1050 Mall Loop Rd, High Point, NC 27262, United States
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I have shopped for 4 hours today to find the perfect bar stools.Finally find what I am looking for.But STEVE, wont allow me to sit in it first.Guess you dont want my 300 dollar purchase.I like to leave positive reviews. But this is some bullpoop.Could have sat my butt at home for a chair I had to take a chance on. Not just that, but assemble myself.Leaving store mortified.Associate was pleasant, however, suppose Ill remember that when I go home with nothing.

Review №2

Drive up is so easy and the employees are so kind. I have a back issue and this resource really helps me when I need heavy items.

Review №3

I love this target so much! I found my love on here❤️

Review №4

Went in for a quick toy hunt and found an item I had been looking for. When checking out there was an issue with my debit card. I asked if the item could be held. The cashier said she would take it to customer service. I had to return to work but returned that night. Upon returning customer service could not find my item. The manager overheard my conversation and said the item was probably placed back on the floor. I told him I thought a hold would be good for 24hrs. At least until close. He said they have to re-shelve or some term I had never heard of. I went back to the toy department and the item was not there. Spying a buggy with random items in that section I searched it and there was my item! However. It now had corner damage to the packaging from where the employee had no doubt slung it into the shopping cart. Not cool. Please either hold and item for 24hrs or till close like most other store. Lets also NOT damage collectables as those that buy them expect to purchase these in as close to pristine condition as possible. Otherwise my experience was fine. I do enjoy coming to this Target and this was my first negative experience shopping there.

Review №5

This is not the first Or second time it’s the third time that I go with my kids and I checkout in self checkout in front of the workers and they always come and ask me if I scanned everything and check! it’s always only me when there are more people checking out and with way more stuff I hope it’s not because of how I look bc this is starting to annoy me. I used to love going now I don’t even want to go

Review №6

The Store was very clean and organized, easy to find the item needed and staff is helpful. The woman at the from greeting the guest was amazing

Review №7

Well stocked store, always clean, good staff

Review №8

Love my local Target & the employees there

Review №9

Quick and easy order pickup. Sales person was very friendly and helpful.

Review №10

I am very disturbed by the inability to price match because I purchased during the holiday season. Pick up associate at the High Point, NC store was not very pleasant when I asked for a price match from an approved a competitor according to Targets policy on their website. I spoke to customer service via chat and they would not help either. Target is willing to take back a $329 item versus helping a customer save $50. It isnt fair to customers when you abruptly change your policy because of a holiday season. I know for a fact Target price matched during the month of November and December for me last year.UPDATE - Upon writing a negative review, a management team leader reached out to me. We emailed back and forth a couple of days and they stated they would make an exception and refund me the $50. Upon getting to the store they offered a GIFT CARD. For my sanity, I accepted. I assume they figured the funds would come back to their store. So nothing lost, right? Well, I took the holiday gift and returned it, received a refund to my original payment method, turned around and purchased it again and paid with their gift card and then my card. Its sad I had to go through these hoops.

Review №11

Has great prices and variety on ethnic hair care

Review №12

Well stocked. Clean. Organized. Very competitive prices on just about everything.

Review №13

Since Im new to the area, unfortunately this location became my local Target store. I have been maybe 3 times and wont ever go back again. The absolute worst customer service I have ever received in my entire life and Im no spring chicken!! I myself , a supervisor in customer service, knows customer service and the treatment me and my family received from both the employee and supervisor is beyond me and extreme. I am positive the situation will not be resolved. Very rude, very unprofessional, and comfortable. In fact I spoke with a supervisor about the same employee on my second visit to that store. Thats how this situation was able to happen again but this time, needs attention and real action. I will do my part. Ive spent thousands with Target and never been a irrate or irrational person.

Review №14

Targets drive up service is convenient, safe, and the staff have always been kind and respectful of me and my property. This service makes shopping so much better, especially during the current global health situation. When all possible, Ill continue selecting this service for my shopping needs.

Review №15

Target has a wide variety of items. You can get your groceries here along with household items and all sorts of electronics. However, I think what Target does best is customer service. Each employee has a handheld device that helps them find/locate an item. One Target location was out of stock of an item I needed. However, they were able to quickly tell me where it could be found at another location and I was able to get what I needed. Awesome customer service.

Review №16

Seamless, streamlined experience. Overstressed system held up perfectly. They are working diligently to keep products on the shelves with less regard for themselves. Customer service people were very friendly and both shared a smile with me. Dedicated to keeping America supplied. Unwavering efforts to do their part in providing some sense of stability in current environment. I will remember their efforts for a long time to come and will frequent them more often because of their performance under unbelievable pressure. Kudos.

Review №17

Clean. easy set up. Helpful staff.

