Asiana Market
4410 W Union Hills Dr A-1, Glendale, AZ 85308, United States

Review №1

This place was great, I was able to find everything that I needed in order to make mini Asian dishes. If I wasn’t able to find what is looking for, I would stop a customer to ask advice. It became like where is Waldo in the grocery store.I WOULD RECOMMEND.

Review №2

This is a great place to go and take a walk. All of the isles with foods from around the world makes this a lot of fun. Be sure to check out the frozen section

Review №3

Asianna is my favorite store. They have some of the best foods I have ever had in my life and a place for me to get all my staples. Ive never had a bad experience and Ive been going here for about ten years. I cannot say enough good things about this place. I get so much anxiety shopping and I really like ordering online, but I always get excited when I need to get groceries and come here. Which says a lot in my opinion. Please shop here at least once and support business that needs and deserves it!

Review №4

Lots of Asian stuff. I love fish cut. They have the heads on them which I am not fun of. And they can never keep oxtail in stock. The staff is okay. No one really smile in that store. No homely connection, just get your groceries and go. No Hi or have a nice day.

Review №5

I went in seeking rosewater, grape leaves and zhartar and was not disappointed. It was vaguely seedy-looking and clearly run down but clean and well-stocked. I recall my early days in Arizona when this was a local IGA grocery store and it was nostalgic. The juxtaposition of the old southwestern-influenced décor and all the Asian products is slightly tacky but consistent with the overall vibe. I would visit again as it is convenient and Middle Eastern ingredients are becoming increasingly difficult to find here in The Valley. Prices were reasonable and staff were friendly. Strict hygiene guidelines were adhered to clearly and each staff member wore a mask and gloves. Not related to the review BUT the parking lot here is a deathtrap. Beware and keep your eyes open.

Review №6

Omg! Used to be a frequent shopper over the last 15 years, but not anymore. I was going in to buy a few things and brought my own shopping bag. I got a phone call and had to leave. Someone chased me out of the store, yelling at me and demanded loudly to look inside my obviously empty shopping bag in front of a bunch of people. No apology afterward for her mistake . There are plenty of other Asian markets I can shop at from now on.

Review №7

If youve never been to an Asian market, Asiana Market is a great place to start. There is so many options of meat and seafood here that youll be able to cook outside of the box. The Fresh veggie section is a little smaller but there are options that you wouldnt be able to get at the other grocery stores.

Review №8

Good store with lot of Asian varieties specially being and Indian I can vouch that they do have complete Indian groceries from most vegetable to flour lentils etc.Only thing I negative I can say is being compared to other Indian stores vegetables are little less but then again as name says its Asian store so thats ok.Freezer section has all what you would need. Lot of billing counters with mostly young kids look like students so checkout experience is good.Also seems like they get fresh vegetables on Wednesday so I would suggest if you want fresh groceries plan for a run on Wednesday

Review №9

Its a bazaar for local folks; I would patronize them every day. It a heaven for people with picky palates if you consider yourself Asiana. They carry Kosher food, in this little joint. Its a gem in this area within walking distance.

Review №10

One of the few places in the west valley to get Korean food. Im so thankful for this place or else I would have to travel all the way to Mesa to get my Korean groceries! Very wide variety of food and items. It might not be as big and new as the H Mart but you can still get all the essentials here for cheaper.

Review №11

Good place to get fresh vegetables. Has mish mash of groceries for different ethnic groups. Quality is lacking in quite a few thing.Customer service seriously lacking.If you cant find what you looking for,there is hardly any one there to help.Its been like this for many years.I been shopping here many years.Have become use to poor service.

Review №12

Great selection of Asian as well European foods. In particular they have an excellent selection of Polish and Hungarian foods.

Review №13

Just picking up my candy snacksSina ginger candy and white rabbits. Cant find them anywhere else. I always purchased these snacks in Honolulu

Review №14

This place is really cool. Has well priced items and things you wont find at other stores.

Review №15

Great grocery store for Asian (Indian, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian) stuff.. you get a lot of fresh vegetables, fish, meat etc..

Review №16

Moving from hawaii Im glad my family found this gem. Asiana market has all of the veggies we need for island style cooking. They have a huge cooler section that has many of the korean side dishes we would find in a hawaii korean BBQ. If you need anything for hawaii asian cooking make this your first stop. Mahalo asiana market

Review №17

I was able to walk right in and find what I wanted. Very clean. Nice staff.

Review №18

My first time. Loved it. Very organized. Terrific variety.

