replace a previous tire that almost blew out from the same issue (it wasnt safe to drive on it all the way to the dealer), and basically called myself and the other company liars on the tire issue. I asked to speak to his manager and basically got the same accusatory response from him. So now I will have to work with the warranty company and the third party service company to replace the tires since the dealership chooses to behave in this way.They will respond to your review saying to contact them to get it resolved, but they either wont respond when you respond, or give you the run-around.Below was my initial review on another site shortly after buying the car.Im happy with the car itself so far. The dealership experience was less than stellar and I have received more assistance from buying a movie at a big box stores than I did with buying my car.The salesman did not know much about the car itself or if it was even certified. Only through previous research was I confident about the numbers and the car, but the experience makes me not want to be a repeat buyer of the dealership, or refer others.I left with a car and a contract but not much else. The salesperson only seemed interested in making the deal and nothing about customer service. He also only briefly mentioned an add-on to the car, an anti-theft device already installed, that may be beneficial but can also be a potential liability.Before signing the contract, he went on and on about how the dealership treats customers like family, mentioned buying from the dealership because a secondary place wouldnt offer a service contract like oil changes. After the contract, not a word about any of it. Its a used car and wasnt certified, so included services werent expected, but why even mention it if its not included. On top of all of this, I heard staff talking about me in the other room after the contract had been drawn up.Again, I dont feel confident with the dealership. I bought the car due to previous research but will not be making repeat business.

Review №8

I cant say enough good things about the team here. They went above and beyond for a very unique situation for me and I would recommend them to anyone. I specifically worked with TJ, Edgar, and Anthony. I was impressed beyond measure, and my level of appreciation is huge. Integrity and kindness are two things I value most in individuals. Car sales people often get a bad reputation for lacking in those values. Thats not the case here.

Review №9

The car went in for a recall and was completed quite quickly no problem. It seemed to take longer than I’d expected to both check in and check out the vehicle due to some communication issues in the dealership. What I didn’t expect was the sales job they tried by recommending a wheel balance and alignment for $200 that I didn’t need, given I’d owned the car for 4 months and bought it certified from an Acura dealer. Not cool.

Review №10

While it was a bit costly, I definitely got what I paid for by spending the extra cash. So much so that I will think twice before choosing a cheaper alternative in the future. Thank you to the service department at John Eagle Acura.

Review №11

I have been a customer at John Eagle Acura for 12+ years. Their service department has helped me keep my 07 RDX in great shape. I like how I am treated with respect and they answer all my questions. I never feel like I have at other places when I ask questions, like your bothering them. I highly recommend them for your service needs.

Review №12

Excellent and prompt service. Mr. Eric Younger my service agent is one of the best I have had during my 40 years driving and using dealership services.Congrats for having such a professional person.

Review №13

Good service. They also gave me the free inspection.

Review №14

Had an emergency repair while traveling to SA and had to bring my MDX here. Was originally told it would be a few days before the repair was completed and wasnt able to be issue a loaner. The next day Eric Younger (Service Advisor) called and said my vehicle was all set! Definitely a surprise! Eric Younger was very professional even when I was being a frustrated customer when they couldnt offer a loaner, he still kept it respectful and professional. Was so happy they were able to get me back on the road sooner.

Review №15

Eric Younger is service advisor. He was very kind and helpful~I am always happy with service.^^

Review №16

Service was great and the service team was very helpful. See you for my next service.

Review №17

Ive been taking my car here for a long time after purchasing it from John Eagle. Bradley Bob is my service representative and he makes all the difference. If you ask for him you will get great service and Im sure also from the others as well.

Review №18

I was with Rick Rodriguez and he was great. Went at a busy time but Im definitely going to be back when I need it.

Review №19

Eric showed great attention to detail. His relaxed attitude made me feel confident and attentive to the service on my Acura ILX. I will most def be coming back to this location to see Eric Younger!