Review №18

Love my local Target! The store is clean & the people are nice & very helpful. Love the Bullseye section in the front of the store.

Review №19

Great service and Quick didnt have to wait that much for my Order i was very pleased

Review №20

Convenient and clean. An enjoyable store to visit.

Review №21

The service I receive is always nice and quick.

Review №22

I love how fast the service is at Target. I really like the order pick up service, especially during this pandemic because I don’t have to get out of my car and my product purchased it’s just brought outside and placed in my trunk. Thank you Target for this neat pick up option!

Review №23

The ease of the process and comfort of not being in crowds during Covid

Review №24

Fast and efficient.I placed my order online and within an hour my order was ready. The estimated time was 4 hours. When I went to pick up my order at the guest counter, the girl greeted me and was very friendly. She scanned my barcode from the Target app and with 2 minutes she brought my order from the back. I was very pleased with the service.

Review №25

Target has quality items at a great price!

Review №26

I can always find what I need at good prices. Staff is very friendly and helpful.

Review №27

Love this store. Its always clean and the staff is happy and friendly. I shop here a lot for my baby items as they have a good selection and good discounts using the app.

Review №28

Absolutely organized. The staff was helpful with helping me with my app. They were efficient and thorough. Definitely the best pick up experience that Ive had.

Review №29

Its Target-whats not to love?! Great selection and prices and all on-trend decor and clothing + fun games and vacation essentials. Best employees around and just a great place to grab a Starbucks and walk around for a little bit!

Review №30

My go to target location! Always has what I need plus some

Review №31

Rude people I won’t be back and they won’t price match

Review №32

Very pleasant shopping experience

Review №33

Great customer service in the electronics department. Very helpful and they price match! Recommend coming here if you wanna save $$$!

Review №34

I had the best experience at the customer service desk! The employee went above and beyond and I left very happy!

Review №35

Family place to shop. Great selection baby shower , clothing , and housewares.

Review №36

The manager was awesome, while we were waiting in line he came out & answered any questions people may have had

Review №37

Store was clean and organized sized. Got exactly what I needed and checked out in 15 minutes!

Review №38


Review №39

Went to target to complete our baby registry and the welcome box to go with it..... well when I get there and do the registry they then proceed to tell me they don’t have any welcome boxes and that I could either wait til they get more which they didn’t know when that would be or I could go to another target and tell them I never got mine and they “should” believe me. If not I’ll have to wait... kinda disappointed about that because I figured they would at least know when they are getting more....Other than that everything was good.

Review №40

Good prices, clean store, friendly target team! It might not be the largest target but I am happy to shop there.

Review №41

Love shopping at Target and today was no exception. A lot of moving things around. Think it will be great. Needed help on several items and there was Kelly to the rescue. Thank you so much.

Review №42

I took my 18 month old daughter shopping for boots today. At a very young age, she is a shoe diva and very particular about her shoes. We spent around 20 minutes in the shoe section picking out the perfect boots. Finally, she found the pair she liked. We giggled and were overjoyed with our mother daughter shoe shopping experience. Around the corner, came my husband and I died laughing because I knew he would hate the unicorn furry boots she had selected. We walked around the store shopping for other items we need, and lastly we go to the check out line. I was so excited and I couldnt wait to shoe off the shoes my daughter had picked for herself. The shoes rang up and were placed in the bag. All items scanned and I saw our total and then my husband took out his card to pay. Next thing I know, the register read DO NOT SALE THIS ITEM. The cashier began laughing and saying the boots had been recalled and she removed them from our shopping bag. I stood there mouth open. She then grabbed the self check out cashier who read the receipt she printed out stating the item was recalled and she said sorry we cant sell you these. I asked why and all they said was they are not told why items are recalled. The original cashier then grabbed an assistant manager who came over to say the same thing and I asked why again. All employees found this amusing, my heart was breaking, I had had this beautiful memorable moment with my daughter and it had just been stolen from me and all these women could say is we cant sell this to you. I grabbed my daughter and walked out of the store, my husband paid for the other items and met us in the car. I swore to him I would never go back to Target. Hours later after cooling off, I thought if I had been that assistant manager I would have offered to find a similar pair of shoes or offered the customer a discount on any other pair of boots. The only thing the assistant manager guaranteed me was that she would go and remove all of the remaining boots. And then asked me if I knew if there were more of the same boots on the shelf. I do not work for target and clearly someone did not do their job. Your shoe section is a cluster of chaos. I do not care if you remove them; you broke my heart and ruined such a beautiful moment between my daughter and I. Empathy does not exist at your stores. Their reaction to me was negative and they did not care.

Review №43

The manager at the time ( Rico ) told me they don’t price match GameStop. I then showed him the company policy that clearly states they price match GameStop and he tells me I need to call corporate. I then call corporate, they confirm they price match and he says that’s not good enough and raises his voice and tells me to leave. The dude clearly has no customer service experience.

