Walmart Supercenter
2710 N Main St, High Point, NC 27265, United States
Review №1

I hate this place! They’re always out of at least half the items on my grocery list! I needed a money order and I went to the Money Center at 8:15 and no one was there! The Money Center opens at 8am! Why is it that your ignorant employees can’t show up to work on time?! I had to drive back across town to the Neighborhood Market to get my money order and that’s the location I prefer to shop at. It’s a shame I have to drive ten minutes out of my way to go to a Walmart that has everything I need and employees that can show up on time!

Review №2

Products placed on wrong shelves with incorrect prices management Daniel refused to match posted price saying it’s whatever rings up cashier tried to argue with me about price saying it was 80 will not shop this trashy stire again shelf prices don’t matter

Review №3

Horrible!! I was over charged 39.98 on a humidifier that was marked as $25. I never left the store when I realized I was over charged. I waited on a manager for over an hour. The manager Dana was very rude! He never apologized for his absence for over an hour. He told me it was mine leave the store!! He mocked me like I was ignorant when I explained that I was not able to afford that humidifier. He told me he wasnt going to take anymore of his time he had better things to do. The audacity of that man! His employees were so awesome! He doesnt deserve to be in a management position. It was so much more than rude it was humiliation!!

Review №4

I still wish the shelves were better stocked than they are. Other than that the store is ok, could be cleaner

Review №5

When I say I order groceries at least 2-3 times a week, and when I order from this Walmart 90% of the time my order is wrong!! Today was no exception!! Not only were they an hour and 15 late but anytime they substitute something it is not even close to the same thing! They left out my milk and cheese pizzas and I received meatballs and the bag was ripped and meatballs were falling out! When my husband tried returning water they gave us that was a crazy substitution, they said we could only exchange for the same item! Hmmm you gave me the WRONG THING!! Smh when I say this Walmart is horrible! They never want to return anything. They always messing up orders. I will be going to the neighborhood Walmart or Kernersville!!

Review №6

It was wonderful. Nice friendly people

Review №7

Oh my goodness. My daughter and I enjoyed our meal. The food was delicious and the servers were very happy, polite and fast. The line was moving you could tell this group of employees worked well together

Review №8

Walmart by HPU was taken over by HPU families. The picture shows u the empty aisle, but even with that, they still had everything we needed for our College freshman.

Review №9

Thankfully, Ive learned not to expect too much from WalMart, but today they even disappointed my already low expectations.I went in to make a return after work, and the worlds largest private employer (with more than 2.2 million employees) only has the foresight to have ONE (1) Person in my store who is capable of making returns.I came in when this poor lonely soul got her lunch break, and the local management (apparently) isnt forward thinking enough to train another person. This means that when this person gets back, shes already backlogged with people who (like me) had to wait an hour while watching three people stand around with nothing more to do (as best I could tell) than watching the self check out lines. When the customer service person gets back some people (which does not include me) will take out their frustration on her because management lacks vision. Is it any wonder that reddit recently reported Walmart annual employee turn over rates of up to 94% in some cities?After what I saw today, it makes perfect sense.Its not like the store was busy. Other than self checkout lanes, there was only one full service line open and it was staffed by the same lady I always see there.The local leader on duty says to me come back in an hour. Okay... I mean my only other choice is to be stuck with a piece of merch i dont need. If I want my $14 back from the worlds largest retail chain (which takes in more than $500 billion annually), I guess Ill just have to wait.I remember when Mr. Walton was alive - I think hed be disappointed at what his store has become.

Review №10

The place was nice an clean. People were friendly.

Review №11

Horrible! They dont rotate their stock at all. My wife picked up a pack of Pedigree Dog Food. Apparently, one of the cans had ruptured quite some time ago. Besides a rotten smell, it was full of maggots. She asked a sales associate for help, she replied she didnt know what to do. My wife finally had to demand a manager, after an embarrassing ordeal with rotten merchandise, she wasnt even offered a discount for the disastrous experience. Shame on you Walmart!!! I know I wont be shopping at the North Main Street location in High Point or any other location for quite a while.

Review №12

5 Stars for prices and variety. However, its not enough the plastic shopping bags are the cheapest EVER - with the amount of customers that frequent WALMART on a daily basis, I dont understand why they dont offer smaller shopping carts or provide hand baskets. Pushing those huge cart through the store is NOT going to entice me to purchase more products.

