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Review №1

I called Quick Appliance Repair to notify them of a dryer fire that I had at my home (fire trucks responded) shortly after their repair person came out to check out my dryer-and said there was nothing wrong with my dryer. No response whatsoever. Dont use these people if you expect responsible follow up. Poor service and 0 follow up.

Review №2

On time, thorough, went extra mile to go to warehiuse

Review №3

Wasted 3 weeks dealing with this company. When i tried talking with the owner he said they were having staffing issues. THEY DO NOT COMMUNICATE. ThEY DONT SHOW UP FOR APPOINTMENTS AND THEY DONT RETURN PHONE CALLS. They also lied to me about parts orders.

Review №4

Great service and very fast!! We dropped off our Whirlpool microwave in the morning and they had a quote by mid-afternoon. The microwave was running very loudly and wouldnt generate any heat. Luckily, Chucks quote to repair it was less than half the price of a new microwave, so we went that route. And it was repaired three days later! Were very glad to have our microwave back and working perfectly! Will be calling Quick Appliance for any future repairs, since all the appliances in our kitchen are Whirlpool.

Review №5

Such a pleasure to work with! I believe we had a repair person here in less than two hours from the time we called and spoke to a live person. Such nice people from the initial phone request to the repair/installer, nothing but helpful and incredible follow up. Constant contact not only by phone, but emailing updates so easy to always be in touch. I am so glad we found Quick Appliance and cannot express how positive an experience it has been from beginning to end. Thank you all so much.

Review №6

Michael was very professional, knowledgeable and prompt.I would not hesitate to recommend Quick Appliance Repair to anyone needing help.

Review №7

I have had Quick Appliance Repair at my house 3 times for repairs, 2 times was for factory warranty on a JennAire product and once to repair our refrigerator. Jacob came the 2 warranty repairs and did a great, professional repair both times. Today, Dave came to fix the ice maker in a 20 + year old Maytag refrigerator. I expected to be ready to pay for a new ice maker and was wonderfully surprised that there was nothing worn out or non repairable. Was just ice buildup that jammed the ice maker. Hell, I was worried that I might have to buy a new refrigerator and it ended up no parts and only the service call and time charge for repairs. Very honest tech and very professional in handling the repair. I will us you for any repairs in the future and referrals from anyone needing good and honest appliance repairs. Thank You from a very happy customer....J SMITH

Review №8

Extremely helpful! Bey essentially repaired my washing machine over the phone by walking through a couple of check points with me! My machine was working again in a matter of minutes! Now that is QUICK!!!! Next time I need a repair, Ill definitely call these guys!

Review №9

I first used this company in 1996. They solved my problem with a phone call and no charge. Over the last 24 years they have helped out with every major appliance in my house. They have provided piece of mind, quick response and service and always at a fair price. You cant go wrong.

Review №10

I dropped off an old washer July 2020.I decided to look around to see what they offered. Chuck, my sales person, must have thought me a bit loony as I looked at every darn washer on site and asked many questions. He was marvelous and well informed. My frustration in any large appliance was in quality. The washer I had dropped off was only 8 years old. I wanted something that had better cleaning qualities, sturdy, not a lot of electronic stuff, and held more clothes. Wow did he meet my expectations! He sold me a new 2017 speed queen top loader. They found it in a warehouse and brought it to the floor. It is now December of 2020 and every time I use it I think, I need to tell Chuck how much I appreciate him! Thank you.

Review №11

As a residential property manager I deal with service calls for appliances almost every day. Quick Appliance is always fairly priced, quick to respond, and communicates clearly. Theyre always super respectful to our tenants, and do great work. I really appreciate being able to work with a local company and not be at the mercy of the box stores when it comes to appliances.

Review №12

Charged me 79$ to come out and tell me that all the parts were back ordered for months and they couldnt do the repair. That trip could have just been a phone call if they had an organized business.

Review №13

From the moment I called, where a very nice lady answered the phone and helped schedule an appointment, I was very pleased with their service. The technician answered all of my questions and explained what he was doing while doing it. They were able to order the part needed for my washer and install it the day after it arrived. Very reasonabley priced. If I need appliances repaired in the future, I will definitely come back to Quick Appliance.

