The Home Depot
1251 E Magnolia St, Fort Collins, CO 80524, United States

Review №1

I went here and I had so much help from their greatest employee ever. His name is Eric and he was so helpful and knowledgeable that it made my shopping experience easy and fun. The store should be thankful that such a person exists who is so hard working and dedicated to his job that he makes customers feel like they are being given the royal treatment. I would rate 10 stars but google is a coward.

Review №2

We are going to find a new place to do our home improvement shopping. Three different online orders with problems throughout including extreme delays and home Depot cancelling our order without us knowing. This last order we picked up we got home and took the lawn mower out of the box and guess what? It is used and I am not disassembling it and taking it back to the damn store. I refuse to go back there ever again. and they even re-taped the box like it was brand new. No way this was an accident. And this is not the first time we have received used items from home Depot. Too bad they dont answer the phone so that they could make this right.

Review №3

Greatest employees ever. I wish we could have gotten names of every single person that helped us because we got a lot of help! Roger spent a substantial amount of time going through power tool options for us and answered all questions and we left with what we needed! Truck drivers just passing through but we highly recommend this Home Depot!

Review №4

Masks are not enforced by management at this store. After seeing several customers without masks, I asked, and was told that they are a matter of personal choice at that store. Find somewhere sane and responsible to shop, folks.Update: Called the store to ask about their mask policy. I was told they have decided that masks are a personal choice and they WILL NOT enforce masks in their store. When I said I felt unsafe and would shop somewhere else, I was told that was MY choice. What an incredible failure of management. Goodbye Home Depot. I hope at least some of the employees there appreciate the danger they are being put in by this company.

Review №5

We’ve been working with the flooring department for over two months trying to get our flooring figured out. Unfortunately we’ve ran into issue upon issue with this project. To begin our flooring product did not arrive on time for the original install date. We were never notified that the product was running late and already moved our furniture for the project before finding out it was not in. There was very letting communication or ownership for the delays. We’ve since rescheduled the install twice due to delays.Today we went to pick up the flooring that finally arrived and many of the boxes of flooring were broken. This has been the biggest headache working to try and get our flooring figured out. We would not recommend this process to anyone we know. The delays have delayed the sale of our house and cause a ripple effect on our family.

Review №6

I love going to Home Depot they also going by the rules being safe and healthy I went to go buy me a sander for to do my cabinets faith hope love initials BW 420

Review №7

Its home depot..... The staff is minimally knowledgeable nor do some care to help. But overall if you ask someone a question they are ready to figure out a way to help even if it is a guess on their part. Go here after you do you research. It will save you huge amounts of time. Your info and the staffs inventory tablet can get the job done. When you have to go.... You have to go.

Review №8

My cashier was so friendly and professional, that she made up for the time I walked around aimlessly looking for things because I couldnt find any help.Kudos for cashiers who havent forgotten what true customer service is!!!

Review №9

Evan in appliances is fantastic!! Super knowledgeable on all appliances (washer/dryers/stoves/rangehoods/dishwashers EVERYTHING), great conversation & an upbeat personality you just cant match!! Ask for him when making your next major or minor appliance purchase!

Review №10

Clean store the employees just need to be friendlier and better idea of where everything is. Nothing bad happened just walked pasted so many employees while I looked completely lost. I had walk up and interrupt their conversations just to ask were something was. The first lady i asked also sent me to the completely wrong side of the store as well.

Review №11

Brian with the super awesome blonde ponytail was the ONLY person to tell us that it wasn’t his “expertise” but that he would find someone to help us. We got told that “it wasn’t our department” by 4 other people. He’s a gem. And actually cares when he isn’t responsible to serve us.

Review №12

Nothing bad and nothing to great. Its a great hardware store they had some of what I needed and I was satisfied with that. Lines werent too long and was able to get in and out.

Review №13

Friendly and easily found staff for assistance -- a notable improvement from a couple years ago when staff were scarce.

Review №14

My local go to depot. Convenient and they have just about everything.

Review №15

The woman who helped us in lawn and garden was so helpful (went above and beyond) ! We bought 34 paving stones and she moved all on to a pallet then used a fork lift to load on our truck! We were there probably around 7:30 or 8 am on 7-18-2020 . She said she had been there since 2am. Wish we had her name but did not see it. She was a small slender woman. Thank her for a job well done!!!

Review №16

Good store, friendly people. Employees were very helpful. They helped me find exactly what I needed and I was out the door.

Review №17

Placed an order on line for store delivery. Received email and text that the order was ready for pickup. After 20 minutes they couldnt find it. They placed the order again. Called me later and said they found it. Not handled bad except for the whole not finding the order thing.