Review №13

I am always able to find more gluten free items at the W Wendover store. Very please with the attention they give to gluten free section. Thank you very much.

Review №14

Worst customer service ive ever encountered. Associates dont wabt to help you look for an item or discuss it with you. Managers talk to you horribly and dont care if youre needing help handling a issue that they can fix because theyre lazy and dont want to work harder than they feel necessary to make sure youre having a good experience. Very poor management.

Review №15

This is a weird Walmart. It is always hard to find what you are looking for. I am sure it is because of the small space they are working with, but I prefer other Super Centers in the area.

Review №16

If I could give this place a zero or even five negative stars then I would gladly do so. I went in to pick up couple of containers of ice cream to replenish the stock in my freezer. For small orders, I usually use the self-checkout area. Today was the last straw at this place for me. None of the self checkout registers took cash. Lines at the one regular register open were too long. So, I promptly returned my items to the freezer and left. I called to speak with a manager, and which ever associate that answered hung up on me when I requested to speak to a manager. This happened three times. It will take a lot to get me to even think about returning to this place. Poor management and equally poor customer service. I’ll gladly pay more for items I need elsewhere.

Review №17

Skin folk aint your kin folk, I saw a nice little elderly lady ring up everything in her buggy and bag it and then proceed to walk out the door without paying then all the cashiers watch me and my son ring up some koolaid packs and sugar like thats worth going to jail over, lol, racial profiling at its finest

Review №18

Typical Walmart, what I wanted was in stock. As all Walmarts, more cashiers on duty would make for a much more pleasant shopping experience.I resent and therefore try to avoid self checkout, depriving someone of a job. If Im expected to do my own checkout I should be reimbursed a percentage as payment for my services to the company.

Review №19

I dont like to shop at Walmart, but went to find a set of fleece sheets which they didnt have anyway. The store is usually not clean, and the concrete cart corral is filthy. I will listen to my inner self before going there again.

Review №20

Exceptional prices. Not to fund of self checkout. I think they should have a limit for that and a line for multiple items as they did with the cashiers . its a mes s, but I still love the store

Review №21

In all fairness, definitely better than my last visit. Nicely stocked, cleaner, more organized, and more scan and go stations available.

Review №22

Nice store & some good products & some good prices. Good service.

Review №23

Went to get pumpkins tonight. We saw some as we walked in but had to pick up some other miscellaneous items. While we were on our way to check out we asked a female worker who was texting on her phone, how to pay for the pumpkins & she said “we don’t have any pumpkins” then we explained we saw some right outside the door, and she goes “well then go get it”. We regret we did not get her name right away. But were shocked at her disrespect and laziness. This isn’t the first time highpoints walmart disappointed.

Review №24

Checking out was horrible! 2 lines open with elderly trainees. Very slow is putting this lightly. Asked 2 different people to please open another station. They stated that they were unable to do this. Rudely I should add. I asked to speak with a manager and was told that they didnt know his location. Come to find out that one of these girls worked in customer service and other was a training manager. If you ask me they were as clueless as the register trainees. I was totally frustrated until a customer was nice enough to tell me that there was a manager about 10 feet away. Fortunately he word it out. I dont understand why they are basically forcing us to check ourselves out. WHY I ASK? Isnt it enough that we pay them for there food. I think so anyway. Poor poor customer service.

Review №25

No face mask for people customer service is horrible never they answer the phone do they you want somebody back in sporting goods or lots of luck their customer service is horrible and that they make millions and millions of dollars but theyre theyre customer service they could care less they feel well were the top retailer Big box store out there we dont have to give a dang about customer service

Review №26

Decent store, have had helpful experiences from employees and the garden center manager

Review №27

I ripped off on an online order Walmart double charged me 600+ dollars i had to go to the store everyday for a week and everyone was accommodating and and friendly the managers are really lovely and and down to earth 🌎 in the times we live in it hard to find great serviceThanks 😘 from the bottom of my 💜 for your EXERCISE in Humanity

Review №28

Well laid out, clean, well stocked, highly visible and convenient location, large selection, ample parking, easy in and out, good prices and service.

