Watson’s Wine & Spirits
25 E 8th Ave, Denver, CO 80203, United States
Review №1

Wow, what a terrible experience... wish zero stars was an option. I would highly recommend everyone avoid this store. I arrived at the store and asked if the person behind the counter (perhaps owner) could point me to the rum, he did. Upon stepping up to the rum section I pulled out my phone and googled “best dark rums” to inform my selection. Before the results even populated the owner/cashier began yelling at me to get out of the store and never return, he was exercising his right to refuse service. After leaving the store he ran out and appeared to be taking pictures of my partners license plate as we pulled out of the lot.10/10 would avoid at all cost. This person should not be operating a business.Cheers!

Review №2

They didnt have anything we were looking for which disappointing. And the couple back up options we asked for were super expensive. It was outrageous. So we just said sorry dont worry about it. And as we were walking away he rushed us out and told us he had to use te restroom and was gonna lock the door. But he never used the restroom or locked the door. He was just being rude. Like my husband said first he tried to rob us then he was rude

Review №3

If I could give zero stars I would. My friend and I were having a good day and just laughing. The cashier said he wouldn’t serve us because he thought we were intoxicated. We had two beers each before. The cashier was a long haired blonde guy in a ponytail. Our other friend went in to buy a bottle of tequila. He grabbed the bag and it ripped, the bottle broke on the floor. They made us buy a brand new bottle so we paid for two bottles for one. I will never go back. I’ve never written a review before but our experience was so bad I felt entitled to.

Review №4

This is my local liquor store. They are always clean, friendly and always in stock (with the extras too). Been going for 3 years now and never was displeased.

Review №5

Good location but the prices for liquor are insane. I can get Tito’s for half the price only a few blocks away.

Review №6

A decent selection for last minute drink needs

Review №7

Super close, super convenient

Review №8

This store charges people and then says it doesn’t go through, and makes you repay. Even when you show them the charge on your account. They locked the doors on us and wouldn’t let us leave the store with the stuff we PAID for and proved we paid for. We finally threatened to call the cops and paid for the charge with a different card, and they let us leave. Then magically when we left they found the charge they “couldn’t find” originally and refunded us........ they’re trying to rip people off. Beware and double check your card statements. Or just pay with cash only if you have to use this store.

Review №9

Great selection of beer wine and spirits, but one day while I was in the store looking at the calorie content of a beer on my phone, the owner came up to me shouting in an angry voice telling me that I could not price check beers in his store.

Review №10

Almost 10 Dollars for a HALF PINT of Jim Bean. A couple weeks ago it was under $7. DO NOT GO HERE THEY RIP YOU OFF WHEN LITERALLY DOWN THE STREET THE SAME THINGS ARE $2 CHEAPER. Disgusting leeches work here. Hey if you got an alcohol problem, maybe this would deter you and be good, but regular people DK NOT GIVE IN TO THEIR PRICES EVERYWHERE ELSE IS CHEAPER

Review №11

I love my local liqour watering hole! They always have what you want or need liqour wise. Staff are pretty friendly and love seeing locals come in.

Review №12

Smelly and also impolite unless you are a man. Watched clerk greet and assist men only. Very uncool. Wont return.

Review №13

Love this place, always have and always will.

Review №14

Asked if they had a certain voodoo ranger beer by new belgium. They didnt have it in stock, no big deal. Asked the guy behind the counter for any recommendations close to what I wanted and he said im not some redneck that drinks beer. Needless to say I left and will be telling all of my co workers in the pest control field to not buy here.

Review №15

Very friendly and helpful staff with a convenient location. Been here many times and its a nice place but there isnt as much selection as Id like. Good place for a last minute bottle of wine or a beer six pack.

Review №16

Great store offering beer, wine and liquor. The employees are always friendly and they have a pretty large selection compared to other downtown stores. It definitely helps that I don’t feel like I’m being completely ripped off as is the case with a lot of the downtown liquor stores. Great addition to the neighborhood!

Review №17

The guy who works here is super nice, Im always happy to be greeted by him. It makes me feel very welcome there. I love how clean and simple this place is

Review №18

The store clerk was very nice.

Review №19

Rafi was extremely helpful in selecting my wine and whiskey. I would shop here again 10 times out of 10.

Review №20

Nice choice!

Review №21

Pretty much was told that they dont do cash and find that very disturbing.

Review №22

Really nice staff, somewhat above average selection, average to slightly below average prices. If you dont want to make the trip to Argonaut on the far side of Cap Hill, I recommend stopping here.

Review №23

Had what I needed

Review №24

Staff is extremely friendly and prices are reasonable.

Review №25

Wonderful staff. The Jheri curl is a wonderfully done throwback. Actually great beer selection

Review №26

Definitely underground. Love it!

Review №27

A family owned store in a new location. Always greeted with a smile and prices that are rare for a downtown/Capitol Hill liquor store. Great selection

Review №28

Great selection here. Super nice service too

Review №29

Rip off 4 dollars for a PBR Tall can go to golden triangle LQ

Review №30

Good but a tad expensive. The guys who work here are super nice.

Review №31

Cool store, although I was a bit shocked to notice that liquor prices were actually higher out here than back on Long Island. Of course, a little goes a long way at this altitude. (My usual location is a whopping 12 feet above sea level, lol.)

Review №32

Rude and over priced!

Review №33

The consistently friendly staff like Raffi makes shopping here an absolute treat.

Review №34

I truly miss the old ice cream parlor that used to have in this establishment in the1950 styles great place to relax in between classes when I was attending the University.

Review №35

Staff is polite but its at least 30-40% more expensive.

Review №36

Great neighborhood liquor store with friendly staff.

Review №37

Friendly neighborhood liquor store, where ur treated like family! A continously growing selection of Wine & Spirits. A go to place for Local CRAFT BEERS! Steep discounts scattered about, so look around! CUSTOMER PARKING!!!

Review №38

Nice quick easy store, not great prices.

Review №39

Great selection and friendly service.

Review №40

Place is stacked with booze. If you are keen on vodka they keep a small selection in the freezer so be sure to ask.

Review №41

Convenient location, pretty good selection

Review №42

Great selection, friendly staff!

Review №43

A little pricey and a limited selection, but the staff is friendly and it is convenient for the area.

Review №44

Disappointing. Didnt have what any of the three items I was looking for.

Review №45

Tried to go at 10 on a Saturday when they opened. Still sitting outside at 10:15, they arent open and no one will answer the phone. Will never try this place again!

Review №46

Great selection of beer, wine and liquor

Review №47

On line hrs are not accurate. Walked 25 min to get there and they weren’t open 2 hrs after advertised. Real bummer.

Review №48

Scanning drivers license into computer. Risk of identity theft. DO NOT SHOP HERE!

Review №49

The best Liquor store ever

Review №50

Great selection!

Review №51

Some things way over priced

Review №52

Good selection

Review №53

Expensive and not a great selection.

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3.5 Rating
  • Address:25 E 8th Ave, Denver, CO 80203, United States
  • Phone:+1 303-837-1366
  • Liquor store
Working hours
  • Monday:10AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–10PM
  • Thursday:10AM–10PM
  • Friday:10AM–10PM
  • Saturday:10AM–10PM
  • Sunday:10AM–8PM
Service options
  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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