Review №19

Great place for Asian foods. I love this market . The fruits and veggies section is amazing. Fresh ingredients for i can make my favorite food like Vietnamese and Thai soup and many more delicious dishes.

Review №20

Its a nice grocery shop, one stop shop for most of the asian grocery, but they can do a better job in keeping the store clean and organized.

Review №21

Not the best selection for certain Asian ingredients but they still have a decent amount.

Review №22

This is the not first time I’m seeing expired products at this store. Yogurts, Milk, Indian snacks, and a lot of things in the past.They simply put everything on the shelf without any worry and health issues to the customers.

Review №23

Asiana Market is the best place in town to buy groceries for Korean food. Plus they make a large variety of Korean snacks and side dishes fresh every day.

Review №24

Nice and clean and did not stink of fish as some do. Love the variety of merchandise they carry.

Review №25

Lots of products from Japan, Korea and India. Not many from the Philippines, Taiwan and other Asian countries. Price is reasonable.

Review №26

They have a whole aisle for philippines but only have sardines and banana ketchup. Where are the mama sita seasonings??When asked where the filipino spices are, the workers in the front laughed at me.It is so hard to find what you need there because they split the items into their respective countries, but some countries overlap on foods. So you have to go to each aisle to search.They have tons of indian groceries and even an aisle for just GOYA products.I just suck up the drive to mesa and go to H-Mart. There are many more items there and easy to find if I need to get asian food.

Review №27

It was pretty great...We ran in on Thanksgiving Day and they were super nice.

Review №28

All kinds of food from around the world. Love this place!

Review №29

Asian market with specialities from different countries. Lots of fresh produce, at a good price.

Review №30

Never been to this kind of place it was really cool seeing all the different foods.. it has many different cultures there..

Review №31

Heavily korean influenced Asian market, but also has a number of Eastern European, and Indian items to be found too.

Review №32

With a good variety of produce this Asian market ranks pretty well. They have a plethora of eggplants. The produce is bright and fresh notice how bright and green the bitter melon. They have all the sauces and rice pastas you can want and notice the selection of grain rice. The only thing that could make it better is perhaps fresh fish? I know I know in Arizona?. The proteins that they do have although look very good. All the dates were to code. Overall I find thiss Asian market above-average for a desert-dwelling seeker of Asian products.

Review №33

Great place stocked with some items I cannot find anywhere else. Staff is friendly and informative if you need anything or any questions.

Review №34

This store has one of the best selections of Asian foods Ive ever seen. They have sections for so many different countries, its really amazing. Their produce section is also quite remarkable.

Review №35

We were shocked at how large the store was. So much to look at and choose from. Id recommend this store. Our cashier who was a young lady was very friendly and welcoming.

Review №36

I really like Asiana Market, they always have good prices, nice staff and a clean store. Cant always say that for Lee Lees.

Review №37

Great little market to find not only Asian foods but Eastern European as well.

Review №38

Great selection of ethnic foods, shopping around yields better prices.

Review №39

This one of the biggest store in AZ for the indiaan grocery. The store looks good . Everything is well organized. Able to find items quickly. I tested the korean grapes. Those are very good. Overall its a nice store for thw best purchase.You will get fresh vegetables for better price.

Review №40

Fast moving Indian grocery and vegetables with some fishes and meats

Review №41

Good selection especially of Indian and Eastern European foods. Clean and good prices.

Review №42

There is a wide variety of exotic and asian foods from around the world including fresh fish and produce. There is an extensive list of saki and a wide variety of eastern European beers. For instance, if you like soy sauce, then there is a wide variety of different styles brew methods. Cool place.

Review №43

Amazing prices and foods from all over. I go there once a week. Nice and clean inside and staff is friendly.

Review №44

Good place for Arizona people Living near glendale, surprise, perioa, surrounding areas near to bell road. Lots of Indian stuff fresh and all at affordable price

Review №45

Excellent selection of products from all over the world, especially from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia

Review №46

Ever since the Covid-19 happened, Ive been nervous to head to any grocery store. Especially since the people of Arizona dont take it seriously, but the staff here are always wearing masks and the environment is very clean since day one of all of this starting. Its one of the few places I feel safe shopping and will continue to keep shopping at!

Review №47

Just walking into this store will make your mouth water. The smells of fish and kimchi fill the air. The selection of products is almost intimidating. I went for a few snacks and spent 2 hours.

Review №48

They have a good selection of different ethnic foods, and quite a bit of Korean premade food.

Review №49

Great place for Asian/ Indian grocery items.

