10100 Brook Rd, Glen Allen, VA 23059, United States
Review №1

I saw the ad for the brand Quiet and Roar body wash and lotion buy one get one free. When I went to pay for my items the cashier told me it wasn’t buy one get one free even though the sign said buy one get one free. According to my receipt I did get one free this cashier apparently don’t know her job.

Review №2

Easily one of my happy places. My local target has gotten us through the pandemic with care and concern and prompt service for drive-up orders. The staff has always been friendly and helpful. I will continue shopping at Target.

Review №3

This is a VERY NICE TARGET!!!👍😃👍😃 My first visit here. Im checking out the store while my friend is at MENS WEARHOUSE getting fitted for a suit. Well hit CHILIS when hes done.

Review №4

Employee at customer service desk was totally prefessional and helpful in making my purchase easy. Highly recommend this Target location( VA CENTER COMMONS) to everyone.

Review №5

Good store with wide variety and low prices.

Review №6

Great customer service. Found what we were looking for. Wasnt too busy.

Review №7

Just not impressed, my brother stood in the back for 20 mins waiting for someone in electronic section no one showed up so yall missed out on a $399.00 sale. I get to the checkout and she completely gives me the wrong money back she shorted me $10.00. Please teach your employees to count the money back when you handing it to the costumer!

Review №8

I havent been in a Target in the last 3 or 4 years. I took my daughter today because there were several items on Targets website that were for in-store purchase only. We couldnt find any of the items so we asked two associates for help. The associates were working in the area where the items should have been. Both associates said they may have the items in the back but they werent on the floor yet. Neither associate could tell me when the items would be available. Neither one asked anyone else for that information. They also didnt offer to check the back and get the items for us.When we went to check out, there were only 3 self checkout registers open. Not a single person was working at a standard checkout register. I usually prefer self checkout, but the stores I shop in have 20 to 30 self checkout registers open, as well as normal registers open. This Target had only 3 self checkouts open and no regular registers open. I stood in line and only had one more person in front of me in line when an employee from guest services came over and told everyone to wait in a line going the opposite direction in the store. There were already 15 people waiting in line behind me. All of those people mobbed together to form a different line. No one was in the order they were in originally. People who had been waiting in line and were next to go through the self checkout, now had 15 people ahead of them. I went to guest services and checked out since I only had 3 items and just had 15 people get in front of me in line.I will not be back to this Target again. The customer service is awful. Half of the store was empty and didnt have any merchandise and no one was working at any of the registers or willing to help all of the customers who were in line. Every customer was mad. It was ridiculous and unprofessional. Target has really gone downhill over the years.

Review №9

I love the store, your products are well made and last and it fits my style.

Review №10

This location is slowly becoming one of the worst locations. I live close to this store and have been shopping there for at least 10 yeras. It was very nice, clean and the people where great. That was then but it is very different now. I was in this store this evening at 10:19pm and for the second time in the last 2 weeks, no registers were open with the exception of the self-checkout. To make matters worse, two of the four were down. I asked if they were going to open another register because there was a line forming. Target used to set themselves apart from Walmart by being attentive and opening additional lines when necessary but not anymore. So I rang up the large order I had and required assistance from one of the associates walking around to scan my ID for the wine I was purchasing and then again when the machine locked up going through the card transaction process. It was not a pleasant experiance and as I said, this has happened before. As I left, I called the store number to talk to a manager to complain. I also called the other time this happened and talked to the same assistant manager. I recognized his voice and as with last time, he could not understand why I was complaining. Some people may think I am going overboard but hear me out. Why should I be forced to not only walk around a store and pick up items that I want to purchase, but also ring them up, bag them and pay for them? This is an opportunity for Target to get a higher profit margin while providing no additional value! I get no discount for allowing Target to get away with not paying a cashier to serve me! They present it as convenience but it is all about Target getting more money for nothing. At the very least I as the customer should have a choice?? Im going to call the corporate office to see if this is the way they are going forward or if this store is an anomaly. We as customers need to speak up or the big businesses will continue to shove unfriendly practices down our throats... Update 8/14/18 It is 6:10 PM and Target has one register open and are asking everyone to go to self-checkout. A fellow shopper said that Target is becoming Walmart and at least this location, she is right. Update 10/21/18 this location has 13 lines and only 2 of them are open today. All 4 of the self-service lines are open... This location continues to degrade. Recent positive reviews are inaccurate! Update 3/6/19. Just spent $67 at Target and had to ring up and bag myself because only the self-service registers are open. This place sucks! Today 5/619 @5:59pm, 1 of 16 registers open and 3 of the 4 self-serve machines working... Update 3/11/20- This is the first time that I have been back in a few months and it has gotten worse. They have one cashier and one self serve lane open. The employees say that Target is constantly cutting hours and it is difficult to make a living. Sad......Update 3/12/20 It is 9:17pm and there are only 2 lanes open with all the self checkout closed..... 8/10/20 It is 9:31pm and the announcement that the store will close just came on and no lines are opened.... Just self serve a nd one of them was broken...Update: 9/5/20 Only one register is open and the line is backed up at 9:11pm. They have self serve open but it cant take cash. The person in front of me wanted a gift receipt and the cashier could not give it to them. This place is falling further down everyday. UPDATE 3/6/21. If I could give this location a rating lower that 1 star, I would.....Update: 4/30/21 At 9:15 am, there were no registers opened with numerous team members wondering around socializing while the where lines at customer service and self checkout...

