Sears Home Appliances
3400 S College Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80525, United States

Review №1

Repair tech explained all of our appliances and all their coverages. Willing to give pointers on how to make central air furnace run so much better.

Review №2

Absolutely horrible customer service. If you buy anything here, better hope you have no warranty issues. Not sure if all Sears stores are like this; but the one in Fort Collins is horrible. They lie, take advantage of senior citizens and have no sense of customer service. If all stores are like this, then Sears will be out of business very soon. Below is our story; or scroll to the bottom for a summary. NOT RECCOMENDEDMy wife and mother-in law bought a refrigerator. The first sign of bad customer service is the guy loaded the fridge in the back of the pickup, and then just left. My wife had no idea how to strap down the fridge, and the guy just shut the door and left.But the big issue was the fridge was DEFECTIVE as it would only hold one temperature - freezing. The temperature could not be adjusted to a normal fridge temperature. The warranty problem was reported and a Sears technician was scheduled to come over to the house to fix. He missed the first appointment, called to say he had car problems on the second appointment, then called to say his wife was in the hospital for the 3rd appointment.By then, 2 months had passed, so we were unable to return the fridge to this Sears. So my mother-in law calls the store in Fort Collins. We have a replacement unit, and there is a $119 delivery charge My mother-in law accepts and gives them her credit card information. Another month passes. Another call to Sears and we find out that this replacement fridge is not schedule for delivery until mid-August. What began with a purchase in April has now turned into a mess with with no resolution until August.My wife calls Sears corporate. We cant do anything, our computers are down. Sear corporate does say that they will accept the return, and notify the store of the decision. We call the store a week later, and they are unaware of any directive from Corporate.Finally, I load up the fridge and return it to the Sears store in Fort Collins. I explain the dilemma to very nice lady working there. She explains there is nothing she can do, as it is being returned outside the 30 return limit, and that she cannot issue any return credit because the manager is out of town. I convince the store to take the defective fridge. The next week, I call the Sears store in Fort Collins. They state that they cannot issue a refund, that corporate has to issue the refund. We wait 2 weeks, and no refund.My wife calls Sears Corporate again. They give her a customer care number that turns out to be disconnect. She calls Sears Corporate a final time and gets ahold of someone there who actually cares. This person states they will escalate the issue. (which is hard to belief at this point)Finally, the Sears Store in Fort Collins calls and wants us to come by to get reimbursed. I went with my wife, as the manager (who blatantly lied to us several times) was going to issue the refund. It took maybe 10 minutes to complete the refund.The only reason we got a refund was tenacity.So here is what to expect if you buy from Sears in Fort Collins:- No help loading or securing cargo- Poor Warranty service- Take advantage of Sr. Citizens (Why would they charge a $119 delivery fee for a warranty replacement ?)- 4 months ( and still no fridge)- 5 trips to the store (we live in Loveland)- hours on the phone to Sears Corporate- Disconnected customer service numbers- Deliberately misdirect the customer when there is a warranty to allow the 30 day refund time window to expire.- If there is a problem, the store blames corporate, and corporate pins it on the store. No accountability.NOT THE SEARS I REMEMBER. Negative StarsONE LAST THING: WHY ARE THE LOCAL GUIDES THE ONLY ONES TO GIVE THIS STORE 5 STARS ?? And the comments are generic and canned. Not very credible.

Review №3

Patty took her time, answered our questions, made sure she got everything that we needed, and was incredibly patient regarding my very tough and thorough questions. I highly recommend Patty as she really knows her stuff and will get you the best deal possible. Also kudos to the manager Abraham for his help with the prices.