Review №50

Very good place , you can find fresh vegetables and also other things.

Review №51

Its nice..everything looks fresh.and well organized around.prices are reasonable compared to other stores.getting lot of indian varities food and looks clean and fresh.

Review №52

Large variety of cultural foods here at very reasonable pricing. Facility is clean and rarely is there a wait of more than one person in line when I frequent this store.Easy to find using GPS with plenty of parking and easy to see from the street. Staff is very helpful, professional and courteous.

Review №53

I cant say enough good things about this place. Such a great selection, I cant believe I didnt come here sooner. I will be back. Frequently!

Review №54

Great selection of fresh fruits and vegetables you cant find anywhere else.

Review №55

First time visit and could not believe we had not been before. The selection is incredible with food and products from all over the world.

Review №56

Lovely store, clean and nice. My mom is filipina, I want to bring her here some day.

Review №57

Fantastic selection, great prices, friendly staff. Everything in the aisles is separated by country for ease of shopping.

Review №58

I love everything i here. Especially the coffee drinks lol i buy a case every time i go their. Good protein. Yummy desserts that are not overly sweet. I love it. If anything just going to look around so many different kinds of food. Korean, japanese, turkish, Hispanic, sooo many. Check it out.

Review №59

Great place to find international foods and products!

Review №60

I like walking in the isles here you will find some interesting things and delicious snacks.

Review №61

I purchased 4 bags of rice from this store, I asked the cashier if we didn’t like the rice is it returnable, the cashier reply yes it is. They failed to mention they have a 24 hour return policy. This is a very unfair return policy the rice was unopened and in resell condition. I wanted to exchange for a Jasmine rice which they didn’t have in stock at the time I made this purchase. This review is to warn anyone that isn’t completely sure about purchasing a item here of taste or quality don’t buy it planning on being able to return it. Just don’t buy it from here. Stores with the best return policy usually sell better tasting and quality products. The rice I bought here is dry and doesn’t absorb the water the same as the better quality rice.

Review №62

I have a big interest in foods of other cultures, I can always find what Im looking for at this place and they have the most wonderful selection of new foods to try! I can spend hours just looking around at this place.

Review №63

Could only get sweet potato starch here

Review №64

We bought few stuff and mangoes from here which were not on discount. Paid a good price. Shocked to see all the mangoes like this in the pic. Very bad quality if fruits and vegetables.

Review №65

I dont recommend buying coconuts here . Good variety veggies and are fruits along with groceries. Purchased 3 coconuts and all 3 of them were rotten. They should allow customers to break and buy the coconuts

Review №66

The prices at this location is slightly cheaper than the one in Mesa and the products on our list were in stock. Parking is plenty as well and the cashiers were nice.

Review №67

They stuff that cant be found anywhere else like Swiss rolls, certain chocolates and other candys. They also drinks that I love such ramunae and Mogu Mogu drinks, which theyre out of stock for the time being. Thats why I love the place. Even my mother loved it.

Review №68

Its a big store that is divided by cuisine (Chinese, Japanese, Indian, etc) Very difficult to navigate and rare to find helpful employees. Many products are in multiple areas so they dont have as much variety as it seems they should. They have a nice selection of produce and many varieties of mushrooms - fresh and dried. Great place for pickling cucumbers and dill.

Review №69

Surprisingly, a great place to find the best 100% authentic Polish food! Kabanosy, chalwa, chrzan, ogórki kiszone straight from Poland or Chicago. I approve :-)

Review №70

Super friendly staff on checkout, and the best prices on food in the west valley. Very interesting produce too, got prickly pears and guavas for great prices. This place is much better than Lee Lee down the street. Good selection of fish and foods from all over the world too. Interesting they didn’t have hamburger buns, so if you’re looking for bread, go somewhere else!

Review №71

It was clean and didnt really smell.. or it could have been because of my Covid mask. They were out of several things we were looking for but, were also reloading shelves when we were there. A stocker came over help me find my vinegar for Adobo but, they were all out and he tried to to find some on the pallet but to no avail. Oh well I will go back though.

Review №72

Great grocery market store especially for import and specially foods and brands from Europe and Asia that are not so easy to find in a regular all American grocery store.A bit pricey for special items but I assume its the price we have to pay for the convenience of having it ready and available to buy those special import products.Well done and keep up the good work.

Review №73

I’ve been shopping here for the past two weeks. Love the produce. But I noticed not all workers wearing mask? Might have to look for somewhere else.

Review №74

A nice variety of cultural and imported goods. However as a customer I do not appreciate being judged so quickly by the staff and followed and watched around the store as if I was a delinquent.