Review №11

Cashier/ associate was friendly and made me feel like a valued customer.

Review №12

No one to check you out. Its sad. I did not go there to work for free.

Review №13

Phone rings and rings and rings. I get somebody, ask a simple question and she leaves and doesn’t come back. I call back talk to someone in guest services and, says she doesn’t think they have what their website says is in stock and then hangs up on me. I’ve never had much success in target even before covid; then after, forget it!

Review №14

The employees at the self check out area stops you randomly to verify if you had purchased the items or tryna run away with it. I find this extremely offensive.

Review №15

Im really not sure what it is about this particular location but every time we go in we have an issue with pricing and they never listen, when an item is clearly marked as a sale item ( checked sku and everything) and doesn’t ring up correctly why is it so difficult to fix?! I will always go out of my way to avoid coming here

Review №16

Standing in line for the self check out because there is not a single cashier working

Review №17

Ms. Hattie who works the VCC Customer Service Counter is excellent!!!

Review №18

All the associates were friendly and helpful with loading my large items into my truck

Review №19

Quick easy and contactless

Review №20

Here at noon on Saturday. Only one cashier working with a dozen line waiting plus another 10 waiting for self checkout. Where is the manager?

Review №21

Store is always presentable or staff is working to keep it that way

Review №22

This Target store is located at 10100 Brook Road in Glen Allen, VA and we think that it is a fairly nice store to shop in. Target prices are good and the inventory is pretty well rounded too, plus they keep the store very clean (unlike the Wally World a mile or so down the street).Wide aisles, affordable but cute clothing for men, women, boys and girls, decent selection of electronics and excellent selection of household and even pet goods.The parking lot is gigantic too, but thats good for any time except for holidays when even it fills to the brim.Good value. Clean store. Nice people. Not too long a wait at checkout. Oh yes... Starbucks!

Review №23

Easy check in and check out . Found everything I needed and more.

Review №24

I placed an order online to pickup at the store and an associate never came to the drive up space to scan my barcode and retrieve my item. What is the purpose of the service if there is no associate to provide the service? This was so inconvenient and also reminded me of the many reason why I don’t shop at Target but I couldn’t find the item anywhere else that I didn’t have to wait weeks for it to be delivered. This is such poor customer service and an inconvenience.

Review №25

This is the best Target in the area in my opinion. Its not quite as busy as the other locations and I feel like the checkout people are a little quicker. Other than that its just your typical Target with a Starbucks by the entrance.

Review №26

I love the store. I don’t like self checkouts. I don’t like that self checkout did not give me my red card discount!

Review №27

Friendly staff and very accommodating. Love how they are always willing to web price match!!

Review №28

I love going to the Va Center Target! The employees are the friendliest and most helpful in all the Targets in Richmond. This Target far exceeds the rest!

Review №29

I love Target. They always have stuff I need and want.