Review №20

Bradley’s customer service is second to none! He knows me by name and is always accommodating to my work schedule for routine or emergency car maintenance. I really appreciate this advisor,.Thank you

Review №21

I bought an Acura mdx 2 1/2 months ago, the temporary license has been expired and still dont have the license plate or sticker, every time I called them, always the same answer: we dont have them yet cuz the court is slow, we are going to send you a new temporary license plate in your email,. And I called them a week in advance before the expiration. So if I got pull over, theyre going to pay the ticket for me. I am sick of the turtles that work there.

Review №22

I had a great experience in the Service Dept. Everyone was polite and professional. They even washed my car for free. I recommend you give them the opportunity to service your vehicle.

Review №23

Beyond expectations! Stephanie P. went out of her way to ensure that we have no issue with the process. We never had imagined a great experience at a car dealership until we arrived at John eagle Acura. Excellent customer service, patient, and anwsered all my questions thoroughly. Stephanie P. saved us a lot of time and hassle. We will definitely recommend her to our friends and family.

Review №24

Eric Younger did an amazing job he was thorough with what I needed done with my Acura and I appreciate that I’ve been with John Eagle Acura for a few years, I have 2 cars from them and I’m never going anywhere else.

Review №25

As always the team at John Eagle were great! Jarrett was especially helpful and kept me informed on my car’s progress every step of the way!

Review №26

Very professional and very informative after the service. Full disclosures on service and price.

Review №27

What a very nice experience we had with Ken Reese August 5. Got my car in at noon and at 2:00 was on my way with a new battery. Ken was a pleasant gentleman to work with. By the way, I did not have a previous appointment for service. Thank you.Betty Walters

Review №28

I assume the multi - point inspection was done. I was told the battery was fine. But two days later my battery is completely dead.

Review №29

The service was completed sooner than I was promised. The service manager was very polite and professional. The waiting area was very comfortable. The overall experience was world class.

Review №30

Service performed as expected. Service technician Eric Younger, was very professional and helpful.We have used John Eagle Acura for over four years for this TLX, and we will continue to use John Eagle Acura.

Review №31

Very happy with John Eagle Acura. CD in the service department has been consistently helpful, knowledgeable, and always happy to help us.

Review №32

We were in the market searching for a new MDX. Anthony Radway was our salesperson and he was the absolute BEST! Anthony was super genuine, patient, and sweet. We did not feel like we were being haggled or rushed. He provided a very unique car buying experience compared to the other luxury dealerships in town. Even after we purchased the car, he was available for any questions or assistance about the vehicle. Anthony is a valuable asset to John Eagle Acura. Also a special thanks to Kevin and Sudip for assisting in the finance department! Your entire team rock!! It has been a pleasure car shopping at John Eagle Acura. I will definitely purchase my next Acura here.

Review №33

Excellent as usual! No issues whatsoever! Jarrett always takes good care of us.

Review №34

John Eagle did a excellent job with black out on trim & customer service was excellent also. It has been a excellent experience on all interactions with John Eagle Acura.

Review №35

Was very happy with my service and comfortable while waiting, but I was there for almost 3 hours and I only got a basic B1 service. That was too long and ate up my entire morning.

Review №36

CD is always a joy to work with. Appreciate the efforts to keep this customer happy! Thank you John Eagle Acura.

Review №37

Fast, reliable, and offered a free multi-point inspection

Review №38

Make sure to ask for Mike Tran to assist you in your next Acura! Mike was very thorough and knowledgeable in going over the vehicle. He is also patient with you along the process. Ask for mike!!

Review №39

Love their customer service, world class!

Review №40

They area working hard to create an excellent customer experience despite the COVID 19 adjustments that everyone has to contend with.

Review №41

First time taking my car to John Eagle Acura for service... Eric Younger was fantastic! Very pleased with my entire experience!!!

Review №42

They have a great team working there. Very friendly staff. Highly recommend!

Review №43

I recently had a recall on my MDX and this was my first visit. Ken Reese in the service department was very friendly and extremely helpful. The entire service staff was welcoming as well as professional. Ken informed me of possible service needed to my vehicle beyond the recall but was never pushy. I will definitely be back.