Review №4

My 4 year old refrigerator and freezer stopped cooling suddenly. Had to throw away hundreds of dollars of good food. Called a non-Sears company to repair it - they came same-day and told me that my Kenmore fridge actually had an LG compressor that is notoriously bad (and known to be bad) and needed to be replaced. I had a month left in my Sears warranty, so told me to contact them for the repair.First repair appointment with Sears was over a week out. Same-day phone call that they had to cancel and reschedule me the next week. Understood, things happen.Next week repair appointment, talked to the tech on the phone (Alan) at 1 pm (in the 1-5 repair window) who told me that he had one more fridge to fix and would be over to my house. Fast forward to 5:45 and he is not there. Had to call the call-center and they told me my ticket was open and tech would be there within the half-hour. Fast forward to 7 pm and still not there. Called call-center again and was told that the tech just cancelled the appointment and rescheduled me for 2.5 weeks out, their first available. No sooner appointments, would have to wait.Two and a half weeks later, appointment day came. We had a bad snowstorm, but streets were clear and accessible. Got a call that they had to reschedule and had some availability the next day. Next day came, and at 5:15 (1-5 window) I called the call center to see where the tech was and was told he just cancelled and would need to reschedule for later that week.Many calls to the call-center to try to get information about my appointments. Half of the time I would call, I got hung up on. Was never rude or said anything ill on the phone, but as soon as they told me my appointments would be cancelled, I would get hung up on.That is FOUR cancelled/missed repair appointments. Over a month without a refrigerator in my house. Nobody at the call center cared. Nobody I spoke to cared, except one person on the phone when I finally broke down in tears out of frustration after the 4th same-day repair cancellation.The guy finally came to fix the fridge and replaced the compressor. He was nice and helpful. The part was covered, but not the $480 labor to fix it. The LG compressor and this Kenmore fridge is still being sold in the store. Their is a class action lawsuit against this because it is a known faulty product.I paid $480 to get a new, yet faulty, compressor. My fridge and freezer now work and I can now feed my two little kids fresh food again!Have been a loyal customer at Sears who has done many construction products and always used Sears appliances. Never again.

Review №5

Such a headache...we purchased a fridge it turned out to be a lemon and after a tech came out 5 times to deem unfixable, we were able to exchange (which isnt all that great because the fridge we had was out of stock and anything comparable was much more in price). We were sent an email with a number to call, that didnt work, then we called the general line was transferred 5 times back and forth, then disconnected, called back was on hold for 30 min transferred then on hold for 3 hours before we could purchase our replacement.Sears is failing and it else where

Review №6

Excellent service. At least 4.5 stars. Good machine at a good price.

Review №7

We purchased a refrigerator at Sears appliance store on south college the 25th of January and it was promised to be delivered on the 3rd of February. It is now the 24th of February and we still have not got the refrigerator.

Review №8

Horrible delivery promises and horrible notifications of delivery changes.I paid for a fridge Oct 31st, told due to Covid delay that delivery would be Nov 15th.Kept getting 1-888 Sears VM delayed delivery . Called store, said dont worry. Guess what? Ended up delayed, no warning.New date set for Dec 15th . Kept getting the 1-888 VMs delayed delivery, called several times, the store said dont worry, ignore those VMs,it should/may, be at your house on date.All the way up to 3 days before delivery date I was told it will be there on time. Didnt get delivery confirmation time call like promised the day before, so called store 5pm. Gee sir its been delayed again . Like WHY didnt THEY call me? Why did I have to find out on my own?They say it is all due to a transportation software giltch.Today is Dec 26th, and they say it will be delivered Jan 5th. Not holding my breath.Something is wrong with Sears Corporate and local store.

Review №9

Ms. Patty is the best!

Review №10

Staff was helpful and they have a ton of options. Cool place

Review №11

Really nice sears appliance store new too.

Review №12

After visiting nearby stores, we were pleasantly surprised by i) the selection and ii) the low-key approach of the sales staff. We spent plenty of time browsing on our own before we approached a staff member with our questions; she was helpful and answered them, but didnt pressure us to make a purchase. In the end it was her soft touch that caused us to buy from here over many other options. Very satisfied with Sears Appliances.

Review №13

This review is specifically about their delivery crew. We purchased a new dryer to be delivered and set up. The delivery crew (2 men) arrived within the allotted time slot. My husband had cleared everything out of their way. When they attempted to hook up the ducting to the dryer they discovered that their attachment would not work. They informed my husband that what they brought would not work and that we would have to figure out how to fix it. Then they left! So now we are left with a new dryer that we paid to have delivered and set up, that is not! Sears needs to concentrate their efforts on customer service AFTER the sale!

Review №14

These people sold my wifes almost 90 year old grandparents a $2000+ refrigerator. It lasted 2 YEARS, and is now DEAD in the water. Sears has done NOTHING TO RECTIFY THIS SITUATION. I talked to professional named Steve at the Fort Collins location where it was purchased. I was blown off and told the manager Abraham would do the same. So unless you want you or your family RIPPED OFF, STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!!