Review №44

Very Clean, quiet and friendly staff and super easy to checkout! Wish all Targets were like this gem!Thanks Allie for helping me out with my purchase and using the Cartwheel app without getting mad or rushing me.

Review №45

I have no problem recommending anyoneI should get a discount at self checkout since I am not paying for the cashiers services

Review №46

The person who assisted was very pleasant and efficient. The order was processed quickly and notified just as quickly. Nothing negative to say

Review №47

I bought over $400 worth of things *in cash* from target over the past 2ish months that needed to be returned. When I went to return these things, which I did separate transactions for, the employees refused to refund me back in cash and said it must be in a gift card. Sounds to me like they don’t want their sales to go down. Terrible thinking and management.

Review №48

I just think target has a unique selection of items and the stores are always clean and the employees are always more friendly and never treat you like they are too busy to help.

Review №49

Love to go target this location for some baby items. Great price on diapers and baby wipes. Very good quality on clothes. However, the price is a little bit high for other stuffs. So, be careful!

Review №50

I ordered an item through a Target registry; picked it up today. It was fast, and easy. Friendly employees, organized store. The only thing lacking from this Target - fresh produce!

Review №51

We love the HP Target because it is fully stocked and rarely crowded. The employees are friendly and helpful.

Review №52

Great customer service. They price-matched an item with their own web site, no questions asked. The store was very clean and easily navigated.

Review №53

This location is nice. The staff was friendly, the store clean, well stocked, good prices and I do recommend this location!

Review №54

Completed my baby registry here. Experience was awful. I ordered my dresser and it came damaged. I returned it and ordered it again. The second one came partially put together already and damaged like it had been used. I ordered three packs of sheets and every single pack was busted open with the plastic hanging off with one piece of red target tape holding it on. My glider and ottoman was in good condition finally but was missing the screws to put it together. So Over Target.

Review №55

I love having this Target near my house. It is a great alternative to Walmart. The store is clean and well staffed. My only complaint is that the grocery selection is minimal. Add a larger grocery selection and I would give 5 stars.

Review №56

It has very quality products at different price points for any budget.

Review №57

Fine. Typical Target. Nice employees, from my experience.Not a great selection, as its a pretty small Target in High Point, but they have what youd expect them to have.Very easy to park, as the nearby mall is completely dead.

Review №58

Great pickup experience, done in less than 7 minutes.

Review №59

Fast, friendly service

Review №60

I got great help from Dan and another young man this morning while I was at target this morning.

Review №61

Recently updated and amazing! Added an in store Starbucks and self checkout. Great selection, sales often, accepts coupons and cartwheel. Friendly staff

Review №62

I just recently went, Im not sure if these are new employees or not, but they are very unprofessional and complain right in front of the customers. They even complained about customers in front of people going in and out of the dressing rooms leaving them unattended. I wont be going to this store, there are locations just as close.

Review №63

Love this location(High Point) they have limited selections on items because of the size of the store. It has been remodeled recently. So they have self checkouts and beer/wine is available at this store. There is also a Starbucks available. There is no Target Cafe available.

Review №64

Ordering and pickup was very easy customer service was awesome

Review №65

I was going to rave about how much better the clothes selection was compared to Greensboro, until I saw the shoe section. Its a disaster! Completely unorganized and there are tons of mystery boxes where you have to open them all to see what they are.

Review №66

Omg so easy quick and awsome

Review №67

Nice store, and I received excellent customer service

Review №68

I just like Target way better than Walmart. Yes I do have to travel about 30 minutes away, but to me its worth it. I like letting my daughter look through makeup & accessories & not be followed by assets protection. Thats 1 of the main reasons I refuse to shop inside Walmart. Target also doesnt keep everything locked up so I dont have to hunt an associate down. Target does have armed security by the front doors tho... so dont even think about stealing. Ive seen Targets security go after thieves & they never get out the front door. I dont worry about shopping inside Target or being in Targets parking lot. I know Im safe. I dont even get panhandled @ Target. Its a place I can feel comfortable shopping in.

Review №69

Many new and lovely things 2 c. Prices even better than other big chain stores. They had giveaways 4 students n live entertainment. Employees looked happy n were very helpful. LotS of ppl shopping.

Review №70

I didnt find what I initially came in for because this Target didnt carry it, no space on the shelf labeled for it. But I did find my OTC medication for $5 less than I usually pay. I also found a few other items, that Id been wanting to try, at a lower price. So my time wasnt lost and I saved money. Thanks

Review №71

My favorite go to store for a lot of items. Selection is excellent and so are the prices.

Review №72

I ordered an item today i got fast and it was so easy their people and chashiers r so great love thatttt

Review №73

This was the easiest, best pick up service ever! my order was filled within minutes and pick up was a breeze, in and out in under 5 minutes as well!