Review №44

Service attendant was courteous and professional, however; $112 for a synthetic oil change is high and warrants evaluation by management. regardless if it includes a free wash.

Review №45

So I bought 2 Acuras within the last 3 months. One from John Eagle Acura and one from Gillman Acura. By far i had a better experience at Gillman. John Eagle adds a Kahu vehicle locator and information system already and you will be charged for it. The warranty offered had no other options and wasnt even explained to me what was covered. So be cautious. I have a full 4 sentences of things covered on the TL. Thats it!!! Lastly, I purchased the vehicle and it had a cracked windshield which I was told it would be fixed. It looks the exact same. So I have an appointment with Safelite this Thursday to have it fixed right. Oh and lastly do your homework, the vehicles are priced higher at John Eagle, and YES I compared the tech, entertainment, year and mileage. And when I purchased the TL from John Eagle, its like the guy thats in charge of researching market prices, seemed like he got mad when I showed him my homework to lower the price on the car. I offered to show him what I found, he did not even bother to look at my paperwork. That was real cool. But I still purchased the TL.

Review №46

John Eagle Acura and the superstar service team delivered superior service again. I actually look forward to bringing my car in because they treat me so well, they explain what is needed and they get me on my way quickly. The fees for service are very reasonable and I never have to worry about the quality of the service or parts. Special thanks to Service Rep Eric Younger who is always a polite knowledgeable professional who epitomizes the executive level of service. Thanks Eric & John Eagle! You set yourselves apart from the competition, you are in your own league, the others aren’t even playing the same sport.

Review №47

CD was outstanding to work with. He took care of making sure I was comfortable. I had a bad battery and he was able to get it replaced in really good time without having an appointment set up. Not only did he take care of the battery but he was able to get some warranty recalls taken care of. Top notch employee. John Eagle Acura is lucky to have him part of their team.

Review №48

Each time that I bring 2016 RDX to John Eagle Acura, I receive excellent service. Usually, Eric Younger provides my services. He is confident and easy to talk to. John Eagle Acura is great dealership with great people working there.

Review №49

It is always a pleasure getting my Acuras serviced at John Eagle Acura. They take care of everything and treat you with respect.

Review №50

Very helpful people. I’m extremely satisfied with their service and I always come back for servicing. I even bought from and sold cars to John Eagle Acura and recommended them to my friends. Their quality of service is excellent!

Review №51

Good Take care of work ! Thanks

Review №52

I have been using the John Eagle Acura service department since 1992. Service department has always treated me fairly. I have had a great working relationship with my service advisor Eric Younger since 2004. He definitely has help me keeping the Acura’s that I have purchased in tip top shape. I highly recommend the service department.

Review №53

The staff was very friendly and helpful. The entire process was smooth and easy and I came in and left with a car the same day. I would highly recommended looking here for your next car!

Review №54

First time having service done on my Acura at this dealership. Rick got me in quickly and was very helpful.

Review №55

I purchased a 2016 Mazda CX5 on July 4 2020. Online, the car was listed for $15,500 which was exactly what I was looking for. Upon arrival, I test drove the car and it was great. I noticed that the salesman continued to talk directly to my fiance after several times mentioning that this was in fact my purchase as well as after scratching out my fiances information on the paper he was using and replacing it with mine. When the first quote came for the car, the walk out the door price was 19K!!! because of all the upgrades they had done to it, it raised the price from 15k to 19k. Those upgrades including cleaning the car and an oil change. The salesman assured me it was in the fine print on the website. It wasnt... So I continued to talk them down to a price that I was okay settling with even though my fiance was the one who continued to be questioned. The finance department was a nightmare. The math for the warranties made NO SENSE at all. I was clear about wanting to stay at a specific price point (around 16K) and the paper work had me listed as financing 22K?!?! We were there for 4 hours until it we were all frustrated and finally settled on something that felt decent.Due to COVID, I was told it would be about 4-6 weeks before getting my license plate. That was fine. About 2 weeks after my purchase, John Eagle Acura called my fiance to ask how he was liking his new vehicle! He of course told them that they needed to call me as it was my purchase. They never did. 3 Weeks after my purchase, I received a very generic email from my salesman about how he wanted to ensure quality of services for years to come and if I had any questions, to let him know. I responded to the email with a question of when to expect my license plate, to this day, Sept 25, he has not responded. Throughout the month of August, I called 3 separate times to get an update on the license plate and every time was told I could not be found in the system as purchasing a vehicle and that they would look into it and have someone call me back. No one ever called back. Each time on my call, I asked my fiances number be removed from the file. On Sept 4, they called my fiance to let him know his license plate was ready for pick up.

