Sobo Liquors
2035 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210, United States
Review №1

SoBo is our favorite liquor store! The staff is always super helpful with literal assistance carrying things or giving recommendations, the store is clean, and selection is good. I love that they text me coupons, too! And if you do a bulk order, the discount and delivery is great for events. Mark, the owner, is super great to work with and runs a good ship!

Review №2

The drive through is great, and the employees are super nice! Asked for a recommendation on a good wine, and the gentleman who was helping me gave me a great cabernet in the price range that I asked for. I really appreciated his help! I hated to ask as it seemed like an inconvenience to not know exactly what I wanted, but he was so nice about it! Highly recommend this business!

Review №3

Easily the best liquor store around. Their selection of everything is fantastic (especially the beers), the staff and owner are all really cool and helpful in many ways, the store itself is clean, thoughtful, and has nice ambiance, and the rewards are awesome.

Review №4

Super friendly staff!! Great selection of whiskey. Great craft beer selection as well. Store is very clean well organized!!

Review №5

Its a nice looking store but a little over priced when you compare it to other stores only 3 blocks south. They gave me a coupon for 10% off but havent been able to use it because every time I try they tell me the item is already discounted and its still higher than the competition by a couple of dollars. I do wish them luck because they seem nice.

Review №6

The store owner is amazing! The staff is great and the beer selection is also great! The drive-thru is a game changer!

Review №7

Definitely tops for service and selection in the area. Will give case discounts as well as having a loyal customer program. Theres a drive through window if you know what you want, also!

Review №8

Great customer service! The cashier that helped us was super nice and very helpful. The drive thru is a plus! I’ll definitely come here again when I’m in the Broadway area.

Review №9

We used Sobo for our reception event liquor and this store is fantastic! Mark the owner is also great!

Review №10

Great selection! Much better than most of the large mega liquor stores. The rewards program is awesome, get texts on discounts every month.

Review №11

Favorite liquor store around. The owner is super helpful if youre looking for something new or a gift and their rewards program is awesome.

Review №12

Great spot. They really did a lot to improve the space they took over. Its great for south Broadway and the neighborhood.

Review №13

Man what can I say about this place it is so awesome and so friendly! All the workers welcome with a smile and while I worked down in that side of town it was a daily visit! I will always make my way back down and my dad and family still visit due to the best service ever!

Review №14

Great spot with an easy drive through. Staff is really friendly as well.

Review №15

Great selection. Super friendly staff. Drive thru. Reasonable prices. Best all around!

Review №16

We used to alternate between liquor stores on our Drizly orders so no one would realize how much we really drink. But now we only order from Sobo because they’re the frickin best.

Review №17

Slightly better selection than a corner liquor store, decent prices. Closes at 10 to pedestrians and will have you stand in the rain for their drive through if you arrive later.

Review №18

Super nice in stock of everything you can think of definitely going back plus a drive-thru

Review №19

Friendliest Liquor store in Denver. I will happily spend my money here.I went to Sobo Liquors based on a recommendation and I am extremely satisfied with my experience. Great selection even on some hard to find Whiskey. More importantly, Mark (I assume the owner) and an employee that I talked to were very customer service oriented and friendly. It sounds like a good rewards program which is important if you are like me and spend a lot of money on liquor.

Review №20

Mark and his team are awesome! They have a great selection of premium beer, wine and spirits. The store is super clean and they have a great tasting area.

Review №21

Great atmosphere, descent prices thats made up for by the personable & friendly staff. I will definitely be back and recommend them to others in the neighborhood. Go SoBo!!

Review №22

Friendly staff. Physically a small shop but alot of thoughtful quality whiskey picks.

Review №23

Drive thru is such a convenience! Staff is upbeat and friendly, love the vibes here.

Review №24

This place has been our go-to spot for the past two years. The staff is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable on all selections and will help you find anything your heart desires. We haven’t found a place that has a more unique selection with such affordable prices.

Review №25

Sobo Liquors is one of the best community liquor stores around! Mark and his staff are always very friendly and knowledgeable - just ask and theyre there with suggestions and recommendations. Great wine selection! Great prices! They have a drive thru and offer delivery for convenience and bonus is that they offer member reward points for discounts!

Review №26

Love Sobo liquors! Their selection is top notch (wine to craft beer to liquor) and their drive through is sooo convenient. They also offer a decent rewards program

Review №27

Got a nice selection of alcohol.

Review №28

They have a drive through window

Review №29

Amazing neighborhood liquor store. Great selection and fantastic service! Glad to have them in my neighborhood!

Review №30

By far the best prices in Denver. Awesome staff is a bonus.