Review №30

Quick and thorough pick up process! Very simple and accurate.

Review №31

I really appreciate the assistance and patience of the cashier......I value the fact that the cashier took the time to assist me with my extra savings on my purchases.

Review №32

Love this place. I love all the clothes and furniture and decor. Yes its a little pricey but you get what you pay for...outstanding quality.

Review №33

A nicer and new Target with all the standard Target things I love. Inexpensive clothes with the Star Wars novelty T-shirt I cant help but buy are here. A food section that includes staples like eggs and milk is here. The toy section and the icee machine my son loves are here. And dont forget the 5% off for using their Red card, which is a card you connect to your bank account.

Review №34

The cashier was funny and made my day better.

Review №35

Moat multipurpose cleaners not in stock. Everything else is.

Review №36

The best Target store Ive ever been to. Very well kept and friendly staff. I wish this was my local store but unfortunately I was just passing through the area.

Review №37

Big store nice and clean selection

Review №38

Target is better than walmart

Review №39

This is my local store. I go here often through the month. They pretty much always have what i need. Im not gonna lie. Hard to come out of any target without spending sone sort of money. Store is always clean, sometimes the shoe area can be a little of a mess, but besides that always in order for everything else.

Review №40

People walking through the store without mask, whos policing?

Review №41

Always fast and have everything I need

Review №42

Easy to navigate and has everything I need every time I shop there. Great deals, which means I always walk out with something that wasnt on my shopping list, but Im not complaining!

Review №43

Its exactly like every other Target in America. I will say that their decorative pillows are priced much too high. You can get the same thing for a quarter of the price at Roses.

Review №44

The staff were friendly. Even the Saturday of black Friday weekend the store was clean and organized. Their sales are good and their cartwheel app has even more discounts.

Review №45

Walmart dropped the ball on our Christmas cards so I went to Target at last minute not feeling hopeful. Not only did they print the cards instantly, the young lady apologized for the other store. She was very nice and had me on my way in 20 minutes.

Review №46

Good prices, clean, friendly and helpful. Everything that other discount place is not. Good parking, well lit.

Review №47

Good price, easy pick up, and polite cashier for online order pick up. Highly recommend!

Review №48

Great customer service! Got the new chai tea and it was wonderful!

Review №49

Target Customer Service clerks are always cordial, friendly, warm, and understanding when I return something, whether or not I give a reason. ALL their Employees are this way, whether they are cashiering, stocking a shelf, or whatever.

Review №50

I just tried to call the Starbucks located inside this Target and the girl who answered the phone hung up on me....she did answer on the first or second ring, but then proceeded to mumble something through what sounded like a paper bag inside of a wind tunnel. Unsure of what I had heard, I asked if I had indeed reached the Starbucks inside of the Staples Mill Target, at which point she made an audible interpretation of her eyes rolling toward her brain and promptly hung up on me. Confused, I called back and was directed to guest services, where again, I asked if I could be transferred to the Starbucks inside of the store. He paused, I’m assuming to glance in that direction, and I was told that she was “a little preoccupied at the moment”; I’d like to imaging she was preoccupied looking for her eyeballs, which rolled out of her head after the inconvenience of my first call. Hope she’s ok.TLDR: rude mellenial Target Starbucks Barista hung up on me because she was too busy at her job to do her job.

Review №51

Its Target what not to like really? I mean, if you decide to go to Target this is what youd expect. A cleaner and more pleasant Walmart.

Review №52

Limited fresh grocery, but lots of canned and prepared food. Good CVS pharmacy.

Review №53

I keep getting overcharged at the register for items. It appears that you never take the sale prices off of the shelves after the items go off sale. I was charged $7.99 for item ..Starbucks coffee ... that was still marked on the shelf as on sale for $5.99. Tired of this happening at this store. I will avoid this store from here on out

Review №54

There was only one register open with a cashier. The other 4 registers were self check and there was a line at the self check. Should have had more cashiers operated registers.

Review №55

James is here now stocking shelves near electronics and he helped me and my friends find what we were looking for!! Cards against humanity... Thanks James your a Rock 🌟

Review №56

I found some great deals & a vert nice sales lady in self check out told me about cartwheel savings. I was very greatful for that. Thank you

Review №57

Very nice helpful employees. Clean and well stocked store.

