Hobby Lobby
11280 W Broad St, Glen Allen, VA 23060, United States
Hobby Lobby
Review №1

I love the atmosphere in the store! Everyone is pleasant, no feeling of being rushed. The aisles are clear, every counter I pass invites me in to browse, always something new! Pricing is fantastic, my husband always shops the model section always find a plane, ship or tank he buys. Thank you Hobby Lobby for your standards. Wish we had a store in Charlottesville.

Review №2

So much to see and chooseLots of nice things

Review №3

Shelves were only fully stocked in the Christmas section.

Review №4

This store is amazing. Made a quick stop for a candle wick and I was stunned with the extent and variety of products they had to offer. I had a few questions and the staff was very helpful and knowledgeable in the area I was seeking. This was my first time there, and I will be going back.

Review №5

Love the store, it always gets my creative juices working overtime. You can find just about everything thing crafty there.

Review №6

My favorite of the mortar craft RVA. Has huge selection of home decor and my favorite, wicker baskets, that are often 50% off. They also carry a small selection of farmhouse accent furniture 😃

Review №7

Everything you need at really wonderful prices and if youre clever you will catch the sales

Review №8

Love my hobby lobby, sometimes I wish they were open on Sundays, but I respect that they aren’t! They respect that Sunday is a family day. Totally get it.

Review №9

Hobby Lobby is always a great place to shop. This location is no exception.

Review №10

Store is big, lots of variety. Could not find a directory so had to find someone to ask for what I wanted.

Review №11

Only made a delivery. Employees in receiving department were friendly, helpful

Review №12

All the home decor you could need!

Review №13

I love this place and workers are always helpful.

Review №14

So enjoy their 50% off deals and their coupon

Review №15

Its a favorite shop for my wife, who shops a lot, as she has art as a hobby, loves to hang out, my job is to body guard and do window shopping

Review №16

Staff really helpful with my project..

Review №17

Great place to shop with lots of things for your home and crafting needs

Review №18

The down side I spend way too much money. Love this store!!!

Review №19

Get most of my supplies for my creations...check them out and let me know what you think.

Review №20

Its always a pleasure to shop at Hobby Lobby. They have plenty of beautiful household items and I love the floral department. They have some pretty nice garden and patio merchandise also. You can also usually find a coupon.

Review №21

It’s a big store so it never feels crowded. They have a great selection of crafting items and home decor. I wish it had a larger fabric section. The sales are good and they usually have 40% off coupons you can find online. I love getting wrapping paper here. It’s nice and thick with the grid on the back so you get clean, straight cuts.

Review №22

I love coming here, its never over crowded and theres ALWAYS a sale going on and everything is affordable.

Review №23

Long checkout lines due to 1 cashier, hunt for help on the floor, ... prices keep going up and up.

Review №24

Cute, quiet and appropriately chaotic.

Review №25

*sigh* Same complaint as last time. No signs hanging from the ceiling or at each isle to tell you what is on that isle. New complaint..the majority of items on the clearance rack were broken. Broken items are supposed to be damaged out and destroyed. Broken items are NOT clearance items. This store just sucks.

Review №26

Friendly staff, fully stocked shelves

Review №27

I could, and did walk around in this store for hours. So many reasonably priced nice things.

Review №28

I had custom matting done for Fathers Day photos. Customer service and workmenship were awesome!!

Review №29

Got what i went for. Always well stocked.

Review №30

First time I had been to Hobby Lobby - will definitely be going back. I needed very specific items and ideas for a military scrapbook and hit the jackpot when I went to Hobby Lobby.

Review №31

Great selection and customer service.

Review №32

The store is neat and well kept.

Review №33

Hobby Lobby has more sales than Michaels Craft Store or Joann Fabrics. This craft store has furniture on sale as you enter the store, which is affordable. They primarily have so many hard to find items. If you are looking for a craft project item, a finished product, or something to cut, mark, or measure with that Home Depot doesnt have, this should be your next stop.

Review №34

Flashbacks of walking into The Old Circuit City...summer of 97..

Review №35

My favorite place to go

Review №36

Staff was nice and helpful, and everything was conveniently located.

Review №37

Great Place for Arts. Awesome.