Review №18

This store has a good assortment of many things for home improvement. Staff are generally friendly and some have deeper building knowledge. The store tends to throw too many displays in the middle of main aisles, which makes using the big carts annoying. (Especially around Christmas) Whoever does their restock sometimes forgets standard items. (Like work gloves: theyve been out for weeks, yet the Cheyenne store has 400+ and louisville over 1000+) Is my main go-to for lots of supplies.

Review №19

Today was my last visit EVER to this Home Depot! EVERY single time I check the internet for a product and then drive 20 minutes to the store its NEVER there! Today I wanted an additional Ring doorbell. SEVEN of them are supposedly in inventory. FIVE different employees tried to help me. There arent ANY!!!!! 20 minutes there, 30 minutes in the store, 20 minutes home!!!! What a waste of my time. Plus now I still have to go to Lowes to pick one up! Home Depot...... Dont use the internet if you dont know how to count!

Review №20

It has amazing types of anything and everything you will need that is construction to furniture of sorts

Review №21

Tim Baker is the most unprofessional and useless store manager there is. I went in for a truck rental. They said their computer mess up and could not provide me the service. But they still took $150 from my card. They said they couldnt credit it back to talk to my bank. My bank said they should just give me a credit back. Call store back and Tim answered. No help. Tim refused to let me talk to anyone higher then him and refused to provide his bosses number. I wouldnt be surprised if he deletes my review. I have made a complaint with my bank the police and I will be calling his superiors Monday first thing. By the way they had me waiting forever hoping I would just leave.

Review №22

The best employee helped us today. Love this store.

Review №23

Zero sense of urgency. No one to help. Even after asking 3 times. Don’t go here. They don’t care about anything other than profit.

Review №24

Your typical Home Depot with overall good experiences every time I go there. Their parking lot however...

Review №25

COVID HOTSPOT!!! Despite a statwide mask indoor for indoor spaces on a recent visit to this home depot only about 70% of customers were wearing masks. Worse, many employees were wearing masks below their noses, in protest of the mask requirements. No employees, and few customers were making any effort to social distance where feasible. Long lines in the store to checkout. A terrible shopping experience.

Review №26

Had to return an item that wasnt the size I needed and they were very quick and courteous with the transaction!

Review №27

Great experience. This place is socially conscious - they are cool enough to get you a mask if necessary - guess they want to have their customers well and able to return to the store.

Review №28

Great customer service. I needed to purchase two seat height, low flow toilets. Mark Tenney, Master Plumbing Specialist, at the Magnolia Street location in Fort Collins was a great source of information. He listed the benefits and drawbacks of several types and brands of toilets. He made sure that I understood his explanations. The information really made my decision much easier. I was much more confident that I was purchasing the toilets I needed and wanted.

Review №29

Multiple employees not wearing masks correctly (not covering the nose), so not recommended if you want to stay safe. Standard product selection but actual location did not match mobile app product location. Had to interrupt employee to employee chat to get assistance.

Review №30

Trey was very helpful in getting our carpet cleaner rental. He was was very sweet and kind and made our experience as inexperienced shoppers, excellent.

Review №31

Great displays,great layout,signs posted everywhere to indicate where the items you need will be.

Review №32

Awesome store had just what I needed in and out real quick outstanding shopping experience

Review №33

They make wonderful copies of keys. Never had an issue there. They also do minor repairs on door locks and deadbolts.

Review №34

This is a great toy store for big boys and big girls. The people there were so hard to keep everybody safe and to serve the best they can.

Review №35

Helpful and nice staff; whenever I needed to find something, they pointed me in the right direction or took me to that place. They also have good packing boxes for moving and a great selection of materials for the job.

Review №36

Has lots of supplies to fix things in your home.

Review №37

Obviously Home Depot is more than 3 on the things they have to offer, however I do not feel that most people are concerned with that so I am rating from a customer experience stand point.Every Home Depot has those one or two employees who just have it in their nature to be really helpful and thorough.As an overall entity however, the customer engagement from employees leaves a lot to be desired.The cultural seems to embody the, Im helping you, but my body language says Im ready to find an empty aisle and not be bothered,which is unprofessional at best.Spend some time in Home Depot and it will be apparent that there is opportunity for the company to better prepare their team with knowledge.This lack of knowledge creates lack of confidence which in turn creates a lacking customer experience.I could continue on, however when I see this from a retailer I am not going to hold it against the employee.This behavior is a direct reflection of those who run the store and are responsible for the employee culture/experience.Hopefully they find their way to inserting some leaders with a more comprehensive vision for the employees.Great place to get things you need for home improvement, just come armed with some knowledge and a smart phone so you can look up information you need for yourself.

Review №38

Home depot is the best place to get all u need for your projects. An Decore on your home.