Review №74

Target is the ONLY store I know of that allows you to purchase Visa Debit Gift Cards, worth anywhere from $25 - $400 with their Target store cards...Its the best if you are short on cash one week or something!! TARGET FREAKING ROCKS!!!

Review №75

I called to find out if the store carried battery operated heaters. I was put on hold twice. The hold sound beeped, then there was a constant ring for 2-3 minutes. I called back both times and the same thing happened. On my third try the person answering in electronics answered my question & checked. The customer service via telephone is not great.

Review №76

The remodel looks great. They added a Starbucks! They always have enough cashiers.

Review №77

I went target Starbucks Gotta Cappuccino

Review №78

Love it!

Review №79

Fast and friendly employees. Clean. Everything easy to find. Plus Starbucks!

Review №80

Target has everything you need and less hassle as walmart or other stores my all time favorite

Review №81

Great Friendly Service!! I love the deals you can get on the Target App, deals on top of deals 🤗

Review №82

Target pickup is the best

Review №83

Well maintained store .. people who work there are mind blowing awesome a you can tell they care.

Review №84

Bring back the popcorn!! Starbucks is overrated! $5 drinks....smh! The popcorn was so much better!

Review №85

Great customer service

Review №86

This target is rarely super busy. Its clean and well stocked. I never have any issues finding what Im looking for. There ree typically plenty of checkout lanes open and if they get backed up they will quickly open more. This is my goto store.

Review №87

Registration process was simple, only a few items didnt scan.

Review №88

Could be in a better location but the store isnt bad but the whole target policy needs to change so the Red Cross can ring there bells outside of target

Review №89

I didnt get the memo that this store was notorious for inappropriate and rude claddagh dancing so i didnt bring my tap shoesguy follows me around in the store and makes eye contact but would never address me until i left, and when i asked him what his problem was he said i looked like i was going to steal somethingso everywhere i turn he is there trying to look inconspicuous like he had been standing there beforebut i walked from one end of the store to the other and he was there every single time at every aisle looking like a huge energy and time waster...i needed more things and needed specific target brand stuff because i prefer target brand stuff live far away and cannot wait for shippingwas getting angry that he followed me everywhere and made me uncomfortable but could never address me (mind you that was the major issue ... )i even started to wonder, if there were two men wearing a red shirt, and not just one that both looked dirty malnourished and rustic at the same timei needed atleast 15 more items and was trying to rush to get them because i was already having a super bad day and didnt want to inconvenience my driver...but was shattered when i saw the employees talking about me and following me everywhere... i guess because you think you are in the south you can do this to people and suffer nothingthis man shouldnt be working with the public and they apparently employ too many people, had i been someone else i couldve lost my temperi dont have to work with the general public, so it isnt a requirement that i must mind my temper but these people should definitely not be working with the public at alland there are obviously too many people employed at this location.. i always cover my head everywhere i go for insecurity reasonsand i think it was pure discrimination because i wore a cover that wasnt a bone ..just some ordinary old hoodie cover... but still could be mistaken for a muslim

Review №90

Didnt receive good customer service in cvs asked for from them they were busy talking with each other told me to fine what I wanted on the vitamin supplements isle I didnt buy went another store will never come back and tell everyone I know about them

Review №91

There definetly needs to be a Target Supecenter here, if youre looking for milk, eggs etc while youre shopping, its in a tiny refrigerator in the dry food aisle. Basic Target needs are here but dont expect to find everything youre looking for. Starbucks is nice, new ans updated.

Review №92

Good place to shop, has a variety of items with some you can only find at Target, but they could be a little cheaper in the pricing of their items.

Review №93

I love the store layout, the deals and customer service.

Review №94

EASY, hassle free, and FAST ! Will utilize this service VERY REGULARLY

Review №95

It was great, smooth and easy.

Review №96

Its a great place to shop and you can find some really nice deals when they have a sale or everyday on the clearance rack

Review №97

I love Target I visit every other day, I like how clean and friendly that customer service people are at Target.

Review №98

Great place. I am there way too much, but Target is my go to place!

Review №99

Good items to find. I wouldnt go here after dark though, because its located in the back of an abandoned mall.

Review №100

I found everything I was looking for and checkout was smooth and everyone was friendly.

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  • Address:1050 Mall Loop Rd, High Point, NC 27262, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 336-884-5222
  • Baby store
  • Department store
  • Clothing store
  • Electronics store
  • Furniture store
  • Toy store
Working hours
  • Monday:8AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–10PM
  • Thursday:8AM–10PM
  • Friday:8AM–10PM
  • Saturday:8AM–10PM
  • Sunday:8AM–9PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Public restroom:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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