Walmart Supercenter
11400 W Broad St Rd, Glen Allen, VA 23060, United States
Walmart Supercenter
Review №1

I was disappointed with the condition of the store. Especially on the food area.. The floors need a good detail cleaning. The lights were dim.

Review №2

So many things from so many different departs that make me happy. 4x6 photos in an hour at 9c each! You cant beat that!I have certain things I get from each store I shop as Im not a one store gal! Wish they carried more plus size things!!! Not everyone is an 8 you know!

Review №3

If youre a delivery driver for Walmart Spark or youre a customer thats ordering Curbside Pickup after 8pm, dont even bother showing up. No associates will be available to help you out, so whats the point of allowing orders past 8pm? Unprofessional.

Review №4

Truly some of the worst floor staff you may encounter at a big retailer in this part of town.I have consistently been rejected by employees when asking for help finding something that should be on the shelf—but isnt. Their private phone calls that numerous employees seem to be on during their shift has taken priority everytime.Going to check in the back is obviously out of the question, but what is worse is employees asking me to double check or produce serial numbers for an item (how should I be able to determine this when the app doesnt show me this information?) when I am showing them the product, in the app, in the correct aisle and in front of the shelf where the product, according to their app, should be located.Just skip this place, Target is right down the way with staff that are interested in helping you, should you need it.

Review №5

3AUGUST21 Another visit to Wally World. This Walmart has to be the best one in the area!!!😃👍😃 I never find anything to complain about and I always locate everything I am looking for. Store was pretty busy but not congested. The store is exceptionally clean and is well stocked. I found everything I was looking for. Self checkout was FAST and hassle free.

Review №6

The nice older greeter at the grocery side of the store this morning made my daughters’ day! He was so kind to her (she’s only 17months).

Review №7

There were actually enough lanes open to check out quickly. Not to mention that the cashier was really nice and pleasant

Review №8

The store itself is clean and cashiers are very polite. I took off a star because my first time using their pick up service here, was disappointing. I arrived, pulled into a designated spot. About a minute in, the app says, Order Picked Up. Without going into too much detail, I had to get out of my car to engage with employees about what happened. The first employee never returned to help me. The second employee came back with my items. The reason why the order says, picked up is because the person working INSIDE clears the order from their screen so its not crowded. When they do that, the customer sees their order as being picked up. The process was inefficient all the way. I could have gone in and picked up my items and been home in the time it took me to get it straightened out! I wanted to rate this Walmart 1 star but honestly, the second employee and cashiers are all very nice.

Review №9

We are tired of only seeing 1 or 2 registers open whenever we go in there. You would think a multi-billion dollar company could pay more employees to run the registers. Definitely expect the customers to serve themselves with self-checkout...which we have done on MANY occasions!Today, we were told if customers were paying with cash, they had no change. They would ROUND UP the amount you owed them...and thats what you were expected to pay! ...For example, if your purchase was $3.15, you were told to pay $4.00! Are you kidding me?!!! Once again...a multi-billion dollar company...asking its customers to ROUND UP their purchase because they didnt have change???!!!Im sure my one post wont affect their overall bottom line...but I guess thats what they already know...and why it wont change. Im just saying what a lot of others think...that the customers deserve better service.

Review №10

Go at the right hours it is great....Walmart staff are great and do their employer great service...I own stock and recommend as an investment.

Review №11

This store is stocked extremely well and the staff is super helpful and friendly!

Review №12

This is the worst experience I ever had at a single Walmart. I’m a nurse and was looking to try two different sizes of scrubs. There was a sign on the fitting room doors saying they were open but no employee there. I walked up to a young lady named Farhwa and asked her if I could get some help in the fitting room. She said , “ I’m really busy. You can go to customer service and ask them” I asked her if she could just “call someone to come or see if it’s open, instead of me having to stand in line just to get assistance?” She repeated how busy she was and showed me some scanning machine. Long story short, I asked 2 other employees and they did not help me. They just said, “I don’t know.” And didn’t even try to offer to ask someone else. Employees should be able to help customers and if they can’t, at the very least direct them to someone who can/call someone who can.