Review №56

Helped my brother buy a used truck. Inspected truck did not last a week before leaving him stranded. TJ the used car mgr did not bother to return my call. No we didnt buy a warranty but you would think he might be at least sociable in the first week. Work something out. Not leave us stranded in these times.I thought going to a larger dealership was helpful. But TJ did not lift a finger.So here we are.

Review №57

Eric S was very friendly and polite and ensu re ed all my needs were met.

Review №58

The service went smooth and efficient. My service adviser did a good job.I did not like, that I could not get a loaner car, as I usually get and I had to wait two hours.

Review №59

Perfect service as always. The service advisors were on point and my car was finished in record time.

Review №60

I have always had a wonderful experience. The customer service in the”service department “, has always been above par. I do not live close by this dealership but I will drive to make sure I have them work on my vehicle. I will always continue to use them and recommend them. They do a great job on the car explaining what needs to be done with a detail report and a verbal explanation and you leave truly understandIng what’s going on with your car when you leave.

Review №61

The dealership was so beautiful! The maintenance lady worked so hard, she literally disinfected everything every 10 minutes. Eli was very helpful and I absolutely love my RDX. Definitely going back for my next Acura! Would recommend anybody to John Eagle Acura!!

Review №62

I bought a service plan for my MDX Acura for more than $800.00. Service every 7500 miles roughly up until 36000 miles. So total about 5 times. Essentially I paid about $160 per service. I brought the car in and the service person asked me if I want to pay additional to get a better service. Otherwise my service plan only provide an oil change which is $54.00.This is a terrible cheat from a legitimate car dealership.

Review №63

Disappointed to learn we cannot trust the service department. We have used them for years but on the last visit we were told we needed a new battery and several other things. We did not get the battery but went to a separate battery dealer and were told the battery was in very good condition and had probably two years left on it. All of the cells were good and it had almost 90% of its full amperage. Now we wonder how many other things we paid to have done that were not needed. With auto service, you really only have trust to go on and now that is gone.

Review №64

Service was excellent and awesome customer service

Review №65

I get most of my services done at the John Eagle dealership. Had an issue with my 2012 Acura last week and the whole experience from getting the car in, having the loaner ready at short notice, diagnostics, pricing and final service was fantastic. Veleda was great as an advisor. Really worked with me transparently on pricing and based on my due diligence with other service centers, provided very reasonably priced services. Keep it up ! Was thinking about taking the car to other service centers given it has passed 100K miles. But you have given me a lot of good reasons to keep coming back

Review №66

Had a battery issue with a 2011 mdx. Had scheduled an appointment, was checked in promptly by Bradley Bob, always nice and courteous. Did a battery check, turned out to be bad battery, previously replaced at John Eagle, and was still under warranty. Quickly replaced and had me on my way! John Eagle Service is always worth the trip to keep acura in excellent working condition. Great job!

Review №67

Our service advisor Ken Reese made our experience great. He didnt give us any run around and was able to get us a loaner while we were getting our transmission serviced. This was our first time at John Eagle Acura and plan on coming back to get our services done there.

Review №68

Bank approved the loan but their finance wouldnt sell me the vehicle becasue bank charged them too much of a fee where their not making as much money on the unit. Then why advertise on that site and say you use them as a lender when you are refusing to use them as a lender. Bank is Westlake financial. Site is car gurus. They made a deal and wouldnt stick to it.

Review №69

John Eagle provides amazing service during this pandemic! They came to my house within two hours of me calling and replaced my car battery in my garage. They were quick, professional, and kept a safe distance. Very pleased with their service!