Review №15

We will never do business here again. The customer service was awful and the employees were very rude.We have always done business with Sears and have great experiences at all other locations. Fort Collins is the worst!!!!!

Review №16

BUYER BEWARE!!Delivery if appliances is a nightmare. The first attempt we never got a pre delivery call. We received a call when they were driving to our house and we were out of town. The next few delivery attempts worked the same way. They actually forgot to include our fridge when we were finally home.Also if you are buying the floor model, make sure to get a quote on time to deliver all the mounting hardware. Its been over 2 months and we still havent received the microwave mounting hardware.

Review №17

I sure miss the old Sears. When they had Great quality appliances and tools.

Review №18

Staff is attempting to be helpful but the two times Ive been in looking for a fridge it hasnt been very much help. The staff mostly seem very new, and its a new store, so maybe it will improve over time. But it seems they dont offer any information or services that are not on the website, and if you dont already know about website offers they wont tell you about them (but if you know and ask about free shipping or whatever promotion is currently online they say they will honor it). They advertised this store as being a place where online shopping and in-person research are combined and talked like this would be the same as web shopping - not yet, it isnt. Use it to see something youre considering in person by all means, but call ahead first to make sure they have a floor model to look at. And as long as you know what the online promos and options are and ask for them upfront you should be OK buying in the store.

Review №19

Do NOT, I repeat DO NOT buy an appliance from Sears. They do not stand behind their products and the service is horrible. Our refrigerator that we bought 10 months ago is no longer keeping cool. Our food is rotting. When I tried to get service, they can only schedule a repair 3 days out AND they gave me an 8 hour window. Eight hours. Poudre Valley Appliance can get someone out to your home within 4 hours of a phone-call and yet a national company like Sears cannot manage that when its to support their own products. If you want to purchase an appliance, go somewhere else.Follow-up my review from two months ago....Our stove also failed within a years time of purchase. The burners will no longer ignite with the knobs (we have to use matches). I have been trying since the beginning of June to get it fixed. Between the fridge and the stove I have waited through 20 hours of service windows and my stove is still not repaired. Upon the first service window the repair person could not fixed it..said he needed to order a part and would call when it came in. I called after 3 three weeks and the part was in. A service window was set up. He didnt show. Another service window was set up. Again a no-show. Sears in-store people said they could not help but gave me a number to call. At that number they said they would escalate the issue and I should hear within 2 business days. Its now been five without a word.Do not waste your time buying from Sears. Most likely the appliance will fail and they will not be there for you when it does.

Review №20

Great customer service. They immediately found the product I needed.

Review №21

This place has appliances, matresses and some craftsman tools. Was easy to find and plenty of employees to answer my questions. Prices seemed to be competitive.

Review №22

Purchased new washer and dryer. Great price quality associate

Review №23

There wasnt much of a checkout system there. Not many employees on the floor to give customer service. Should have easily just shoplifted the item I needed.

Review №24

Great service and prices for July 4th sale

Review №25

In store experience was decent. Only a couple of people working and available to answer questions. I am rating low because it has been impossible to reach anyone by phone. I got ahold of somebody my very first try who then told me that they were so busy that he would call me back. He never called me back. I have since tried to call 7 or 8 times with nobody ever answering. I am worried that we have made a mistake trying to do business here.

Review №26

I only gave 1 star because it would not let me give zero. I bought a gas range from this store and paid for the delivery and installation. I received the installation time window and date over the phone and took a day off from work in order to be there. The delivery team showed up over 4 hours past their promised window, just before 8 pm. As they brought in the range, they informed me that they did not have the tools needed to install the gas line. All he had for tools was a hacksaw and pliers. I installed the gas line myself, even after paying for Sears installation. The first time I used the oven it set off the carbon monoxide detectors. I went back to the store and asked for help. I was directed to speak with the manager and he explained that my home is on propane and needed different orifices installed. He was going to set that service up for me and I would be getting a call from the service team. Another week went by and no call. I went back into the store and was told the manager was in the hospital but they would send me the orifices and I would have to install them. Really, I have install them after I paid for this service to begin with. I have now had the range for over two months and I am not able to use it for safety reasons. Carbon Monoxide is deadly. Today I called Sears. They gave me the same run around and I was transferred multiple times. Finally I was told that I would have to deal with the store because it is independently owned and managed. Looks like this will not get resolved. There is no way I would recommend this store, or Sears for that matter, to anyone. They will sell you appliances but once they have your money they obviously dont care anymore. I now have a new $700 range that I have to call an someone to come out and fix. It has been a terrible experience. I wish that I had never bought my appliances there.