Review №13

Nothing to complain about. Good service, tons of different items and nothing overpriced.

Review №14

I came to Short Pump Walmart store this morning. I needed to exchange an item that I opened and it was damaged. I did not know that customer service did not open until 7am. I need this product exchanged before then. The front end manager Ms.Magda was so helpful and she did not have to due to it was not 7am yet. She went above and beyond her job and didnt have to. So I wanna say thanks Ms. Magda for being so sympathetic. I love this Walmart!!

Review №15

Best thing here, their people. Helpful folks, they listen to the feedback, seen actions taken.

Review №16

There are never enough cashiers and why doesn’t a company the size of Walmart send their employees to school to learn English! This store has been decluttered and has opened up aisles which is very helpful. They are low on some merchandise which is an indication of what is to come.

Review №17

Good service and more choices eat clothes, medical, friendly personal 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Review №18

I dont go to walmart often, but this was definitely the cleanest Walmart Ive visited in a while. It even smelled like bleach from them cleaning when I walked thru the doors.

Review №19

Best service and you can find all varieties of groceries, food items, men, women, children,newborn baby clothing etc.

Review №20

Awesome place to shop. They have everything u need

Review №21

I was a little confused at 1st because the layout was different Then the other Walmart Suercenter that Ive been to . Once I got my bearings I was ok. The store was clean and the Associates was very helpful. I will continue to shop here.

Review №22

Store isnt bad, returns if you have one is always horrible because only person is ever working it. Checking out is usually pretty good. The parking lot is a hot mess though!!

Review №23

It’s the most depressing looking one I have been to.The front end was unappealing, but at least they do have a decent amount of stock in. They need more lighting, to perk it up.

Review №24

Its very crowded they only have one person doing customer service. They dont get help until the line is past bathroom or nail place. Has happened plenty of times. The cashiers are rude at times its best to do self check out lines but most only take cards right now.

Review №25

Waited 20 minutes for online pick as 10 others were serviced. Eventually was told when I called in I was not on the list of those that called in. Attempted to call for 5minutes straight to grocery pick up but no one answered.Still have not been able to speak with manager about issue Adele.

Review №26

Excellent. Went early to avoid people . Had Puppy

Review №27

Ceilings are low. I’ve been to better Walmart’s where things are more organized.

Review №28

Able to get in and get out. What I had 2 do in Walmart was short and simple

Review №29

Curbside pick up was fast but went in to get a fishing license waited for 30 minutes... Went to customer service and they paged someone... Waited another 30 minutes then I just walked out smh

Review №30

I love everything about this place, the food, the drinks and the chocolate piñata is a must! Just make sure you check since after Covid they are running with a limited menu on everything (and unfortunately, no chocolate piñata!). The good news, it appears that the menu is coming back to normal soon (at least, thats what I was told in my recent visit). Enjoy!

Review №31

I love WalMart cause you can find everything of everything... I get some food, office supplies, patio tools and some clothes... Only in Walmart can do it.

Review №32

GREAT! The $6 Meal Deal is delicious (even the fries) and comes with a sundae. Mmmm...

Review №33

They have almost everything! Very clean and safe!

Review №34

It’s always hot in the store, also normally very busy.

Review №35

It ok I go that walmart nice place

Review №36

Everything you need in one roof. Cool.

Review №37

Its kool..its walmart

Review №38

Very nice store, parking is somewhat difficult. Just watch the prices on your tickets. I was charged for more things than I actually bought. I bought 2 and was charged for 3 on two separate items.

Review №39

Well stocked. Had pretty much everything I needed. Need to stock up on Cricut iron on vinyl

Review №40

Always in every way the store to shop for everything from clothes to food. Wal-Mart is definitely a one stop shop. Love it.

Review №41

Shopped for two hours with a baby. When Walmart pay didn’t work I was told sorry we can’t help you. No problem solving at all other then my own. Looking back they could have stored my products until I was able to come back later with a card physically because even though I had two cards information my transaction was flagged. The cashier had no idea how to handle this. So instead of being helped with a crying child I was told sorry nothing we can do. In 2021 that blows my mind

Review №42

Walmart in Glenn Allen Short Pump on West Broad, I Went to exchange something at this Walmart and they were very friendly and very customer service orientated.

