LF Market Oriental & Seafood
5350 W Bell Rd, Glendale, AZ 85308, United States

Review №1

It was a very clean place and had a huge variety of vegetables and fruits that I had never seen before I love the way they displayed them very cleanly wrapped in Saran Wrap. They also had a large Buddha at the front of the store and a beautifully decorated entryway. As a vegetarian I definitely look forward to trying some of this fruit and vegetables

Review №2

This is on Google Maps as “temporarily closed”—it is completely cleared out so it looks more like it is PERMANENTLY closed.

Review №3

I like that I can come here and find item you’ll not find in the average grocery store. It brings back good memories of our travels abroad.From Kimchi, Fish and Shrimp paste. Cuttlefish to Squid, all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables.LF oriental market has a variety of different items from Chinese, Philippines, Thailand, Laos, Vietnamese, South America, Burmese, Indian, Jamaican, Cambodian and African. ... Not the best Asian market that Ive ever been to but its convenient.Check this place out next time you looking to eat something different.You can follow K15 Adventures on Instagram and Facebook. See where we are headed next.Typically, remote destinations where the journey of Fishing, Kayak Fishing, Hunting, Camping is the principal goal with, some shenanigans thrown in.

Review №4

We love this market. Great prices on the produce used most often in Asian dishes, and the produce is fresh and good quality. Large selection of Asian products. The kids love coming in to see the live fish and pick out new treats. The employees are always friendly and helpful.

Review №5

We were really excited for our first trip here, unfortunately we were greatly disappointed. Half of their store was blocked by boxes. Not sure if they’re remodeling or something is wrong financially. There was only one employee visible and it was the bored looking cashier. Hopefully things shape up.

Review №6

The first time I went here in 2014, I’m pretty surprised that most of (Philippine Products) are right here. Actually, They’re the best than Lee Lee and Asiana Market on my opinion. But years goes by, the business began to slow down, the supply get lower every time. They having trouble getting seafood supplies. And this year, I believed they’re about to shutdown. I’m still hoping that this establishment still gonna be an Asian Market again but more better.

Review №7

Great place but now they have a sign that they are closed and will be moving to 35th and Camelback

Review №8

First time in an Oriental market. They had all sorts of snacks and stuff I had never seen before. I ended up picking up various fruit, chips, and snacks. Will be going there to adventure around again.

Review №9

This is a Vietnamese/Chinese market that has seen better times. Keep on driving and to Asiana market down the road.Half the space in the store is blocked off with no merchandise

Review №10

No expiration dates on a lot of leaking and smelly packages sitting in some sort of black liquid soaked paper on the refrigerated shelves. Place was a wreck and trip to walk through and experience. I assume all the boxes stacked up were blocking the now closed meat deli? Lots of health code violations.

Review №11

Love this place, but I think their closing :( I really hope not, but good price on fresh ramen noodles

Review №12

Used to love coming to this Asian market; however, our last experience a few weeks ago was nothing but disappointment. We bought about 80.00 in groceries some canned and frozen foods and realized when opening and getting an awful taste in some of our purchased products that there was no expiration dates listed on any of our products. Throwing away about 20.00 worth of food due freezer burnt and bad tasting due to old and most likely expired years ago. We will no longer be making a trip or purchasing anything at this store again. Be aware check for dates.lets just say the FDA needs to make another trip since this place was already on the dirty in the news a couple years ago. Seems like it’s getting worse and about to close doors due to less variety each time we go.

Review №13

We love this market. Great prices on the produce used most often in Asian dishes, and the produce is fresh and good quality. Large selection of Asian products. The kids love coming in to see the live fish and pick out new treats. The employees are always friendly and helpful.

Review №14

This place has it all! I was impressed by inventory! I found so many things that, I hadnt seen in years! I saw curry powder and, many more spices that my life could not make it without much longer. I was soooo happy that I accidentally found this store. I was driving looking for a shoe store and spotted this store! Best stop ever!

Review №15

This is a good place to do your grocery. Their meat are very affordable. My fave gold papano is half the price compared where I came from. Happy me! They have my corned beef. Some snacks and veggies. This is a better option for you.

Review №16

There closing their doors. Sad and moving to 35th and Camelback wayyy_y too far to go to.

Review №17

Good place for Asian food but very cold in the store. Wear a coat.

Review №18

Sad. This should be a booming business. You should still stop by a take a look at what they offer. Lots of dumpling selection. You wont find at a Chinese restaurant.

Review №19

Unfortunately LF Market seems to be struggling since its opening years ago. My wife and I visited, but the shelves were disheveled or empty and we werent able to find what we needed. I hope theyre able to turn the business around.

Review №20

Multiple shopping stores with the most notable being Kohls. The asian market will be closing 3/2020 so that is dissapointing.

Review №21

They are closing this location but generally pretty decent market. They have other locations.

Review №22

I cannot deny that they had the best deal ever for cafe dumant!!

Review №23

The market has enough stock of vegetables. There is fish too..but not all good. Live fish are very few ..but its good for other groceries.

Review №24

Really like it, they have a lot of stuffs which can not find in other stores

Review №25

A sea food market with absolutely NO seafood at all!

