West Michigan Jewelry Exchange
4364 Division Ave S, Grand Rapids, MI 49548, United States
Review №1

Paper money is burning, buy gold quick! (And this is the PERFECT place for it). I got these yesterday, and i am VERY impressed with the owners and their customer service! They beat the prices of the big bullion dealers, plus they are local.

Review №2

They took great care of me and were super helpful in the store. Super friendly staff. I would definitely recommend stopping by.

Review №3

Went in for a simple repair and the staff was very kind and helpful. The store is very nice also. Looks like they have everything anyone could ever want in jewelry.

Review №4

This was the first time to visit this store, so we really didnt know what to expect. Also, we have not sold jewelry or coins before. We expected to be disappointed with what our items were worth. We expected it to be impersonal and just abrupt. WOW were we surprised! Everyone working there was friendly, helpful and courteous. When we sat down with the owner, he took time to get to know us a little before we got down to business. The entire process was interesting and made us feel totally at ease. We were expecting a couple hundred dollars in a check. The amount we received was several times more than we expected. Plus we were give cash! The best part was we felt like we had made a friend. First thing we did after leaving was to call a friend and tell him about our experience.

Review №5

My fiance proposed with my most beautiful ring from West Michigan Jewelry Exchange! We went on a date to find a ring with no idea what we would find. The girl that was working the counter was very helpful! She let me try on every ring that I liked and she even suggested a few really pretty ones! The prices are reasonable and affordable, especially when compared to Kay, Pandora, Jared, etc. We also had to get the ring resized and it took them less than 2 days! I absolutely loved the service and the quality of my engagement ring! I will recommend West Michigan Jewelry Exchange to anyone looking for a wedding or engagement ring. I cant wait to go back to find a wedding band! 😄

Review №6

I came to West Michigan Jewelry Exchange to get some jewelry appraised and was impressed with the impeccable service. I was pleasantly surprised with how much of value the jewelry was worth and what I was given to sell it. Most definitely highly recommend.

Review №7

The staff here is absolutely amazing. We have been coming to them for multiple purchases, most recently the purchase of my engagement ring. They have so many different styles to choose from at a great price. They are very prompt with questions and services. I would absolutely recommend them!

Review №8

I was very impressed with the knowledge and service that I received. Plus the jewelry that’s in the store is incredible!

Review №9

My experience here was amazing.. I was welcomed very kindly and there service was exceptional. I’m very pleased and satisfied. If you have jewelry or are looking to buy or sell I would definitely recommend West Michigan Jewelry Exchange.

Review №10

Very helpful and polite. I was in and out quickly and was overall happy with my experience.

Review №11

The people are very knowledgeable and friendly. Gave me more than I expected for my ring

Review №12

Great pricing and fast/efficient service! Will definitely be back again!

Review №13

So extremly excited to find a beautiful ring here. Wonderful staff and great service.

Review №14

Thank you so much for working it out for me to purchase a beautiful diamond ring.

Review №15

I had been to several shops looking for a fair price on my wedding rings and this shop gave me what I was asking/ more than what other shops in area were offering! They all were quick and friendly service! Thank you!

Review №16

I was in the store for the first time today. I simply got a new watch battery but will come back for sure. As all the other reviews have said the customer service is stellar and sorely lacking in todays world. Lovely rings, necklaces, oh my....great experience.

Review №17

Very knowledge about everything. Awesome group of ppl

Review №18

What a wonderful experience! Check out my beautiful ring. Customer service was impressive and, they helped me find exactly what I wanted. I would recommend this gem of a shop to everyone!

Review №19

PK was so patient and kind as we looked for a gold necklace. They have a great selection and good prices. Check them out!

Review №20

Good ưatch collection nice sẻvice ✌️

Review №21

What a wonderful experience. H.K. & V.J. go above and beyond to find and put together the most beautiful pieces. Have been working with them for over 8 years.

Review №22

Very satisfied with overall service, great customer service and very helpful the workers are excellent

Review №23

We bought my engagement ring here last year and my wedding band this year. Both times the service was excellent and I couldnt be happier with my rings. I would recommend looking here first for any jewelry needs!

Review №24

Family run store. Absolute best prices in town. Super friendly and they went out of their way to find me a wedding band after I initially came to them for an engagement ring. 11/10 rating :)

Review №25

Wonderful experience! Really great service and prices! My mom and Is new favorite jewelry place :)

Review №26

They were very helpful and honest about trade value. Would deal with again.

Review №27

H.K., Vijay, and the team are the absolute best for watches, diamonds, and gold. The group takes their time and explains everything for assistance to make the right decision for your budget. I have purchased dozens of pieces over the years and am very happy with their service.

Review №28

Very Friendly people and a wonderful selection for nearly anything you can think of. Also have very affordable and beautiful jewelry while having splendid customer service. Will look forward to recommending your store to others looking for a wonderful shopping experience for jewelry!

Review №29

I love this jewelry store. And the people who own this store. The best prices for the nicest jewelry I have ever found. ( And I used to sell jewelry.) If you are looking for something special, they probably have it or can find it for you.