Review №43

Staff was nice and friendly and I easily found everything I was looking for!

Review №44

Walmart is an awesome supermarket where you can find all your needs. I really like its management. They have disciplined staffs and the environment is very friendly. It is non-comparable.

Review №45

Good shopping in Walmart Supercenter , Richmond City ,Virginia .USA

Review №46

In and out in good time. Had what I needed.

Review №47

Always clean, shelves stocked. Somehow, the cashier Im the garden section always disappears when Im ready.

Review №48

Well this time I need it some help at the jewelry department, and no one help me

Review №49

Walmart supercenter at shortpump! Closes at 11pm.

Review №50

Always very busy, some times hard to find help specially by the electronics section. Obviously it’s still a store which offers anything and everything unlike any other and no matter what. I still haven’t found a place where I can get everything I need all at once!

Review №51

The majority of associates at the short pump Walmart are rude and unwilling to help. Do yourself a favor and drive over to the Parham Rd location by Regency Square. The associates there have always been extremely helpful and friendly.

Review №52

I usually leave this Walmart with more than what I came in for. Which says a lot because other Walmart’s, I’m leaving without what I even went for. Their cashier staff is friendly, as well.

Review №53

For a Walmart, its nice. Obviously not a huge Walmart shopper

Review №54

What can you say. It was a big Walmart

Review №55

Employees are rude. Cant understand what most of them are saying when you ask them where something is. Not to mention there is people stealing items. And nobody stops them

Review №56

First time at this location, although it wasquite late in the day I managed to find a cart that was fully charged. The store was clean, fairly well stocked. The employees were polite, clean dressed and helpful!

Review №57

Very clean restroom. Very different store to the Walmart in Neptune Twp , NJ

Review №58

Just absolutely love the neighborhood Walmart!

Review №59

Walmart is always ok. Its the go to place for everything you need. Walmart on Parham Rd was closed because their computers were down, so everyone went to other walmarts. Surprised this one was not bustling with more activities.

Review №60

Nice wide aisles very easy to move around the store. The floors looked great too btw.

Review №61

If you go at night you wont find help anywhere. From what I see, all they do is work the floors and get snippy if you ask them a question. As you can see from the pictures, not a employee around

Review №62

I didn’t even realize that I was at a Walmart It was so great

Review №63

Well maintained. Following the Covid-19 rules and regulations. Good options available in most of the categories.

Review №64

Not enough cashiers, stuff all over the place.

Review №65

If they dont have it, you dont need it. Well stocked and easy to shop.

Review №66

They do not care about Handi-capped shoppers. Most spaced moved to make room for pickup service. No motorized carts and do not attempt to locate one. They need more carts. Will not go here again.

Review №67

I love walmart! I mean who doesnt lol?

Review №68

Well stocked and clean, cashier was nice. While I was walking out an employee who was moving a stack of carts saw a woman pulling 2 heavy carts at the same time and he RAN over to help her.

Review №69

I’m avoiding only SHORT PUMP, VA store- LEARN TO SPEAK ENGLISH & help customers better

Review №70

Walmart the store itself, has a lot of variety and is pretty good store but the customer service is completely ridiculous. When I have to ask for help from an associates or when I have to return an item, it is such a struggle and they act their utter worst. They have literally one job and they cant even act professional and do their jobs right without complaining.

Review №71

This is probably the worst Walmart in the tri city area

Review №72

No self check out available. Only three registers open with very long lines.

Review №73

The best market ever

Review №74

Cards that vendors are supposed to put out are taken a day or two before. People wait patiently in a line just for the vendor to show up with opened boxes emptied out. Tattood guy was seen in the baby section with an Anderson vendor unloading the stock into his cart.

Review №75

Its walmart, but this one is little cleaner than others.

