GS Supermarket
5127 W Glendale Ave, Glendale, AZ 85301, United States

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First time in this store, I was positively surprised by selecting of the sea food and their prices plus lots of other international imports food.

Review №2

I love this place . They have everything that i need. I often buy chicken , Black chicken , seafoods especially Blue crabs, Lobster.. very fresh. They also serve seafood frying and Free dipping sauces really nice !

Review №3

Their meats and seafood are always fresh. Prices are very reasonable.My husband and I come here 2 or 3 times a week to buy fresh meats and seafood. Love this store. Employer and employees are very friendly and helpful

Review №4

So far its the only place that I have found where I can buy my favorite Filipino beer

Review №5

Its the worse asian market I even been, very limited fresh food, high priced.

Review №6

Has a pretty good selection of asian goods but I feel like it does lack some things here and there.

Review №7

Cool little family market always stocked n clean

Review №8

Love this little asian market!

Review №9

Excellent customer service and overall professionalism.

Review №10

Its small but very nice. Its a lot easier to find what you want, and so far everything has always been in date and fresh. I enjoy shopping here for things I cant find in regular grocery stores.

Review №11

A traditional Asian market. Lots of fresh seafood, great produce section, and an extensive selection of fresh & dried noodles, pasta, rides and flours. Huge selection of fresh and shelved beverages, teas and herbs. Hundreds of sauces, pastes and condiments.Theres a frozen aisle I didnt look at. There was also a housewares section with beautiful bowls , trays, tea pots, woks - very nice heavy iron woks...I also saw a beauty section of creams, cleansers, soaps.

Review №12

Love the place. Why? Bcs it sells what I need other stores dont carry and the item that I look its very hard to find in other stores..

Review №13

They had the soy sauce I needed And the rice cooker I wanted

Review №14

Mens bathroom nasty..

Review №15

Super great place for cheap and affordable foods, non-perishable items and nice and quiet. Had originally had my doubts about this place but it ended up being a great and peaceful shopping experience, they even provide you your own brown paper bags to cut down on the plastic. Overall great place.

Review №16

This is a great little market with great people working there and the ownership is fantastic

Review №17

They have great price and good quality of meats

Review №18

Great place to explore new foods. Food looks fresh and at very friendly prices.

Review №19

I love this place. Literally has everything I need that I cant find in a regular grocery store. Not to mention they upgraded the inside so now they have a seafood Butcher area!

Review №20

A lil pricy n rudecemployes

Review №21

Great for exotic taste. Friendly staff. Very knowledgeable

Review №22

It was very first time in there yesterday They are friendly workers that greet you when you enter and assist you through your shopping. I didnt know 60% of the items in there but they assured I got what I needed. ️️thank you.

Review №23

They sell good food and snacks there!!

Review №24

No frills or surprises

Review №25

We never go in looking for anything specific but always find tons of stuff. You have to go in and experience for yourself. Meats are ALWAYS affordably priced. Its such a good deal and you find things here you wont see at most neighborhood grocery stores.

Review №26

I dont know this place is supposed to stink. But every time I go in there I cant find what I need and and I feel like Im going to vomit. I wouldnt go to this place if I didnt have to but its the closest market to my house but the friendly staff is good!

Review №27

Great selection and prices

Review №28

The staff have a good smiles & good service! Humble

Review №29

If you ever wanted to know what it feel like to be looked at all the time and treated like you don’t belong, like visiting a foreign country; without spending a lot of money of traveling to go to Asia? Then you’re in luck!!!! Visit here GS Supermarket, aside from decent selection on items you can’t find elsewhere. You will be welcomed with a scowl from the clerks. Who are always busy and only make time to take your money. You need help finding something??? Better find a map or just keep searching, you won’t get help. Did notice a he poorly help to other regular shoppers, but I don’t go often so no go. Nutshell decent selection, horrible customer service

Review №30

I enjoy shopping here. Very Clean, friendly service. For a small neighborhood store, it is well stocked with a variety of ethnic foods.

Review №31

WHAT A LOVELY SURPRISE! As I did not discover this place until today, I was expecting the usual bad smells, surly attitudes and general rudeness associated with 88 International in particular, and Lee Lee in general. So, I wasnt expecting a pleasant experience, but it was close to where I had to do other shopping. Again, what a nice surprise! Walking in, it just feels cool and refreshing - and there is NO SMELL AT ALL. (I dont know what the guy in the other review was talking about. I am seriously sensitive to smells, and there was nothing but fresh here today!) Its not the size of Lee Lees, but it is quite large enough. I knew I would be there for a long time if I didnt ask for help, so I threw caution to the winds and asked for some. Surprise, surprise! Unlike the stores mentioned above, a smiling lady asked what I needed, then said come with me. She found EVERYTHING I needed within 5 minutes. I was looking for banana flowers in brine (which I could not find at the other stores), jackfruit in brine, Indonesian shrimp crackers and black vinegar. Easy enough - but not if you dont know the store. I will not be going to any other store from now on, because life is too short to deal with rudeness; these people are NICE and KNOWLEDGABLE - and they have a great selection.

Review №32

Expensive and things look old.

Review №33

Everyone is so nice and helpful there .

Review №34

Imported and Fresh Produces are found at GS. My neighbor told me about GS and she deserves a apple pie. Wide Collection of Fresh Vegetables and Imported Canned Foods. Specially Asian Products are very much helpful. Although they have some lacking on some products but their collection is worth mentioning. Every week I visit this place to fresh grocery. Most of all they also sells kitchenware. You name it they have it in matter of cooking.

Review №35

Traditional asian market. Good customer service.

Review №36

Everything clean and fresh!! Love it

Review №37

Low inventory. Not busy.