Review №30

I had a charm fixed with a bail replacement and also got a charm. The staff was super friendly and so very helpful. I also bought a very amazing chain for the charm as well. Definitely recommend checking them out!!!

Review №31

We walked in and were greeted right away! We were helped right away and bought gorgeous jewelry. The lady that was helping was very attentive and polite. Very much recommended.

Review №32

The absolute best place for your fine jewelry needs. If you want great prices and the best service available. Look no further!!

Review №33

This place offers excellent customer service. They have a nice selection of gold jewelry and also buy gold including dental crowns.

Review №34

I’ve been a regular customer at this place for as far as I could remember, great service and excellent prices. I am always happy with my purchases and the owner takes a good Care of me be it the jewelry repair or purchase, I always recommend my friends and family

Review №35

My wife went in the other day to sell our engagement ring so we could upgrade and they offered her 300 when it was appraised for 2500. Unreal. I’ve seen multiple people post the specific 300 offer each time. Seems like a scam they like to try and pull.

Review №36

I stopped in recently to see how much I could get for a ring I found on auction. The guys inside were very helpful and let me know exactly what is was worth, and how much they could profit off of it. Very transparent with their business and I highly recommend!

Review №37

Very friendly and helpful! Great selection to choose from! Would highly recommend checking them out. Will be back!

Review №38

Like we all know times are rough right now and we all need extra money I will suggest everyone to come to this place.. amazing customer service very understandable and professional.. I can be late month or two he will charge me minimum what I have to pay and he always ask how much I can afford to pay to extend my stuff.. I will never go to any other place besides this one glad I know them for a long time😉

Review №39

Wonderful experience, and great customer service.

Review №40

My wedding ring was purchased at Kays in a half-off sale for $550 (original value $1100). Took it into West Michigan Jewelry Exchange and after I was asked how much I wanted for it and said I’d paid $550, the owner told me he would pay $150. I decided to shop around for other offers, and could not find a higher offer so I took it back a week later and was quoted at $75. Again, they asked how much I expected to receive before giving me the quote. When I explained I’d come in the week previous and been quoted $150 they upped their offer to $120 and said the price of gold had gone down in the past week. I ended up selling because I was tired of driving around and getting quotes, and $120 was close enough to the other quotes I’d received, but I was very disappointed by what seemed to me a lack of professionalism and a lack of consistency. I felt like they were playing me, not assessing the true value of the ring.

Review №41

We stopped here to see what they may have and ended up buying my wedding band here. The prices were great and service was very good. We were looking at getting a new mounting for the engagement ring as well which would have cost quite a bit. The jeweler recommended instead have the existing ring cleaned and the metal re-coated It looked like new for a fraction of the price of buying a new one. Couldnt have been happier.

Review №42

Very fair payout for a few pounds of sterling I was selling. The benefit for me was a friendly and knowledgeable person answering the phone, a fair price for my scrap, and cash on the spot. Thank you VJ at WMJE! We will be back.

Review №43

I went to sell some of my diamond rings and I got very good price. The owner and the staff are all very kind and professional. I wish them very good luck and would definitely recommend this place . Thank youTali and Matt

Review №44

I always have great experience working with associates! Very helpful and fair price!

Review №45

I bought a gold neckless and some silver. They have very good prices, they are very kind. I will be doing more business with them!!

Review №46

Great place to bring stuff if you are look f to sell . You can also buy there as well. I highly recommend this place .

Review №47

I am always very pleased when i visit here! I feel they are honest and give you the best price they can for your gold!

Review №48

Quick and fair price exchange! Thanks you

Review №49

I went in to sell my necklace and they made a very fair offer, much better than the competition down the street. They were very nice and professional. I would definitely bring them more business in the future.

Review №50

Bought a little something for myself through their website and I’m already impressed by their customer service. Would love to stop by the store one day if I’m in the area : )

Review №51

VJ was super helpful and kind. Very fast transaction and couldnt be happier. Great place to sell to!!

Review №52

Very friendly, honest, will work with you!!! Even if you just need a loan and ask you what do you want!!! To top it off they give you a whole month to pay it back!!! Definitely would recommend to all my family and friends!!!

Review №53

Very fair pricing! Friendly workers.

Review №54

Employees are always very friendly and helpful. They want you to leave happy. The inventory is amazing and so is the employee knowledge of rare metals and gemstones.

Review №55

Great customer service. Very nice staff. Many options available at a reasonable price. Highly recommend

Review №56

Best jewelry store in town very friendly and helpful these guys are the best .I will be back.

Review №57

Fabulous staff and treatment each time we come here! Excellent selection and prices!

Review №58

Great experience, owner was friendly and helpful. We’ve gone back a few times and every time they been helpful and professional. Great place to do business with.

Review №59

This place has theThis placThis place has the best jewelrye has the bestThis place has the best jewelry I will shopThis place has the best jewelry I will shop here all the

Review №60

Wonderful service! They always help and take care of me! Highly recommend checking this place out!

Review №61

Shopped around for about a week in GR and this by far had the best selection to choose from. The owner and staff were very knowledgeable and helpful. A very safe place to purchase from as far as quality.