Review №39

They seem to have started hiring people with little to no clue about home improvement. Its turning in to the Radio Shack of home improvement. The plumbing guy didnt know what a closet bend was, didnt know you couldnt mix ABS and PVC. The lumber quality has been on a decline over the last few months. The kids they hire are inept at their jobs. The cashiers are nice, so thus the 3 stars

Review №40

They have what you need to get the job done and great customer service

Review №41

I loathe this place and will never shop here again. The staff is consistently rude, condescending and unhelpful. Very few of them are knowledgeable. Most of them stand around dumbly or walk past you without stopping to offer assistance. Of the 3 times I have been here, I have had a terrible experience each time. Consistently disappointing.

Review №42

Always, always very helpful and 100% professional!

Review №43

Always great. Super busy. Probably a little under staffed

Review №44

This Home Depot is a couple cuts above most big box stores. We do all of our own house and yard maintenance. And, I build the utility furniture and storage we need. So, we need a reliable source for hardware, building materials and landscape supplies.This Home Depot has become our go to source for almost all of our DIY projects. They have had everything that weve needed for the last eight years.The folks who work there generally have strong experience in one or more trades. We rely on them for advice.

Review №45

Low prices but employees are very rude

Review №46

Quick service from the curbside pickup, really makes it easy.

Review №47

Stuff great. Selection of tile not so much.

Review №48

Home Depot is better than Lowes...

Review №49

Very regular customer at this home Depot, and the customer service is always very good. It does not matter if it is bright and early on a Monday morning or late in the evening on a Friday, the staff is always friendly and ready to help. Also, the store is always clean and well stocked, and pretty easy to navigate.

Review №50

Normally I dont have issues with HD. On 3/13/20 I special ordered 23 boxes of vinyl floor and 3 transition strips. On 3/19 I was notified that the transition strips had shipped. I called corporate to find out about the flooring and was told that it was already at my store even though I wasnt notified. I called the Fort Collins store on 3/20 and said I had a special order and was told it would be ready to pick up on 3/21. My son went to pick it up and was told at the front desk it was not ready and it would take an hour. He opted to come back the next day. On 3/22 he returned to the store and again the product was not ready. Front desk said to go back to flooring where he could not find anyone and left. I then called and talked to Steve who told me he would have it ready on 3/23 morning. 1 hour later I received an email that my order was ready for pickup and was to be picked up by end of day 3/22 or it would be returned. I rushed out to the store and lady at front desk said order was not pulled and she wasnt even sure it was in. I showed her the email I received and she said Dont ever believe an email you get from Home Depot!!!! After 30 minutes of back and forth the order was located and at least the loaders were friendly and helpful. I tried to find a manager email or store email with no luck! I will be interested to see if anyone reads these reviews from the store or corporate and respond to this poor serviceDave ThompsonFort Collins, [email protected]

Review №51

Our visit to home Depot was great . My husband broke his knee and found that he couldnt get into his 4X4 pickup so we came to home Depot. A young man working in the lumber department helped us pick out a ladder that will help him safely get in his truck. Thanks so much

Review №52

Horrible! Their system showed having 2 humidifiers in stock but no location. After asking Customer Service twice and another employee I was told they just dont know. Also one of the Customer Service people tried to call the Plumbing Department and no one would answer or return the call. Then I was told that Greeley shows one in stock and I could call them. Well if Fort Collins showed 2 in stock why would another store that shows 1 in stock actually have it or find it!?

Review №53

Great Place Always have what i need!

Review №54

Its Homer D...always good.I didnt wear a mask which was good and they didnt bother me. Most folks were not wearing right on for Home D.

Review №55

It is home depot, how can you not give 5 stars?

Review №56

Went back in to look for nails and screws and receipt reprint

Review №57

Poor delivery and customer service. I ordered a faucet online and paid for a scheduled delivery. My order was processed through the store on Magnolia in Fort Collins. The faucet was not delivered as scheduled. I was told the currier did not pick it up. A week and a half later, the currier still has not picked up the faucet for delivery. I was told I should call the currier. I paid Home Depot for a product and delivery and they have failed. (I live out of state and the faucet is needed for a rental in FTC).

Review №58

Big aisles, bad tech security, executives are evil.

Review №59

Helpful store clerk. Found what we needed

Review №60

You know, its home depot

Review №61

Its a home depot. This is a smaller store but still has what I generally need.

Review №62

Charlie in the rental area was awesome! Took care of us in a friendly and efficient way. Gladly drive across town to do business again! Super guy!Emily helped us both in the garden area and self check out when we did a bit more shopping after dropping the rental truck off. Awesome all the way around and we enjoyed all of our interactions, especially the friendliness!Best Home Depot!

Review №63

Found everything I needed to complete the job I was doing

Review №64

Super easy online returns.

Review №65

This is the 3th time the flooring professional people at home depot roll my carpet in the wrong wayMake my life harderThank you so much

Review №66

I went to pick up a shift to store item. Pretty cool system. They have lockers that will open when your enter your code.

