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9850 Brook Rd, Glen Allen, VA 23059, United States
Barnes & Noble
Review №1

I went into this location with my partner a few weekends ago to browse for titles by certain authors. While there, we both attempted to visit the restrooms. Both facilities had unusable stalls due to feces and trash. In addition to being unsanitary this was also not ADA compliant. Other shoppers I encountered seemed unsettled by how dirty the facilities were. I waited in line and approached the Barnes and Noble associate at the info desk to politely let her know that both restrooms were in pretty bad shape. She just stared at me and said, “they are always like that.” I was taken back by her rudeness and tried once more to explain to her. (I can only imagine how much worse it would have been for someone with mobility issues or children.) She continued to just stare at me until I walked away.We only made a purchase after that because there was a book my partner really wanted. I was ready to leave. The corporate response was lack luster and no one bothered to follow up with us directly. We won’t be returning.

Review №2

Love the bookstore. Excellent customer service.

Review №3

I took my mom to shop for a book, it wasnt in stock but was ordered/delivered in less than a week. She is happy. Meaning I am happy.

Review №4

Associates were very helpful. Went to the back to look for the book I wanted.

Review №5

Always a great place to come and work. The cafe is good, the bookstore is super clean and professional. People treat it like a library so it is always quiet!

Review №6

Im typically an e-reader but i was missing the feeling of a good book so I figured why not. I only saw one cashier but he was great!!! He helped me find the book I wanted with ease. Definitely going back after this book turns out how I think it will 😁.

Review №7

Horrible selections, no kids toys like other locations and no service or help either. You’re on your own here folks

Review №8

Mark does the best matcha tea! regulars save a lot when they get the membership :)

Review №9

Who doesnt love reading and just browsing. I love this place. Check them out.

Review №10

Theyre a pretty neat place. A little of everything for someone. They have books, music (even vinyl), magazines, and a Starbucks.

Review №11

Lite very relaxing atmosphere. You will find something for everyone. Enjoy a Starbucks coffee and a good book

Review №12

This is one of the best bookstores Ive ever known. Add to this their café and you have ingredients for a good mix of shop for books, stop and grab a bite to eat, or get coffee or tea and relax, spend some time with a loved one or a friend, or enjoy some quiet time by yourself. The staff are always friendly and make you feel welcomed, offering guidance when wanted or needed.

Review №13

Great selection of books and nice to have a Starbucks inside so you can sit, read and enjoy a drink at the same time.

Review №14

I had called them to put specific gift book sets on hold that cant be found anywhere else in Richmond & the staff were so patient on the phone! Then I went into the store & had at least 2 people ask if I needed help while I browsed before picking my hold up. I then checked out & got some other wonderful recommendations from the cashier within the same genre. Pleasant experience!

Review №15

I love this place. Its my happy place!

Review №16

Great store and super friendly staff. Had a very tasty sandwich and a yummy cookie. And purchased a wonderful travel book on Italy.

Review №17

The go to place for all things books!Great selection of SCI FY

Review №18

It was ok. Disappointed that they dont have as many good books in their Annex on sale as they used to. Customer Service was excellent

Review №19

Really nice store. Well organized and employees are very nice. No carts or baskets though, so thats inconvenient.

Review №20

Found a lot for my paper on Chinese history but ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on Korea

Review №21

This brick and mortar store continues to defy the odds. I like old school shopping where you can see the product right in front of you. Plenty of new vinyl, select CDs, books and magazines galore. The coffee shop is good and you can often get a dollar off coupon for a large drink when you buy a book or what not. Staffing is adequate but not like it was. Still I go there to get my latest linux mags. Its all good.

Review №22

Solid Barnes and Noble. A little smaller than the one on Broad St but it doesnt take away from the experience - in fact it just makes it less crowded. Helpful staff and fast service, and even a Starbucks inside.

Review №23

Nice book store with a nice selection. You can even buy a snack and java.

Review №24

Selection of KJV Bibles is better than some places but still not many..nice help tho

Review №25

New store layout, is a big plus.

Review №26

We had a great experience and even enjoyed our Bogo cookie.

Review №27

Great selection of games and puzzles along with good discounts on books

Review №28

Have gone to this location for years and they always have what Im looking for. Good Starbucks aswell.

Review №29

Ive been here more times than I can count. The associates at checkout and at the cafe are always friendly. If you order at the cafe often enough, theyll learn your name and remember it. You also dont need to buy anything at the cafe to use the cafe seating, which is not the case at some other locations. The store is always clean, too.

Review №30

Every single time Im in here, I check my watch after ten minutes have passed and see that Ive been browsing for an hour. I love the new layout of the sections. Ive never had a negative experience while perusing the endless aisles of literary adventures.

Review №31

💘 love,love ,loved m.y shopping experience books and latte ❤ 💕 my experience.

Review №32

Was told where the books I needed were and got them quickly. Friendly, efficient service :)

Review №33

Always a great place to go. Too many options for someone as indecisive as myself in finding what to buy it read next!