Review №26

Good fry fish excellent for dinner tonight and great food nice clean store.We will be back soon thanks LF Market

Review №27

Smelly, old, dark, and dirty. Rancid seafood.They did have a decent selection of Asian snacks and some decent veg.

Review №28

Everything you need ! Great freah protein selection and nice produce selection. They have live fish here as well . Their prices are good and food is always fresh .

Review №29

They are moving! By the end of February 2020 they will move to 35th Ave and Camelback!This place is great. They have a huge selection of fruits, vegetables, noodles, sauces, pretty much everything that you could want. Most of the prices are really good, even for the imported goods. My kids really love trying the Asian desserts and soft drinks.

Review №30

A plethora of Asian delights. Highly recommended for everyone.

Review №31

I guess its good, they have what my wife needs for Filipino food.

Review №32

Although theres not much help or guidance when shopping and youre basically left on your own to figure it out or Ask Google lol my daughter loves buying ramen here for the different selections compared to your local grocery store, I definitely going here for all my asian ingredients.

Review №33

They had what I wanted (mostly) and the store seemed like it was clean. There was someone mopping in the store as I was checking out, and they had too much bleach in their mop water, but at least they were cleaning, and that is a good thing.

Review №34

30 min drive to find out theyre permanently closed

Review №35

Do Not buy fish here. Dead fish in live tank. All fish is old. Terrible conditon. Store is filthy. Look by candy machines for example. Disgusting. Always same.

Review №36

Appears to be closing permenatly soon. Store is cordoned of to just a few aisles.

Review №37

I love coming here for their unique food items used in dishes in Asia. Theyre conveniently located and have great prices.

Review №38

Went to get cod fish but they had none but they do sell plenty of produce a little overpriced but u can get Florida avocados

Review №39

Needs more goya frozen items sweet bananas and the freezer needs to be clean out and check dates

Review №40

Great selection of soy sauces, black vinegar, Thai basil, kafir lime leaves, dumpling wrappers, Thai green curry, coconut milk, etc. All around great store but bring your jacket as they keep it COLD so the produce stays fresh.

Review №41

Wish I could give less than 1 star. So disgustingly filthy.

Review №42

My two stars are basically their lack of cleanliness. Bathroom seemed as if it had been unattended to for at least a week. Whole lot of toilet paper and trash on floor in stalls and out and NO paper towels to use to dry hands, it was empty and their automated hand dryer was non functional.

Review №43

***UPDATE***We used to shop here regularly but the selection of everything has gone drastically downhill and the prices have gone up a lot.***original*** We love shopping here. It is the best place in the area to get ramen, sake and a whole assortment of delicious things that we got in Japan but cant find at a regular grocery store.

Review №44

A variety of different international foods from quail eggs to live fresh fish. A funny smell inside but expect it where exotic meats are sold

Review №45

Its finally gotten better with it being years after it opened. Asiana market is down the road and prices there for the same products that are here are almost tripled. I bought Asian pears for 2.50, theyre 7$ at asiana. Wish they had more noodles but definitely better than any nearby places now.

Review №46

If you enjoy this place you should check out Mekong Plaza, Lee Lees , and Asiana market

Review №47

Loved this place sad to see them closing

Review №48

The address on here is wrong. Change it

Review №49

This place is simply awesome!! From their fresh produce to their great variety in seafood this is the go-to place to find all the ingredients for great meals. I would highly recommend visiting this place due to the large variety of products that you can find here. This is all accompanied by great friendly service.

Review №50

They had 10 times as much of everything Oriental as I had expected; the most variety of fish that I have seen ever! Very helpful personnel, escorted me directly to items I was seeking.The first time experience with LF made me want to increase Asian in my diet. Good place. Fresh, no strong fish smell that I expected.

Review №51

Well rounded selection of items from many Asian cuisines. Good produce area with fresh items at reasonable prices. Meat and seafood available too.

Review №52

I personally have only come here to buy fish. The staff is friendly and helpful and there is a wide range of selection at the seafood counter. Also a great place to find different candies and treats you can find in most stores in the states.

Review №53

Good prices, and good selection, but poor customer service.

Review №54

You can drive further to larger markets but you will not find a cleaner or better stocked store with the variety of foods offered here. The produce is fresh and reasonably priced. In addition to many seafood choices there are freshly made meatballs that are not often seen in Asian markets in the variety offered unless they are frozen. I have had no difficulty consistently obtaining hard to find items for authentic Thai dishes, once I have located them in the store. Take some time to get to know this market. This market offers many choices those searching for a healthier way to eat. I highly recommend this market to any searching for an excellent selection of Asian foods at reasonable prices sold by a friendly and helpful staff.

Review №55

Amazing food. Ono shrimp and Mac salad.

Review №56

Great selection of over seas Asian groceries. The staff have always been helpful.

Review №57

I absolutely love this store! I havent had to goto to an asian restaraunt in years because now i make my own asian food!

Review №58

A quick and easy stop, but stock and selection is limited. I did find nice marrow bones for my dog though!

Review №59

Everything you want in one place. Row after row of Rice Noodles of every variety. Next aisle been noodles. Wow this place is awesome.