Review №14

We contacted Quick Appliance in early October regarding a Decor oven that was under warranty. They agreed to fix the oven and Decor continues to send the wrong part. Through out this, Quick Appliance has not kept us up to date on the status, has failed to return phone calls, and has arrived at our house with the wrong part on numerous occasions. They should be able to check the part prior to coming. Also, they indicated yesterday that they would be done with this at the end of December, regardless of whether the oven is fixed. I called and the manager Bay assured me that they were committed to servicing the oven and he would call back later that day with an update. He never called and we called them again. At this point, he indicated they were working on it but not to worry as someone would fix it, if not them. It is clear they have every intention of stringing us along for nearly 3 months now without any ownership. While the wrong part is not their fault, the lack of communication or integrity on their part certainly is.

Review №15

Called out for leak to repair ice maker. First call, they repaired leak but ice maker still didnt work. They said ice maker was seperate issue from water leak, ok. So second call to come out and fix ice maker. They had to order part and when it came in, came out to install. After installing they said there was another leak. The thing is, before installing ice maker, there wasnt another leak. They cracked the quarter inch copper but said to fix it is another call. I am the tenant, they should be happy Im not owner, I would have blown my top. Cant believe they broke the tubing then want to charge to fix it. Side note, first guy, super nice kid, but he turned off hot water to dishwasher instead of cold water to fridge. Imagine my surprise when dishwasher ran dry. How does a fridge repair person not know difference between hot and cold lines. I turned back on so no big deal, but explains why ice maker still not fixed after three visits. Going to fix it myself this weekend since not sure if owner is going to pay for 3rd call so they can fix tubing they cracked. I mean really coupling the line takes what 10 minutes and couple feet of tubing? Why didnt they fix when they were here and cracked it?

Review №16

Quick Appliance repair lets you book online, and they were super responsive in letting us know when they could come out. The technician quickly and cheerfully fixed our leaking washer, and had on a mask, gloves, and booties, which I really appreciate during covid. Go with this company, you will not regret it!

Review №17

Do not trust this place. Absolute garbage. They have charged me 250 bucks to replace my dishwasher over 3 visits and did nothing. Look elsewhere.

Review №18

After a rocky start to our oven repair, they professionally and courteously addressed the situation to our total satisfaction. Bey was responsive and appropriate and our service man Dan was great. Highly recommend them!

Review №19

Technician, Jacob F., was on-time, super fast, and efficient when repairing our dryer. He explained in detail every aspect of his repair as well as explained the parts he was going to use to repair our dryer. He was professional, courteous, and answered all of our questions with ease. I would highly recommend this company, and Jacob in particular, for future repairs.

Review №20

Great service they are honest and affordable and not to mention quick!

Review №21

Greatly abused and took advantage of my 93 year old mother. Ordered parts, lost them in the warehouse (3 weeks to get an adapter for a dishwasher). They are incompetent, they damaged the dishwasher so it would not pump out. Expected her to fix the problem by standing through the entire wash cycle and police the improvised hose they attached. Made appointments early in the morning and didnt keep them. Ruined a good appliance and did nothing. Stopped returning calls. They most assuredly do not stand by their work.

Review №22

When my property management company wanted to replace my expensive broken dishwasher with a much cheaper model, these guys went above and beyond to help me find a discontinued part and fixed it for me instead.You dont often see that type of service these days, and Id be happy to recommend Quick Appliance and will keep them in mind for any future repairs I need.-----------------UPDATE 9/24/20So I would like to update my 5-star review. Turns out, 2 months later, we never got the part they said they would help us find, and after multiple attempts to reach out to this company, we have effectively been ghosted. This is extremely disappointing, as we actually did recommend them to friends.Keep in mind this cant be blamed on COVID, since we looked into their services months after all that started. Feeling stupid and taken advantage of.

Review №23

Quick Appliance Repair sent someone out the same day I called. Jacob was super helpful and knowledgeable when it came to my dishwasher and the potential issues. Will definitely use them again for any possible issues with appliances.

Review №24

We have been a customer of Quick Appliance for years now, and have never considered using a different repair service. They are courteous, friendly, and professional in their interaction with us, and we have never been disappointed. They strive to accommodate your needs and schedule, and their knowledge of your appliances always leaves you with confidence that the job will get done correctly. Special kudos to Dan, who has treated us so well over the years!

Review №25

Repair tech came to our house twice and could not figure out why dishwasher would not fill with water. Eventually decided that we needed a new “mother board”. We tried to arrange for them to order said part and install it, but never got return call or follow up. We wasted hours and a $69 service call fee and are right back to square one. Do not waste your time with this company.