Review №27

Nice show room and helpful staff. Sears has always been a good place to buy appliances, they have good deals and a lot of products to choose from.

Review №28

My oven broke in October, the earliest repair appointment was for late November. The came out, charged me the $89 fee, quoted me for another $350 to repair the oven. I paid the full amount and scheduled another appointment for late December (no oven for Thanksgiving or Christmas). I checked my credit card statement and they had double charged me. I have contacted them multiple times and have yet to recieve a refund. The same repair person came out, worked on the oven, left the house without telling me or showing me the repair. I walking into the kitchen to find the oven without any power - the breaker was flipped. I reset the breaker and tried to turn the oven on - it immediatly flipped the breaker again. I called and texted the repair person, no response. I spent 3 hours on hold with Sears call centers - there was no way to reach a local person or local dispatch. I spoke to people all over the world at different call centers - or was put on hold by people all over the world. The earliest they could schedule me was another month. Late January a different repair person showed up at the very end of the appointment window when I had to leave the house to pick up my kids from school (the text that he was on his way did not come through or my husband would have come home from work to meet him). More than $700 and 3 months and I have no working oven. I was told they would contact me to reschedule, I have heard nothing. My next course of action is to try to get a full refund and hire a local appliance repair if Sears does not contact me with a new appointment time. I will update this review if anything happens.

Review №29

Ok the staff were friendly and willing to help us but the store did not carry, had no ability to quote a price, nor have the ability to even order the new Applianceses we wanted. Home depot, Lowes, Costco and Best Buy all carried them in stock (New Samsung Hub applianceses.) Wanted to give Sears Appliance a chance but it did not work out. I had to leave disappointed.

Review №30

Great customer service! Awesome employees, and great appliances!

Review №31

My friend bought a stove two weeks ago but after yesterday the switches on the burners were malfuntioning the left front burner was turned off and was somehow lighting the back right burner. Not to mention i tried calling a representative and a computer operator was the one i had to deal with. It was so horrible, they gave me a delivery number after that i spoke to someone and they gave me a wrong number. They just pass you off to other numbers like they dont want to deal with you. Sears Appliance is the worsed. Has the worsed customer service, worsed delivery and installment service.

Review №32

Had a repair man try to fix my dryer and charge me 90 bucks THREE different times. Dryer is still broken.

Review №33

New store is so clean and associates very helpful

Review №34

Sears Fort Collins. Delivery crew also lies. Lie and sold subpar used appliances. Don’t ever buy from this company.

Review №35

Favorable pricing. Checkout clerk was unprofessional.

Review №36

Saleswoman was very helpful and friendly!

Review №37

They change sales and prices too often. Slightly pushy sales people

Review №38

Very helpful, no pressure sales.

Review №39

My call just rang and rang... and then they hung up on me. Guess they dont need my money.

Review №40

Got nothing correct had to go back 5 times to staighten things out . Never again unfortunitly

Review №41

Great friendly customer services but took them 3 month finally to deliver my washing machine they delayed 3 times had to buy different brand finally was delivered than delayed my mattress and dryer really need to improve deliver services.

Review №42

Tim was very helpful

Review №43

Incredibly bad customer service. Waited 15 minutes to pick up one small part with no customers in store. Andy came out of back and did not let me know he had part until I was walking out. If you want incompetence, Sears is for you!

Review №44

Horrible just tying to call store and get call center every time!

Review №45

2nd time they lost my order. 10 min after pickup I finally get a text my order is ready to pick up. If they survive 2018, I dont know how. Use to be the place for tools and appliances, but not anymore.

Review №46

Great service!

Review №47

Ok nothing much left

Review №48

Not too much to pick from.

Review №49

Helped a friend by appliances

Review №50

Friendly staff

Review №51

No parts

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