Review №76

A Real Super Store!Good Prices.Great Self Check Out Employers.Awesome Regular Customer Services & Cashiers.Floor clean, stocked shelves and wide aisles.I recommend them!*****And Oh! Within The Store a Separate Business: A manicure & Pedicure. A Awesome Manicures and Waxer; her name is MeMe! This lady is Awesomenesss! I highly recommend her!!!

Review №77

Bad customer experience..FIRST OF ALL,no help to load mulch that was bought with receipt in hand...Male associate approached me while I am getting in my vehicle and questioned my purchase after it had been loaded as I was about to pull off..REALLY?! Thanks but no thanks,SIR!!!

Review №78

A great place to get good deals at low prices.

Review №79

Found everything that I needed and checked out. The only problem I had was the machine wouldnt take my money.

Review №80

Always crowded. Wish theyd build a neighborhood closer to Patterson.

Review №81

All registors but 1 was self service, yuk

Review №82

Its Walmart what did you expect? Target? Dont get your hopes up on that one. This one is always clean, and items are always in stock.

Review №83

Plenty of selection, Clean, and quick lines in checkout.

Review №84

Shelves have been empty lately.....

Review №85

As usual I pent more than I had planned, but its all good.

Review №86

Obviously its a big company so no one will care about this review, but this location is absolutely atrocious. How can you have an app that allows you to BOOK TIME for deliveries and pickups and then CANCEL the order because its too busy. This has happened twice and customer care did nothing to help me at all. The management must be doing something very wrong. I implore people living in this area to cancel their Walmart+ memberships like I did because it is not worth it.

Review №87

Good shopping experience, although they don’t take Apple Pay.

Review №88

I may be young, but Ive seen my fair share of Walmarts. Seen em in the wild, I have. This is definetly one of em.

Review №89

I have covid, and cannot even leave my bed I’m so sick. Ordered delivery, person called me said they were in my building. Order never showed up. Complained to support, they said they’d get another order to me today. They cancelled that one. Guess I’ll just starve. Thanks Walmart!

Review №90

Had a great experience ask where vacuum cleaners were gave great directions to them and the lady at checkout was very nice to me I actually enjoyed my visit

Review №91

The General manager of the store is gr8. Employees are ok

Review №92

Electronic salesperson was very helpful took the tyme to answer all my questions to the best of his ability I left very confident & informed

Review №93

This Walmart has good food for the most part. But be prepared its always super busy, and there are a lot of rude people there! DO NOT attempt to go there during Christmas! You will get stuck in the parking lot for hours! Im not even kidding its a nightmare!

Review №94

Solid Walmart. Bigger than the ones Ive seen in my hometown.

Review №95

Well stocked. Good beer selection.

Review №96

First time using the Walmart pick up option. Can’t beat the prices and appreciated Rona! She was courteous and had a great attitude regardless of delivering in the sleet and snow.

Review №97

Great service. Awesome staff. Highly recommend picking up your groceries without going in!

Review №98

Its Walmart!!! But it was good!

Review №99

In the present economy customers are looking for great customer service when spending their hard earned money. Walmart Short Pump customer service representative Celeste not only offered no service but lied to customers in line. I was there to do a return in a backed up long line with only two employees helping customers. I and the others waiting in line saw seven employees walking back and forth through customer service NEVER offering to help. When reaching out to Celeste she said she would be back in a minute toopen a third register. 27 minutes later NO Celeste and no open line. Plenty of employees walking back and forth. 4 cashiers working check out. No help and the to be lied to.And Walmart wantsMy business over Amazon. No way! To easy to do Amazon returns and very honest employees from the ground up.

Review №100

Ran in looking for usb wifi adapter. Didnt have the one in store that I wanted. Will order online. Store seemed clean.

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3.9 Rating
  • Address:11400 W Broad St Rd, Glen Allen, VA 23060, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 804-360-9777
  • Clothing store
  • Department store
  • Craft store
  • Discount store
  • Electronics store
  • Grocery store
  • Home goods store
  • Sporting goods store
  • Supermarket
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Working hours
  • Monday:7AM–11PM
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  • Wednesday:Closed
  • Thursday:5AM–11PM
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  • Sunday:7AM–11PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Same-day delivery:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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