Review №31

LOVE this place. Started going bc drive-thru but their fantastic beer selection, knowledgeable and friendly staff and great recommendations will keep me coming back. The staff know their stuff and they know what they have stocked well. I’ve never been failed by any of their suggestions and I love that I can just pull up and say “I need an awesome local ipa I’ve never heard of” and be handed a new favorite. Whoever does their hiring- keep up the good work! You’ve got a great staff who are passionate and easy going abs seem to enjoy their workplace. Thanks for helping keep us sane in this pandemic.

Review №32

Fast and quick at drive thru window

Review №33

They were very helpful! But not too overly attentive to the point of being annoying if that makes sense. I was there looking for a nice bottle to buy my boss for his birthday. I was looking for one in particular which they didnt seem to have. As I continued looking an employee asked if he could help me. Once I told him what I was looking for he quickly directed me to the quality 18 yr Jameson. It wasnt the one I was looking for but was actually a better option and better deal.They have a good selection on everything especially compared to most liquor stores on SOBO.The store is very nice and kept clean. Staff are friendly and the prices are good!I highly recommend to anyone.They also have a reward program for customers which is great when you shop there frequently or are buying higher end spirits!My boss loved his gift!Thank you SOBO!!

Review №34

Awesome staff! Good selection

Review №35

5 dollar minimum to buy 2 waters, really not cool

Review №36

Convenient! Great Service, very friendly, nothing better than a drive thru in times like this and they have a customer loyalty program. And they deliver if you want. No brainer for me. Check em out. I highly recommend.

Review №37

Best local liquor store. Great deals great people.

Review №38

Great local liquor store... We shop there a lot and generally get what we were after at a fair price. Recommended!

Review №39

Great selection, helpful and friendly staff

Review №40

Owner made sure we got the best deal, and worked very hard to make sure we were in and out quickly. I will always take my business here. Thanks Sobo!!

Review №41

Great craft beer selection! Helpful and knowledgeable staff.

Review №42

Good craft beer! Like what they did with the place. Cleaning up the naberhood!

Review №43

Great selection of all things crafty.

Review №44

Had no idea such a good beer store was nearby! Tons of micro brews to choose from.

Review №45

Helpful staff, great selection. Our go to for booze!

Review №46

My favorite local liquor store! Friendly staff, amazing beer and wine selection! I love the points program and the drive up is really convenient.

Review №47

Missing some of the basics like St. Brendans, etc. But clean and pleasant overall.

Review №48

First time in yesterday. Was greeted by Mark and another polite employee. Talked wine and beer with us for awhile and signed up for the rewards program which already saved us money. Excited to buy beers here from now on. Cheers.

Review №49

The owner is a super cool and friendly guy. Good looking store and a nice selection of liquor.

Review №50

Store has a great selection of beer, wine, and liquor. Clean. Friendly staff. Owner is great!

Review №51

Great neighborhood shop. Glad to have them only blocks away

Review №52

Fantastic selection, prices, and service!

Review №53

I absolutely love this place! Their selection is incredible and the staff is so helpful and friendly.

Review №54

Best variety, best prices, best service.

Review №55

Great selection, the staff is always friendly and helpful. My go to store.

Review №56

Great service and amazing selection. Often having fun vendors to try new beers, liquors and wine. Owner is friendly and helpful.

Review №57

Good place

Review №58

Their drive thru is super easy and theyre super nice. Great prices as well.

Review №59

This is a great local store with friendly knowledgeable staff and a great selection of micrbrews not to mention the drive thru convenience

Review №60

Greatt except they dont have 40s or 32s... Very strange.

Review №61

They often go out of their way to supply my favorite liquors. Continuously have suggestions of fun new things to try! Definitely keep an eclectic availability of booze and wines, making shopping fun and it easy to bring a new or fun bottle to a friends!

Review №62

A wide, quality variety, super clean, and always the best customer service!

Review №63

This place is wonderful. It has quantity, it has quality and it has a ton of options. Only thing that would make it better is excellent management. Oh, wait! It has that too! Rewards program is also awesome.

Review №64

Active duty military. Here on vacation from Texas. Met the owner Mark. You can tell they care a great deal about their place and the customer experience. Beautiful wood floors and setup inside. They helped me navigate all the different options and offered suggestions. One of the best liqour store experiences Ive had. Really dont understand those couple of 1 star comments...must be misunderstandings from the drive through. Ill be coming back here whenever Im in Denver again.

Review №65

Great place! Huge selection, well laid out, very organized, love how everything is labeled! I cant tell you how nice that is. Best prices Ive found! Staff was super nice, gave great recommendations for other ways to enjoy mixed drinks, and they do special orders! Gotta check em out! A++

Review №66

Excellent customer service, as well as a wide array of quality merchandise.

Review №67

So nice & polished, very clean. The owners were so sweet! My boyfriend and i just moved in the area and they made us feel so welcomed to the neighborhood! Definitely recommend this liquor store to anyone!