Review №70

The buying experience at John Eagle Acura was everything I could have expected from a luxury car dealer and more. Every staff member I dealt with was friendly, polite and professional. My salesman Micah worked as hard as I’ve ever seen someone work to get me the deal I wanted. I got the perfect car at a great price. I can highly recommend John Eagle Acura.

Review №71

I have an extremely trustworthy mechanic who did many repairs on my engine, when I had a check engine light issue, over the last couple weeks. EGR Valve, oxygen sensor, fuel injectors, fuel pump and oil change all repaired. The only thing my car needed was a software update for the computer. The whole experience was pretty smooth. They found signs of an oil leak but was a little expensive to diagnose the issue ($165) and I wasn’t able to get a quote for the oil leak repair. Service was friendly and quick.

Review №72

Worked with Ansar..he was very friendly and professional....great member of the team will highly recommend John eagle Acura and Ansar.

Review №73

Went in for a safety recall and the service was excellent. CD took my car to get the recall work taken care of, checked for any other items that need attention, washed my car and was completed in an hour! Very pleasant experience at John Eagle Acura and I plan on continuing to take my car there for service.

Review №74

If there’s a 10 stars i will give it for this dealership. It is such a wonderful experience there at John Eagle Acura. I got such an amazing deal thanks to all the helps from sales team and finance department. Big thanks to manager Moussa and finance manager Edgar, they made it happened for me. The process so easy and efficient. I will definitely come back again for another vehicle. Highly recommended !

Review №75

Their prices for an Acura MDX factory trailer hitch and installation were less expensive than several other Acura dealers in the Houston area. The customer service was also stellar and I’ll definitely drive a bit further to go to John Eagle again.

Review №76

The service I received from Eric Spencer was first class. Very good experience.

Review №77

Love this location, great care given to my vehicle, magnificent service given. Top of the line place. Shout out to Kenneth!!! Great guy great service always helps me out

Review №78

Edgar and TJ were great during this difficult time. Had all my paperwork ready to limit extended time in the office. Professional and courteous. Best leasing experience I have had in the last 15 years!

Review №79

I highly recommend John Eagle Acura from car purchase to the service department. I bought my Acura from them in 2013 and had a great experience. Now, I come back to have my car serviced. Jarrett knows who I am when I arrive and promptly greets me. They are fair on repair pricing and most of all, I know the job is done correctly.

Review №80

Great place to buy your new Acura.Got what I wanted very helpful salesEli and Elijah worked with me all the way

Review №81

I had an adverse buying experience from the salesperson to finance. My expressed concerns were dismissed by the general sales manager and finance.

Review №82

Wonderful experience working with Ansar and Mike T. on August 8 to purchase our RDX. Great treatment throughout the entire process. This is our second purchase from John Eagle and it wont be our last.

Review №83

ACURA is the car that car lovers dream of. They never go out of style and dependable engineering. The service center has stellar customer rapport and very personable. Will recommend

Review №84

Leased a 2020 rdx and had a great experience at John Eagle Acura. We were helped by Nicholas Herrin and he absolutely did a fantastic job in getting us a great deal. Highly recommend anyone in the market to buy a car to stop by at John Eagle and ask for Nicholas, he’ll go to work for you to find you the deal you’re looking for! Thanks Nick!

Review №85

Always great service. Reliable; no pressure for extra services my car doesn’t need. Highly recommended.

Review №86

Just wanted you to know that I appreciate the professionalism your staff provided In taking care of servicing my car!

Review №87

Jarrett is the best! He was able to get me in on my day off. He showed me my bill for the work before they started on the car. He was very professional, transparent, and kind. I have been going to him for awhile now and the service doesn’t change, it has always been 100%.

Review №88

Service department has been very helpful, prompt, and considerate. Service department takes care of my vehicle without issues. Great service.

Review №89

Great and quick service. David helped us out and we really appreciate him.