Review №29

Daywalkers..........But for real ski the community shoppers (Peers) in my area can relate that their clearly overated. Parking is painful to say the least; entering and/or exiting my local store. And not only that, but the seasoned employees profile you at the door. Theyre trained to I suppose...... However I will admit it maintains its dignity by being conveniently stocked with the day to days and reasonably low prices. I respect their business and keep opinions on standby essentially. It will stand the test of time.

Review №30

This was a horrible customer service experience I have ever had at Walmart. Went to send emergency cash to a love one and the cash center had no one to assist . No front end manager could be reached by phone or paging. Ian was the stock room manager that front end called and he could not assist. I was told that Cash center closes at 8 pm and the employee will not be back until 7:45pm. Yet it closes at 8.

Review №31

For this to be a customer service type of establishment there is no one demonstrating customer service. No one greets you, no one says hello, no one asks if you need any help. I recently went here for a pair of non slip shoes for work. I didnt see any so I asked an associate in the area. She stated that she didnt work in shoes. I asked her if she could page someone who could. She told me that she suggests that I should walk to the front of the store and ask someone in customer service for help. The expression on my face must have indicated frustration. As I was walking away the woman associate says that she found them and to come over. She proceeds with saying these are the best etc. This is what I get. She didnt even know what I was talking about previously but now shes a shoe expert. Lastly, I didnt get any shoes but the only two registers were open and the rest was scan and go. Ridiculous!

Review №32

Great no mask requirement. Beatrice that checked us out was really king. Thanks Beatrice! 😊

Review №33

Never have what Im looking for, shelves not stocked, not enough workers and some of the workers are very rude.

Review №34

The girl at the fresh meal dept or delli depth young black girl had a attitude problem act like she didnt want to fix my meal it about killed her to get my chicken fixed very bad attitude want ever go back as long as that pos is working there I wouldnt let her ever work for me . Shes at Walmart North main st high point nc heavy set young black girl very unprofessional would recommend Walmart fire her.!!!

Review №35

They only have scan and go and I am disabled and need to use an electric wheelchair. Only two running wheelchairs in the entire store!!!So, I am often left with a cane and one hand to shop with. Never enough handicap parking. How much do you think a person using a cane without a electric wheelchair can check themselves out or buy more items than one bag full?? They should have helpers for the disabled and more electric wheelchairs at a minimum. I expect better from this corporation!! We see your profits! You put K-mart and Mom and Pop stores out of business. Do you want less shoppers to? I am sure I could implement a better plan for the disabled in your store than the current system. Also, nobody was cleaning any wheelchairs or carts. So its a 1 for your rating.

Review №36

In.and out quickly and empty-handed. Still a 4, because of holiday traffic and recent visits.

Review №37

Busy place. Well stocked. Self check out staff relunctantly helpful so went to regular check out and the lady was delightful.

Review №38

The cashier who help me was very nice. Need more cashiers. Thanks you for your stores.

Review №39

Not sure if Im reviewing the entire Walmart Monopoly here or just the store. I will just focus on the store. Its a bit dated I think its 30 years old maybe the first Walmart in the area. Decent staff and we typically just do the drop off service now and they are friendly.

Review №40

Went here looking for a specific item. My husband even found something he liked and purchased

Review №41

Keep your eyes on the price. Two of the items I purchased scanned for different prices than what was on the shelves. Luckily I was paying attention and caught it before I paid so they were able to fix it.

Review №42

Nice and well kept. Just keep an eye on the check out price. I was over charged from the price on the shelf. That means they are not up dating the prices on the register.

Review №43

Pretty good not too busy...since there is a chicken and cow shortage meat is pretty expensive 3 pounds for $7

Review №44

Nice store. Smaller than most supercenters but easier to find what youre looking for

Review №45

I’m sure this a common occurrence but I just want to vent. I shop at Walmart weekly for an elderly couple I care for. That’s where they want me to get their groceries. I personally don’t shop at Walmart for this reason. When I was shopping Thursday it was 1130 am. Mid day and when I went to check out there were 7 people in line in front of me because out of 15 registers they had one open but there were employees standing around upfront and walking all over the store. Why not place an ad for some more help or make someone that currently works for you do something instead of stand up front and people watch. I’m a manager of a company and when my store is busy I step in and help my employees. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty. My employees work harder for me because I work as hard as they do. Think about that mgrs at Walmart and when I shop I don’t want to wait in line for an extra hour.