Review №75

Please check expiration date when u buy stuffs I bought some spices and sources and passed expire date!!! I found out after couple weeks it passed 6 months already when I bought it

Review №76

Why stay home and order your edibles from other countries online? Experience the crowds and cultures and smells, you may discover new foods. This is a very well run fast market, so little kids need to be watched lol. If you are not careful you will find little hands capable of padding your bill at the check out counter.One day I will try the wooden shoes, but the choices, experience, colors and the food keep me coming back here.

Review №77

Good place if your in a rush and need something quick. Only down fall is they dont have things in stock all the time.

Review №78

More than just Asian food, a big lovely market.

Review №79

Great source of Estern European foods, drinks and groceries. I recommend Romanian sparkling water (Perla, Borsec), sparkling wine (Jidvei), and beer (Timisoreana).

Review №80

Such a wide selection and amazing fresh produce!

Review №81

My boyfriend recommended this place. They have a good selection of natto.

Review №82

They allowed me to expand my culinary palate.

Review №83

I have loved coming here for years for the products but unfortunately there was one lady in specific who had very poor customer service. A young looking girl with brown hair. The cashier gave more change to my grandma by accident, she didn’t realize because normally you would think people would give you the correct amount of change. The lady was very rude and was yelling at my grandma as if she was trying to steal when the cashier was at fault for giving back more change. Remind you my grandma is 73 and has hearing problems, she didn’t even realize. The situation couldn’t of been handled better. As someone who has worked in customer service for years, I am shook that this is how some employees treat their customers.

Review №84

Very culturally diverse produce/products! The staff is always friendly, the shelves are always stoked, and the selection is vast! I have purchased many European favorites from here, including sweets, meats/cheeses, and wine/beer. If you love culturally diverse food, this is the place to go- guaranteed they have what youre looking for.

Review №85

Gotta try that Bosnian lepinja bread! Employees are nice and theres a wide selection of items. I always end up finding something new to try!

Review №86

I came here looking for dumpling wrappers because I couldn’t find them at Walmart, Target, or Fry’s. I was able to find them!! I was very happy. This store has so many options for Asian foods!! I highly recommend coming here if you need something for an Asian dish!!

Review №87

Place was amazing, I felt like a kid in a candy store. I spent a good hour or so browsing everything they had. Ended up walking out with a cart full of products. Definitely coming back

Review №88

Its a smaller asian market. But has everything you need from an asian market. Very good produce selection

Review №89

This market is well stocked for its size. The fresh goods area is smaller than other Asian markets but still had the staples and then some. It felt like this market had more Korean and Indian focused goods than others which I appreciate since we do not have an Hmart in Phoenix. The meat department was fresh not frozen which I like. I found all my fresh noodles and recipe specific items. Large Coffee Selection. I will come back. Especially when I am looking for my Korean and Indian brand items.

Review №90

Great place to find authentic food,lot of indian varieties and great produce

Review №91

Quite a large grocery store. Has a ton of snacks. The produce seems pretty fresh. Store is reasonably clean. No butcher display stand that international grocery stores typically have, but they do have a variety of choices available. No fresh seafood that I found.

Review №92

A little pricey but overall very good. Candy is delicious and taste just like muscadines.

Review №93

Asian foods , groceries available here.India , Japanese. Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese foods available. Vegetables are good.. price wise good compared to other grocery stores

Review №94

Good prices and find every thing for daily life in one store

Review №95

I come here to buy Bosnian food.Store is great,great prices.Felix is a guy working there and he is main reason my familygoes back over and over again.Felix goes above and beyond to make customers happy.Thank You Felix.

Review №96

Lot of different items from around the World, good prices and very kind people!I am very satisfied!

Review №97

Such an interesting and amazing Grocery Store. Soooo many choices from different countries. Fun to just walk around and look at the huge choices of products and not know what most of them are and what you would use them for. One could spend hours in there if they were to look at all the products. My husband is not a shopper and I think we shopping for over 1 to 2 hrs. Found so many different types of items we want to try.

Review №98

Only been here twice this week and found the grocery store very well stocked with items form All over. And I like the place and the staff friendly and safe with there heaith concerns. Wearing gloves mask, and cleaning the surfaces. Going again.

Review №99

Good but service can be much better

Review №100

Ohh. Packaged veggies that you cant even see whether theyre good or not , not my cup of tea. Packaged chicken stay away, its expired. Seafood like shrimp are awesome. Found my spicy noodles here, plus plus.

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