Review №60

Shelves were empty and the frozen food looked like they were sitting in the freezer too long.

Review №61

I used to go here often to get fresh fish and certain Asian rice, and produce. If you like cooking international cuisines like I do, you will want to visit here. Swing by and see just what they have, no disappointment I promise you.

Review №62

Looks like its going to close. Shelves are not fully stocked.

Review №63

This place is almost gone. Their meat section is close so basically no fresh meet or seafood.

Review №64

Not as big as some if the other Asian markets but amazingly well laid out and the selection is bigger than anticipated!!!

Review №65

I shop here every week if not twice a week the prices are great selection is real good and always have all the fish I need.

Review №66

Very well stocked Asian market. Huge seafood selection, lots of noodles, sauces and even a great selection of international beers.

Review №67

Used to come here alot now its closing :(

Review №68

Didnt have much selection plus theyre closing. So disappointed

Review №69

Fun to just walk around. Lots of stuff to look at.. including live fish!

Review №70

I will never go back. I purchased the last 3 bags of taro leaves, they were old and going bad. I asked the manager for a discount, she said no. 10% off would have made me happy. I spent a hundred dollars on my trip to this market. Lee Lee market is the best place to go!

Review №71

Good sized selection, but the store is kind of dark.

Review №72

Great selection! I love shopping here. Sake; fresh veggies including broccoli, gobo, lotus, bean sprouts, daikon and different mushrooms; instant coffee; mackerel, fish tofu, squid; ramune and fun drinks. There are also ice creams and mochi and various rices and sauces.

Review №73

Live blue crabs and fishs.... Large selection of Filipino and Chinese food ..... Nice clean store with friendly n helpful staff...

Review №74

Went to LF Market because the other asian grocery stores dont have what I am looking for. If it wasnt for them, I would of have to order online. Thank you LF Market! By the way. The item in question was shark brand Sriracha Sauce. Picked up 3 bottles plus some other stuff!

Review №75

First visit to this market, once you get past the initial smell at the Asian markets the rest is easy. Facility was easy to find, fairly well organized and played out, appeared clean and staff was courteous and professional. There was plenty of handicap and free parking at this location. Fairly busy for early afternoon on a friday.Took awhile to find the exact noodles I was looking for because there were so many noodles there but it was well worth the time spent. Also picked up some mushrooms and sauces which went well in my Pho soup. Prices were reasonable if not inexpensive.I will be returning here in the very near future as I explore more Asian homemade cooking.

Review №76

Great selection of Asian food.I love the different types of desserts, snack foods, and fruit. The seafood is interesting as the crabs and tilapia and catfish are alive in large tanks.Go to experience a cultural market.

Review №77

Love this spot! Has everything I need at an affordable price! Loads of yummy snacks too!

Review №78

They had what I wanted. Very clean and orderly. Mid-size market.

Review №79

Like the versatility of the layout and food. Reasonable prices.

Review №80

Nice clean place. Fresh produce. Good prices. Helpful personnel. Good meat and seafood selection including live fish. Pretty much anything you could want in Asian foods.

Review №81

Its very cold in there so be prepared. Also, double check prices when youre checking out. Theres a handful of mispriced items.

Review №82

This place is awesome. I walked in and was like I was in a different part of the world.

Review №83

Awesome store great choice of Filipino foods. Also very clean and neat.

Review №84

Great selection. Clean & organized store. Less busy than Lee Lees + friendly staff. RECOMMENDED.

Review №85

Great place to find food youve never seen before and taste good.

Review №86

Looking for chrysanthemum tea. Found only with sugar. Great veggies and good prices. Lots of nice frozen products. Great seafood.

Review №87

This place was a dump and highly over priced Ill never go back

Review №88

Honestly a super bizzare experience. The store was basically empty of people. Walking in we saw nobody. It smelled like fish which was expected due to their large selection of seafood. It was rather dirty for a super market. There were lots of cool snacks, drinks and other food stuffs. Walked out with a large amount of rather tasty food including some really spicy ramen. Dont set your expectations crazy high but it was a overall cool experience.

Review №89

They carry Coffee Peo Po Cappuccino which is close enough to Georgia Coffee, so thats a huge plus.

Review №90

LOVE LOVE LOVE this market!! The staff is so friendly and sweet! Frequent shopper

Review №91

Only 1 star because this location is closing down.

Review №92

Small but had a ton of Asian specific foods and spices

Review №93

Not sure how many others Asian Markets are around but they are limited in Caribbean items.

Review №94

Great market employees were helpful

Review №95

Great place to buy Asian groceries. The produce, meats, and seafoods is always fresh, and a good selection to choose from.

Review №96

Well priced oriental stuff and a clean store

Review №97

Not great prices. Try Lee Lee International Market if you are as underwhelmed as I was.

Review №98

Great selection if Asian foods

Review №99

Really cool place with some awesome selection of pastas, spices and produce. I wasnt impressed by the fish as it looked a bit dry but perhaps I went on a bad day.

Review №100

Market was amazing not only the amount of stuff out there but also the customer service was fabulous.

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