Review №38

I crochet and my favorite yarn is at Hobby Lobby they have lots of sales on it. I love this yarn is its name. The reason I like it so much its soft and really washes well. They have all sorts of really nice stuff.

Review №39

It was my 1st time visiting this store for Christmas decor. I was very impressed at the large selection of flowers, garland and lots of Christmas decor!! I will definitely go back again. Oh and the prices were very reasonable.

Review №40

Dont think I will return. They did not have Halloween item. But already had a 3rd of the store decked out for Christmas.. its the beginning of September... come on enough with trying to make Christmas a year long holiday..

Review №41

Decent items for crafters. Prices are ok on some of the furniture pieces displayed upon entering the store

Review №42

Great selection of craft items. We enjoy this store.

Review №43

We quickly (with the accurate help of staff) found the materials for our masks.

Review №44

Very clean and well lit. Service is very good.

Review №45

Very busy today!!! But the employees were keeping everything together and checkout was still quick. I like browsing through this store. Seems I always find something new.

Review №46

They had just what I needed and then some

Review №47

Cool place for decor shoppings

Review №48

Was waited on in a timely matter.

Review №49

Woww, this place has got everything related to your every little hobbies that you never think there is actually a place that sells whatever you needed for it.

Review №50

Mandatory facemask, not crowded and still as great as it has always been. Got stuff cheaper there than arty Amazon. Can you believe that. Does not open on Sundays, so employees can have a day for their family and to worship, their sign said. Impressed!!! Check out this place if you need anything arts and craft. Download their app and automatically get 40% discount. Did I mention most of their products are on sale? What are you waiting for? Be there at 9am Monday to Saturday.

Review №51

More stock and choices than Michaels! Good variety of merchandise !

Review №52

Honestly I love the store but my experience today was less than good. After waiting in line for 25 minutes to make a simple return, since there is one return line, it would have been much more effective for the csm who asked me twice if I had a return to just process my dimple transaction. Were all working through challenging times but suggesting I come back instead isnt the best customer service.

Review №53

I found the craft I was looking for! I had been to some other stores but did not find the type of craft I needed. This is a full service store, with helpful staff.

Review №54

A lot of crafting supplies and stuff for the scale modeler!

Review №55

Lots to start or finish a project. There is a variety of finshed art work. Staff is always polite and helpful

Review №56

Lots of items for all your hobby needs. decent prices. well lit, very clean and organized inside.

Review №57

Great selection and service. Huge store, hard to find things.

Review №58 Hobby Lobby!!!

Review №59

This has got to be the slowest Hobby Lobby and store in the world. I have been standing in line for, I do not know how long, and the same woman who was standing at the register before I got here is still making life decisions.I just wanted to do a quick return. Very frustrated when I see registers with no one in line. Yet, The cashiers do not take the initiative to take the next patron waiting in this line. If that is the policy, whoever is in charge of the store needs to relook that policy because that is so disrespectful of our valuable time.

Review №60

Employee, they are not friendly to Asian people !!!! I will never go back there again!!!

Review №61

Good stuff

Review №62

This store has an array of arts and crafts, jewelry sets, wall art, and more.

Review №63

Lovely place tad bit to expensive

Review №64

They wouldnt give me something 50% off when it was marked at 50% off because they forgot to take the sign down. They literally called a code! Code one, we have a code one. Someone ran back to take down the sign and said it wasnt there. It was a whole dramatic thing and so rude and crazy that they wouldnt just give it to me. Never coming back here. Get a grip hobby lobby.

Review №65

I love this store. A great place to get crafting supplies and other items. I plan to come here to get some things for my new home.

Review №66

This place has everything you need to craft or decorate. I recently visit for items for my sons school project. I found exactly what I was looking for a more. The store is very large, so it was hard to determine where to go. I was able to find an employee who led directly to the auction needed. Everyone was nice and friendly

Review №67

The associate was helpful and everything is very well organized inside. They also have great sales!