Review №38

I like this place I was looking to buy shirataki noodles and I was able to find it there. I was looking for konjac flour but there was such a large selection of flour that I gave up looking lol. The ladies are nice enough and its never overly crowded.

Review №39

Was looking for that 2x spicy noodle soup, didnt find it. But among other things, theres a huge variety of interesting foods if you are interested in trying. For example, durian fruit.

Review №40

Its primarily a vietnamese market but has foods from Japan, Taiwan, and Korea. The selection has improved and overall cleanliness too. The associates were nice too!

Review №41

Great customer service. Great prices

Review №42

Great place loved it, Nice and clean.

Review №43

They have really good prices

Review №44

This is my spot for all things vietnamese , its a great place for when we needs to grab some quick grocery items. Its small but they have a ton of variety and the prices are excellent.

Review №45

The quick in and out for some air freshener. Ironically the place smelled like food

Review №46

I am consistant customer here. The staff is always welcoming. Its hard to communicate with them but they try there hardest to help me out so its ok if they can not understand what I am trying to communicate. The prices and selection is great. They are constantly bringing in a bigger variety of products. Always some some new which keeps the store interesting.

Review №47

Amazing selection of food and beverages. Love this place

Review №48

Im going to have to visit again and explore some more. So far, pretty good.

Review №49

Best place! The mangos.. Yum. I love exploring something new. The staff is always willing to explain everything. Thank you for always supporting our school and the community

Review №50

I bought a bag of avocados and when I cut into them each one was moldy inside. Literally never going there again.

Review №51

I love all the food they have there

Review №52

Great place for pocky and other traditional snacks.

Review №53

Its a large and clean Asian market with seafood, meat and produce. Good selection and very good prices.

Review №54

I believe that this is a 5 STAR Asian Market in my neighborhood. They have so much to offer. If you want fresh produce, they have it. If you want fresh fish or meat, they have it. They have cookware and dinner ware. They have aisles of imported goods like: canned products, ramen/noodle soups, sauces, jarred name it-theyve got it...

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The place is a Asian ONLY products grocery with a huge fish and fish condiments basis. I thought they would sell a simple basic item like sugar and ran I to find out They do t. I was also followed around by security and loomed at like I was a crime so. the smell of fish is OVERWHELMING and I dont think ill ever be back.

Review №56

Great prices wide variety, its a great place to go to, and lots of vegan options

Review №57

Love this place ! Great selection of produce , fish and meats all at great prices . Now they have live seafood !!!

Review №58

Carried alot of items and it was convenient since we do not have an asian market in Goodyear. They need to focus on restocking as i found expired merchandise. Cleaning also needs to be a focus.

Review №59

Great New Oriental, Asian, International supermarket! Lot of selection, Fresh seafood, produce, and meats. Very clean store and friendly staff. More inside this store than you can imagine. Items you cant find in most stores.I will be back often, very happy they opened!

Review №60

Best place to find fresh oyster mushrooms at great prices.

Review №61

Went in for rosewater spray they didnt have it. But, picked up some vegetables. Love this store. Need more pricing on the shelves since the reset.

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Review №63

They carry so many items here. I visit every time I get homesick. Great prices!

Review №64

All you need fornasian food

Review №65

Great place for picking up Asian ingredients. Clean

Review №66

Cool market with unique items. I love the candy, produce and tea selections.

Review №67

The owners are very nice. And the store is reasonably priced. I walk in there on a daily basis.

Review №68

Great little Vietnamese supermarket!

Review №69

Everytime I have gone the employees are very nice. There is a large selection of international food items. Love coming here for their Goya Products. Always find something new whenever I visit.

Review №70

Very friendly, and great place to shop for your oriental ingredients and international foods.

Review №71

Great store, great prices

Review №72

This place is always a dump

Review №73

Good place just no one speaks English

Review №74

This is one of my favorite Asian markets they have some fresh products but mostly I come here to stock the pantry

Review №75

Bigger than the usual local Asian markets. Wasnt busy at all. Old Fresh n Easy location. Fair prices for the quick look that I had in there.

Review №76

Came in to buy a wok. Found everything we needed and also some cute dinnerware. Clean store, nice employees.

Review №77

Has a different food from all over the world nice when you love to cook

Review №78

They have expired food, dirty.

Review №79

Very clean. Compare to other Asian markets , The cashiers there do smile !! And you are Thanked when you leave. Great food!

Review №80

Decent prices and helpful staff

Review №81

Best Asian food market. Very friendly.

Review №82

Great market to shop in has diverse group or products.

Review №83

Very different but I enjoyed that store.. omg!! Their chicken legs are super cheap!!!

Review №84

Amazing place, and such wonderful customer service.

Review №85

Smells weird but clean store.

Review №86

Great quality food from Asia. Cheap and well nice and mannered employee

Review №87

Great for buying fresh meat and exotic fruit they cut and package fruit and meat themselves from what ive seen. They also have a nice selection of snacks/spices for a smaller store

Review №88

This Chinese market is so good and the lowest in town fresh food location

Review №89

Very nice place

Review №90

Nice place to go

Review №91

This Asian supermarket is beautiful, and I love their rare products.

Review №92

I love the different kinds of food products

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Review №94

They are the best in the whole of my neighborhood.They have lower prices than their competitors, employees here are friendly and are very helpful.

Review №95

Nice store. Reasonable prices.

Review №96

I really enjoyed to experience, and the selection of other cultural items

Review №97

Nice clean place good prices good selection

Review №98

Great staff & good food

Review №99

Like to shop here, just that the vegetables arent always the freshest

Review №100

Great prices, friendly staff and large assortment

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  • Debit cards:Yes
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