Review №34

Its been awhile since Ive been in the store. It was great, so many books. Such a great selection of books and magazines.

Review №35

I was looking for a particular issue of a magazine and when told they had it, they reserved 2 copies of it for me.

Review №36

One of my favorite stores always a go to for books and they follow covid guidelines

Review №37

I stopped by to look around while waiting for my car to supercharge. I didnt realize there were still bookstores around these days. I got there around lunchtime and there were very few people in the store. There was a Starbucks in this store. The store was clean and they have a public bathroom.

Review №38

Easy to find which book your looking for and lots of variety when you are browsing

Review №39

Barnes and Noble overall has been my favorite book store way before the introduction of digital books. This particular location in Short Pump is a nice go-to when Im in the area. The staff is nice and the atmosphere is pleasant. I would give this location five stars, but I have yet to sit for longs periods of time in store or its barista. I also had an issue with a refund request which caused me to have to contact B&N customer service.

Review №40

Great kids section with story time. Our little one loved playing there and picking out books and toys.

Review №41

Recently remodelled. New layout takes a little getting used to, but is cool.

Review №42

Very nice inside and very kind staff.

Review №43

This book store has adapted very well to the Coronavirus. Theyve organized sections of books into little pods by genre, and there are spots to drop books for sanitation if you decide not to buy them. There are also signs posted about masks being required, and the limiting of patrons.

Review №44

I couldnt find anyone to help me. There was a sign at the Customer Service desk stating that it was closed and to go to the cashier up front for him. She must have stepped away from the front because there was no one there. I left and ordered what I wanted from Amazon.

Review №45

Great variety of books and goods of interest, love the place. Just never enough time to view everything.

Review №46

I love going there to get books

Review №47

Good selection. Helpful staff.

Review №48

Very interested place for everyone that love read books you can even relax drink coffe

Review №49

Amazing quality and variety of products! We love to go as a family! Great for the entire family. Grab a coffee/tea at the inside Starbucks and enjoy an awesome book. Variety of educational toys too!

Review №50

Nice, quiet, and has a starbucks!

Review №51

I was able to find everything I went in for without asking and even picked up a couple of other things. Clean.

Review №52

Pretty quick in checkout and easy to find stuff

Review №53

Its your typical commercial bookstore. They have a movie/music section, a lego/game section, a coffee shop, and an extensive magazine selection. Prices are pretty high as most bookstores tend to be, but they also have decent loyalty/incentive programs.

Review №54

Good books, I get my cowboy magazine there, good coffee.

Review №55

I usually go in an look for the mark down books which are 6 dollars. There is also a Starbucks there..Also if you get a loyalty card cost is ?? But if you read like I do the extra 10 percent is a help. Enjoy and happy reading. Remember words are power.

Review №56

Excellent store with helpful staff 👍

Review №57

Been in store since reopened, and even before, to bet a few magazines I like to read,.Been checking every 4 or 5 days, and STILL the ones I usually buy are the MARCH issues..?I know been closed for a bit, but really?..I stuck one the March issues sideways, and 2 weeks later still in same spot..NOT good on keeping up.

Review №58

Bookstore is alright, movie/media selection is quickly disappearing. The area is infested with Funco Pops. The bathroom (at least the mens) is disgusting. The stalls have a 1+ gap between the door and there were air fresheners and urinal cakes mounted everywhere....

Review №59

Your usual B&N. Did you know that they have specials? I was in buying a gift card, by the way they have really cute gift cards and greeting cards, and I was offered the special> two for one cookies, to go with your gift card; I think its like a dollar. Kind of a nice little side treat to add 😉

Review №60

Excellent Service

Review №61

One of the best B&N in town. I did have an issue at the Barista once, but that lady does not work there any more. So it is all good.

Review №62

Clean and friendly staff.

Review №63

Book, books and more books! Nothing like the feel of turning the pages of a book!, however, I do feel like the brick and mortar-style stores are on their way out. The staff were helpful, the price of my purchase was truly 50% off, so I left feeling like I received a bargain.

Review №64

Very nice, good atmosphere, love books.

Review №65

This store is nice. It totally had the let me find a book and flip through it for an hour vibe. If you dont think you are up for that, they have a coffee bar, so you will be.Seriously, it is a nice, clean, well organized store and the employees at customer service are both knowledgeable and accommodating.

Review №66

Stopped in for Starbucks and to browse. BN never disappoints.

Review №67

The staff were excellent and helpful. Store was clean.

Review №68

Good selection. Great selection of magazines. And I can peruse the books, hold them, touch them, before buying.

Review №69

Still hanging on. Barnes & Noble is a great place to touch and feel physical books. I know in our digital age a lot of us are comfortable screen reading, but its nothing like having a physical book in your hands. Barnes and Noble satisfies the need when you want to purchase a book.

Review №70

Poor customer care...rude

Review №71

A very young employee behind the cash counter, who was not aware of the special offer ran by the store (the signs mentioning the offer were on the respective racks) and did not bother to confirm. I say a very young employee because I think it reflects poorly on the store manager (who I hope is an adult) and not on the young employee.