Review №67

Lot of times hard to find someone to help. This time was no exceptionThe person who came knew nothing about doors

Review №68

Curb-side delivered 10 heavy bags of soil for me today... that was very nice of them!

Review №69

Super very nice .

Review №70

Love the new customer service desk. Really helps by having 5 spots instead of 2.I do wish they were a little more picky with their lumber and moved the warped framing lumber to the back of the store more often. Its not very fun to reach in with your whole body in a dangerous position to take out board after board of warped lumber.

Review №71

They are absolutely swamped with customers and at risk of getting infected, and yet keep serving the public well

Review №72

This Home Depot isnt enforcing the local mask wearing ordinance. They have it posted at the door, but no one is checking. The store is chock full of people not wearing masks and not respecting the 6ft social distancing. If you want to buy some home improvement supplies and not catch the virus, try Lowes where theyre enforcing the mask ordinance.

Review №73

Get most of my home needs sometimes great other times not

Review №74

I would like to give Ben M a shoutout for the outstanding service that he provided. I am working on a big project that I am overwhlemed with and when he stopped me to ask if I needed help, I told him that I am going to take a long time and he said he gladly has the time to do so. He helped me with every detail and offered different ideas that truly helped. He was patient, friendly and very helpful. I just want to thank him and please reward him for the more than regular service that he provided. Thank you Ben!

Review №75

Good deals on tools.

Review №76

Helpful and ready to find items. Shopping online is easy too. Good prices

Review №77

Great deals and organized well!

Review №78

Almost always has what I needs. I bought a tool box that when I got it home had a ton of damage. Brought it back and traded it out with another and gave me a discount for my troubles. Thank you Home Depot.

Review №79

I would like to say Thank you to Luke and the staff at the Front Collins home depot. Their customer service was excellent and helpful in get our projects done.

Review №80

Derek in deliveries was extremely helpful they short short staffed up front and he said he didnt have a lot of experience with this but he was so helpful and not to mention stunning.

Review №81

Great products and service.

Review №82

A big thank you for the 3 gentlemen in tool repair. Tom and Richard made things happen after dealing with a return on a Rigid product. Absolutely outstanding service. Saved the day...

Review №83

I ordered online and it took 2 weeks to get here. Then the store employees who were looking for it overlooked the package 3 or 4 times despite my name being printed on the box.

Review №84

I have been shopping here for years. Great store always have what I am looking for and the employees are vary helpful and kind.

Review №85

Always polite staff and very helpful, always enjoy coming here to get supplies.

Review №86

If you need help be sure to find Isaac. Hes helped me numerous times in the garden dept & then today in the cleaning supplies. Hes so friendly & helpful. Great representative for your store.

Review №87

Was trying to buy a washer for the cyber Monday sale, my wife wanted to use the credit line option while also paying half Down. We decided to buy a gift card to use towards the washer because you could not use another card as payment with the credit line. We bought a gift card online and then proceeded to try and check out with the washer. Well the temporary card number for our Gordy card expired and we were unable to get a new one, so instead of losing out on our deal we ran to the car packed up the kids and drove 30 min to the nearest Home Depot in fortcollins, well we get there and they can not find our gift card in their system and the manager would not come to the front to help us. Was very Terrible management, they would not extend the sale price for us till they could figure out what happened to the money we used to by a gift card and told us tough luck. Absolutely terrible service will never be shopping here anymore! Such a terrible experience.

Review №88

Cashier Debra was extremely helpful and willing to answer any questions that I had

Review №89

State Mandate for masks which means all customers are to wear masks. Several men NOT wearing masks and dont tell me they ALL have medical conditions! Well shop at Ace Hardware from now on where masks are required!

Review №90

Typical home depot. 100 minimum wage employees, pretending to be busy so they dont have to ask you if you need help.

Review №91

Always friendly service.

Review №92

Nice home depot clean and organized

Review №93

Great store. Always well stocked and the employees have always been friendly and helpful to me.

Review №94

Keeping me busy for the weekend.

Review №95

Im in and out of that place all the time. Customer service is decent, I love the self checkouts.

Review №96

Good selection.

Review №97

Typically pretty helpful staff and a wide variety of hardware items. Usually they have what Im looking for.

Review №98

We went in to pick up some plumbing materials and Mark who was working the plumbing dept was very helpful. He showed us what we needed to make it look very nice for our kitchen. I would rate him as one of the top employees there.

Review №99

One thing I do like about on depo is there a huge selection of tools and merchandise. The staff here is very knowledgeable on the products, sometimes you have to wait for a minute for the right person to come around but it is worth it. I would highly recommend home Depot to any contractor, homeowner, or business owner. If you cannot find it here at home Depot, then they will help you find what you are looking for elsewhere. And I respect that

Review №100

It has everything and the employees are very helpful.

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  • Appliance store
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  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Assembly service:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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