Review №90

Great service, had valve adjustment service done. Jackie and all staff was great in getting me in and they provided shuttle to and from my house to pick up car. There was some delay in getting my car back same day as they had to keep it a bit longer than anticipated but we were able to work it. Recommended.

Review №91

Was told the price ahead of time. Wasn’t pushed to purchase extra goods or services. The waiting area was quiet comfortable and accommodating. Will be going back for future services. Appreciated the friendliness of the staff as well.

Review №92

I was disturbed that the employees were not wearing masks, they’re weren’t any hand sanitizers in the waiting areas, no one disinfecting/wiping down seats and tables when customers left to get their cars or any high touch items like the coffee machine. Even worse, I received communication from John Eagle Acura about how they were following CDC guidelines. They definitely were not.

Review №93

My first experience at John Eagle was not a pleasant one to say the least , the assistant sales manager there (He) still operates in the nineteen century way of doing business with the low balling on the price of a trade in and adding extra cost on top of the purchase vehicle. I left the dealership and received a call later from the general sales manager Margaret Hong, she was very professional and was willing to make my car buying experience a pleasant one. Shes an asset to the John Eagle business I wish I could give her 10 stars , as for the assistant manager well the other reviews on share the same experience I had dealing with him. Go see Margaret Hong at John Eagle Acura shes doing great things over there!!!

Review №94

Excellent service. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Review №95

Purchase process is smooth and satisfying but when it comes to service its totally a different story. When I bought a RDX last year with Kevin who no longer works here now, I was promised a free oil change and lifetime free car wash. As I finally came to this dealship again this Saturday for a quick oil change, the service associate Jerret told me there is no such thing and asked me to pay $120 to get vehicle serviced. So I asked to meet his manager, the manager talked to me for over 30 minutes how he is paying for all the free services and showed me a document I signed for the eagle promise. Basically in order to get free oil change for 36 months and car wash, you have to adhere to their recommended service. In my case, the maintenance code A1 requires a tire rotation (5100 miles on those tires) on top of oil change and they have to been done together. As a result, they were going to charged me $29.55 plus a disposal fee plus tax which added up to ~$36. After I talked with the store supervisor, they deducted the disposal fee and tax. Finally, I asked if I could watch the mechanic work cause after all this I wasnt sure what they would do to my car. That grumpy service associate tried to provoke me by telling me do you like to be watched when you work? You will be charged for extra for watching it. I watched the mechanic work on my car anyway.Afterall I spent 2.5 hours there and paid 30 bucks for a simple promised free oil change. Almost got ripped off by a dishonored service associated and was educated for over half an hour nothing comes for free by the service manager. By the way, their employees have no idea of social distance and few of them wear masks. Excellent service Id definitely come back next time.Owners check the maintenance code before you go there for the free oil change. Ask them for a quote for the service listed to see if its worth it.

Review №96

I was late for my appt but Eric Younger was extremely nice about it and processed my intake quickly and efficiently. Felt like almost #1 customer. I Always check out service Dept and buying car based on that is an important criteria. Eric Younger and John Eagle Acura are THE BEST.

Review №97

I went in wanting to test drive and walked out with a new car! I knew I was going to buy a car, but I wasn’t expecting it to be that day or that smooth of a process. Ali helped explain everything about the car, the process and he is probably the best salesman I’ve worked with. Ali & John Eagle Acura go above and beyond! I greatly appreciate it!!

Review №98

This is my favorite dealership. I drive an extra 15 minutes to this dealership to get my Acura serviced,because my service tech Kenneth is always so kind and honest. If you need any service go see Kenneth. I will continue servicing my cars here because the service is always good.

Review №99

Great place to do business and keep your auto in competent hands!

Review №100

I have complete praise for the sales staff, the finance manager, the general manager and the owner. The patience and time they took to make sure they were able to explain the options that were available and the different styles and models of the TLX that I was interested in was amazing. Their tenacity, knowledge and care was very much appreciated. I truly felt more like part of a family instead of a customer. Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful. I would give them a 10 star rating if it was an option. I will definitely tell my friends and family to come and check out an awesome dealership that makes you feel like your are part of the family.

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