Review №72

Enjoy going to the bookstore. I always have a good experience.

Review №73

Cashier held me up for an additional 5 minutes trying to figure out how much change to give me. She even pulled out a calculator. She ended up calling someone to help. Total 30.01 and I gave her 40.01. I told her 50 times to give me a 10 dollar bill back.. she acted as if I was trying to rob her. Smh

Review №74

Nice place to go and see whats new

Review №75

Its like any other Barmes and Nobles however the staff in this store seemed different han other places we have been to i.e no smile on their faces, we were not greeted with a hello or how u doing or can I help you find something etc and so felt strange. It was quiet than other places in the day we went and so we were able to browse the store at leisure. The place was neat and organized.

Review №76

Poor customer service. Frequently shop at this store. Recently havent been happy with employees and service. Waited at customer service desk for over 10 minutes and no one seemed to be in any hurry to wait on customers. When finally got help, the employee acted like he was bothered and sent me to another line. Not sure if will continue to shop here.

Review №77

I can not complain about this place. Good place to shop for books, games, movies and etc.

Review №78

A very nice bookstore. The cafe is a nice touch to relax and have a snack and coffee or tea. Knowledgeable staff ready to help you find interesting reading material.

Review №79

I prefer to read a good book rather than watching TV or watching a movie. Therefore, B&N is my all time favorite place to shop. One of my favorite things to do is select a book, go over to the cafe and enjoy a cup of tea while previewing my book selection.

Review №80

Great selection of books, magazines, collectibles, and games! The staff was friendly and very helpful! Things that come standard at Barnes & Noble.

Review №81

Great chain of books! A little understaffed. A Shoe Carnival, Ross, and Petsmart next door for convenient shopping!

Review №82

I love this place. Hope it never goes away.

Review №83

This is a nice, convenient Barnes & Noble location and they have a very nice coffee bar inside too.Never had an issue finding what i want as they have a customer service kiosk right in the middle of the store and the people there are always friendly and willing to help.Fairly easy access off of Rt. 1. Strip mall parking lot has a lot of spaces, but is oddly shaped. The parking lot are near B&N is narrower than the rest of the parking lot so it can actually get tough to find a space right in front of the store.Not much of a walk if you have to park a few stores down though.Nice place

Review №84

Big open store full of allkinds bigs with helpful sign makers to help find what your looking for..

Review №85

Ive been going to this B&N for years and I adore it. My sister and I went last night, and one of the employees was very attentive; I even purchased the book he suggested. Give that man a raise!

Review №86

Great as usual.

Review №87

I love Barnes and Noble, but I have only 1 complaint. They have tons of books on all subjects but only like 3 or 4 books in the genealogy section. To me thats just unacceptable. With such a surge of DNA testing and people all over the world trying to find their roots, you would think they would have a substantial section dedicated to this subject. Unfortunately, its not only this Barnes and Noble in Hampton, its also the one in Newport News too. I have also had many friends interested in getting books, or Family Charts for their trees and have had to tell them to go somewhere else. Anyway, I think this is the one thing that can be improved.

Review №88

Cozy bookstore thats not as busy as other Barnes and Noble locations. Same books, magazines, CDs & vinyl, childrens area, but I like the cafe because they offer soup/salad combos & cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. Friendly staff every time. Large clearance section. Same shopping center as several other big stores which is nice and theyre right across the street from Virginia Center Commons mall.

Review №89

The selection of books was superb! All of the staff were so nice.

Review №90

A great place to browse for books. Amazon is cheaper but there is friendly staff and a cozy atmosphere. Checking out is slow sometimes but still a great place to go to explore new booms.

Review №91

Awesome place.

Review №92

Love this barnes and noble. Great selection, neat and organized, and my 5 year old loves to go to the kids section and play and read on the stage.

Review №93

Its Barnes & Noble, whats not to like? The selection is great, though Im mostly going for their toys, games, novelties for me, and the youth books for our kids. The customer service is wonderful too. Get the B & N membership, totally worth it.The only reason they dont get 5 stars is their lack of electrical plug ins at the Starbucks cafe. Theres maybe one, possibly two? You actually have to leave the cafe and plug into a wall pillar scattered around the store and sit on the floor.

Review №94

Lots of books, magazines and a coffee shop. Great place to hang out on a rainy afternoon.

Review №95

The feeling of walking into a bookstore will trump any online deal for me. To walk around the displays, coffee aroma in the air and the thrill of finding the perfect read is what barnes and noble means to me.

Review №96

Great service. Thank you to the cashier that checked me out this afternoon.

Review №97

They ordered a season of a rare movie for my husband. He was so very happy as no one else could find it. Thank you.

Review №98

Great! I would definitely come back again!

Review №99

Very clean store ... not a lot sales of books on CDs ...

Review №100

Nice book store Relatively small size comparedto other Barnes and Noble

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