Review №58

I like Target for the products they carry, but sometimes service can be a little lax. I had to go back to the store to pick up a forgotten bag of products that I purchased and was not put in my cart.If the cashier is distracted you need to call them on it.

Review №59

This place is the least helpful and couldnt bother to help

Review №60

Lakeisha in the phone center was so helpful. See her if you need a new phone.

Review №61

Not a good target. Signs are off, no one knows about the promotions or want to honor them. Team definitely needs training about their offers.

Review №62

Well run, well stocked, busy at holidays but had enough cashiers so checkout was quick. Friendly cashiers.

Review №63

Target is always a fun place to be. Clean, great deals, better place to hangout with friends

Review №64

Great place . had perfect tv for wife.saved the day.

Review №65

Pretty good experience. I actually enjoyed this and the selection better than the one near my home.

Review №66

Good spot for all things especially when you are running errands.

Review №67

Your standard Target. Layout is pretty much the same as the rest of them

Review №68

Best to go first thing when they open, polite staff, standard Target

Review №69

Very friendly and always helpful

Review №70

Cant go wrong with Target- much preferred over Kmart or Big lots!

Review №71

Its full of the most positive customer service people Ive ever met

Review №72

Just like your average Target Store, this location is in great condition!

Review №73

Its target like Walmart but better

Review №74

Nice store. Only issue is that there were lots of full stocking carts in aisles that made cart manuevering difficult.

Review №75

Great staff, the best pedicure Ive ever had!

Review №76

Its Target. All-in-all a clean store. Good selection of all goods from food to holiday goods.

Review №77

Of all the Targets I have been to, though it is not the biggest and best, the team members are always helpful and friendly. I am disappointed Target switched to CVS pharmacy though.

Review №78

Easy to find what you need and staff are always helpful

Review №79

Went shopping here, found a few good deals.

Review №80

Good clean store, but stock seems alway low.

Review №81

Found exactly what I wanted. Large selection. Very helpful.

Review №82

Interior is typically clean, bright, easy to navigate. Busy parking lot is the only [minor] negative.

Review №83

Found what we wanted. Paid quickly.

Review №84

It was easy and pleasant to locate all the items

Review №85

Love target but can be a little pricy

Review №86

Friendly folks, easy enough to find everything​.

Review №87

They never have enough lanes open and the lanes they do have open sometimes have the worlds slowest cashiers.I had an issue awhile back with an employee discriminating against me. I went to purchase a drink from the starbucks inside for my husband while I was visibly pregnant and the barista questioned if the drink was for me and claimed she needed to watch out for my unborn child. I wrote to target, but never heard back and that employee is still there.I avoid it if I can because of all of the above.

Review №88

Not as easy to get in and out as other targets Ive been to bit same great store, so no big deal.

Review №89

This location is usually crowded and the parking lot is a death trap. I usually visit the location on Staples Mill Rd, smaller crowds and safer parking.

Review №90

It is so easy to shop there.

Review №91

If you can actually go inside of a target and not spend money... you are a special breed of human :-)Typical big box store, clean bathrooms, friendly workers.

Review №92

Great selection at a good price

Review №93

Not pleased with their customer service skills

Review №94

Big selection of stuff service is good

Review №95

Better than Walmart.

Review №96

Consistent quality & good customer service

Review №97

Food seems to be going down hill. Wait staff could try to keep the restaurant lingo (and complaints) to a minimum in the front of the house.

Review №98

Excellent customer service!

Review №99

Decently organised and kept tidy!

Review №100

Gift Card exchange advertised in electronics department. Teck was not in to preform transaction.

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  • Address:10100 Brook Rd, Glen Allen, VA 23059, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 804-262-2390
  • Baby store
  • Department store
  • Clothing store
  • Electronics store
  • Furniture store
  • Toy store
Working hours
  • Monday:8AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–10PM
  • Thursday:8AM–10PM
  • Friday:8AM–10PM
  • Saturday:8AM–10PM
  • Sunday:8AM–10PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Public restroom:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
Similar organizations
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