Review №68

I visited today, Sat, 12 Dec., after not having been to a HobbyLobby in 2 years. The store was very crowded. Unfortunately many customers wore their face mask either not properly or not at all. I saw nobody from the store ensuring the safety of staff and customers by controlling and enforcing proper use of masks.There were carts parked in the aisles, which made it difficult to maneuver and distance from others.The newish store policy is that you get no more discounts for matboard and custom framing. I was very disappointed when I found out I cannot use the 40% off coupon on the $28 matboard I ordered anymore.HobbyLobby near Short Pump used to be my favorite store. Not anymore. I will definitely explore my options.

Review №69

Finally one closes to me

Review №70

Lines are a little too long but other than that theyve got some great stuff its just a little pricey

Review №71

Great variety of arts and crafts

Review №72

Looks closed down

Review №73

Great craft store but it was picked clean of a lot of Christmas stuff.

Review №74

Took me straight there and back.

Review №75

I loved it so many things to choose from,i will definately visit again🤩🤩

Review №76

Wide variety and excellent customer service.

Review №77

Great prices, very helpful and friendly staff

Review №78

Found what i was looking for and more. Love this store.

Review №79

Large selection of craft supplies and loads of decorations for holidays. Expect to spend a little extra time in line when purchasing at the register- not for lack of staff, rather that miscellaneous items sometimes lack proper barcode labeling. The staff do their best to figure out the item code/price if that happens! Being a crafts store, that is bound to occur. They keep it clean and stock up seasonal specials nearing most popular occasions!

Review №80

I was going to buy something, until I was fussed at for covid precautions. Now I’ll just buy what I wanted on Amazon and I’ll never return.

Review №81

A go to for craft needs

Review №82

One of my favorite craft stores! Lots of great sale prices and a variety of items to choose from. I can always find what I need here. Great place to shop!

Review №83

Needed seed beads for a project and they had exactly what I needed. However, most of the store has Christmas stuff all thoughout. Not much Hanukkah stuff.

Review №84

Great spot

Review №85

This store has a little bit of everything. The people are always friendly and I like that they are closed on Sundays.

Review №86

The gentleman that does your mats for a framing is very thorough and very nice person I enjoyed my visit to Hobby Lobby this is a really good store

Review №87

I love going into Hobby Lobby, they always have the most unique items that other stores dont have. I love the 50% off sales. I would recommend this store to anyone.

Review №88

Wonderful bargains and great staff.

Review №89

Busy busy busy but employees are super friendly & helpful

Review №90

No one was willing to help find what I was looking for. Tons of employees just walking by but ignoring me or unpacking boxes and not wanting to help. When I finally did find what I needed, one register was open and the line was backed up to half of the store. So I just said forget it.

Review №91

Feels somewhat dingy, prices are high for low quality items. Its the materializarion of a random ebay store.Plus I disagree with the ownerships stance against covering birth control through employee health insurance.

Review №92

If youre looking for fabric for masks or redecorating, they have a great variety and helpful staff. Love Hobby Lobby!

Review №93

Had a great time looking at everything and tried not to spend too much money.

Review №94

Great selection of closing gifts for my clients! Great prices too. Its amazing how much better a Christian company runs a business.

Review №95

Always great service wonderful store

Review №96

Wasnt what i expected from the name. seemed a bit pricy for doodads and i was extremely disappointed with the puzzle selections. guess its just not my type of store.maybe youll have better luck.

Review №97

This store is huge. Not the kind of store I would normally go into and I was pleasantly surprised. I went to get matte board cut for a large picture frame. They did it right there and then and it was the best price in town. Otherwise all kinds of interesting stuff in the store. Staff was very helpful.

Review №98

This store is by far my all time favorite. They have so many cool things, pictures for your home, crafts... it’s a little expensive but worth every penny!

Review №99

Too many choices for a heck of a deal

Review №100

I was looking for colored pencils, and items to make a cross floral arrangement for Easter. I found the pencils in several palettes and everything I needed to make the Easter arrangement for my front door. I couldnt be more pleased!

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:11280 W Broad St, Glen Allen, VA 23060, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 804-364-2190
  • Craft store
  • Corporate office
  • Fabric store
  • Hobby store
  • Home goods store
  • Picture frame shop
  • Scrapbooking store
Working hours
  • Monday:9AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:Closed
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  • Sunday:9AM–8PM
Service options
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Delivery:No
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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