Review №46

Well kept store, always clean & neat. They always have everything I need.

Review №47

Walmart has always been the go-to for all needs. I cant think of one everyday thing that walmart fails to provide. From great clothes to fresh fruits and veggies, Walmart has it all!

Review №48

I love the variety of different items. They always have the popular beauty items in stock. I just wish they would do a better job at stocking everyday items and food.

Review №49

No cashiers. Food looks bad. Doesnt feel clean.

Review №50

So many shelves empty. Long lines at checkouts. Most self service check outs all to choose from. Had a return, and customer service could not ring up the 10 times I had to purchase. So after waiting to make the return, then had to go wait in line again to purchase new items.

Review №51

My spot. Friendly people and great deals.

Review №52

Great to shop there, I always find what I need and friendly CS

Review №53

They have a good variety. Had an issue with scan & pay which things like that can happen I just didnt appreciate the attitude I got when I chose an option on my phone to solve the problem & I got a eye roll head back huff only to have done exactly what I was supposed to do. Havent had a good experience with employees here.

Review №54

The store had some good items that I liked.

Review №55

This store is very business and hectic.However, it is extremely well managed, well stocked and has a awesome staff.

Review №56

Who doesnt love walmart! Not always in stock on items but they get it back in pretty quickly.

Review №57

Good item stock but the staff followed me and my wife and accused us of shoplifting they were so rude then when we proved them wrong they still asked us to leave they will profile you.

Review №58

This Walmart was alright but I have just gotten use to shopping at the neighborhood walmart.

Review №59

Great customer service everything u need for any thing I plan on doing

Review №60

I would charge twice at the self-help checkout counter

Review №61

A little messy. Not a bad store. Very busy.

Review №62

Very good no complaints really i was in and out pretty quick and id say if anything the stockers had their hands full and tons to do I feel like they shouldve had more people working to help them if its possible to get people hired and schedule will allow that many employees on the clock during the hrs needed

Review №63

Looking for full size metal frame went like 4 times they still dont have in stock besides that love store great selections

Review №64

This Store needs More Cleaning to Do!Customer service Needs More Improvement.

Review №65

Clean and nice Walmart. Saw a bird inside so that was cool.

Review №66

All my first choice but still is good place

Review №67

Customer service is really poor! I had asked a lady from the front service desk. To help me with a payment options using my smart phone? She ignored me, as she was talking with her coworker. I was bothering you!

Review №68

I really dont care to much for this Walmart because its hard to get help when you need it. I waited for 30 minutes where the jewelry department was and no one ever came. Almost ever employee that walked by I stopped and ask could someone help me and they said that they would get someone. This has happened on more than one occasion but different situations.

Review №69

It was not very crowded. Prices have gone through the roof though! Over $23. 4a chuck roast👀!!! I dont mind checking myself out (only one cashier working) but my sister said- if I wanted 2wait on myself, Id have stayed at home & ordered online!

Review №70

I always find most of what I need, it is a typical Walmart, bathrooms are usually clean!

Review №71

I know they are trying to go to self checkouts and have less staff, but whatever money they are saving from doing this, is going to just take customers like me away. I looked for a employee register aisle to check out and they didnt have one available. If I have a cart full of items the last thing I want to do is have to unload them to scan them and have to unload them again into my car and unload them again into my home. Makes shopping a pain. Id rather go to a company that continues to have customer service instead of making work like crazy

Review №72

This Wal-Mart was so disgusting and un organized. There was dog food all on the floor of the dog food isle and there was clothes all over the floor.

Review №73

Walmart is always convenient however check out never is. Struggle to pay cash, and usually ridiculous long lines when being checked out by a real person. For me it makes me question why I shop there?

Review №74

By far the worst location to shop for anything I dont care what it is youre needing.

Review №75

Always accusing you of stealing and watching like a hawk just because you’re a minority

Review №76

I go here for almost everything I need/want. They usually have what Im looking for. I really love Nike and Russell sweatpants. I wished they would carry those brands more frequently in 2xl and xl. I do appreciate the service they do provide. Thanks!👍🏾

Review №77

Wont shop here anymore. 650am, needed something for work. Get turned away at the door. Along with 5 others. Kidding me? Still clinging to these senior hours super early despite covid regulations lifting.