Review №68

Wonderful owner, great staff. I appreciate their ability to make special orders happen quickly and efficiently. Great loyalty program as well.

Review №69

Great selection and really cool finds here. The staff is awesome, there is one guy (wish I knew his name) who helps me out everytime I go, and has never steered me wrong. Whether its premium mixers, top shelf liquor, or specific beers, that guy knows his sh*t!

Review №70

We stopped inside yesterday morning and it was All Good. Except for the slow check out, because the drive-up window kept interrupting the one-and-only cashier.So here is my suggestion : prioritize the walk-in customers who took the trouble to use a shopping cart and buy a lot of expensive liquor, over the drive-up six pack orders.Just an honest and accurate observation.

Review №71

This store is awesome! Best selection of products, bar none. Impressive beer inventory. Great mixers and bitters too. Really nice and knowledgable staff. The store has it all!

Review №72

Great service and for more than just liquor or beer. Always a positive attitude and smile from the staff when I go in for my Club Soda ,

Review №73

Here’s an idea: don’t be rude! Nearby location, but we will find a new liquor store in the area!Side note: WAY overpriced!!!

Review №74

Excellent service and knowledgeable staff. Joe introduced me to some great funky reds that I hadn’t seen anywhere else. Great selection, something for everyone!

Review №75

Stopped in to see if they had a brand of Sake I really enjoyed, unfortunately they did not but had a few other choices that were decent. Cashier was friendly, mentioned they should be getting more variety of Sake in eventually. Will probably stop by again in the future, very nice looking store

Review №76

Why not love it! The best Liquor store on Broadway

Review №77

I now believe in love at first sight! I walked in through an automatic door very very clean spacious well-organized the staff was incredibly attentive and knew what they were talking about excellent selection and variety of craft beer wheelchair accessible easy to negotiate the space

Review №78

Friendly staff, good selection, competitive pricing

Review №79

This is easily my favorite liquor store in town. The store is expansive, the selection is eclectic, and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. If youre ever looking for something new to try ask Joe for a recommendation.

Review №80

A little gem on south broadway. A very extensive collection of off label brands. And they have a drive up window-how convenient

Review №81

Lots of great options and the folks working are incredibly helpful! They’ve got a wide selection of alcohol from beer to gin to saké, etc. Plenty of parking as well which is nice. They also have incentives to reuse your plastic beer caps, a rewards program for frequent customers, and offer up boxes to help carry out your goodies. 5 stars and would recommend checking out.

Review №82

I could have sworn I gave you 4 stars. That is my mistake. Im glad you said something. Your store is a joy to shop in or use the drive up. Sorry for the error.

Review №83

Really excellent whisky and scotch selection and great prices. Very clean and actually has room to move around in the aisles. Fantastic store.

Review №84

NICEST liquor store in town. And staff is knowledgeable. If you cant decide on a good liquor gift, they can help you nail it!!

Review №85

Just found this gem. The nicest liquor atore around. Great selection and well organized so things are easy to find. Super friendly staff and awesome pricea

Review №86

Knowledgeable staff and friendly service. Great selections and a drive thru eindow

Review №87

SUPER knowledgeable staff!! Friendly atmosphere. Love this place! It is our go to store! Lots of hard to find brews!

Review №88

Excellent store with expanding floor space. Good selection. John was the best. He gave us good advice on some beers and local distilleries to check out.

Review №89

Mark and his team have a fresh and clean store with an incredible selection.

Review №90

Everyone is so nice!!! Just moved to the neighborhood and got 10% off. AND they have a drive thru. 🙌🏽

Review №91

These people are the best! Always so Friendly and so helpful. They have an amazing selection, and make great recommendations. 500000000000 stars.

Review №92

Huge liquor store with a great selection. Looks very nice after the recent remodel. The owner played for the Avalanche and is super nice.

Review №93

A wide variety of local brewers and all the standards that one could ask for. Liquor and wine selection is solid and I know theyre keeping their eyes open to expand their offerings. What really gives Sobo 5 stars is the staff. Every one Ive encountered has been friendly and helpful, they make you feel welcome.

Review №94

Great selection, good prices and friendly staff. All you need in a liquor store!

Review №95

Love coming here. Theres quite a selection and the staff are always friendly and helpful

Review №96

Zach thank you for the sprite chaser that worked out great.

Review №97

Best drive through!

Review №98

Nice clean liquor store with a good selection and a very helpful/friendly staff. Good rewards program to boot.

Review №99

Love this local liquor store! I always try to stop by on Friday/ Saturday when they do their free tastings.

Review №100

Generally, I dont write reviews, but I just gotta say the owner was incredibly helpful. This was my first time in a liquor store due to just turning 21, and I was very impressed by the selection. I will be coming again!

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  • Mask required:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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