Review №26

Chuck came out the same day I called, what great service to start with! He was professional, wore a mask, and kept his distance because of all the virus scare. He was quick and extremely helpful and beyond reasonable. I am so grateful and would highly recommend them.

Review №27

Excellent service. Right on time

Review №28

Our Samsung washer and dryer were only 5 years old, but they continually gave use problems. We decided to get rid of the and get new Speed Queens from Quick Appliance Repair. We love them!!! Everything works wonderful now and the people at Quick Appliance are fantastic. I highly recommend them.

Review №29

Quick Appliance found used appliances in good condition for one of our rental units. They were delivered today by a friendly, competent team of two young men. We plan to use Quick Appliance to provide the appliances for all of our rental units.

Review №30

Extremely knowledgeable, diagnosed and fixed my appliance quickly. Think I found my new appliances repaire service.

Review №31

They were honest about the cost of repairs. In my case, the panel for my Panasonic microwave cost as much or more as purchasing a new model. So ultimately I didnt do the repair.

Review №32

Awesome!! Reasonable fee, made my 90+ year old parents happy

Review №33

Lawson came out (wearing PPE) in the middle of the C-19 pandemic to remove our malfunctioning dishwasher, and install a new one (without the help he was originally scheduled to have). He never complained, was incredibly professional, and considerate. He let us know before he started using a power tool that it may be loud, which my wife (essential healthcare worker working remotely) and I appreciated. This man deserves a raise and Quick Appliance deserves your business!

Review №34

Unable to resolve my issue. I am not in their area.

Review №35

Service was very good. Nohea was a great technician.

Review №36

We have a one year young KitchenAid refrigerator that developed a freeze-thaw issue which is causing it to leak water onto our brand new flooring. The manufacturers warranty had just expired but luckily (or not so luckily) we purchased a three year extended warranty from the retailer. Theres no point to mention the big-box retailer because they did nothing wrong. Its been two weeks now and we have not been able to get service. The warranty claim was escalated, many promises made and broken, and still we have an unfixed issue. We cant get service because we are located 51 miles northwest of Fort Collins in Red Feather Lakes. No one wants to make the drive, even for a separate trip charge that we are willing to pay. After two weeks with the warranty company (a huge international conglomerate) not able to locate a repair company, I decided to go out on a limb and ask if I could try to find a company myself, pay for repairs then submit the bill for reimbursement. I was told yes. Why wasnt that option offered two weeks ago? Anyway, I called Quick who told me that they do not service Red Feather Lakes either, but thats not the end of the story. He went on to say that manufacturers are concerned about reputation and that I might do better by calling KitchenAid directly. Seems like a simple suggestion, but that never occurred to me nor apparently the countless others I called and not even the warranty company people. So I called KitchenAid who gave me the name of their warranty companys go-to repair company, but told me that the company would already have been contacted. KitchenAid was puzzled but suggested I call that company anyway. Well, I did, on a Friday (today), 15 minutes before closing. What I learned was shocking. The system that the warranty company uses assumes that a customer needs same-day service, and since no one was available that day, it came back with a no-match. Again and again, each time I called back. No one ever thought to say that we could get service later in the week. How bad is that? Thanks to Quick, my two-week dilemma is resolved and were set for service next week. Two thumbs up for Quick - above and beyond. Or lets say, a caring, common sense business approach. Thank you Quick!

Review №37

Ask for Jake to do your repair. Thats it. He is super knowledgeable and helpful. He was early and to give credit to the company name, he was really Quick! I will use this company for all of my appliance repairs!

Review №38

Had a warrantied-item failure on microwave; KitchenAid referred me to Quick Appliance for repair. [Disclaimer: we have called for service only once in 25 years...husband fixes everything.] Aside from the typical communication breakdown between approved repair services and the manufacturer, this was a pretty seamless repair: initial visit $70 (repairman didnt really touch the appliance; accepted our description of failure and agreed that it looked like a control panel failure and ordered a replacement). A few days later repairman came back to replace part, but discovered Whirlpool had sent the wrong item. Another few days and Quick Appliance called again to set up appointment. I assumed the order would notate it as a warranty repair, but it didnt and I was charged by repairman for visit ($30 + part). When I called QA, office staff worked to verify warranty status and send me a refund Within a few days I received a check in the mail. Friendly and helpful business.

Review №39

Sal is the BEST!

Review №40

No show.

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