Review №78

Please save your time and don’t shop here. Asked 3 employees to help me and all they could say was they are sending someone but no one came. Customer service is the worse. For some reason all of their employees feel like they are superior to everyone else, can’t even ask a simple question.

Review №79

Convenient to the neighborhood proximity.Good prices.

Review №80

Did grocery shopping 🛒, took Nephew 4his bday 🎁 & my sister had her 1st trip out in a whole year- good buys & fun all in one ❣️

Review №81

I saw acar battery online. 2 stocked in the HIGHPOINT location. I made a call to see if I could get automotive department. Nobody answered. I drove there found the battery in a locked cage. No store associate in the department. After 10 minutes I got someone to page for an associate to help me. I heard the page for assistance 3 times . People in sporting good were looking for assistance as well. Finally I wander around ,found someone who had a key to the cage. It took all of 40 minutes to buy something that should have taken 5. Your store was not busy at this time. The only good experience I had was the girls at the customer service desk where I returned my old battery. I will NEVER EVER shop here again.

Review №82

Not saying that this Walmart is bad its not. It had my shoe size when three others did not.

Review №83

Love this Walmart, always right in and out. I usually go early in the morning.

Review №84

Always plenty of parking, and the employees here are. almost always, smiling, in a good mood and willing to help you out.

Review №85

Doesnt always have the best option for food items but for kids clothes its great

Review №86

Like to visit the Wilkesborro, NC store as I travel to visit family in NC. Always have what I need.

Review №87

They were very helpful and I was waited on in a timely manner

Review №88

This is hands down the worse Walmart I have ever been to. I spent 20 minutes trying to talk to someone about an item. I wanted to verify that it was in stock before going out of my way with 4 kids. The operator had to help me because no one would answer in electronics nor pickup. They say the have the item in stock. My husband goes there and the item was nowhere to be found. He spent 20 minutes to get there and another 15-20 minutes just to find someone to help him. The item was not In stock. Seriously worse costumer service I’ve ever seen.

Review №89

Its Walmart. Serves its purpose. 5 stars for having what I need most of the time.

Review №90

It was great busy but like most walmarts are all the time

Review №91

My friendly neighborhood Walmart..😊😊

Review №92

Good variety and stock availability.

Review №93

Got what I needed and left... perfect.

Review №94

Employees are very nice. They currently dont have any working motorized carts for disabled people and from what one employee told me they havent for a couple months. I dont need one but having been a caregiver for 16 years I know how important it is to have a working fleet of motorized carts for disabled people. Please help raise awareness with companies about the need for constantly keeping up with their motorized carts and other handicap accessible issues.

Review №95

I had a pretty cool experience usually when I go to Walmart no one ever asked me for help but this time staff was extremely helpful I got my wifes birthday cake done and it was a pretty cool experience

Review №96

Walmart usually have what I need, at a fair price.

Review №97

Lady in the express checkout was very rude to me all because I picked up something in plain sight and was going to purchase it right there in her line. Not to mention I had been waiting in line for some time to just buy the item. Telling me she was going to send the item back to the manufacturer because I PICKED IT UP TO BUY IT!

Review №98

I love Walmart, but 2day I had a bad experience. I went shopping 2day 4 Mothers Day,and basically I got charged twice 4 $99.01. I called my bank and had 2 open a claim. I also called corporate, hopefully it all was a mistake and ill get my $$ back. The cashier could of made a mistake Im hoping. Anyway yall make sure when yall ever use ur debit or credit cards yall check u bank accounts,4things like this. Walmart said they would look in2 a correct the problem.

Review №99

Most is loaded with added sugar....not as healthy as they make you think...

Review №100

Intentionally rude, and nasty employees. They ALWAYS open LATE and close AT LEAST 10 minutes early. Twice I was denied entry at 10:45pm, and once at 7:15am, and of course they were hateful about it. ALSO, cant get ANY help at the self checkout, unless youre willing to wait 10 minutes, or longer. I will be filing a corporate complaint as well. Kernersville Walmart is the best around, fyi.

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  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
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