Review №62

This is a first-class company. They are competent, and honest. I would do business with them again.

Review №63

I really didnt know what to expect when I went in with my jewelry, but PJ helped me and made it really easy!! I love their customer service and how they go to whatever measures to help you. I now know where I can buy and sell my items with ease and confidence! Thank you West Michigan Jewelry Exchange!!

Review №64

I’ve been here a couple times and everyone is super friendly, attentive, and their prices are always fair.

Review №65

Best prices and quality in town. Looked all over the USA and havent found any better prices.

Review №66

We started to buy our jewelry at West Michigan Jewelry exchange 6 years ago. We Bought our engagement ring and wedding bands, A pair of Birth stone earrings. A pearl ring. and just bought a 5yr anniversary wedding set. They resized my ring for me and Shipped it back to me saving us hour drive. I would highly recommend them to everyone looking for Jewelry.

Review №67

Five stars make it 10 their excrement they have really helped me and I think that they are very well thank you

Review №68

Very nice people and very honest. Definitely recommend!! ☺️

Review №69

Have done business with several times. Offer excellent price on gold and silver (buy and sell). Very friendly owner and son.Will keep doing business with.

Review №70

The best place ever and amazing people. Very honest and willing to work with you. If you have some hold this is the place to bring it. Love this place!

Review №71

Great place to get your gold. Fair price and good service. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Review №72

We got a great deal I would recommend anyone to come here they have the best jewelry at a wonderful price

Review №73

I have been coming here for years now. Different capacities, great customer service every time I’m here. Thanks for great service!!

Review №74

Very great! Great prices! They pay well for your old jewelry also! Highly recommend!

Review №75

Definitely will return for selling scrap gold completely fair price ...tks

Review №76

West Michigan Jewelry Exchange did a fantastic job. I was slow moving and indecisive. However, H.K. is a great guy who stayed endlessly patient with me and was willing to share very important details that about the high end jewelry market that most jewelers would not.Every step of the custom work I needed done, I felt included. His communication was stellar. He also got all of the work done significantly faster than he quoted me. Retailers that exceed deadline expectations have not been easy to find since covid started. WMJE is not a retailer though, they are a whole saler. They are the people that Kay jewelers and Jared and Blue Nile do not want you to meet. These guys are the plug to their middleman. When the big box stores need a re-supply, this is who they call.Whether it is gold, diamonds, silver etc. look no further than West Michigan Jewelry Exchange. Doing business the way it should be done. Thanks again, to all of you over there but especially H.K. !

Review №77

Again, customer service is outstanding here!. They never cease to amaze me here. They absolutely know how to do business!

Review №78

Just went to sell some old jewelry. Had 2 other appraisals and this shop was by FAR the best. Very honest and nice people work here and I highly recommend.

Review №79

Sold my wedding set here, these guys are quick and efficient. 10/10 recommend!!

Review №80

Very welcoming and willing to work with you! Definitely recommend coming here very nice!

Review №81

Customer service exceptional. Process for finding the perfect ring was painless! Definitely recommend !

Review №82

Fast and friendly service. Very nice people to deal with.

Review №83

Very comfortable and helpful environment, easy and was right out the door with more than expecting! would recommend

Review №84

I had been here a few times in years past for minor work and had top notch service. When my wife’s ring broke we got from Jared’s I wanted to give west Michigan jewelry exchange a shot. We came and talked to the knowledgeable and courteous staff who fixed the band, added another, cleaned and more. I can’t say enough good things about this place and the work they did was true craftsmanship. The service, expertise, kindness and knowledge has made us customers for life on top of all that the prices are the best in town, This is a great jewelry store. Thanks guys

Review №85

This place is beyond great! And the service, even better!! I highly recommend.

Review №86

Very friendly staff great prices you gotta come here

Review №87

Great service, very nice & honest. Always a good time & lots of great jewelry to look at & buy!

Review №88

Speedy and efficient, came right in and they found me exactly what I was looking for !! Will definitely repeat business, thank you HK!!

Review №89

Very nice clean and professional shop to sale sale and buy Silver coins

Review №90

Very good service. Fair and honest pricing.Great experience!

Review №91

Very straight forward and honest, double the price of other shops.

Review №92

Great customer service. They always go above and beyond 👍

Review №93

Great Jeweler,I refer all of my Friends and Family across Michigan to them. He takes care of them all, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 😎

Review №94

Good Customer Service. Good Prices. Unique Style Necklaces.

Review №95

I went in seeing all this beautiful jewelry a lady helped me gave me a good deal on a beautiful cross and a necklace and Im a very happy camper

Review №96

Excellent customer service and fair prices. West Michigan Jewelry Exchange is my favorite place to buy gold and silver in Grand Rapids since I started buying in 2015.

Review №97

My first time here, nice people they are all welcoming. Best place to buy Pure Gold in Grand Rapids.

Review №98

Very awesome with customer service and give you the good price for what you paid for

Review №99

Great place to pawn and exchange great service and great prices on there jewelry

Review №100

Workers were wonderful! Quick and able to help with what I needed :)

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  • Credit cards:Yes
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